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Pest Control Companies in Nebraska

Nebraska is a State in the midwestern region of the United States. It shares its borders with Missouri to the southeast of Kansas. The climate in Nebraska is generally summer and warm and snowy but pests like warmer temperatures to increase their population, and they also need a humid climate to reborn themselves, so more pests are coming in the rainy season, A humid climate is the perfect environment to reborn themselves.

According to the latest pest report, 30,000 different species of insects are found in Nebraska and two types of termites are Drywood termites and subterranean termites but eastern subterranean termites are most common in Nebraska.

Pest Control Nebraska companies help to remove all common types of bugs & insects from your homes to protect your family & friends. Pest management such as host-plant resistance, natural enemies, and biopesticides, synthetic chemicals will be submitted less effective due to the increase in temperatures and relative humidity.

The average cost of pest control is $432 but if you want routine service then you have to pay $450 for pest control service. Pests are mostly found in garages, attics, kitchen & bathroom sinks, under furniture, Mattresses & bed FramesCommon bugs are moths, butterflies, beetles, true bugs, grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies damselflies, ants, bees, flies, and many others.

Top Pest Control Nebraska

To keep away these pests from your houses, you need to contact the Pest Control Nebraska company, whose employees are always ready to resolve your pest problem in your houses, lawns, and apartments. You do not need to call these companies every month for pest control if you have an annual membership, they will automatically schedule your service and come at the end or start of the month.

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1.  All Star Pest Control

All Star Pest Control

All-Star Pest Control is a family-owned and local business with 50 years of pest control experience. Darren Waltman started this company in 1974 in Omaha, Nebraska. Their staff works hard 24/7 to provide their clients with high-quality pest services for residential and commercial properties. This company has served almost 1,00,000 homes with its pest services. 

The company uses ecological & biological methods to remove such kinds of pests as bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, crickets, fleas, gophers, moles, mosquitoes, scorpions, snakes, and wasps. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee after pest control and offer same-day, next-day, and emergency service. 

It is one of the best top-rated pest control Nebraska companies that can handle all types of pest problems, and offer the best protection service following pest control. The average cost of pest control is $250 to $300 annually, depending on the size of the infected area or the type of pest treatment. 


Address: 2829 St # 824, Omaha, Nebraska

Contact: 402-934-8153

2. Omaha Pest Control

Omaha Pest Control

Monty West started Omaha Pest Control in 1921, a locally-owned exterminator service company. Service areas are Ashland, Bellevue, Springfield, Glenwood,  Louisville, Elkhorn, Ralston, and, Crescent. The staff members of this company are responsible for managing all types of pest programs. 

Pests like ants, Asian beetles, bees, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, carpet beetles, centipedes, cicada wasps, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, gnats, larder beetles, mice, moles, pantry pests, silverfish, and voles. The pest control charges started from $40 to $70 monthly, and $150 to $300 for initial service. 

Discount coupons are $180 off on the first-time service and $100 off on termite treatment. This company provides pest services for residential and commercial areas such as hotels, restaurants, bars, office buildings, schools, and medical facilities. If you are looking for a pest control company, this is the best option for you. 


Address: 6603 Maple Street, Omaha, Nebraska

Contact: 402-969-7378

3. Quality Pest Control

Quality Pest Control

Quality Pest Control founded in 1996  is a local pest control business with 26 years of experience. The company provides the least toxic treatments for pest control to match your needs. Services areas are Boys Town, Missouri Valley, Papillion, Magnolia, Gretna, and Yutan. 

They provide pest control services in commercial areas such as restaurants, retail stores, schools, offices, healthcare, and churches. Our staff is responsible for handling all types of pests and monitoring them properly. The company will create a customized plan to eliminate pests and use non-chemical sprays to remove pests from your houses and yards safely.

Their pest program includes Healthy Home Pro which does not include mosquitoes, and ticks, and Healthy Home Plus, which includes mosquitoes & ticks, Quality pest control has received a 4.8 rating from the customer’s feedback, and acquired an A+ rating in the BBB(Better Business Bureau). 


Address: 6225 N 89th Cir, Omaha, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-738-9164

4. Beeline Pest Control

Beeline Pest Control

Founded in 2009, Beeline Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest control company in Bellevue, Nebraska. It is a reliable and locally-owned company with 10 years of pest experience. Tyler Teeples is the owner of this company, and he has expanded his business in Centennial, Knob Hill, Donelson, Green Hills, Inglewood, and Hermitage.

The pest control process consists of three steps: free inspection, initial treatment, and then follow-up services. Their pest control services include ant & bed bug control, rodent & spider control, termite control, and stinging insect control service. They provide home pest control and commercial pest control services. 

On Average, you have to pay $30 to $75 for initial service, $145 to $300 monthly, and $450 for annual visits. The company offers cost-effective, eco-friendly pest solutions for customers at affordable prices. If you have any queries related to pest control, you can fix your appointment through mail or phone calls. 


Contact: (402) 557-0982 

5. Lien Termite and Pest Control Company

Lien Termite and Pest Control Company

Lien Termite and Pest Control Company is a family-owned & operated company since 1975 who have experienced professional teams in dealing with pest control. Greg Earl is the owner of this company who has 40 years of experience and provides free estimates. They have been serving their services in West Omaha, Omaha, and all over Nebraska. 

The company provides timely Service, experienced technicians, and top-notch pest solutions for our business. The average cost of pest control starts from $150 to $250, termite cost is $250 to $350 annually, and general pest control cost is $450 to $550. 

They have state-licensed, insured, and bonded businesses offering professional extermination including rodents,  bed bugs, pigeons, termites, moles, fleas, moles, and ants. If you have any query related to pest control or their services, you should fix your appointment with the Company through a phone call or email.  


Address: 2903 N 84th St, Omaha

Contact:  402-397-8884

6. Midwest Pest Control

Midwest Pest Control

Max and Nate Perkes are two brothers who started Midwest Pest Control Company in Omaha. It is one of the best top-rated pest control Nebraska companies that offers $50 off on pest control and $100 off on referrals. Services areas are La Vista, Ames, Bellevue, Papillon, Clive, Gretna, and Newton. 

It is a locally owned company that offers eco-friendly products for the interior treatment of pests. They are proud to offer the best pest control Nebraska companies which offer some special discount coupons like $50 off on pest control, and $100 off when you refer this company to your friend. 

Pest Control Services include the removal of ants, spiders, flies, earwigs, cockroaches, rodents, bees, wasps, and centipedes. They also offer home defense that includes basic, rodent, yard, and platinum & costs start from $39, $43, $43, and $47.  


Address: 14225 Dayton Cir #10, Omaha, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-524-5200

7. Echo Pest Control

Echo Pest Control

Echo Pest Control is an insect control company started in 2011 by Kevin Shirley. This company has 20 years of pest experience in various pest infestations control. They served their services in Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas, Missouri. 

The company staff will carefully remove the unwanted pests from your residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They have licensed and certified technicians to resolve your pest problems in your houses, yards, and other commercial buildings. The cost of the pest control service depends on the size of the infected area and the type of pest treatment. 

Pest Control Services include house spiders, black widows, brown recluses wolf spiders, cellar spiders, and funnel spiders, and they are also specialized in the removal of creepy crawl spiders, stingers, biters, termites, rodents, and wildlife control. 


Address:  7010 N 97th Cir STE A, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-884-7410 

8. Miller Pest & Termite

Miller Pest & Termite

Joel Miller is the founder of Miller Pest & Termite a local pest control company founded in 2001. Service areas are Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Overland Park, Waukee, Bonner Springs, Raytown, and Gladstone. It is a quality pro-certified pest control company that has expert technicians in the pest industry. 

The average cost of its pest control services starts from $49, and it offers ongoing preventive services, initial premium & interior application services, exterior application services, cob-web removal, wasp nest removal, and other 29 more pests along with a 1-year service agreement.  

The company has two pest programs that offer Miller Guard & Miller Guard Plus programs which start from $49 and $69. These pest programs covered almost all types of pest infestations. If you are looking for pest control service, you can schedule your appointment via mail or phone. 


Address: 3613 S 149th St, Omaha, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-769-0997

9. Romar Pest Control

Romar Pest Control

Ron Lacy started Romar Pest Control in 1974 a locally owned & operated company. This company has 65 years of business experience in pest control and its service areas are Kearney, Hastings, Lexington, Franklin, Ravenna, and Minden. They offer both monthly and quarterly pest services. 

This company has many years of experience in controlling silverfish, rats, fleas, flies, crickets, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and ants. They are committed to providing the best satisfaction guarantee after pest control service, and they offer various pest treatments with eco-friendly products. 

This company uses high-quality, and non-chemical products to remove all types of pests from your homes, yards, apartments, and properties. The average cost of pest control service starts from $35 to $70 monthly, $90 to $150 for first-time visits and $ 350 to $450 for annual treatment. 


Address: 5104 G Ave, Kearney, Nebraska 

Contact: 308-234-4415

10. Benzel Pest Control 

Benzel Pest Control

In 1976, Harvey Benzel founded Benzel Pest Control which is a third-generation family-owned business, and service areas of Nebraska including Box Butte, Cheyenne, Dawes, Kimball, Morrill, Sioux, and Scotts Bluff, Wyoming including Carbon, Goshen, Laramie, Niobrara, Platte, and Torrington.

They are committed to providing excellence and outstanding workmanship, With 45 years of experience. They have a fully trained & licensed team of professionals who use the most advanced techniques to get rid of various types of pests. On average, you have to pay $450 for general pest control services.

The company offers residential & commercial pest control services in bars, hotels, medical buildings, healthcare centers, government buildings, and food factories. After pest control, if pests appear again, the re-treatment service is also available without any additional costs. 


Address: 813 Morrison Rd, Gering, Nebraska 

Contact:  308-888-9924

11. Peak Pest Control

Peak Pest Control

Peak Pest Control is an extermination company established in 2013 by Kenny Kisch. This company has 11 years of pest experience and its service areas are Denver, Colorado, Englewood areas, and surrounding areas of Nebraska. The average cost of pest control service is $550 to $900 per year. 

They protect your business from unwanted pests in your Day care facilities, retail centers, industrial complexes, medical facilities, schools, sports complexes, factories, and property management. Pests include rats, ants, rodents, spiders, beetles, flies, termites, ticks, wasps, roaches, and silverfish. 

They offer a wide variety of services including, rodent exclusion, rodent prevention, insulation services, insect extermination, insect prevention, and bat remediation. Insulation services are also available such as attic cleaning, crawl space cleaning, and wall cleaning. You can fix your appointment via phone calls during their business hours. 


Address: 7753 N 88th St, Omaha, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-889-3203

12. Pratt Pest Control

Pratt Pest Control

Pratt Pest Control is a family-owned & operated business company opened in 1966 by Keith Pratt. Services areas are Papillon, Bennington, La Vista, Fremont, Gretna, Millard, and Plattsmouth. On average, Pest control services start from $30 to $50 monthly, $450 to $900 yearly, and $550 for a first-time visit. 

This company has 20 years of pest business dealing with various pest infestations including grub worms, rats, mice, moles, silverfish, black ants, and red ants. They have licensed professional technicians for pest control offering monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest treatments. 

The company has more than 15 professional experts who have completed over 15,000 projects and more than 25,000 clients are satisfied with their best pest services. They use the most advanced techniques and methods to eliminate different types of pests from your houses, apartments, gardens, and hospitals. 


Address: 13416 C St, Omaha, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-691-2920

13. Recon Pest Services

Recon Pest Services

Recon Pest Services is a residential pest control company that started in 2019 in Omaha. Austin Graham is the CEO of this company and provides services in Omaha, La Vista, Papillon, Chalco, Ralston, Springfield, and Green Meadows. The company has 26 years of experience in various infestations. 

They offer 3 types of services bronze includes organic & raccoon treatment, silver includes bronze & raccoon treatment, and the golden package includes bronze & silver, termite treatment & some premium upgraded discounts. The company gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee regarding the pest control service.

The most common pests such as silverfish, rodents, scorpions, stinging Insects, Beetles, flies, crickets, and earwigs, and treatment types are home foundation barriers, cracks, and crevices, wall treatment, entry points, granulation, and trapping. 


Address: 10125 J St, Omaha, Nebraska 

Contact:  402-769-3091 

14. Usher Pest Control

Usher Pest Control

Anil Rao has been offering pest control services, indoor and outdoor pest treatments, and pest inspections since 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is a quality professional pest control business specializing in Bedbug removal. It has become one of the best pest control Nebraska that offers affordable services across Lincoln, and other nearby areas. 

With more than 80 years of experience, this company carries out the best record of pest services in residential and commercial areas. The company uses the most advanced tools and technology to eliminate various types of pests at affordable prices. 

Extermination services include ants, spiders, roaches, termites, bedbugs, and moths. The average cost of pest control service depends on the size of the infected area and the type of pest treatment. If you have any issues related to pest control service, you can fix your appointment during their business hours. 


Address: 2235 Orchard St Lincoln, Nebraska

Contact: (402) 477-5418

15. Bats to Rats LLC

Bats to Rats LLC

Bats to Rats LLC is an affordable and locally owned pest control offering wildlife and pest management services in Lincoln and its surrounding areas for 15 years. They are licensed and permitted to do Bats and Rodent control in residential and commercial properties including schools, apartments, buildings, and churches.    

Before providing any kind of pest control solutions, they prefer to consult with the property owner and check all possible pests and wildlife problems. After the examination, they devise a layout of the problem areas and offer the most effective solution per your requirements. 

Maintaining their high standards, they always strive to ensure the safety of our environment, kids, elders, and pets by employing effective and environmentally friendly methods.

Services they offered 

  • Bats and Rodent Control
  • Mosquito Extermination 
  • Crawl Space & Attic Services
  • Cockroach Extermination
  • Eco/Green Cleaning


Address: 3420 N 22nd St Suite 1, Lincoln, Nebraska 

Contact: 402-781-8691

16. Patriot Pest Control LLC 

Patriot Pest Control LLC

Patriot Pest Control LLC is a local and family-owned pest control business run by a discharged veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. This insured and licensed pest control company has been helping Nebraska residents and businessmen by eliminating pest infestation from their properties for over 15 years. They use every tactic to control these pesky creatures, making their home a comfortable place to live in.     

With residential and commercial pest control services, they are always ready to serve their client’s pest control requirements using only eco-friendly products approved by EPA to protect the environment, kids, and pets. Their specialized services regarding pest control are bed bugs, general pest control, termites, and wildlife services.    


  • Ants
  • Asia Beetles
  • Flies
  • Bed Bugs
  • Lady Bugs
  • Bees
  • Moths
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Pantry Pest
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Cicada Killer Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Bats


Address: 34265, Omaha, Nebraska 68134 

Phone: 402-307-5227

17. Heartland Pest Control 

Heartland Pest Control

Heartland Pest Control is a licensed and insured pest control Nebraska that helps you keep your home free from pest infestations. With the help of their highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, they always strive to provide effective and customized pest control services to the people in Nebraska. Heartland Pest Control has been solving pest control issues using the most advanced technology and treatment techniques for over 45 years. This insured and licensed company offers effective and affordable comprehensive pest control plans customized to suit the customers’ needs. 

The products they employ while carrying out pest control are safe for the environment, kids, and pets. They are committed to using only government-approved pest management plans by certified and trained technicians, improving the quality of their customers’ lives. 


  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Flies
  • Fruit Flies
  • Gnats
  • Millipedes
  • Rodents
  • Mice & Rats
  • Voles & Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Sowbugs


Address: 709 W Angus Street, Gretna, NE 68028

Phone: 402-332-4707


18.  Advanced Pest Management

Advanced Pest Management

Advanced Pest Management aims to provide you with a happy and comfortable life by waging war against pests and termites. They are committed to eliminating pests in Nebraska. All their wide range of customized plans based on their customer needs are in demand to remove pests from residential and commercial properties. With clear, clean, and consistent service, they can help you achieve happiness and your home once again. Regarding pest control, they use only the best and safest products and state-of-the-art green solutions to keep the environment, pets, and kids healthy.

Aiming to be one of the best pest control Nebraska, Advanced Pest Management constantly keeps in touch with its customers until and unless the job is finished. They have become specialist in pest control in and around Nebraska. 

Services they offered in pest control included carpenter ants, bed bugs, bees, carpet beetles, crickets, earwigs, bats, beetles, birds, fleas, flies, houseflies, killer bees, lice, gnats, hornets,  mice, opossums, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, raccoons, silverfish, snakes, mosquitoes, moths, spiders, sugar ants, termites, and ticks along with many other insects and wildlife.


Address: Nebraska, USA

Phone: 402-612-0250

19. Pest Solutions 365

Pest Solutions 365

Pest Solutions 365 deals in both residential and commercial pest control in and around Nebraska. This pest control Nebraska is capable of tackling all your pest infestation needs, using a number of plans and programs personalized to suit each client.  

Paul Sutko the owner and manager of Pest Solutions 365 and TNT Termite Services is committed to offering high-quality services in a professional manner that sets them apart from other pest control companies in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. 

They ensure to meet all their customers’ needs for which they use Integrated pest management technology that is a highly advanced and environmentally safe solution for pest control. One can rely on their prompt and courteous service as they are experts in identifying, targeting, and eliminating pest control issues. Bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, and one-time services are the mode of their pest control services.       


  • Insects / Bugs
  • Termites,
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife


Address:  3803 S. 148th Street, Omaha, NE 68144

Phone: 402-334-2847

20. Watson Pest Control

Watson Pest Control

Watson Pest Control has been in the pest control industry for the last 17 years. They love to attend to their clients personally. Saint Paul, Palmer, Phillips, Grand Island, Aurora, Central City, and the greater Nebraska Area come under their working areas. They provide both commercial and residential high-quality pest control service year-round at an affordable rate. One can contact us to schedule a free inspection.      

This local company takes pride in providing high-quality pest control services to their customers using effective, safe, and environmentally friendly methods. Their expert and highly skilled technicians are competent enough to rid their properties of pests and rodents and check their further infestation. They can identify the main reason behind the issue and deliver the best solution to fit their client’s needs.          


  • Termite Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Ant Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Bee And Wasp Control
  • Spider Control
  • Bat Removal


Address: 444 West Street, Phillips, Nebraska 68865, United States

Phone: (402) 886-2022


In case, one has a pest infestation on one’s property, it is essential to contact a pest expert to eliminate this unwelcome creature. Only an experienced exterminator can evaluate the situation’s gravity, recognize the pest species, and suggest the best option to treat the pest problems. The pest control companies in Nebraska use many advanced methods to eliminate pests from your property. This article lets you pick the best pest control company to fit your needs. 

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