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Pest Control Companies in Pittsburgh

Pests like animals, roaches, rodents, ants, carpenter bees, and bed bugs are harmful to humans and spread diseases such as Hantavirus, Malaria, etc., and they also damage people’s properties like furniture, doors, and beds. PEST CONTROL is the process of preventing, managing, and ensuring that pests can not enter the house again. Pest Control Pittsburgh has many companies that provide services at affordable prices. 

For removing pests from the house, professional employees use many methods such as Heat treatment, Chemical spray, and Eco-friendly tools for wildlife animals if any are found. 

Best Pest Control Companies in Pittsburgh

Due to the high population of pests in Pittsburgh, people are suffering from pest problems and the population of pests is increasing day by day. To get rid of pest problems, people can contact companies through their websites.

This article helps you find the Top 20 best pest control Pittsburgh companies that solve your pest problem and give you 100% guaranteed results.

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1. Pestco Professional Services

Pestco professional services

Pestco Professional Services is a family-owned and locally-operated business in Pittsburgh. This company has 90 plus of experience in the pest control Pittsburgh industry and provides affordable services to customers. The company’s mission is to provide the best quality pest control services with the help of a professional team. The company services areas such as East Liberty, South Side, North Side, Fox Chapel, Oakmont, North and South Hills, etc.

Pestco Professional Services are:

  • Wildlife animals such as rats, raccoons, mice, squirrels, starlings, sparrows, etc. are cached by a professional team and repair all the damaged parts of the house.
  • Termite control, termites are small insects that damage our furniture, doors, windows,  beds, mattresses, etc. Employees use eco-friendly tools and techniques to remove them from the house.
  • Other pest services are rodents, silverfish, bed bugs, roaches, ticks, carpenter bees, ants, etc. removed from every point.


Contact No: 412-252-5200

Address: 290 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 

2. Complete Pest Control Services


Complete Pest Control Services has 35 years of experience in the pest control industry that provides highly pest control solutions with the help of a professional team. CPCS is a locally owned and operated company that offers free inspection service to its customers. CPCS serves its services in residential, commercial, and industrial places.

CPCS services are: 

  • Flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths, gnats, etc. are removed from inside or outside the apartments.
  • Wildlife removal in which wild animals hole in the roofs, pipes, etc., and damage human properties.
  • Rodent control service in which staff sprays on mice, rats, moles, and voles because they transmit disease.


Contact No:  412-318-4547

Address: 1105 Rochester Rd, Pittsburgh, PA

3. Witt Pest Management


Harry L. Witt started Witt Pest Management in 1908, in Pittsburgh, PA with simple pest theory. Now, Witt Pest Management is a family-owned business and It is considered the oldest and most advanced business company in Pittsburgh. This company provides the best quality pest control services to its customers with free home inspection.

Witt Pest Management services are: 

  • Bat control service in which bats are removed from the darkest area of the house, apartments, or offices.
  • Rodent control services, in this service company, seal all the broken areas, drains, pipes, etc., and prevent rats or mice from entering the house.
  • Spotted Lanternfly Exterminator, The company uses environmentally friendly products and methods to minimize the population of Lanternfly.


Contact No: 412-924-8324

Address: 3351 Bigelow Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA

4. Stewart Termite & Pest Control 


Grey Stewart started Stewart Termite & Pest Control in 1987, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This Company is locally owned and operated and uses high-quality products to remove pests from Apartments, Homes, Industrial areas, etc. The staff of this company is highly trained and certified, ensuring that staff work with professionalism.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control services are:

  • Bed bugs hide in beds or pillow covers, bed sheets, clothes, and blankets. These insects are very small and bite on the hands or heads, affecting our bodies with diseases. So it is important to remove bed bugs from everywhere.
  • In rodent control service, staff finds rats, mice, squirrels, moles, and voles at entry points around houses, and apartments and then seals the area properly with the help of the latest tools.


Contact No: 412-534-5239

Address: 5 Franklin St, Pittsburgh, PA

5. Fox Pest Control

fox pest control

In 2012, Fox Pest Control was established by Mike Romney and Bryant White. Fox Pest Control provides services in nearby areas such as Bridgewater, Flemington, Trenton, West Windsor, and Willingboro, New Jersey, and has 30 branches available in 13 states. The Company’s mission is to provide free inspection or estimate service on the same day, with no hidden charges.

Fox Pest Control Services are:

  • The Home protection plan ensures that your home is free from pests, and professionals visit and monitor their house after the pest services.
  • Yard enjoyment plan, the professional uses non-chemical spray to remove mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks and provide a healthy environment.
  • Silverfish, termite control, stink, bees, roaches, ants, etc. common pest services are available in the company.


Contact No: 724-414-2177

Address: 377 NorthGate Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 

6. Premier Pest Control

Premier Pest Control

Premier Pest Control has been providing services since 1900, in Pittsburgh, PA. This company is veteran-owned and operated and provides guaranteed satisfaction in pest control service. Premier Pest Control company also provides pest services in nearby areas such as Brentwood, Pleasant Hills, South Park Township, Jefferson Hills, etc. at affordable prices. 

Premier Pest Control services are: 

  • Creepy crawling insects such as ants, bed bugs, moths, silverfish, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, and spiders are eliminated by a team with professionalism.
  • Four-legged unwanted guests such as roaches, and rodents. these insects spread many diseases and rodents chew the cables of the house. So, it is important to remove it from the house.
  • Home inspections, when you purchase or construct a new home, the team will provide free home inspection service for your home and check all the areas like the garage, gutters, inside or outside the house.


Contact No: 412-742-2941

Address: 3108 Brereton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

7. Vanquish Pest Management


Vanquish Pest Management provides the best quality pest services and has 30-plus experience in pest control Pittsburgh industry. It is a locally owned and operated family business that provides fast and effective results, at an affordable rate. The company’s employees have expertise in many pest services such as wildlife control, sanitizing or cleaning services, preventative services, etc.

Vanquish Pest Management services are: 

  • General Extermination services such as removing ants, mosquitoes, fleas, roaches, spiders, etc. with the help of non-chemical or chemical products.
  • Wildlife animal removal, Animals such as raccoons, moths, rodents, etc. damage roofs, doors, windows, etc. Company employees clean and repair damaged areas of the house.
  • IPM plans, The Company also offers IPM plans for customers to remove pests from lawn areas, houses, and apartments with the help of eco-friendly tools or techniques.


Contact No: 412-592-3274

Address: 10 Old Clairton Rd, Pittsburgh, PA

8. Budget Pest Control

Budget pest control

If you are looking for pest services at a very cheap or low cost then Budget Pest Control is available to provide pest control services. Budget Pest Control was established in 1984, in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a family-owned business that provides services around Pittsburgh such as Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Allegheny counties. Employees are specialized in bed bugs control, termite control, stinging insects, wasps, etc.

Budget Pest Control services are: 

  • Flying insect control service, Flying pests such as ants, mosquitoes, boxelder bugs, moths, etc. are removed from inside or outside the house.
  • Vole control exterminator service, Voles look like Moles but they are different. Vole eats fruits, or dead animals and damages lawn areas. So, Voles are very important to remove from everywhere.
  • Other common services are Pittsburgh rodent extermination, termite control, bed bug control, etc. at affordable rates.


Contact No: 412-432-8234

Address: 3801 McKnight East, Pittsburgh, PA

9. The Bee-Man

the bee man

Kevin Abraham started The Bee-Man in 1981, in Pittsburgh, PA. This company’s mission is to remove bees, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps. And provide a healthy environment for their customers at very cheap prices. Now, Danial Abraham is the second-generation leader of The Bee-Man and provides services in different areas such as Allegheny County, Butler, Beaver, Washington, and Westmoreland.

The Bee-Man services are:

  • Bee, hornet, and wasp nest removal programs, these insects are removed very fast and effectively with the safety of humans.
  • The stinging insect prevention program is a special program for removing stinging insects from yards, lawn areas, or homes. According to EPA regulations.
  • Yellow jacket removal and control, yellow jackets are very aggressive insects that live in trees, lawn areas, or in plants. They bite humans and feed their blood.


Contact No: 724-935-5444

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

10.  Pest Patrol Pittsburgh Inc.


Pest Patrol Pittsburgh Inc. won the Best Pest Control Pittsburgh award in 2022. It is a family-owned and operated business which implements the IPM technique for removing pests from agricultural areas. Pest Patrol Pittsburgh Inc. is also available in different counties, or countries such as Wexford, Franklin Park, Washington, Township, West View, Fox Chapel, etc.

Pest Patrol Pittsburgh Inc. services are:

  • Gross stuff removal program, gross insects such as German roaches, ticks, mites, and stink bugs are removed with the IPM methods.
  • Rats and mice are removed, rodents spread many diseases and they chew cables and make holes in roof areas, pipes, and furniture. 
  • Common crawlers such as ants, silverfish, weevils, spiders, earwigs, roaches, and water bugs removal programs are offered by the company.


Contact No: 412-886-7545

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

11. Perf-A-Lawn


Perf-A-Lawn is a family-owned and operated business since 1980, in Pittsburgh, PA. With over 43 years of experience and expertise, the company provides a lawn service for your yard and lawn areas and uses IPM methods or technologies to remove lawn pests such as grub, lime, fleas, ticks, etc. All employees are certified in agriculture pest removal by government agencies.

Perf-A-Lawn services are: 

  • Core aeration and overseeding, core aeration is the process of making small holes in your lawn area for fertilizer, water, and air that are compulsory for your plant’s growth.
  • Grub prevention, grubs are small insects that live in lawn areas. Moles and rodents are these types of insects that eat grub and dig your lawn area badly. So, grub prevention is important.
  • Flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths, gnats, etc. are removed from the lawn or yard areas.


Contact No: 724-449-1111

Address: 624 Camp Horne Rd, Pittsburgh, PA

12. Bee Control

Bee Control

With over 30 years of experience in insect eradication, and bee removal, Bee Control company provides services in all areas of  Pittsburgh. Bee Control follows several steps to remove bees from commercial and residential areas. The company provides emergency services for all customers who are suffering from Bees, Yellow jackets, Paper and Sand wasps, etc.

Bee Control services are: 

  • Sand wasps removal, Sand wasps are similar to yellowjackets but Sand wasps live in volleyball, and golf course bunkers. The staff will check all areas and soil to remove these types of insects from the soil.
  • Full house prevention service, this service program covers all type of bee problems and makes your home bee-free.
  • Spotted Lanternfly Exterminator, The staff uses environmentally friendly products and methods to minimize the population of Lanternfly.


Contact No: 412-765-0335

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

13. Ehrlich Pest Control


In 1928, Ehrlich Pest Control was established by Julius C. Ehrlich in Pennsylvania. It is a locally owned and family-operated pest control Pittsburgh business that has 90 years of experience in the pest control industry. Ehrlich Pest Control provides discount coupons, free estimation, and 100% result guarantee services to customers, which help to increase their trust. 

Ehrlich Pest Control Services are:

  • Wildlife control service, The staff uses eco-friendly tools and equipment to catch animals, and after that Staff repairs damaged areas.
  • Bird control services, Bird makes a nest in the roof, holes in pipes, drains, and gutter area and blocks the area properly, staff members clean the area properly.
  • Other pest control services such as ants, fleas, rodents, silverfish, wasps, ticks, roaches, waterbugs, etc. removed from residential, and commercial places.


Contact No: 844-839-5079

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

14. D-Bug Pest Control

D-bug pest control

Shawn and Val Varchetti are the owners of D-Bug Pest Control Pittsburgh company. It is a family-owned business since 1939. The Company also provides pest control services in different counties such as Westmoreland, Cambria, Fayette, and Allegheny and develops unique methods or applications to remove pests from the lawn or house areas.

D-Bug Pest Control services are: 

  • Pest control service includes all types of pest problems such as ants, mice, rats, roaches, grubs, mosquitoes, termites, ticks, etc. are removed from apartments.
  • Lawn control service includes all types of services such as fertilization, weed control, grub control, and soil testing with the help of friendly products.


Contact No: 724-221-9636

Address: 423 McNeilly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA

15. Integrated Bed Bug Removal


Kevin Prag is the owner of Integrated Bed Bug Removal Company. It is locally owned and operated and focuses on only removing bed bugs. The staff is specially trained in bed bug removal service. This company also provides pest services in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette, and surrounding areas.

Integrated Bed Bug Removal services are: 

  • Full service in which staff inspect your home, detect bed bugs, and use methods to remove bed bugs from the house.
  • Commercial-grade products, products are very eco-friendly and used to remove bed bugs in residential and commercial places
  • Free inspection services for homes, apartments, building areas, hospitals, restaurants, industrial areas, etc.


Contact No: 412-307-7020

Address: 26th St, Pittsburgh, PA

16. Spectrum Pest Control Inc.


Spectrum Pest Control Inc. is a locally owned and operated pest control Pittsburgh business that provides all types of pest control services at affordable rates. This company also provides pest services in western Pennsylvania homes, Westmoreland, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties, and offers discounts on their pest control services.

Spectrum Pest Control Inc. services are: 

  • Mosquito control, mosquito bites on all body parts and feed the blood and sometimes they spread diseases also. So, removing mosquitoes from the house is very important.
  • The bed bug population is very high in Pittsburgh, So staff members are always available to remove bed bugs.
  • Silverfish, termite control, rodents, stink, bees, roaches, flying insects, etc. are common pest services provided by the company.


Contact No: 412-532-1380

Address: 410 Oliver Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

17. Sani-Products Worldwide Inc.


Sani-Products Worldwide Inc. has been providing pest control services since 1958, in Pittsburgh, PA. This company is handled by a third-generation owner and it is a family-owned business in Pittsburgh. The staff is very professional at work and uses fewer chemicals to remove pests from residential and commercial places.

Sani-Products Worldwide Inc. services are:

  • Pre-construction pest control, The company offers pest control services when you build a new house and block all the entry points of termites.
  • In commercial places such as hospitals, restaurants, schools, colleges, and offices pests are removed by the company.
  • Termite extermination & prevention program, Termites live in pipes, gutter areas, and moisture areas and grow their population which is very bad because they are harmful to humans.


Contact No: 412-904-1897

Address: 842 E Ohio St, Pittsburgh, PA

18. Allegheny Pest Control


Allegheny Pest Control is a family-owned and locally-operated business with over 25 years of experience in Pittsburgh, PA. Allegheny Pest Control is committed to using Integrated Pest Management techniques in the agriculture field and fewer chemicals in residential or commercial places. The Company only provides pest control services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Allegheny Pest Control services are: 

  • Rodent control services help to remove rats or mice but the company also removes moles and voles pests from the house.
  • Carpenter ants, these types of ants live in cracked woods and eat the woods slowly and damage our wood areas.
  • Roaches, termites, bees, wasps, spiders, and beetles’ pest control services are also provided by the company.


Contact No: 1(800)-608-2847

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

19. Terminix


E.L. Bruce established Terminix in 1927. Now, the company is a global leader in the pest management industry. They provide the best pest control services in Pittsburgh. It is the best pest control Pittsburgh company that provides services at affordable rates and is also available in many locations such as Florida, New York, etc. Now, Terminix is owned by Rentokil Initial.

Terminix services are:

  • Pest control service provides pest treatment that helps to stop ants, spiders, insects, silverfish, roaches, and rodents from damaging properties or gardens.
  • Termite control services in which termites damage our furniture, doors, windows, and sofas. The company uses chemical spray to prevent them.
  • In rodent control services, the staff seals all entry points for rats, mice, moles, and voles that spread diseases or damage things in the house.


Contact No: 412-220-4963

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

20. Orkin


Orkin was established by Otto Orkin in 1901. Orkin has 120+ years of experience and expertise in the pest control industry. Orkin provides services in 400  different cities or countries such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Pennsylvania, the USA,  etc. Orkin trained their employees in specific pest control services such as termite control, roaches, silverfish, wasps, ticks control, etc.

Orkin Services are:

  • Pest control services, ants, roaches, rodents, wasps, and ticks are removed by the staff and they clean these types of insects from apartments, houses, and business offices. 
  • Rodent control services, rodents such as rats, mice, moths, moles, and voles are removed from lawn areas, homes, and golf areas.
  • Bed bugs hide in beds, bed sheets, and blankets. Bed Bugs are very harmful to humans because they feed the blood of humans and inject diseases.


Contact No: 412-516-9739

Address: Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh has a huge number of pests with different species, they are harmful or dangerous for human society but Pittsburgh has many companies that provide effective and fast pest control services all over Pittsburgh counties and provide a healthy eco-friendly environment for people. People can contact pest control companies through their websites or Google feedback 

Above, We have shared the top 20 best pest control Pittsburgh companies that provide 100% guaranteed results on pest problems.

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