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Coffee Shops in New Jersey

Top 20

Coffee shop in New Jersey

Who doesn’t like fresh and hot coffee with a lovely aroma? Everyone loves a lovely interior cafe and everyone looks for cafes which is near home. because people love local cafes. There are many Best coffee shops in New Jersey. But every coffee lover has already fixed his favourite local sport in New Jersey. Here you will find multiple cafes where you can have your hot or cold coffee and apart from that they also sell other items. Few cafes also offer breakfast and lunch facilities. You might be thinking about which is the most famous coffee shop in New Jersey, then visit Starbucks its largest and best quality coffee provider in the world.

If you also want to open a coffee cafe then before you open any cafe do Research about how to open a coffee shop in NJ (New Jersey) Because here you will find many coffee shops for sale in New Jersey. But before you open any coffee business do research about the market of coffee cafes. Opening a cafe in NJ (New Jersey) is very easy if you have a good amount of money to invest in.

20 Trendy Coffee shop in New Jersey

In this article, we will discuss the top 20 Trendy cafes in New Jersey for wow coffee and other food items these cafes are aesthetic and pleasing environments and perfect to make Instagram reels and you can click pictures of yours because of the attractive appealing interiors.

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1. Boho Cafe, Montclair

Boho Cafe
Boho Cafe

If you are looking for a break from your college or school you can try the boho cafe which is in Montclair. The decor of this cafe is aesthetically pleasing the staff is very friendly and you will get pastries and multiple types of coffee. Boho Cafe is a locally-owned business that offers peaceful and aesthetic vibes and this is one of the best coffee shops in NJ.

Address– 113 Watchung Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043

2. The Airport Cafe

Airport cafes
Airport cafes

If you visit this cafe you will find a nice and relaxing atmosphere for watching airplanes and the staff is very friendly and they are fantastic people and provide wonderful food. if you are near to the airport do visit that cafe and here you can enjoy the view from out of the window. The view you will see here is plane gliders taking off outside the window. They serve fresh coffee and breakfast. If you will visit here try some handmade pie.

Website –

Address– The Airport Cafe At Blairstown

3. Banbury Cafe


Banbury is a coffee and kitchen cafe established in 2020, now it is one of the best coffee shop in new jersey. Here you can eat Breakfast lunch and pastries they have a lot of options related to coffee that include americano, latte, cappuccino, and espresso and you can also have cozy stuff in which they will serve hot chocolate, chai, matcha, and many more. For breakfast, you can have a wrap organic curry, chicken salad, and many more.

Website –

Number– 973-970-9330

4. Boonton Coffee Co

They make perfect coffee with fresh beans. They import beans from all over the world because of that they have multiple varieties of beans. Coffee selection can be changed according to the season. This cafe frequently hosts live events & also hosts a live music event apart from these activities stand-up comedy events that make this cafe coffee place different from others.


Contact – (862) 261-0228

Address– 602 Main Street Boonton, NJ 07005

5. Cafe Bubamara

This cafe gives you the vibes of a cozy home. here you will get Turkish coffee and you will get dessert and you can enjoy your coffee by sitting in a backyard garden. They offer salmon panini, avocado toast, ribeye steak sandwiches, and many more. If you will be visiting then do try their signature dish which is the Bubamara Club Sandwich with beef prosciutto, and grilled chicken, and in the coffee option, you will get espresso, latte, and Tea.


Address: 263 Parker Ave, USA

Contact: 973-928-1371

6. Caffeine

Caffiene cafe
Caffeine Cafe

If you are a coffee lover then you have multiple options to choose from. Cafe Caffeine offers multiple types of coffee like latte espresso, hot chocolate, and iced tea hot coffee, so you can have your favorite flavor of coffee. They have flavors like nutty Irishman, peppermint, and vanilla, apart from that they also serve hot chocolate drinks and tea-infused unicorn ice tea. But if you feel like visiting this caffeine cafe then do try their cookies and lattes and Samoa.

Address- 360 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ 07649, United States


7. The Coffee Potter

coffee potter
Coffee potter

The coffee potter has a vision to connect people. They also provide subscriptions to coffee. People usually enjoy the environment and the company of their friends and neighbors plus the hot coffee of a coffee porter. Most of the people visit the place for coffee and leave the place with a happy smile. they sell the best quality of coffee to the customers. And serve the food with kindness and respect this is the golden rule of this place.


Address: 24 Schooleys Mountain Road Long Valley, NJ 07853

Contact – (201) 230-9890

8. The Daily Bean

Daily bean coffee
Daily bean coffee

This place is the hidden gem in Vernon Township it is very close to a babbling brook. This is a wonderful place to hang out with your favorite company. Their menu includes hot and cold drinks. They serve cappuccino and latte, espresso, and classical caramel macchiato soda. If you are thinking of having your breakfast here then do try waffles, vegan beans, bowls, and many more.


Address- 516 Co Rd 515, Vernon Township, NJ 07462, United States

Contact – +1 973-764-6773

9. Greene’s Beans Cafe


If you are thinking of ordering coffee from Greene’s Beans, try their beans. they sell coffee across the world with free shipping. They have regular coffee, flavored coffee, green coffee, and guest coffee apart from the coffee they have multiple varieties of tea you can visit the website for detailed information about tea or coffee. Apart from coffee and tea, you can purchase coffee accessories.

10. King’s Gambit Coffee


King Gambit is a family-owned business and one of the best coffee shops in New Jersey. Here you will get the best brew and also you can purchase Roasted coffee. They also offer single roasted coffee and you can get multiple unique blends. Here you will get espresso-based drinks. If you visit their cafe you will find the place is a plant paradise you will get good vibes from the place and you can get espresso-based coffee. They have options for kids and other people who don’t consume coffee. For them, they have non-coffee drinks like vanilla chocolate drinks.


Contact – +1 908-750-4474

Address– 8 Hardwick St, Belvidere, NJ 07823, United States

11. Smart World Coffee, Morristown NJ

smart world coffee
smart world coffee

Smart World Coffee Shop is the best coffee shop in New Jersey. they picked the harvested and roasted coffee and also took care of the process of health and wellness. They source the highest quality coffee beans from different locations and always try to bring the best quality. The coffee they serve includes espresso, cold brew, and nitro-infused, and along with that you can have your breakfast and lunch and till 2 p.m. you can enjoy your lunch.

Website –


Number – (973) 627-1600

12. Offshore coffee company Long Branch NJ

off shore coffee
offshore coffee

I should suggest this place to all surfers students and visitors who are from New Jersey you guys should pay a visit to this place. This company is located on Brighton Ave. These coffee shops offer you a wonderful view and environment to enjoy your coffee with your favorite people. And if you taste their signature drinks you will become a fan of this coffee company because their signature drink taste is unmatchable. Apart from coffee, you can have avocado toast sandwiches oats, and many multiple dishes.


Address-57 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740, United States

13. The local Market & kitchen, Ship Bottom NJ

Local market kitchen
Local market kitchen

This shop is open 7 days a week The shop is one stop for all. And they have specialty drinks and food items. They have fully stocked bakery items and extraordinary drinks which include coffee. If you pay a visit to this cafe they have everything for everyone. For coffee lovers, they have salted caramel cookies, nitro cold brew coffee, and many more.

Website –



14. Bluestone Lane, Hoboken, NJ

Bluestone recently opened in New Jersey and this cafe shop is located at 409 Washington St. Hoboken before that their 1st location was in Manhattan, New York bluestone is just a couple of blocks away from the Hudson River. It’s near to the market and they have huge space for sitting indoors or outdoors. This place is desirable place for coffee. Apart from coffee, you can have quick bites, and lunch, here you can ask for hot and cold coffee and juices, organic teas.

Contact -+1 718-374-6858

Address– 409 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States

15. Hidden Grounds, Hoboken, NJ

Coffee shop in new Jersey
Hidden- ground

Hidden Grounds is in Hoboken, NJ, and part of NJ they have their cafe in other places in New Jersey. They have a vision of creating memorable experiences and going beyond the normal in their business. The environment of their coffee shop is pleasing and enjoyable. They opened their first branch in New Jersey in 2013 now their coffee cafe has grown to six locations in New Jersey. Apart from coffee, you can have pastries, chai option is also available. For more information do visit the website.


Address: 148 1st Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

16. Modcup Coffee Company

Modcup coffee
Modcup coffee

Modcup Coffee Company is a popular coffee company that was located at 211 Street inNew Jersey. Modcup is a coffee company as well roasting company, they roast their coffee beans and then sell them. The menu of this company consists of various varieties of coffee drinks like espresso, hot chocolate, Apple Mocha, and many more seasonal drinks. There is a subscription service also available in which you get a 20% discount on each order after getting a subscription.


Address: 479 Palisade Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307, United States 

Phone: 201-798-1666

17. The Fine Grind – A Coffee Bar

Fine grind

The Fine Grind is a local coffee company that was opened in 2015 on the location of New Jersey.  This cafe became popular when they started their roasting process of beans. They serve the different variety of food and coffee drinks that are famous for their freshness. Various types of events are also organized in that cafe. The menu consists of espresso, yogurt muffins, and many more items. 


Address: 101 Newark Pompton Turnpike, NJ 07424, USA

Phone: 973-837-0199

18. Rutherford Coffee Co

Ruther ford
Ruther ford coffee

Rutherford Coffee is a small local cafe located at Park Ave in the New Jersey location. It is more than just the coffee shop, this cafe experiences the most challenging coffee for the customers. This is a beautiful place for the office pirates, even many events are organized in that coffee cafe. The most ordered and most popular drink is double espresso and cold brew.


Address: 70 Park Ave, Rutherford, NJ 07070, United States

Phone: 201-340-4658

19. Coperaco Café

Coperaco cafe
Coperaco cafe

Coperaco Cafe is the most popular coffee cafe that was opened in 2017, now it has become the most popular coffee shop in New Jersey. This was the first US-based cafe that provides various varieties of drinks and breakfast. This cafe consists of beautiful walls with special wooden tables and a decorated handwritten menu. If you are looking for the best coffee then you must visit this place.


Address: 777 S 3rd St, Harrison, NJ 07029, USA

Phone: 973-350-0700

20. Queen City Coffee 

queen city
queen city

Queen City Coffee is a small local coffee company that was started in mid-2000 at the location of Plainfield, New Jersey. This cafe was famous for its fresh coffee and breakfast. Beautiful embroidery is done on the walls of this cafe. Apart from coffee, you can also taste the delicious breakfast at this cafe. 


Address: 200 Court Pl, Plainfield, NJ 07060, USA

Phone: 908-956-0038

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