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Solar Companies Providing Kits and Installation in Oregon

Oregon is a state which is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and has a National rank of 21st in the installation of solar systems. Solar Companies are business-to-business companies that provide different types of solar panels to homeowners.

As the world population, we want to protect our environment by installing more solar panels in our homes to reduce our electricity bills and reduce carbon- footprints. Solar companies in Oregon provide solar power systems at a cost-effective and Oregon become the best solar state for the installation of solar panels. 

Oregon has more than 140 solar companies providing kits and installation in Oregon, and Oregon is the rising star state in terms of solar panel installation. The average cost of solar panels is $ 2.5 per watt and if you are using solar panels in your homes, then the average cost is between $12,000 – $16000 per month. Oregon has used solar panels for the last 25-30 years. 

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Best Solar Companies in Oregon

According to the latest report of the association, Oregon produces 7.15 MW projects that produce electricity in the form of solar energy, and provide electricity in 9,175 homes. 4.1% of the homes increased their home values by installing solar panels and the average home value is $483,939 after successful installation of solar panels. 

In this article, we have shared the top 20 best solar companies in Oregon that provide solar power systems at low prices. 

1. Blue Raven Solar

 Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is a solar provider company that was invented in 2014 to provide the best quality solar systems in Oregon at lower costs. Jeff Lee is the founder, and he expanded his business in almost 23 states, in 2021, Blue Raven was acquired by Sunpower. Blue Raven has 9+ years of experience and his 3500+ members are spread all over the nation.

The mission of Blue Raven is to reduce the electricity bills, and the carbon footprints by installing solar power systems. Various benefits of installing solar power systems include people burning 67% of electricity with the help of fossil fuels, developing clean renewable energy, and a 20-year warranty service. 


Address: 5319 SW Westgate, Oregon, USA

Contact: 800-377-4480

2. A&R Solar

A-R Solar

A & R Solar is a local solar installer company that designs unique patterns of solar power systems. It was invented in 2007, and now it is known as one of the best solar companies in Oregon. The annual revenue of A & R Solar is $ 1 Billion per year in the installation of solar power electric systems. 

A & R Solar installed their first solar power systems of 2.6KW with an average capacity of 12KW per day. A & R promises to give the best quality service to their customers such as the best customer service after installation, high-quality assurance, etc. Whether you are looking for the best solar design company, A & R Solar is the best. 


Address: 19636 SW 90th Ct Building 4, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 503-420-8680

3. SolTerra Systems

Solterra Solar

Aimee Carpenter started SolTerra Systems in the middle of 2022, it is a solar installer company that become the best solar companies in Oregon, United States.SolTerrs is the largest producing solar-producing company. They are committed to serving the best quality solar power systems to the customers, families, and their team members as well. 

SolTerra Systems offers technical advisory, asset management, and real estate infrastructure to its customers. The workers of this company have a polite nature and positive attitude that makes this company different. This company makes the new clean renewable energy to make a good impact on the environment. 


Address: 79 SE Taylor St #401, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 503-360-1109

4. Blue Sky Solar

Blue Sky Solar

Blue Sky Solar is a solar installation company that was invented in 2015 in Springfield, Oregon, United States. Alfredo Lopez is the CEO of this company and he has developed more than 500 solar panels in Oregon and the United States. They offer solar panels for lighting, commercial, and residential purposes. 

They are building a more sustainable and clean world by making the best solar panels for customers. Blue Sky Solar has 30 years of experience in installing the best-quality solar panels at affordable prices. Better Roofing and financing facilities are also available. If you want an EV charger with your solar panel, $ 40.00 will be added to your solar panel cost. 


Address: 380 Q St, Springfield, Oregon, USA

Contact: 360-561-0028 

5. SunPower 


Peter Firacy started SunPower in 1985, and it was developed to make energy solutions and cost-effective solar electric power systems, later it was known as the world’s best solar companies in Oregon. 40 years of dedicated solar experience and this is the only US-based company that gives a 25-year warranty at each installation. 

At the beginning of 2022, SunPower completed 427,000 solar panels installation in residential homes and this installation includes storage devices, different equipment, EV Charges, and solar panels. According to the latest report, the overall revenue of SunPower is $ 1.714 billion per year. 


Address: 4530 NE Dawson, Oregon USA 

Contact: 503-961-9303

6. Elemental Energy

Elemental Energy

Elemental Energy is a consulting and contracting firm that was invented in 2011 by Anthony Stratakos in Portland, Oregon. They have 25 years of experience in developing and installing solar power systems. According to the report of 2021, they installed more than 3000 in local homes and 25 solar panels in residential homes. 

Elemental designs each project according to your needs and budgets, as they have a team of technical experts who give the best advice about which solar panel you have to install. They believe in giving better financing options to clients. The overall revenue of this company is $ 6 million per year according to the report of 2023. 


Address: 6800 NE 59th, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 503-967-5786

7. Tesla 


Tesla is an autonomous industry that was invented in 2003 by Martin and Musk, later in 2008 Elon Musk started developing solar panels in Tesla. Tesla installed more than 50,000 solar and its overall revenue in 2022 is  $ 84 billion, which has increased by 51% as compared to 2021, and in 2023 it becomes $ 71.6 billion in the first nine months of 2023. 

Tesla designs, manufactures, installs, develops, and repairs solar panels and solar energy systems. The models that are available at this company are Model X, Model Y, Model S, Cyber Truck, Model 3, and Tesla Semi. The average cost for the installation of Tesla solar panels is between $ 16,000 to $ 23,000 per year. 


Address: 9321 Washington Square, Oregon, USA

Contact: 503-431-2350

8. ION Solar 

ION Solar

ION Solar is a full-service solar technology that was founded in 2013 by Jimmy Slemboski, now it is known as one of the best solar companies in Oregon. The mission of this company is to develop highest-quality solar panels and services for consumers. According to the report of 2023, the overall revenue of ION Solar is $ 76 billion per year. 

ION Solar has installed more than 50,000, and 90KW solar panels in residential homes. This installation includes customer satisfaction, unique designs, patterns, equipment, and ongoing services. They have a team of professional experts who are responsible for the whole process from starting to ending. 


Address: 9057 SE Jannsen Rd, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 888-781-7074

9. Sun Bridge Solutions

Sunbridge Solar

Mangesh Divekar started Sun Bridge Solutions in 2009 and they designed and installed high-quality solar panels in residential and commercial homes. They are working at both local and international levels and this includes various solar projects like donating solar power electric systems, and water pumping projects. 

The overall revenue of Sun Bridge Solutions is $ 5 billion according to the latest report of 2023 and they installed 3.9 billion solar projects in local homes and small businesses. At Sun Bridge Solutions, various services are offered such as best-quality equipment, best-trained technicians, and better maintenance and installation service.  


Address: 421 C St Ste 5a, Oregon, USA

Contact: 360-843-2592

10. Cascade Solar

Cascade Solar

Cascade Solar is an electrical maintenance and installation company that was invented in 2010 and it is one of the best solar companies in Oregon, United States. At the beginning of 2010, they installed more than 1000 solar panels of 16KW per year. The overall cost revenue of 2023 is $ 5.5 million. 

They are committed to providing the best and highest quality solar panels to their customers. Cascade Solar has 10 years of experience in providing the best quality solar panels, and they develop clean renewable energy for a sustainable environment. Whether you are looking for the best solar provider company, then Cascade Solar is the best option. 


Address: 329 NE Couch St, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 503-739-9990

11. Klick Solar 

Klick Solar

Klick Solar is one of the leading solar companies that install and world-class customer service to local homeowners and small local businesses. This company was invented in 2019 by Cody Caplinger & Chase Burke and they specialize in developing the best designs for solar panels and helping you to promote clean renewable energy. 

The estimated revenue of Klick Solar is $ 17.6 million, and the average sales record per year is between $ 107,283 to $ 111,440 for an energy consultant. klick Solar provides better financing options where you can install the solar panel at a down payment of $ 0. If you are building your home, you want to change your home appearance then Klick Solar is better. 


Address: 235 E Main St, Oregon, USA

Contact: 720-465-9073

12. National Solar

National Solar

National Solar is an EPC and business-oriented company that was designed to make unique designs of solar panels. It was founded in 2010 by Subrahmanyam Pulipaka. The annual cost revenue of this company is $ 4.355 million, and they have 30- years of contract worth $ 130 billion.  They are also creating policy conditions for the solar panel contractors. 

At the beginning of 2010, there are more than 500 residential solar panels were installed in local homes and businesses at low prices. The average cost to install any solar panels in the home is between  $ 0.90 to $ 1.50 per watt depending on which material you choose. They will focus on customer satisfaction and also provide long-term support to each client. 


Address: 2709 NW Crossing Dr, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 541-213-8062

13. Smart Solar Energy 

Smart Solar Energy

Smart Solar Energy is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1995 to make the best quality solar installations, by Elliot Hayes and Beau Savage in Washington, Oregon. They have installed more than 14,000 solar panels since 1995 and they can use almost in every house. They have 25 years of dedicated solar experience with better-quality solar panels. 

Investing in Smart Solar Energy is the better option for both environmental and financial benefits. The overall cost revenue of this company is $ 13.6 billion per year in 2023. By installing solar power electric systems, they reduce the overall cost by an average of $ 5,790 and sell an additional $ 9274. 


Address: 10940 SW Barnes Road, Oregon, USA

Contact: 503-694-4600 

14. DPI Solar 

DPI Solar

DPI Solar is a solar energy company that was established in 2007, in Sherwood, Oregon. Josh Kopczynski is the owner of DPI Solar, and he has been working in the solar industry since 2001, he makes DPI Solar the best solar companies in Oregon. According to the report of 2023, the overall cost revenue of DPI Solar is $ 5.6 Million. 

DPI Solar has installed more than 8000 solar panels from 2007 and the average cost of installing a solar panel is $ 1.50 per watt. The cost of solar panels depends on which type of solar panel you choose. Whether you are looking for the best solar companies in Oregon for installing solar panels then DPI Solar is best.


Address: 20345 SW Pacific, Oregon, USA

Contact: 503-857-0099

15. Prestige Power Systems 

Prestige Power Systems

Prestige Power Systems is a solar energy equipment provider company that was established in 2015 and makes the best quality solar panels that are available at reasonable prices. According to the latest financial report of the company, the overall cost revenue is 25.32 billion Indian rupees and the total assets of the company is $ 5.05 Billion. 

Prestige has highly experienced engineers for installation of the solar panels, and they have the latest innovations that help reduce electricity bills. The services of this company are available for you 24 hours, safe installation, and maintenance. If you are looking to replace your solar panel or upgrade, then Prestige Power Systems is best. 


Address: 13479 SE Rolling Meadows, Oregon, USA

Contact: 503-498-1843

16. Green Ridge Solar 

Green Ridge Solar

Green Ridge Solar is a solar energy contractor that was founded in 2017, and they are committed to providing the best convenient solutions to create new renewable energy. The average cost of installing solar panels is $ 1.80 per watt and they have installed more than 5000 solar panels and monitor them properly in small houses and local businesses. 

This company is US-based and is one of the best solar companies in Oregon that provides the best energy solutions for better use. The overall cost revenue of this company is $ 24.6 million per year. Investing in solar electric power systems can reduce your electricity bills, and lower your carbon footprints.


Address: 19450 SW Mohave Ct, Oregon, USA

Contact: 503-395-1943

17. Power NorthWest 

Power Northwest

Power NorthWest is a solar energy efficiency company that was established in 1957, and now it has become one of the best solar companies that provide kits and installation at low prices. They specialize in consulting, designing, installing, and supporting solar electric power systems. The passion of this company is to provide a better future for our generations.

By using the power of the Sun, we made electricity which helps them reduce the electricity bills and create new renewable energy solutions for a sustainable environment. The average cost of installing solar panels is $ 3.29 per watt. The report of 2023 says that the overall revenue is $ 62 billion per year. 


Address: 2711 NW St Helens Rd, Oregon, USA

Contact: 503-208-4357

18. Imagine Energy

Imagine Energy

Imagine Energy is a solar contractor company that was founded in 2004, in Milwaukie, Oregon. Michael R. K is the owner of this company and he provides EPC Solar solutions to homeowners and local businesses. They have 50 years of experience with residential utility systems, and commercial solars. 

The overall cost revenue of this company is $ 5.1 billion and the average cost of installing solar panels is $ 3.15 per watt. Various services are available 24/7 accessible, and easy to monitor, the best power supply, and better customer service after installation. Whether you are looking to change or upgrade solar panels in your homes then you must go forward with Imagine Energy. 


Address: 5506 SE International Way, Oregon, USA 

Contact: 503-477-9585

19. Sunlight Solar Energy

Sunlight Solar Energy

Sunlight Solar Energy is a solar design and installer company that was introduced in 1990 and makes turnkey solutions and off-grid solar electric power systems. This company was developed by an American Inventor Charles Fritts, and he developed the first solar electric on the rooftop in New York. They installed solar panels in 7 states of the United States. 

The benefits of installing solar panels are cost savings, gives best impact on the environment, better power backup supply, and ecological impact. The average cost of installing solar panels is $ 1.50 per watt and the overall revenue for 2023 is $ 8 billion, and by the upcoming year 2027, it will become $ 13.6 billion. 


Address: Thiruvathira, Oregon, USA

Contact: 9946554540

20. True South Solar

 Truth South Solar

True South Solar is one of the leading solar leading and installing companies that was opened in 2010 in Oregon. They serve solar panels for both residential and commercial clients. They develop solar panels to generate new renewable energy solutions like Tesla. Eric Hansen and Shawn Schreiner are the founders of this company. 

True South Solar has set out a mission to empower the best solar panels for homes and small local businesses. They serve in maximum communities including the towns of Ashland, Phoenix, and Medford. The average cost of installing solar panels is between $ 14,000 to $ 17,000 per month, and the overall cost revenue is $ 8.61 billion per year.


Address: 125 Clear Creek Dr, Oregon, USA

Contact: 541-203-0525


Oregon generates 8.78 kilowatts of electricity, whereas it generates 1.67% more than other states. The prices of solar panels have decreased in recent years and they help you reduce your electricity bills, so people of Oregon choose solar panels in their homes and small local businesses. Similarly, if you are interested in reducing your electricity bills and lowering your carbon footprint, then the installation of solar panels is the perfect solution for you. 

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