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Solar Companies Providing Kits and Installation in Hawaii

Hawaii is an island state in the Western United States and has the 20th National rank in the solar system. Solar companies give contracts to solar panel contractors that install solar panels. Installation of solar is crucial in Hawaii because due to the high costs of electricity, imported petroleum, or coal, are three to four times higher than other countries. Solar Companies in Hawaii rapidly provide solar power systems, and Hawaii has become one of the highest uses of solar energy to overcome the high electricity costs. 

Hawaii companies have developed new technologies for balancing the electricity in the Hawaii areas with large amounts of solar power systems. So, according to the reports, Hawaii will become independent in solar energy and produce 40 % renewable solar energy by 2030 and 100 % by 2045. 

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Famous Solar Companies in Hawaii

Hawaii uses solar energy seven times more than it produces. Around 100 solar companies work in Hawaii that install solar in homes and offices and provide various end-to-end services such as consulting, system design, solar plant installation, and repair services.     

In this article, we have shared the top 20 best solar companies in Hawaii that provide reasonably priced solar Kits and Installation.  

1. Malama Solar

 Malama Solar

Malama Solar Company was founded by Chris and Rachel Ah Sue in 2017 in Hawaii, United States. This company is locally owned in Honolulu, Hawaii with the help of local solar panel contractors and team members. This solar company works in five steps Consult, Design, permit, Install, and Power on the savings. 

Malama Solar products are very top rated and the installation process is done within 2 days. It also provides solar systems for rent, you can rent out the solar system from this company with a $ 0 down payment. By installing solar panels in Hawaii, you can reduce your electricity bills and save money for better use. 


Address:  590 Paiea St, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-425-9565 

2. SunRun


SunRun solar company was founded in 2007, in San Francisco, California, and has branches in Waipahu and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. It was co-founded by Lynn Jurich, Ed Fenster, and Nat Kreamer. This company provides many services such as Solar panels, EV charging, Tesla powershell, etc. 

This company provides solar on Monthly and Prepaid solar leases and monthly solar loans, and you can buy solar systems also. This company has 17 years of experience in the installation of solar electric power systems. You can get solar on lease with a $ 0 down payment and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services free of cost. 


Address – 94-240 Pupuole, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 833-324-5886 

3. SunPower By Eco-Solar

Sunpower by Eco

SunPower is a solar provider and installer company that was opened in 1985 by Dr. Richard Swanson in Hawaii, United States. He develops the best quality solar panels at affordable prices and expanded its business in almost 55 states of the United States. When we switch to solar panels, we would save the 28,000$- 30,000$ each year. 

72% of the buildings installed solar panels in Hawaii and the google sunroof association would measure this. SunPower gives a warranty on the whole solar electric power system not only for the solar panels and they give a warranty of 25 years with free service and labor. Installation of solar panels helps in developing renewable energy.


Address: 94-1388 Moaniani St #229, Hawaii, USA

Contact:  808-744-2274 

4. Independent Energy Hawaii


Independent Energy Hawaii is a solar construction company that was founded in 2019 by  James Rudolph and now it is considered as one of the best solar companies in Hawaii, United States. The average cost of solar panels in Hawaii is $2.45 per watt or it will be depending on which type of solar you will choose. 

Independent Solar believes that switching to solar is easy, affordable, and reduces the bills of electricity. They also offer premium solar for homes and commercial buildings and investing in solar panels is a good thing for you. Better financing options are available as you can install solar panels on the $0 down payment. 


Address: 1200 Ala Moana Blvd #380, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-460-6015

5. ProVision Solar

ProVision Solar

Marco Mangelsdorf started ProVision Solar in 2003, it is a leading solar energy provider in Hawaii, United States. Provision is one of the best electric industries that make photovoltaic solar systems. They have a certified installer team who have been working for 20 years in the industry of the development of solar panels. 

A sustainable future is possible when you have the best solar technology with the right guidance, that’s why Provision is designed, and installed the better & unique solar designs that meet the client’s needs. When you are looking to reduce your electricity bills, then you would have increased the value of the solar electric power system. 


Address: 69 Railroad Ave Ste, Hawaii, USA 

Contact: 808-969-3281 

6. Rising Sun Solar 

Rising Sun Solar

Mike Haggerty founded Rising Sun Solar in 1986 in Hawaii, and their vision is to bring transformative clean energy to every home it is one of the best well-known solar companies in Hawaii. They have successfully installed more than 7000 solar panels across Hawaii as well as in the United States.

The Rising Sun is the finest and features products from renowned brands like Tesla, SunPower, LG, etc. This company provides you with financing, development, installation, monitoring, and repair for all types of solar panels. Rising Sun will provide you 25-year warranty service with free labor, and free parts of solar panels for 5 years. 


Address: 16-711 Milo St, Keaau, Hawaii, USA 

Contact:  808-374-4547

7. Solarman – Solar Energy

 solarman Solar
Source :

Solarman Solar Energy was founded in 2009, in Hawaii, and now it has become one of the best solar companies in Hawaii, United States. This company was specially designed for commercial, distributed, residential, and commercial solar power plants. In 2022, they focus on renewable energy as well as solar electric power systems.

Solarman is committed to making sustainable solutions for clean renewable energy, and various services that include smart energy for our global customers. You can buy a solar panel on the down payment of $0, by using the best financing options which are available for our users. 


Address: 15-2002 15th Ave, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-982-5708 

8. Tesla 


Tesla was founded in 2003 by Marc and Martin, but Elon Musk started making solar panels in 2016 and his goal is to make the highest quality solar panels in homes and small local businesses. Tesla designed quality products such as electric vehicles, solar batteries, and solar electric power systems, and it is one of the best manufacturing solar companies in Hawaii. 

Tesla is famous for its unique design patterns of the solar electric system and solar panels and it delivers the maximum solar production in year-around. Tesla is responsible for managing your solar electric power system from anywhere in the world with 24/7 accessibility.


Address: 1450 Ala Moana, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-829-3743 

9. RevoluSun Solar


RevoluSun Solar is a solar energy contractor that was founded in 2009 by Joshua Powell in Hawaii and its headquarters are located in Honolulu, United States. RevoluSun is a residential solar company and its offices are located in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Idaho. This company has developed and installed more than 8000 solar systems in homes.

The vision of this company is to make a transformative model that continues the preparation of the people of Hawaii to more vibrant and resilient in natural disasters. This company is the most trusted solar provider in Hawaii that provides various services like solar water heaters, solar energy storage, and power backup supplies. 


Address: 660 Ala Moana Blvd, Hawaii, USA 

Contact: 808-427-0611

10. Alternate Energy Inc.

Alternate Energy Hawaii

Bruce Ekimura started Alternative Energy Inc. in 1993 and he began developing cost-effective solar electric power systems in Hawaii, United States. This company has developed solar electric power systems on a large scale and it also offers virtual solar energy transactions. The prices of solar panels in this company start from $2.45 per watt. 

They have more than 20 years of experience in installation of the solar power electric systems. They offer virtual solar panel appointments and install solar panels based on the list of appointments. They install commercial solar, off-grid solar, residential solar,on-grid solar, and solar batteries for homes and small local businesses.


Address:96-1276 Waihona St STE 114, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-842-5853 

 11. Pacific Energy Solar

 Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy Solar is a sustainable energy solution company that was founded in 2007 to develop the best quality solar power electric system, now it is considered one of the best solar companies in Hawaii, United States. This company aims to develop new renewable and greener energy for the future by delivering some innovative ideas and services. 

They specialize in designing unique patterns, maintenance, and installing solar panels in homes and small local businesses. They deliver the highest customer satisfaction service and support after the safe installation of solar panels. Whether you are looking to reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprints, then Pacific Energy Solar is best. 


Address: 521 Ala Moana Blvd, Hawaii USA

Contact: 808-377-4570

12. Poncho’s Solar Service 

Poncho Solar
Source :

Poncho is a solar equipment supplier company invented in 1995, in Hawaii, United States. The mission of this company is to create renewable and sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future for communities and individual people. They have top-quality products and better financing options for people who need solar panels at affordable prices. 

They specialize in designing, installation, and maintenance with our dedicated solar team experts who have proper expertise in their field. Different types of services are available such as better cost savings, increased home value, proper planning and support for solar panels, power backup supplies, and protection of the environment by installing solar panels. 


Address: 4355 Lawehana St, Hawaii, USA

Contact:   808-422-4266

13. Sunspear Energy

 Sunspear Solar

Sunspear Energy is a solar energy provider company that was founded in 2017 and it has been executing the most challenging solar project in Hawaii. Jeff Kaemmerlen is the owner of Sunspear, he began developing solar panels in 2019 and now has become one of the best manufacturing solar companies in Hawaii that provides solar panels at low costs. 

Their team has 60 years of experience and installed 30,000 solar panels of 22+ megawatts in residential and commercial projects. Sunspear develops solar panels including handling the utility of products, permits, and all other paperwork. Whether you are looking for solar panels with the best quality service, then Sunspear is the best option to choose. 


Address: 345 N Nimitz Hwy A, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-582-5989 

14. REC Solar 


Jan Enno Bicker started REC Solar in 1996, and it is a solar energy company that is dedicated to consumers with clean renewable energy at affordable costs. They have a professional team of solar who are experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar electric power systems. 

REC Solar has 26 years of experience and provides on-site solar, energy storage, and community solar. They provide seamless financing options at zero upfront costs. They have a dedicated team for high-quality off-grid solar and energy storage systems. REC Solar has 800+ successful solar projects across Hawaii and the United States. 


Address: 549 Kokea St # C5,Hawaii, USA

Contact: 844-732-7652

15. Ocean Head Solar & Electric


Ocean Head was founded in 2012 by Gail & Chelli and developed commercial and residential solars at lower prices. This company is certified by women over Small businesses of solar panels that serve the best solar panels and contract with clients. According to the report, they install solar panels of 1350 megawatts in homes and businesses. 

When you are building your new house in Hawaii, then their construction needs solar panels and electric batteries, EV Chargers which are available at affordable prices. Ocean Head has professional experts for communication skills and a positive attitude for their work. 


Address: 220 Puuhale Rd, Hawaii, USA

Contact: 808-735-5745

16. SolarTech Industries

Solar Tech Industries

Solar Tech Industries is the leading organization working on the development of solar panels that was invented in 2006. They specialize in installing, maintaining, and developing solar power systems at affordable prices. But in 2009, this company provided better financing options & opened 6000 solar industries in Hawaii. 

At this company, they develop, sell, install, upgrade, and repair all types of services for solar electric power systems. This industry offers various services for solar electric power systems such as 24/7 monitoring, easy installation, power backup supply, etc. The solar tech industry allows you to enjoy the benefits of installing solar power systems.


Address: 1164 Bishop St Suite 609, Hawaii, USA 

Contact: 808-784-8891 

17. PV Tech

PV Tech

PV Tech is the residential and commercial solar industry that was invented in 2007, now it has become one of the best solar companies in Hawaii, USA. This industry has 50 years of experience in the field of solar power system installation. They motivate their workers each day, to build something new in their installation.  

Solar energy is a major tool for reducing electricity bills and low-carbon footprints and creating new renewable energy for better use. They can generate clean electricity and are available at cost-effective prices. Solar energy offers various types of services that it is good for the environment and increase your home value. 


Address: 2800 Woodlawn, Hawaii, USA 

Contact: 808-983-3333 

18. Holu Hou Energy

holu hou energy

Brad Hansen started Holu Hou Energy in 2019, it is a residential and commercial solar provider company that provides solar panels at reasonable prices. They provide unique designs and patterns for system design, and financing options to complete the installation and construction management of the solar panels systems. 

Holu Hou Energy is the best option for investment in solar panels and a convenient solution for homeowners and small local businesses. They have professional installers and developers for solar power electric systems. When you are looking for the best solar installer company, then Holu Hou Energy is the best option. 


Address: 1003 Bishop St, Hawaii, USA 

Contact: 808-371-7514

19. Vivint Solar

 Vivint solar

Vivint Solar is an American Solar provider company that provides solar energy generation systems for residential & commercial solar. Vivint Solar was invented in 2011 by  Keith Nellesen to provide clean energy solution systems at affordable prices. The current revenue cost of Vivint Solar is $0.37 B  according to the latest financing report. 

Vivint Solar offers services such as installing solar panels in your homes increasing your home value by 4% and you can easily track your energy consumption, better investment protection, and maximize your energy production after using solar electric power generation. 


Address: Lehi, Utah, USA 

Contact: 844-244-4921 

20. NASA 


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is a government agency that deals with space and technology, it was founded in July 1961 by John F. Kennedy and his mission is to develop the best quality solar installation in their businesses. The mass weight of the typical communication satellite solar panels is 20kg, and the cost per kg is $10,000.

NASA converts solar energy in the form of electricity and then they use the electricity for their spacecraft. The solar panels that are used in space are made up of Crystalline Silicon. Nasa developed high-efficiency solar panels that provide robust designs of solar power systems.


Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA  

Contact: 808-974-4208


Hawaii is the best place for investment in the solar panels industry whereas Hawaii gives you better financing options for solar power electric systems. Hawaii is becoming independent 40 % of solar companies according to reports of 2024 and they become 100% of independent solar companies by 2045. The average cost of installing solar panels in Hawaii is  $ 2.45 per watt and its cost depends on which solar panels you choose. 

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