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Indian Restaurant in Wyoming

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Indian Restaurant in Wyoming

As we know Indian food is popular all over the world for its taste and flavors. If you are looking for the best Indian Restaurant in Wyoming, look no further. Wyoming has something for you. No doubt that Wyoming is one of the best cities in the western United States and is also known for tourism, nature, and its luxurious history.

It is also known for its style of cooking food, techniques, and tasty dishes. This city has a wide range of Indian restaurants that have carved out a special place in the hearts of Wyoming visitors.

If you are searching for the best Indian Restaurant in Wyoming, you can visit one of these restaurants which I am going to tell you about, here in this article.

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1. Himalayan Indian Cuisine

Himalayan Indian Cuisine

Himalayan Indian cuisine situated in downtown Casper offers you the taste of Nepal and India on your plate. The mixture of herbs and spices used in every dish is truly to charm your taste sense. Just a single taste of the mixture of herbs and spices will make you return much more.

Here are several reasons why people choose Himalayan Indian cuisine:

(1) Cleanliness First: The employees and hotel staff strictly follow the safety guidelines and focus on maintaining a healthy environment. Each staff working with food maintains a high level of freshness.

(2) Quality Food: We believe in the best quality and try to offer our customers and visitors an authentic taste, keeping the customer’s health in mind. We use only the best quality processed ingredients in making food. The mixture of Indian herbs and spices takes the taste to the next level.

Address: Market Square, Downtown 232 E 2nd St 100B, Casper WY 82601, USA

Phone: 307-265-0752


2. Buffalo Indian Restaurant

Buffalo Indian Restaurant Image
Buffalo Indian Restaurant

Buffalo Indian is an authentic and traditional Indian restaurant in Wyoming. The hand-chosen ingredients, full of rich spices, the making skill, and passion all mix blow wonders on the taste buds. Each dish is prepared with a different variety of Indian herbs and spices to have their own individual taste. We are focused on providing the best quality and services to visitors. If you want to feel at home, share pleasant times, and make memories with families you can visit Buffalo Indian restaurant.

Buffalo Indian has different varieties of veg and non-veg dishes as:
Momos, Veggie samosa, Onion Pakora, Daal Soup, vegetable Salad, etc. are the vegetarian varieties in Buffalo Indian and the Non-veg varieties are Chicken Biryani, Lamb Biryani, Fish Biryani, and Buffalo mixed biryani available here.

Address: 1502 S 3rd St, Laramie, WY 82070, United States



3. Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro

Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro Image
Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro

Durbar Indian Bistro is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming provides excellent services and a menu full of traditional Nepalese and Indian dishes. The Durbar Bistro focused on offering fresh ingredients and preparing dishes daily to maintain quality and taste.

The menu has different types of varieties of dishes, which include traditional and authentic dishes like (tikka masala, biryani, momos as well and noodles). The restaurant’s chefs and workers are experts in the art of mixing spices and herbs to prepare unique and tasty flavor combinations. The restaurant’s environment is pleasant and welcoming with friendly staff.

Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro is the best choice for those who are looking for authentic and best Indian restaurants in Wyoming.

Address:  3515 East Lincolnway Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

Phone: 307 369-2354


4. Sherpa Indian Kitchen

Sherpa Indian Kitchen Image
Sherpa Indian Kitchen

If you are looking for delicious and authentic Indian and Nepalese food, Sherpa Indian Kitchen has something for you. Sherpa Indian Kitchen offers truly Indian and Nepalese food to their visitors. It welcomes you to experience the original, authentic taste and warmth of Nepal and India. Serpa Indian Kitchen offers excellent service and a truly grand setup on the inside.

The menu provides different types of varieties of dishes, which include traditional and authentic non-veg and veg dishes. The Veg varieties menu has some popular dishes like mixed vegetable curry, vegetable korma, malai kofta, aloo gobhi, etc.

The non-veg menu has chicken tikka masala, chicken korma, butter chicken, and other different types of delicious non-veg dishes. Sherpa Indian Kitchen is the best option for those who are looking for traditional and authentic non-veg and veg Indian food in Wyoming.

Address: 1414 W 2nd St Gillette, Wyoming 82716

Phone: 3072998040

E-mail: sherpaindian123@best


5. Everest Momo Shack

Everest Momo Shack Image
Everest Momo Shack

If you are searching for the ultimate Indian food experience in Wyoming, look no further than the Everest Momo shack. This restaurant is completely full of family dishes, handed down for generations. Here you can try out the homemade Nepali and Indian dishes.

The restaurant focuses on providing the best authentic food made with fresh and hand-picked ingredients. Everest Momo Shack loves offering homemade Nepali and Indian food at professional events and private events. If we talk about their special dishes including different types of veg and non-veg momos, Tandoori chicken, Butter chicken, Chicken curry, etc..

Everest Momo Shack has different varieties of Indian desserts which are chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Gulab jamun, and Kheer. If you truly desire to feel the authentic taste of Indian food, you can visit here.

Address: 245 W. Pearl Ave.

Phone: 307-201-1674


6. Teton Tiger Restaurant

Teton Tiger Restaurant Image
Teton Tiger Restaurant

The Teton Tiger Restaurant and Bar, formerly known as the Indian restaurant, provides a variety of Asian, Korean, Indian, and Japanese dishes. The chefs and workers use only fresh and hand-chosen ingredients in every dish, making flavorful dishes that are healthy and delicious. The restaurant provides different types of snacks and fast food which has Nepali nachos, veg samosas, fried okra, Chinese dumplings, and broccoli. You can enjoy traditional soup and vegetable salad, or discover lunch burritos, like the tandoori tikka. The Teton Tiger also provides a variety of street noodles and rice dishes. There is also a bar with different types of wine, beer, and cocktails.

Address: 18 N Main Street, Suite 120 (Next Door To Teton Thai) Driggs, Idaho

Phone: +1 307-733-4111


7. Pal’s Indian Cuisine

Pal's Indian Cuisine Image
Pal’s Indian Cuisine

Located in Kentwood, Spice of India beckons with its diverse menu of Indian classics. From fragrant curries to mouthwatering tandoori dishes, each bite transports you to the heart of India. Their use of authentic spices and herbs ensures an unforgettable dining experience.

The non-veg dishes of this restaurant are very famous especially their non-veg Biryani and Kabab and the best thing about this restaurant is that their Indian dishes are not as costly as other Indian restaurants in Wyoming.

Address: 2887 28th Street SE Kentwood MI 49512

Phone: 616-957-2271


8. Curry Leaf Restaurant

Curry Leaf Restaurant Image
Curry Leaf Restaurant

Evanston’s Curry Leaf is a culinary innovator, fusing traditional recipes with modern twists. Their Menu is based on Fresh Homestyle food for customers who love Indian Food. Their art of serving Indian food is very amazing. When it comes to tasty Homemade food, No one can beat Curry Leaf Restaurant.

They offer both veg and non-veg food for their customers at affordable prices in Wyoming. Here you can try chicken tikka, Palak paneer, Lamb curry, and different types of Indian food. The staff of this Restaurant is very friendly, happy and always ready to take your order.

Address: 2222 44th St SE Grand Rapids MI 49508

Phone: 616-281-4452, 616-281-4453


9. Manny’s Bar and Grill

Manny's Bar and Grill Image
Manny’s Bar and Grill

If you are looking for a purely Indian Restaurant in Wyoming with Butter Naan and Dal with a glass of lassi and tasty and juicy Gulab jamun, then Manny’s Bar is the best restaurant in Wyoming for you. Their Menu is based on Fresh Homestyle food for customers who love Indian Food.

They offer good food at affordable prices in Wyoming. Their art of serving Indian food is very amazing. Bollywood Dosa, Chicken Biryani, and Fried Chicken Plate are must-try dishes of Manny’s Bar Restaurant. The staff’s warm welcome and the restaurant’s enjoyable atmosphere will make you feel at Home.

Address: 3766 Division Ave S Wyoming MI 49548, United States

Phone: +1 616-419-4427

10. Karki Restaurant and Bar

Karki Restaurant and Bar Image
Karki Restaurant and Bar

Nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Karki Restaurant offers an authentic Nepalese and Indian dining experience that’s second to none. Our chefs, boasting over two decades of expertise, infuse every dish with the tantalizing allure of fresh herbs and aromatic spices, ensuring a journey of flavors like no other. Come savor the essence of Nepal and India right here in Grand Rapids; a visit to Karki Restaurant promises to transport your taste buds to the vibrant landscapes of the Himalayas.

Address: 2293 44th Street Southeast Grand Rapids MI

Phone: 616-551-1765


11. Taste of India by River Rock and Lounge


Taste of India by River Rock in Worland lives up to its name, offering an array of delectable Indian dishes. Their lunch specials are a hit among the locals, providing a quick and flavorful escape to India during your lunch break. If you are looking for the best fast-food Indian Restaurant in Wyoming you can visit Taste of India by River Rock Restaurant.

This restaurant provides fresh and best-quality snacks(Samosas and Veg Momos) and food(Matar Paneer, Fried rice, naan roti, raita, and Indian kheer). At our restaurant, you can relish the authentic flavors of Indian fast food and snacks while basking in a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Address: 270 Ann Street Northwest Grand Rapids MI

Phone: 616-363-7748

12. Pind Indian Restaurant

Pind Indian Restaurant Image
Pind Indian Restaurant

As one of Virginia’s premier Indian dining destinations, our primary aim is to witness the sheer delight and utmost satisfaction on our patrons’ faces. While our commitment lies in serving the finest Indian cuisine in the area, we equally prioritize your well-being and preferences. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a family gathering, our extensive menu caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

The outpouring of love and overwhelming support from our cherished patrons has inspired us to expand our culinary horizons to Michigan. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest venture, Pind Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Michigan. It brings us immense joy to share our flavors with a broader audience in this vibrant state.

Address: 241 W. Fulton Street Grand Rapids Michigan 49503

Phone: +1 616-805-4767


13. Aroma Indian Cuisine and Restaurant

Aroma Indian Cuisine and Restaurant
Aroma Indian Cuisine and Restaurant

Aroma Indian Cuisine in Rawlins ensures that each dish is a symphony of flavors. The restaurant’s diverse menu and attentive service make it a great place to explore Indian cuisine. Aroma Indian Cuisine stands as a relaxed Indian and Nepali eatery nestled in the heart of Lincoln, NE.

Our commitment lies in crafting top-tier dishes that combine quality with affordability, ensuring our community can savor exceptional meals without breaking the bank. Aroma Indian Cuisine serves as an ideal destination for sharing memorable moments and relishing delicious meals in the company of loved ones.

Address: 114 S 14th st Lincoln NE 68508

Phone: 4027423635



14. Namaste Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Namaste Indian Cuisine Restaurant
Namaste Indian Cuisine Restaurant

For a truly welcoming dining experience, head to Namaste Indian Cuisine in Riverton. The restaurant’s friendly staff and mouth-watering samosas make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. If you have a vegetarian palate, be sure to indulge in their offerings like Achari flavor Baingan, Palak Paneer, Kadai Paneer, and a variety of other delectable vegetarian dishes.

While this restaurant may lean towards the higher end in terms of pricing, the exceptional quality and mouthwatering taste of their cuisine make it a truly worthwhile dining experience.

Address: 2950 Douglas St. Unit 280, Victoria BC V8T 4N4

Phone: 250-744-3330


15. The Masala Grill Restaurant

The Masala Grill Restaurant
The Masala Grill Restaurant

Masala Grill restaurant stands as a diverse bistro, offering an array of South Asian culinary delights, including North Indian and Pakistani cuisine, Tandoori specialties, delectable curries, and an enticing selection of bar food. The menu goes beyond traditional fare, featuring innovative fusion starters and exclusive Chef’s specials designed to enthrall your taste buds and captivate your soul.

Founded by passionate food enthusiasts who share a deep appreciation for culinary ethics, dedication, and efficiency, Masala Grill was born from a collective love for food. Our vision was to introduce authentic and delectable South Asian cuisine to the vibrant Canadian culinary scene.

Address: 794 Concession Street Hamilton ON  L8V 1C9

Phone: (+1) 289-253 – 7285


16. Kama Bistro

Kama Bistro
Kama Bistro

Kama is a modern Indian restaurant in downtown La Grange. Two Indian father and son teams run this restaurant and provide traditional dishes inspired by different regions of India and America. They follow traditional Indian family kitchens and make every tasty and delicious dish from scratch.

Their menu inspired by traditional Indian & American Cuisine offers a wide range of fresh, and gluten-free non-veg and veg food made with high-quality ingredients. If you want to try traditional and truly Indian food. You can visit here and feel the real Indian taste from here.

Address: 9 South La Grange Road La Grange, IL 60525

Phone: 708-352-3300    


17. Fathom Restaurant

Fathom Indian Restaurant
Fathom Indian Restaurant

Fathom Restaurant is based on truly traditional Indian and other countries’ dishes in Wyoming. This is a family-based restaurant that offers Indian and classic American healthy and delicious food. Every dish has only fresh and hand-chosen ingredients that make the dishes very rich in taste and good for your health.

Fathom restaurant has different varieties to provide in veg and non-veg dishes. Their garlic chicken, tandoori chicken, Korma, and cheeseburgers are the must-try dishes. If you are in Afton, Wyoming. Visit here for a friendly environment and the taste of different flavors.

Address: 461 South Washington Street Afton, WY 83110 USA

Phone: 307-885-1919


18. Chutes Restaurant

Chutes indian Restaurant
Chutes indian Restaurant

If you are a visitor on a long road trip and looking for a bite, Chutes Restaurant is the right place to satisfy your desire. The restaurant offers you real authentic Indian food with a mixture of traditional Indian herbs and spices. They also offer different varieties of Pizza, burgers, and much more fast food and snacks.

The environment for the Indian visitors is very familiar to this restaurant and the staff and workers are very friendly and always ready to serve your order. No doubt that it’s a good place to experience the traditional Indian food flavor.

Address: 1450 North Riverbend Drive Douglas, WY 82633 USA

Phone: 505-216-8742


19. India Town Restaurant

India Town restaurant
India Town restaurant

If you are searching for the ultimate traditional Indian food experience in Wyoming, look no further than India Town Restaurant. It has a broad range of traditional Indian food. It welcomes you to experience the authentic, traditional taste of Indian dishes. Each dish is prepared with a different variety of Indian herbs and spices to have their own authentic taste.

The environment and the services are very familiar to the visitors and the customers. In the veg variety their veg samosa, Palak paneer, aloo gobhi, and grilled naan are the must-try dishes here. For a true Indian food lover, this can be the best restaurant in Wyoming to feel the authentic taste of Indian food.

Address: 3760 Division Ave S, Wyoming, Michigan, USA, 49548 

Phone: +1-616-243-1219

20. Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine

Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine
Mithu Srilankan & Indian Cuisine

Mithu Srilankan & Indian restaurant is a down-to-earth and not enough costly restaurant. If you are looking for a cheap, affordable, and best Indian restaurant in Wyoming then this restaurant can be the best choice for you.

This restaurant provides you with the best traditional and authentic Srilankan and Indian food, made with fresh, good quality, and hand-chosen ingredients, and provides a weekly lunch buffet that includes different types of Srilankan and Indian dishes such as Chicken biryani, Dal fry, Chana masala, Palak paneer, Fish biryani etc.

This can be the best choice for people who want to enjoy authentic Srilankan and Indian food at an affordable price, can visit here and experience the taste of Indian and Srilankan traditional food.

Address: 4309 Kalamazoo Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Phone: 616-956-5098


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