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Pest Control Companies In Maryland

Each season has its unique pest-related challenges and this all depends on the weather conditions of that particular location. These changes in weather conditions make it favorable for some insects to make their home. Here’s a thorough rundown of indoor and outdoor pests, you are likely to encounter in each of Maryland’s distinct seasons.Due to this it makes important to do Pest Control Maryland.

The days might be cooling down but pests are not going anywhere they survive in humid nature and the house is the best place for insects to survive because they easily find shelter to live and food to eat. Pest Control Maryland becomes an important part of removing infestation insects in the home because it causes many health-related issues for your family and friends.
Pests are attracted to food and water, leaving food crumbs and spills into the kitchen or water sources accessible are attracts pests like ants, roaches, and rodents.

This article aims to provide awareness training about pests specific to your house or business and good hygiene practices that can prevent infestation and provides the best Pest Control services in Maryland that make you able to know about companies and their work to eradicate pests.

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1. Atlantic Pest Control Inc

Pest Control Maryland
Source: www.atlantic pest

At Atlantic Bug Control, Inc., their exterminators in Baltimore center around private, business, and modern nuisance executives for all vermin including wood annihilating bugs. Reach out to them today. They administer the Focal Maryland region. They are individuals from the Maryland Irritation Control Affiliation and the Public Nuisance Executive’s Affiliation.

Atlantic gives a total program of insurance for their private clients in general. Whether you live in a solitary family house, apartment, condo, or loft, Their Maryland exterminators can deal with all of your vermin control needs. They give ongoing yearly security or an economical one-time clear-out help. Atlantic can assist with:

  • Termite and wood-destroying insects
  • Cockroaches and spiders
  • Mice, rats, and bees
  • Ants, earwigs, silverfish, crickets & etc.
  • Bed Bugs


Address: Atlantic Pest Control, 3929 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211

Contact: 888-743-4814

2. Bugout Termite & Pest Control Inc.

Pest Control Bugout-

As a small family and privately possessed and worked business beginning around 1988, Bugout Termite and Bug Control Inc. is your all-in-one resource for disposing of mosquitoes, ticks, termites, and mice, from there, the sky is the limit! They offer agreeable assistance while zeroing in on eradication programs for explicit irritations and rodents, there are no term responsibilities for most vermin control administrations.

They take care of you for all your pest administration needs. Whether you want an exterminator for subterranean insects, blood suckers, or more, they can help! With north than 30 years of involvement with the business, they feel sure that they can eliminate any nuisances that might be disrupting your home or business. Which makes it helpful in Pest Control Maryland. Assuming you want to get bugs out, Bugout Termite and Bug Control Inc. is the most ideal spot for you.

They help to get rid of: Termites, Bed bugs, Ants, Ticks, roaches, Mice, bees, rats, etc.


Address: 205 Thelma Ave, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Contact: (410)648-2370

3. Frontline Pest Control

Frontline Pest Control

Frontline will give the greatest private bug control by zeroing in on our clients and workers. They are a group business first. Frontline Pest Control is glad for its qualities-based culture and they engage their representatives with the assets they need to give an incredible client experience. They want to be the go-to asset for all private bug control needs. They have confidence in utilizing protected, viable medicines that fend pests off while safeguarding your home and family.

Quality of administration means the world to Frontline at Bleeding Edge. There is no utilization in employing a pests organization, paying little mind to cost or advancement, on the off chance that they don’t control your issues. This is where they invest heavily in our work. Every one of their specialists gets authorized/enrolled with the state where they work to apply our items.


Address: 63W, University Pkwy Orem, UT84058

Contact: 5409175428

4. Broady Brothers Pest Control

Broady Brothers

They completely relieve all of your residential pest control problems. With their Home Insurance Plan, they can let you all free from your private irritation control issues. They know which irritations are dynamic in your space, what season they become obtrusive, and how to dispose of them.

With their Home Security Plan, they can keep you all free from your private nuisance control issues. They know which vermin are dynamic in your space, what season they become obtrusive, and how to kill them successfully.
Their assurance guarantees that your nuisance issues are settled. As a Home Security Plan client, on the off chance that they administer your home nuisance and give perseverance, they will support your home at no extra expense until your issue is tackled or accept your cash back from your last booked help.

What You Get As A Home Protection Plan Customer

  • 4 Seasonal pest control treatments
  • Service Guarantee
  • Termite monitoring
  • Annual pest evaluation


Address: 11436 Cronhill Dr.Unit 1, Owing Mills, MD 21117

Contact: 443-379-8681

5. B.O.G. Pest Control

BOG Pest Control-

Their company’s way of culture is everything. They’ve endeavored to patch up and cautiously create our organizational culture throughout the past couple of years. Through these endeavors, They have created a strong working environment that energizes development and gives a climate of learning.

They care about their colleague’s expert improvement as well as their self-awareness. They have yearly start-up and half-time occasions, an in-office book club, and a prizes program to remunerate their representatives for exceeding all expectations. They accept that regardless of what an individual has been employed to do, they are not restricted by their sets of expectations.

Their quality standards are:

  • Trustworthiness: Everything is built on relationships, their team looks beyond simply interacting to build relationships with clients.
  • Convenience: Their objective is to provide simply excellent service to their clients.


Address: 92 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis MD,21401

Contact: 410-774-5786

6. All Star Pest Management

All star pest management inc-

As a family-owned and – operated, independent business, All Star Pest Management Board has been gladly serving Baltimore, MD for over a decade. They show up at your property completely ready to examine and go up against the vermin issues you are confronting. Their group regards the property of every client, regarding their home or business as though it were their own, and making as little disturbance as could be expected. Regardless of what kind of pervasion you are managing.

Assuming you’re prepared to say so long to your undesirable house visitors, you should simply call our group and timetable an arrangement. During this underlying arrangement, you will get a free gauge for the expense of any necessary killing administrations. Each professional is approved to plan any required repeating medicines and give you a statement at a last cost while on the site.


Address: 6400 Baltimore National Pike, 270B, Catonsville, MD 21228

Contact: 410-988-2370

7. Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control

As they were born and raised in the Southern Maryland area, they are all too familiar with pests surviving in that area, they grew up killing bugs for their family, and having over 18 years of experience in the pest control business, they learn the techniques to eradicate bugs and what should work and what does not, they are sensible when it comes to their work and efficiency.

At the point when we see rodents and bugs in our space, we need them out immediately! So that is the reason we look into, “The exterminators” on the web. We need the arrangement of disposing of that appalling inclination inside that makes you shudder down your spine with simply the prospect of frightening crawlers in your own space.

The Southern Maryland Young Men Nuisance Control won’t possibly deal with your pervasion assuming you summon them right yet will likewise tell you why they are coming in. They know how to take on a similar mindset as irritation and know where the secret entry spots are. Remember, it’s not the shortcoming of pest control on the off chance that you don’t sort doorways out.

Address: Calvert County, MD- St Mary’s County, MD- Charles County, MD

Contact: 443 803 1022

8. Environmental Pest Control

Environmental Pest Control-

Environmental Pest Control provides highly professional services. They have set their company up operationally with the customer in mind. They know that you do not want to deal with a pest or rodent infestation any longer than you have to which is why they provide same-day pest treatments in almost all situations.

Their highly trained technicians helping homeowners with same-day pest control services, protecting their homes and families since 2006.

Environmental Pest Control performs the following with their quarterly pest control program:

  • Quarterly Service
  • Year Round Coverage
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Exterior Perimeter Treatment

Homeowners should factor pest prevention into the annual cost of their property. Prevention is always more cost-effective than reacting to infestations after they occur.


Contact: 540-441-7397

9. Home Paramount Pest Control

Home paramount pest control-

For 80 years Home Paramount Pest Control has been an independently operated business owner, who is highly professional and dedicated to serving its customers according to their needs. Their technicians are living in this area and they are well-known for the pests of this area, which are irritable and make individuals living uncomfortable in their own house.

At Home Paramount Pest Control, they have been dedicated to delivering reliable pest and wildlife management solutions, their long-standing presence in the industry speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

They provide the following:

  • Customized solution that suits your needs
  • Same-day service availability
  • High-Quality green products
  • Complimentary pest inspection

Termite Control Services:

Termites can unleash destruction on homes, causing broad harm that can be both expensive and unpleasant for mortgage holders. At Home Central Irritation Control, they figure out the significance of safeguarding your property from these damaging vermin. Their termite control administrations are intended to furnish you with inner harmony and protect your home from likely invasions.


Address: PO Box 850, Forest Hill, Maryland

Contact: 888-704-1250

10. Rosenbloom Pest Control

Rosenbloom Pest Control-

For more than a quarter century, Rosenbloom Pest Control has been an eminent and confided-in substance in Baltimore City and Region. Their special way of dealing with bug evacuation separates them from the business. Across Maryland, they are worshipped for their relentless help to their networks, powerful business morals, unrivaled ability, and enduring obligation to their staff and clients.

Their fundamental objective is centered around their clients. They are completely dedicated to safeguarding your family and business from any possible pervasions. Their prosperity is gotten from an exceptionally prepared group who persistently embrace escalated instruction and preparation. Their tenacious devotion guarantees faultless and progressing quality control and reconnaissance, promising brilliant help.

They specialize in Termite control, whether you need a termite inspection or termite control, Rosenbloom is the best Pest Control Maryland.


Address: 311 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, Maryland

Contact: 410-358-5583

11.Barrett Pest Services


They are a family-owned business that offers services that include rodents, ants, cockroaches, bees, Bed Bugs, mosquito control, and more. keeping in mind your family and pets, They use safe and effective products while offering residential and commercial services.

They have years of involvement and dedication, which is why their services are designed to protect your premises from unwanted creatures, this company has top best pest technicians in Maryland.

Their technicians live in this area and know the pests around your households and business, they understand the threats of ants, Termites, Bed Bugs, Roaches etc. And they make sure to protect your households from these dangerous pests who may be responsible for contaminating diseases in your house and become responsible for spreading unhygienic in your premises.


Address: 1358 Almond Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21409, United States

Contact: 410-571-5143

12. Pest Czar


This company is a Local, Woman-Owned, Top-Rated Company. Pest Czar is a proud small business. CEO Erika Mienkovic helped to start pest czar and become sole owner in 2021.
Pest Czar provides services according to client’s demands, they customize the services as per the needs of clients. They provide both residential as well as commercial services.

With Czar Guard Basic, you’ll receive quarterly service visits, spider, and web removal, and pest and rodent exclusion for up to one linear foot. Pest Czar has a pest management plan that’s right for you, whether you have a pest problem or you’re looking to prevent an infestation before it happens, they work for you in a professional manner which helps to cope with this dangerous situation.

The areas they serve are Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, and Montgomery County.

Address: 1016 Cromwell Bridge Rd, Towson, Maryland 21286

Contact: (443)377-3365

13. All Star Pest Management Inc

All star pest management inc-

All-Star Pest Management service provides prompt and effective solutions for your problems related to pests in your home or business premises. Every customer has unique demands or concerns for controlling pests, which is why they serve customized services according to the needs of individual customers.

Once they identify the problems they start to work, advising on how to seal entry points and completely out the pest who made home inside your premises.

As a family-owned and operated, independent business. This company proudly and effectively serves Baltimore individuals to make their premises pest-free. They arrive at your property fully prepared to investigate and confront the pest issue you are facing. No matter what type of infestation you are dealing with, they have the best team for the job.


Address: 6400 Baltimore National Pike, 270B, Catonsville, MD 21228

Contact: 410-988-2370

14. Moxie Pest Control

moxie pest control

From 2001, Moxie Pest Control increased its standard of services, which makes it different from other pest control companies. They’ve developed to incorporate an extensive scope of master home administrations, including vermin control, upper room protection, and grass care, and the sky is the limit from there.

Working as Spunk Nuisance Control, Joshua’s Irritation Control, and Mission Vermin Control, they give an unparalleled client experience when you are important to the Pizazz Administration family. With a focal spotlight on help, skill, and building long-lasting associations with their clients, Spunk has a large number of blissful clients the country over.

A wide assortment of pests might attack your home and yard. That is the reason they offer the Overall Nuisance Bundle — an essential program that will battle the more normal intruders. Furthermore, for those super-bothers who request additional assets to make due, you can enhance the Overall Nuisance Bundle with one of their extra projects.


Address: 8520 Corridor Road Suite A, Savage, MD 20763

Contact: (301)719-5497

15. Accutech pest management

Accutech Pest Management-

Serving Pasadena and the encompassing regions, Accutech Nuisance The executives give private and business pest control administrations upheld by more than 20 years of involvement. We want to convey remarkable outcomes. As a neighborhood, family-claimed organization, they esteem every client they work with and are focused on making you our first concern.

They offer free gauges, cutthroat estimating, and consumer loyalty ensured on completely contracted administrations. At the point when you pick Accutech Nuisance The executives, you can be sure that you’ll get top-caliber service, and thorough administrations that address your issues.

Bugs and natural life can cause genuine harm to your property and spread illnesses. Their nibbles and stings can be excruciating, causing unfavorably susceptible responses and making your outside climate ungracious. Wood-exhausting bugs and rodents can likewise consume your property, causing costly harm. Their group will make a solid effort to safeguard your well-being, prosperity, and funds.


Address: 4433 Mountain Rd. Suite 6 Pasadena, MD 21122

Contact: 410-784-4545

16. MTB Pest Control

MTB Pest Control-

No house is resistant to bothersome and undesirable vermin in your home – this could mean mice, kissing bugs, cockroaches, termites, subterranean insects, or even snakes and honey bees. If have a nuisance issue, or think you have one, you want a speedy arrangement. MTB Nuisance Control Organization gives quick and compelling answers for a wide range of troublesome vermin issues, both inside and outside. This family-possessed and worked business thinks often about assisting you with finding Will’s employer, your home, and your financial plan!

MTB’s termite control begins with an assessment. They will recognize the difficulty regions and give a free gauge given the size of your property and the seriousness of the Termite harm. Dissimilar to public projects, MTB doesn’t need a one-year agreement. They’ll propose treatment length given your area and the components. Their Termite control administrations incorporate a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year guarantee contingent upon the help you pick.


Address: MTB Pest Control, 3411 Walters Lane, District Heights, MD 20747

Contact: (301)449-2937

17. Integrated Pest Services

Integrated Pest Service-

Integrated Pest Services has over 30 years of experience in pest control. They’re a family company that provides service throughout the Baltimore Metro Area. Their expertise allows them to handle a wide range of peats with ease and they use safe effective solutions for your home or business.

Pest control tries to reclaim your home and prevent costly damages. When they address your issue related to pest infestation, they rely on their vast knowledge of pest removal and prevention to be thorough in their work. The seasonal Pests they can exterminate are Crickets, Spiders, Bees, Roaches, Termite, Fleas, Bed Bugs &etc.

With their polite and well-trained technicians, they will provide your facility free of pests with their custom IPM approach they can make sure that your premises stay pest-free with prevention services.


Contact: (410)652-2181

18. Phenom Pest Protection

Phenom Pest Control-

Their Pest Pack is a quarterly help plan that incorporates every single general nuisance, except for wood-obliterating organic entities and flying bugs. They start the interaction by first playing out an intensive review of the inside and outside of your home, all conceivable passages focusing on the home, and your front and back yard regions.

From that point, they’ll play out the underlying assistance visit. This visit permits us to treat the inside and outside of your home, utilizing naturally based items that are right for your family and pets. Your next help visit will happen within 30-45 days of the underlying treatment to separate egg cycles and guarantee the disposal of vermin in all progressive phases in and around your home. If pests return between services, they will also return to re-treat for no additional charges.


Address: 9009 Mendenhall Ct. Suite H, Columbia, MD 21045

Contact: (410)312-7233

19. HR Pest control

HR Pest Control-

They treat all bugs, insects, termites, mice, blood suckers, cockroaches, honey bees, and rodents and the sky is the limit from there. Their administrations may be shifted, yet they generally accompany a similar commitment to value, devotion, and solidness.

Authorized and guaranteed, They are capable experts with the information to free you of your nuisance that is ok for you, your family, and your pets. They offer certifications for every one of our administrations, alongside free gauges and same-day administration.

Their expert and profoundly prepared staff can deal with your janitorial needs 24 hours per day, regardless of how complex – and satisfy your demanding guidelines. They offer sensibly estimated tweaked business cleaning contracts, reasonable to entrepreneurs and corporate base camp the same. With H R Janitorial Administrations you can moderately exhibit your thoughtfulness regarding a faultless expert climate to your current and possible clients.


Contact: 4106548513

20. Senate Termite & Pest Control

Senate Termite Pest Control-

Termite and Irritation Control have the tools, experience, and ability to dispose of pests. Privately possessed and with established networks across the DMV, they’re here to give you back a perfect, agreeable, and pest-free home.

Their team serving the local neighborhood since 1991, meaning that their team understands exactly how to deal with the area’s pests.

Senate Termite & Pest Control gets five stars as both customer support representatives and technicians are pleasant and professional. Their technicians are part of what helps them stand out here at Senate Termite & Pest Control with intensive training and ongoing professional educations backing them up.

Their services include:

  • A free Inspection
  • Flexible and adaptive pest removal
  • 24-Hours in-person phone lines


Contact: 800-433-9409

Our simulation study shows that all strategies succeed in controlling the insects, but using eco-friendly pest control solutions makes the environment chemical-free and effectively removes all the pests from our premises without harming our family and pets. We naturally have to maintain hygiene in our homes or any other premises to get rid of these harmful creatures. In this article 20 most popular pest control companies mentioned who help you to get out of these problems.

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