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Pest Control Companies in Oklahoma

Pest control is preventing various types of pests such as insects, ants, and rodents that are damaging our homes and buildings. There are so many common household pests that are very harmful to our health and cause many other diseases such as asthma, mental health issues, Dengue, etc. There are so many pest control Oklahoma that provides the best quality services to their clients. 

In Oklahoma, the average cost of pest control services is $ 270- $ 480 per year. According to the reports of 2023, the population will grow by 0.85 % by 2022, as the population increases the chances of pests also increase so pest control service plays a crucial role in our society. Chemical Pest control is the most common method used to control weeds and various diseases in crops. 

Pest control Oklahoma companies provide various services that are available 24/7 for their clients, on-site services on appointments, and various pest control services such as bed bug controls, rodent control, ants & flies control, Tick treatment, etc. 

Best Pest Control Oklahoma 

Oklahoma is the largest city that is situated near the north of Kansas and it is a constituent state of the United States. As the population of floodwater Mosquitoes increases, the diseases also increase from various pests such as Dengue, Malaria, etc so pest control is very important in our houses to get rid of this problem. 

In this article, we have shared the top 20 pest control companies that are famous for their best services at low prices. 

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1. Moxie Pest Control

Moxie pest control

Moxie Pest Control is a pest control service that was founded in 2001 by Chris Garvin in Springfield, Oklahoma. They have 23 years of standard experience in the pest industry and have opened branches in Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, Kansas, San Diego, and Denver. They have a professional team of pest experts who are all over the nation to give the best pest services to their clients. 

Various Services offered by this company are Termite Pest Inspection, mosquito control service, Ants control service, spider control, and other various pest services. They want to make their community better so that everyone is part of their community. They are committed to making their houses free from pests and providing better customer satisfaction after pest control. 


Address: 701 NW 123rd St, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-562-6709

2. Trizone Bed Bug and Pest Control

Trizone Pest Control

Trizone Bed Bug and Pest Control is a locally operated and family-owned pest control service provider company located in Yukon, Oklahoma and now it is known as the best pest control Oklahoma company. They mainly focus on the health of our clients from various pests and different types of insects. They opened their company in various industries such as warehouses, buildings, and many food factories, etc. 

They offer residential, bed bug examinations, rodent control, and various other types of pest services. Trizone Bed Bug gives the best satisfaction and service to its clients. You can book your appointment on their websites as well on call or they offer the best bed bug examination all over the Oklahoma and United States. 


Address: 9012 NW 88th St, Oklahoma, USA 

Contact: 405-657-6542

3. Orkin


Orkin is the nation’s biggest pest service company founded in 1901, and its mission is to remove all pests from your home and buildings to make a pest-free environment. Otto Orkin is the owner of this company, and he serves 1.9 billion consumers across Oklahoma and the United States. Orkin has expanded their business in 450 cities such as Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Delaware, etc. 

This company has more than 8500 employees who are spread all over the nation to provide different pest services such as pest control services for ants, beetle treatment, bed bug treatment, Centipede & spider Treatment, etc. This company has more than 125 years of dedicated experience in the pest industry. 


Address: 3620 Moulton Dr, Oklahoma, USA 

Contact: 405-896-4321

4. Alpha Pest Solutions

 Alpha Pest Solutions

Alpha Pest Solutions was founded on 10 April 2010 in Chandler, Oklahoma, United States. Sindi Rowell and Doug Rowell are the founders of Alpha Pest Solutions and they serve 1.5 million clients in the Oklahoma and United States. They have 13 years of dedicated pest experience in the treatment of various pests, spiders, etc.

Various types of services offered by Alpha Pest Solutions are bug control services that use non-chemical spray for the removal of pests. These termite control services use various equipment for the removal of termites in-house, and rodents & wildlife that are used to remove mice and raccoons from your house. Whether you are looking for the best pest control company then Alpha is best.


Address: 426 NW 5th St, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-977-0678

5. Terminix


Terminix is an international pest service-based company that was founded in 1927 by E.L. Bruce in Memphis and its headquarters are located in Tennessee, Oklahoma, United States. They serve almost 60,000 on-site services to their clients at very reasonable prices. This company has 97 years of experience in dealing with the pest control industry. 

They have a trusted community that understands the pest control problems of the houses and fixes them properly. Services offered are they have trusted and caring technicians, a combined experience of 560 years with pest control, 24/7 pest support, etc. Whether you are looking for the best pest control company, then  Terminix is the best.


Address: 13220 N Santa Fe Ave, Oklahoma, USA 


6. Thunder Pest Control

 Thunder Pest Control

Thunder Pest Control is a family-owned service company that was founded in 1995 in Lawton, Oklahoma, and now it is considered one of the best pest control Oklahoma companies. They have more than 50 years of experience and have served in many cities such as Lawton, Midwest, Edmont, Enid, and Harrah. 

This company only deals in metro cities which are almost the home to all types of pests like rodents, ants, insects, bed bugs, spiders, etc, It offers too many services like free inspections, and service 2- a year guarantee, and emergency pest services such as termite control, bed bugs control, beetle treatment, and beetle treatment. Their priority is to provide the best services to the clients and protect them from pests. 


Address: 7804 NW 94th St, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-937-7378

7. Massey Services Pest Control

 Massey Pest Control Services

Harvey L. Massey started Massey Services Pest Control in 1985, and it is Orlando based largest firm that was known as the best pest control Oklahoma company in the United States. They serve 8,00,000 customers in many cities such as Texas, North Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. They have 40 years of experience in the pest industry. 

Massey Services has a team of 2600 members which are spread all over the nation for the best pest services in every home and small local businesses. They believe in long-term and trusted relationships with the customers and the team members. Massey Pest Control provides you with the best pest services that protect our health, food, and property of our environment. 


Address: 11915 Travelers, Oklahoma, USA

Contact:  405-603-7575 

8. Pure Home Pest Control 

Pure Home Pest Control

Pure Home Pest Control is a residential and commercial home service pest industry that provides the best pest services including termite extermination in small local homes and small businesses. The average cost of pest control is $ 225 and an extra amount of $ 2000 depends on which type of treatment and other labor costs. 

In residential, they provide pest service in both the interior and exterior of the house and they can provide you the proper customer satisfaction after pest control. Whereas commercials, mainly focus on the highest quality of professionalism and make hassle-free things, Services offered are indoor pests, wasps, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, and mosquito extermination.


Address:  2304 W Hefner, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-254-0696

9. Arrow Exterminators, Inc.

 Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators is a family-owned and operated pest industry that was founded in 1964, and its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. They have 60 years of experience in serving pests in 12 different States. The average cost of pest control is $ 170 – $ 180 and it depend on the type of treatment and overall revenue is $ 14 million per year of Arrow Exterminators. 

Later in the 21st century, Rentokil bought Arrow Exterminators and they offer better innovative pest solutions and long-term results to the customers. Arrow is becoming one of the largest pest industries in Oklahoma that is committed to protecting the food, health, and property of the customers. Whether you are looking for the best pest control service industry then Arrow Exterminators is the best option for you. 


Address:  7720 N. Robinson Ave, USA 

Contact:   405-766-8935

10. Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental is the fastest-growing pest control service industry that was founded in 2015 in Northern America, Oklahoma within 50,000 locations all over the United States. David Royce and Vess Pearson are the founders of this company and their mission is to provide the best pest control services in every home so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Services offered are high customer satisfaction, high customer ratings, 24/7 support, effective pest control treatments, and highly trained professionals for better pest services. They serve residential and commercial pest services in 4735 cities across the 27 states of the United States. Rodents and Termite Control service is a very famous treatment that uses a non-chemical spray to remove termites and mice from the house. 


Address: 6125 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-766-8587

11. Pest Defense Solutions OKC

Pest Defense Solutions

Pest Defense Solutions is a locally owned and operated pest company that was founded in 2010 in Oklahoma and now it has become the best pest control Oklahoma company. They are specialized in the treatment of rodents and termites which cause large damage to your buildings and small local homes. Pest Defense Solutions has 14 years of experience in the treatment of different kinds of pests. 

This company only gives their services in metro areas with 50% off on regular services for new customers. This company is a trusted and reliable company that gives the best and most eco-friendly pest services at affordable prices. Services offered are bed bugs, spiders, fleas, bees and wasps, cockroaches, wildlife, and scorpion control services. 


Address: 8001 Wilshire Ct, Oklahoma, USA 

Contact: 405-972-5222 

12. Brandley Pest Control

Brandley Pest Control

Brandley Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest industry that was founded in 2009 in Oklahoma and provides services in Edmond, Del City, Moore, Tuttle, Mustang, and El Reno. This company has 15 years of experience in the treatment of different kinds of pests and other insects. They delivered their services either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. 

Services offered are termite control services, rodent heat treatments, bed bugs control, fleas control services, pest extermination, and lawn care extermination. If you have a bug problem or you need to do routine maintenance inside your homes, then this is the best option they offer 24/7 support assistance, licensed and certified professionals, and trusted team leaders, and they offer cost-effective solutions to each pest-related problem.  


Address: 711 Cedar Ave, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-262-8247 

13. Morrison Pest Solutions

Morrison Pest Solutions

Morrison Pest Solutions is a family business that was founded in 2021 in Oklahoma and now it is known as one of the best pest control Oklahoma. This company has combined experience of 19 years of experience in the treatment of different kinds of pests and termites. Morrison is specialized in the treatment of termites, general pests, bed bugs, and more. 

They have worked with numerous clients and they said this company gives the best services all over the United States. They have completed more than 600 projects related to the various issues of pests. Services offered are spider control services, bed bug control, termite heat treatment, fleas extermination, etc. This company is also responsible for the treatment of rodents and mosquitos. 


Address: 2317 Wayne Cutt Ave, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-550-7912

14. MVP Pest Control

 MVP Pest Control

Aaron Lasater started MVP Pest Control in 2015 and served treatment of pests in the metro cities only. This company has been known for its best quality of services and highest level of professionalism. The employees of this company are fully trained and certified professionals who can provide the best pest control methods using advanced pest industry technology. 

Services offered are unwanted wildlife, bed bugs treatment, spiders, rodents and rats, wasps, and bees control, cockroaches control treatment, squirrels, and raccoons, etc that are given at reasonable prices. MVP provides pest control services for food service institutions, residentials, commercials, industrial complexes, hotels, healthcare institutions, and manufacturing complexes. 


Address: 2019 E State Hwy 152, Oklahoma, USA 

Contact: 405-990-2360

15. Reed Lawncare LLC

Reed Lawncare Weed control

Reed Lawncare is a locally owned and operated lawn care and pest control service that was founded in 2012 in New Jersey, and its headquarters is located in Mustang, Oklahoma. Justin Reed has started this company to protect our homes, food, and property from harmful weeds or various other pests. They have 12 years of experience in weed control, pest control services, and fertilization. 

Reed Lawncare delivers the best lawn care services and the best outdoor pest services and various types of insects such as mosquito control treatment, grub control, and flea and tick control, which thrive on the tall glasses. Whether you are looking for the best pest and lawn care control company then Reed Lawncare is the best solution as it offers both pests and Lawn care services.


Address:  1206 SW 59th St, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-821-0093

16. Hobbs Pest Control

 Hobbs Pest Control

Hobbs Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest industry that deals in the treatment of various types of pests. It was founded in 1985 in Mustang, Oklahoma. This company has specialized in commercial, residential, and industrial pest control projects that are available at low prices. The average pest control cost of this company is $ 300 – $ 400 per year, and $ 99 for the first time visit. 

Services are offered residential pest control, termite heat treatment, commercial pest control, weed control, bed bug services, ticks and flea control, cockroach control, and burrowing pests such as gophers, moles, voles, and mosquito & fly control. Whether you are looking for the best pest control company that gives the best pest services at affordable prices then Hobbs Pest Control is the best option for you. 


Address: 1121 W State Hwy 152 Suite, Oklahoma, USA

Contact:  405-446-1605

17. Alta Pest Control

 Alta Pest Control

Alta Pest Control was founded by Michael and Chris Langlois in 2013, in Oklahoma City. This company is a family-owned and operated business in different cities such as Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Austin, Dallas, Tennessee, and many more. This company provides the best quality pest solutions with the help of advanced technologies, tools, and eco-friendly products that are safe for customer’s homes and buildings. 

Services offered by this company include moisture control that uses vapor pressure to slow down the moisture, improves the quality of air so small pests are not born, Attic insulation that slows down the flow of heat during the winter season that helps to remove rodents, and various pest control services such as termite heat treatment, and rodent removal services from our houses and small local businesses. 


Address: 2025 S Nicklas Ave, Oklahoma, USA 

Contact: 405-832-0232 

18. Berrett Pest Control 

 Berrett Home Services

Berrett Pest Control is a residential and commercial pest control company that was founded in 1999 in Oklahoma, United States. They are specialized in pest control and serve many clients in different cities such as Austin, Dallas, Denver, Colorado, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. The average cost of pest control service in local buildings or homes is $60 to $70 per month. 

Berrett Pest Control has a team of professional experts who offer many types of services such as residential services that include rodent control, roach extermination, general pest control, ant control, mosquito control, wasps, bees, and honest control services, and commercial services include retail, restaurants, and warehouses services. This company is also responsible for better customer satisfaction after every pest control. 


Address: 8200 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-768-1045 

19. TruBlu Pest Control

Trublu pest control

TruBlu is a pest management company that was introduced in 2004 and its headquarters are in Washington. It is a family-owned and operated pest company that uses only eco-friendly products to keep your family safe from different types of pests and other harmful insects. The average cost of first-time treatment is $ 59 and they get a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their service.  

TruBlu Pest Control uses pet-friendly, and safe chemicals for the safe removal of harmful pests and they offer commercial and residential service and pests that they eliminate such as ants, spiders, mice, bed bugs, bees, wasps, scorpions, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, and ticks. This company can deliver the best management service to their clients and give them 24/7 monitoring service. 


Address: 3615 NW 15th St, Oklahoma, USA 

Contact: 405-548-1212

20. Acenitec Pest & Lawn Services

Acenitec Pest Control Lawn Services

Acenitec Pest & Lawn Services is a family-owned business pest industry that was founded in 1947 in Oklahoma, United States. Ted Roberts started this company after having a brief chat with Mrs. Smith and they both decided to start this pest industry in metro areas. This industry has 75 years of experience in the treatment of pests and weeds from houses and lawns. 

Services offered are Grub control, insect control, weed control, spider control, termite elimination, sprinkler system installation, indoor and outdoor pests, fleas and tick yard treatment, etc. The average cost of pest control service is $ 59 per month. Whether you have a suspect about your lawn or pest control service then Acenitec is best as it is well suited for lawn care services and other various pest control services. 


Address: 4244 NW 39th St, Oklahoma, USA

Contact: 405-942-6321


Oklahoma has a huge number of pests that are very harmful to our health and they are also harmful to our society. Oklahoma has many famous pest control companies that provide the best quality of services at reasonable prices. The people of Oklahoma can easily book an appointment for pest control on their website or by calling. The above 20 famous pest control companies are selected based on Google and customer reviews. 

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