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Solar Companies in California

Top 20

Solar Companies Providing Kits and Installation in California

According to the Solar Energy Association, California is the largest solar market in the USA. Nearly 2000 companies operate in the state, and the demand for solar panels is increasing daily. In California, around 60 % of electricity comes from solar panels. Here, 300 sunny days help to produce solar energy, Solar Companies in California provide solar panels at 0 % down payment, and you have to pay monthly payments at a lower interest rate.

At the end of 2022, To power 10.5 million homes, around 38,145 MW of solar capacity was installed in California. California is a leader in rooftop solar panels. So, It is very important to install solar on home roofs because here electricity is costly due to natural gas or the maintenance cost of the electric grid.

In the next five years, California will increase its solar capacity by over 27,000 MW by providing kits and installation services. Solar companies also export solar energy to the other states of the USA. The average cost of solar panels is between $ 10,000 to $ 13,000 but installation of solar panels reduces your electricity bill and saves money.

Best Solar Companies in California

Nowadays, the state government has reduced the dependency on natural gas or electricity gird after 2020, all newly constructed homes must have roof solar panels because it saves electricity bills and reduces carbon footprints.

The top 20 best Solar Companies in California that install roof solar panel systems at low cost. You can install solar kits through the companies at 0 % down payments and pay monthly EMI. 

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1. Solar Installation Group Inc.

SIG Solar

Solar Installation Group Inc. or SIG Inc. is a family-owned and operated solar provider company. This company sells and installs residential, commercial, and agricultural solar panels and is located in Oakdale, California. It is one of the best solar companies in California and has served Northern California and Central Valley.

This company was started by Stephen Kerr and his sons Paul, Jared, and Aaron in 2013.  SIG Solar installs solar panels within 30 to 45 days because it depends on your city or county permit process. After installing a solar system, you can save $ 5000 monthly, and solar panels can last up to 25 years.


Address: Oakdale, California 

Contact: 888-508-0558

2. Pacific Solar

Pacific Solar

Pacific Solar is a family operation-based company formed by David Wasemiller, his son Michael, and his friend Garland Nelson in Fresno, California, in 2008, and also provides services in other states with the help of partner companies. Its parent company is Valley Pacific which was formed in 1982.

Pacific Solar partners with advanced technological manufacturers and the team installs high-quality, energy-efficient solar systems designed on your home’s roof. Solar renewable energy also reduces water, and land pollution, saves money on your electricity bills, and increases your home’s value. This company has a $ 0 down option for installing solar panels.


Address: Fresno, California

Contact: 559-251-5592

3. Go Green Solar

Go Green Solar

Go Green Solar is an Orange County-based solar company, and that was formed in 2006. It is one of the best solar companies in California that provides solar panels, batteries, kits with microinverters and string inverters, grid-tie kits, ground and roof mount kits, and kits with batteries to homeowners.

This company also provides iron ridge racking and real-time monitoring system services that help to view and analyze your solar energy production. Go Green Solar has partnered with financial institutions such as LightStream that offer you to finance your solar at low cost or interest rate, and you can install these solar at 0 % down payment.


Address: Anaheim, California

Contact: 866-834-0333

4. Simply Solar

Simply Solar

Simply Solar is California’s leading solar installer company that has 20 years plus experience and provides designing, installing, and maintaining thousands of solar systems in residential and commercial areas. The company staff delivers high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solar kits. The installation process is done within 2 to 4 days.

Simply Solar installs solar all over California, and is located in San Franciso, also provides remove and replace solar panel services free of cost. This company provides solar kits, batteries, and other products such as backup batteries. 25 years of warranty is provided by the company. You can install solar panels on new constructed home’s roof.


Address: San Francisco, California

Contact: 209-375-4658

5. Forme Solar

Forme Solar

Forme Solar is a Los Angeles-based local solar company that provides the best solar equipment at lower prices. This company has a Max ROI Package at $ 2.65/ Watt, an All-Rounder Package at $ 2.85/ Watt, and a Premium Panel Package at $ 3.30/ Watt with free roof inspection service.

This company finances your solar loan at a lower interest rate and installs solar kits at a $ 0 down payment in residential and commercial homes. It also provides many services related to solar panels such as solar batteries, solar kit repair, ADU title 24, EV chargers, emergency roof repair, and solar panel removal and replacement.


Address: Los Angeles, California

Contact: 562-689-7274

6. OC Solar

OC Solar

Vince Curcie founded or started OC Solar company in Irvine, California. It is one of the best solar companies in California which provides top-quality products, and a variety of renewable energy services at competitive prices. This company has become the most trusted supplier of solar energy in Orange County and surrounding areas.

Installment costs of 12 solar panels with 1 battery at $ 12,000 to $ 24,500, 24 solar panels with 2 batteries at $ 24,500 to $ 32,000, and 36 solar panels with 3 batteries at $ 32,000 or above. These solar panels and batteries are easily financed by the company at low-interest rates.


Address: Irvine, California

Contact: 949-427-8817

7. Option One Solar

Option One Solar

Option One Solar Company was founded by Jerry Thomas, and uses only top-tier tools and techniques to install solar kits on Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, Ground Mount, and Carport Solar. This company sells and installs solar panels, batties, and Tesla power wall battery backup systems with a 25-year performance warranty.

Tesla Powerwall is the best battery backup system because of its great durability and flexibility. Option One Solar services are diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, and replacement, remote system monitoring, and preventative maintenance with transparent communication. You can also take an unsecured loan from the company to install solar or batteries at a $ 0 down payment.


Address: Apple Valley, California

Contact: 760-374-3602

8. Solar Negotiators

Solar Negotiators

In 2009, Chris Moran founded Solar Negotiators a solar panel company in Fresno, California. It is one of the best solar companies in California that provides PV solar panels and saves your monthly bills. Now, This company is the Valley’s largest solar energy company and has 10,000 service and maintenance clients.

This company provides many kinds of services such as finance, solar panel installation, backup batteries and battery storage, roofing, EV charging, real-time monitoring and maintenance of solar panels, and removal and replacement of solar kits. The average cost of 5 KW is $ 14,900 in Fresno, and its cost is upwards of $ 30,000.


Address: Fresno, California

Contact: 559-447-1557

9. California Home Solar

California Home Solar

California Home Solar is a solar panel company in Los Angeles. This company has 36 years of experience and is the daughter company of ATA Contractor Remodeling. CA Home Solar only installs solar power systems on a per-watt basis. The Project Manager supervises, manages, and maintains to ensure that systems are installed with quality standards.

If you want to save money on energy bills then insulation installations and services are also offered. Other services are heating ventilating and air conditioning services, residential or commercial solar installations, ground mount, and roof remodeling services, and financial programs. Through these programs, you can install solars in monthly installments.


Address: Los Angeles, California

Contact: 877-903-1012

10. Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum is an award-winning company that has expertise in installing solar systems, batteries, and roof installations in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida. Since 2008, this company has provided services to homeowners and businesses. Solar & Battery Storage starts at $ 9,995, and you can get 20 % off on initial service.

This company installs solar batteries such as Tesla Power Wall, Enphase IQ, commercial batteries, replacement of old solars and inverters with 25 years of warranty, and helps to reduce your monthly bills. It is one of the best solar companies in California that offers $ 500 off if you refer to installing solar systems and batteries.


Address: Glendale, California

Contact: 800-552-9970

11. Aikyum Solar

Aikyum Solar

Aikyum Solar was founded by Harina Kapoor in 2010. She is the Founder and CEO of this company and provides solar energy solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. This company specializes in solar panels, battery storage, and rooftop installations. After the installation of solar systems, the bill is reduced from $ 3900 to $ 350 per year.

You can install 8 KW solar systems for a net cost of $ 20,000. You can take equity loan interest rates and monthly installments depending on your solar panel KW. Maintenance, installations of solar and batteries, financing, post-installation support, and monitoring service are offered by the company with a 25-year warranty


Address: Westminster, California

Contact: 888-9898-786

12. Best Solar Power Inc.

Best Solar Power Inc

Eric Aharoni founded Best Solar Power Inc. company in 2012 in California. This company has 100+ trained employees who installed solar panels within 4 to 8 hours with the use of the latest tools. Since 2012, this company has completed 1256 solar projects. Solar energy costs are less than average utilities and develop a clean environment.

This company has many financial partners who provide loans at lower interest rates to install solar on your roofs, and other business areas. It is a locally operated and one of the best solar companies in California that works in various steps such as Consultation, Solar design, Permitting, Installation, and Activation.


Address: Tarzana, California

Contact: 844-757-7971

13. Infinium Solar Inc.

Infinium Solar

Infinium Solar Inc. is a leading solar and battery backup installer company that was established in 2008. This company has 50 employees and provides installation, monitoring, and maintenance services in surrounding areas. This company has high-quality solar panels and batteries with 25 years of warranty.

Solar panels help to reduce electricity bills and save money and the environment. These PV solar systems are installed on all types of roofs such as Spanish tile, wood shake, corrugated metal, curved tile, concrete tile, rolled composite, spray foam, etc. at competitive prices. This company also installs PV systems in schools, multi-family housing complexes, churches, stadiums, grocery stores, etc.


Address: Campbell, California

Contact: 408-583-8101

14. Palmetto


Palmetto Solar Company provides end-to-end solar services with the help of a trained or experienced local staff network. This company was established by Chris Kemper in 2010. Solar panels come with a 25-year linear performance guarantee and 12 years of product warranty including system reports, proactive monitoring, and ongoing support and service.

The standard premium plan includes an annual on-site inspection, exclusive service discounts, detailed health reports, and a clean energy home consultation service. The cost of a PV solar system depends on your location, solar size, installation fees in your area, and battery backup storage product at a $ 0 down payment.


Address: Southern California

Contact: 855-339-1831

15. Imperial Solar

Imperial Solar

Imperial Solar is an energy solution company in Canoga Park, California. Armond Babaeian is the president of this company. Having 12 years of experience, this company installs solar panels and batteries in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The cost of an electrical panel upgrade ranges up to $ 1500 or higher.

This company installs backup power systems in case of grid shuts down and deals in solar panels and EV chargers. You can directly purchase solar panels or on lease including installations, maintenance, monitoring, and other services with 25 years of warranty. Solar panels increase house values, reduce monthly bills, and save the environment.


Address: Canoga Park, California

Contact: 818-650-3500

16. New Day Solar

NewDay Solar

New Day Solar is a family-owned and operated solar installation company and is located in Murrieta, California. Scott and Mary Carlson were the owners of this company, today their son-in-law Cory Johnson carried their legacy. The price of solar panels is very competitive including permitting, net metering agreements, a twenty-five-year warranty, etc.

There are three options for getting fitted solar panels: Cash Purchase, Loan Option, and Power Purchase Agreements. Solar systems are very beneficial for your home, they increase the home value, reduce electricity bills, save the environment, etc. 25-year warranty for inverters or solar panels from a manufacturer, and a full 10-year workmanship warranty.


Address: Murrieta, California

Contact: 855-444-6329

17. West Coast Solar

West Coast Solar

Solar panels are the best option to reduce electricity bills for homes and businesses in Northern California. West Coast Solar is one of the best solar companies in California that provides full-service solar solutions to customers. Solar panels reduce carbon pollution and clean the environment.

This company installs solar systems on the top of roofs, ground mounts, etc., and provides many services with solar panel installation such as paperwork, monitoring, maintenance, 25-year warranty, 10-year workmanship warranty, etc. It also provides home batteries as backup batteries for solar panels. Solar system prices are very low, so you can purchase or take a loan to install solar panels.


Address: Brentwood, California

Contact: 833-381-9543

18. Solar Union

Solar Union

Solar Union is the most trusted solar company in San Francisco, California. Ivan La Frinere is the CEO of this company and his team provides services in all of California. This company markets, finance, and installs PV solar systems at affordable prices. You can finance your unsecured loan through its partners.

This company provides many services: installation of solar, roof inspections, electricity panel upgrades, EV chargings, SPAN smart panels, battery storage, etc. The team monitors and maintains solar system performance through an online system. The average cost of solar panels is $ 2.51 to $ 2.80 per KW, and approximately $ 12,500 average-sized solar panels are available for roof areas


Address: San Francisco, California

Contact: 888-815-6633

19. Tenco Solar

Tenco Solar

Tenco Solar is a family-owned solar company that has 20 years of experience in installing solar panels, backup batteries, and many more services. This company has finance expertise, financial products, and partners to deliver custom solutions to customers. Solar panels are beneficial for the environment and reduce high electricity bills.

Pool solar panel installation and maintenance, removal, reinstall, repair, and maintenance of solar panels, domestic hot water system repair, consultation, etc. services are offered. This company provides real-time data through monitoring. This company is available in almost all of California with the help of local partners and branches.


Address: Anaheim, California

Contact: 888-648-9759

20. SunRun


SunRun is one of the best solar companies in California that provides monthly leases and loans, prepaid solar leases, and purchase solar systems services to customers. The company was established in San Francisco, California in 2007. The average cost of solar installations is between $ 16,200 to $ 21,400 including all types of basic services.

This company also installs home batteries, tesla Powerwall, EV charging, SPAN solar systems, and F-150 lightning. Real-time monitoring and maintenance services are provided to residential and commercial people. Mary Powell is the CEO of this company. Solar energy reduces dependency on traditional electricity and increases home values.


Address: San Francisco, California

Contact: 833-324-5886


In Northern California, the electricity bills are increased day-by-day. This electricity comes from natural gas and the electricity grid. To overcome the bills, people install solar panels with batteries in homes and business areas and save monthly expenditures.

This renewable or green energy reduces your monthly bills by up to 67 % and saves the environment. If you do not have sufficient money to install solar panels then the company has financial partners who provide loans at lower interest rates.

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