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Pest Control Companies in Delaware

Delaware is the motherland to the various varieties of pests, from insects to rodents and large animals from raccoons. Pest control is the process of preventing various insects, animals, and rodents that are damaging our homes and gardens. Pests are very harmful to our health they cause many diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and Dermatitis, etc. Many pest control Delaware are famous for their best services at affordable prices.

Delaware is the sixth most populated state in the US, so most people suffer from pest problems. So pest control is very important, as it prevents us from harmful insects that cause various health issues, and protects public health. Without using pest control, we can’t eat food and our food industry is nothing without pest control. 

The company’s employees are available 24/7 to provide the best services at your home, and you can also get rid of these problems by maintaining proper cleanliness at your home and using a non-chemical spray that provides you with a pest-free environment.

Best Pest Control Companies in Delaware

Delaware is a state which is located in the Northwest, Atlantic region of the US. 10 Lakhs of people live in Delaware and half of this population is suffering from pest problems, so the population of pests is increasing day by day rapidly.

In this article, we have shared the top 20 best pest control Delaware companies that provide the best quality pest services at reasonable prices in Delaware. 

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1. Orkin


Orkin is the nation’s biggest service company founded in 1901, and its mission is to remove all pests from your home and make a pest-free environment. This company has more than 125 years of experience in the treatment of pests and insects. Otto Orkin is the founder of this company, and he served 1.8 billion consumers across Delaware and the United States.

Orkin has expanded their business in 400 cities such as Orlando, Florida, Tampa, etc. This company has more than 8000 employees who are spread all over the nation to provide different pest services such as pest control services for ants, beetle treatment, bed bug treatment, Centipede & Millipede Treatment, etc.


Address: 101 Johnson Way, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-317-5999

2. Ehrlich Pest Control

Ehrlich Pest Control

Ehrlich Pest Control is a termite and bug control company that was founded in 1928 in Dawson, Delaware. This company has experience of more than 90 years in pest control and has opened 100+ local offices in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Florida. They have more than 750 pest control specialists operating across Delaware and in the United States. 

A team of professionals who completed are certified and complete their advancement career. Services offered include termite control, rodent treatments, wildlife control services that use equipment to catch wildlife animals, bird control services, and other various pest services like ants, fleas, rodents, etc that are removed from residential and commercial areas. 


Address: 955 Dawson Dr, Delaware, USA

Contact: 848-229-9424

3. Terminix


Terminix is an international company that was established in 1927 by E.L. Bruce in Memphis and its headquarters are located in Tennessee USA, now it is considered one of the largest pest control Delaware. Terminix has 95 years of experience in the pest industry and it has opened its branches in Clifton, Monmouth, Trenton, etc.

There are 1270 members in their team who give more than 55,000 on-site pest services in their homes and small local businesses at reasonable prices. Services offered by Terminix include a multi-pest inspection to kill ants and cockroaches, and rodent services that seal all entry points where insects have come and catch these insects.


Address: 284 Quigley Blvd, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 302-455-7983 

4. Green Pest Management

Green Pest Management

Green Pest Management is an integrated pest management company that was founded in 2009 in New Castle, but in 2014 they started their branch in Delaware and became the best pest control Delaware company. Green pest control includes improved sanitation, modifying habitats, performing exclusion, and other pest control activities.

Services offered are mosquito and tick control, Termite Treatment, Ants control, Household services, Bed Bug control services, and Fly control services. Whether you are looking for the best control services for your homes and small businesses then Green Pest Control is the best option for you. They provide their best quality pest services in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 


Address: 18 Boulden Cir #22, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 302-777-2390

5. Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services is a pest control company situated in of Atlantic and was founded in 1928 by J.E. Sameth. They have been providing expert pest control services in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Delaware for the last 100 years. They believe in providing first-class services to the people and safety to protect their homes and businesses. 

Their mission is to provide the best services to their clients as well as employees and focus on public health and safety to protect homes from various pests. Services offered by Western Pest are home services, residential mosquito services, termite services, wood-destroying insect reports, bed bug control services, special event treatment services, spotted spider services, etc.


Address: 3202 Concord Pike, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 844-205-4306

6. Maguire Pest Control

Maguire Pest Control

Maguire Pest Control was founded in 1905 in Claymont, Delaware and it has become one of the best pest control Delaware that provides the best pest services at affordable prices. This company has more than 100 years of experience in eliminating bugs from every environment, and the team has certified technicians in the pest industry to remove pests and insects from your homes and buildings.

This company has more than 650 pest specialists who specialize in the pest industry, and they spread their team members in different cities to protect the homes of everyone from harmful pests and insects. Services offered are pest services and rodent services such as the removal of carpenter Ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, house mice, and power post beetles.


Address: Haverhill, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-798-1200 

7. Viking Pest Control

Viking control service

Viking Pest Control is a pest control serving company that was founded in 1980 in New Jersey and its branches are opened in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. It is one of the biggest manufacturing pest companies that provides the best pest services at affordable prices. Our Company has 40 years of experience and they deliver the best discounts on different pest services. 

Over time, Viking Pest Control adopted new technologies and provides full-time services of pest control. Services that are offered by this company are pest services such as house mice, roaches, stink bugs, and silverfish removed by a team of professionals, and for bed bugs, they use heat treatment according to the requirements of the house, and then bugs are permanently removed. 


Address: 49 Brenda Ln, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 800-618-2847

8. Activ Pest Solutions

Activ Pest Solutions

Activ Pest Solutions is a locally and family-owned company that has been serving pest services since 2000 in Delaware, United States. The motive of this company is to protect our health from harmful pests, and safety to protect our homes and buildings from pests. This company has 22 years of experience in the pest industry to protect everyone’s home and small local businesses. 

Activ Pest Solutions is locally owned so they mainly focus on customer satisfaction, and fast response time according to the needs of the customers. This company has highly certified technicians who have more than 35 years of experience in the pest industry. Various services are discount coupons on residential ants services, Flies, Fleas, mice, bed bugs, and cockroaches are removed from the chemical spray. 


Address: 16803 New Rd, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-645-1502

9. Accurate Termite & Pest Control

Accurate Termite Pest Control

Jim Donnelly started Accurate Termite & Pest Control Company in 1995 in Laurel, Delaware. It is a family-owned and locally operated company that provides the best pest services at low prices. This company has 250 years of combined experience in both pests and termites. Accurate Termite has expanded its business in different branches in Maryland, Los Angeles, and Delaware.

Various services offered by this company are pest control, Termite control, bed bug control, mosquito control, moisture control, and tree heath. Different services according to seasons are also available such as winter service, summer service, fall service, and spring service.  If you are looking for the best pest control services in Delaware, then Accurate Termite is best because this company has experience with both pests and Termites. 


Address: 30139 Sussex Hwy, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 302-875-2725

10. Pest Pro

Pest Pro

Pest Pro is the largest local growing pest control company that was founded on Jan 2008 in New York and they have been serving their best quality services in Delaware and Maryland. They mainly focus on your health and safety from the various types of pests and insects. The team of professionals has 17 years of experience in the pest industry and protects our houses and buildings from damage. 

Over the years, Pest Pro has obtained the best service provider in Delaware, and its services have expanded in many industries like warehouses, buildings, construction sites, food factories, and government sectors. Various services that are offered by Pest Pro include rodent services, pest control, termite control, Bed Bug control services, mosquito & tick control, and perimeter plus. 


Address: 100 Kona Cir, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-538-5208

11. Frontline Pest Control

Frontline Pest Control

Frontline Pest Control was founded in 2003 in Maryland and now it has opened its branch in Delaware. Frontline specializes in delivering the best quality pest control services in your homes and quick solutions to your every problem. They use safe methods and effective methods to keep your family safe from various pests and harmful insects.

Pest control is a key element to keep your home safe and provides a comfortable place to live in your house. Frontline provides various services such as rodent control removes rats and mice from your house, pest control which uses non-chemical spray to remove insects, and termite control which causes serious problems in your house.


Address: 3921 Vero Rd Suite B, Delaware, USA

Contact: 877-378-7280

12. EcoArmour Pest Company


EcoArmour Pest Company is a family-owned local company that was founded in 2016 in Delaware and its branches have been opened in Pennsylvania and Maryland. This company has 35 years of experience in both public health and the pest industry. Eco Armour Pest Company has served both commercial residential, and wildlife removal and the average cost of pest control is $ 30- $ 40 per month.

Services offered by EcoArmour are commercial, residential, wildlife removal services, and various pest control services such as Ant pest control, Bed bugs, mice, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, Termite, and Termite pre-treatment services, etc. Whether you are looking for the best pest control company near your house then you would choose Ecoarmour, as there are so many branches of this company. 


Address: 8 The Green, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-514-737 

13. Loyalty Termite & Pest Control

loyal pest control

Loyalty Termite is a local press control company that was founded in 2018, and now it has become one of the best pest control Delaware companies. They have 60 years of experience in the pest industry, and serve their services in Eastern and Central Virginia. They provide you with the top and best solutions to your every problem related to harmful pests and insects.

If you are dealing with ants, bed bugs, rodents, and other pests then we have expertise and other resources to remove them permanently. Various services are offered such as rodent control, bed bug control, bee control, fly control, Termite control, mosquito control, ant control, and cockroach control services. 


Address: 709 N Broom St, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-386-3999

14. Delmar Pest Control

Delmar Pest Control

Delmar Pest Control was founded in 2008 in Delaware and he has opened its branches in Maryland, and Pennsylvania. This company has 16 years of experience in the pest industry. Pete Eldred is the owner of this company, he provides various services that are related to controlling and preventing pests insects, and harmful termites.

The average cost of pest control is $ 43 to $ 50 per month in Delaware. They provide services in different sectors such as commercial industries, residential, homes & gardens, and extermination services. Services are pest control, wildlife control, and commercial pest removal including bed bugs, termites, Ant Control, Bee removal services, Tick extermination, pest inspection, spider extermination, and rodent control services.


Address: 3630 Old Capitol Trl, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 302-658-5010

15. Tri-State Pest Management

Tri State Pest Management

Tri-State is a pest control service company that was founded in 1987 by Nathan Santistevan in Delaware and its branches are opened in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kent, Sussex, and Cecil. They have earned the public trust over the last 30 years to make this company the largest independent pest industry. The average cost of pest control service is $ 450 to $ 500 per year.

They have certified technicians for pest control service, and they also give competitive discounts on pest services, senior citizen discounts, etc. They only give their services in residential and commercial areas where pest is the key element for the safety of our houses.  They give on-site and full-time service on Pest and Weed Termites, Ant control, and spider control services.


Address: 155 S Dupont Hwy Floor 1, Delaware, USA

Contact: 302-239-0512

16. Akita Pest Control

Akita Pest Control

Akita Pest Control was founded in 2006 by Bobby Leons in New York, Delaware. He wanted to use his skills and knowledge to establish a large independent pest control company that gives the best pest services at lower prices. The average pest cost of this company is $ 355 to $ 800 per year, and 17 years of dedicated pest experience in the pest industry.

This business has overgrown, as they believe in customer satisfaction so they do their work with a lot of hard work and dedication. Various services are offered such as home pest control, wasp control, mice control, Ant Control, Termite control, and spider control services. Whether you are looking for the best pest control, then Akita pest is the best. 


Address: 1604 Lititz Pike, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 717-775-7378

17. Royal Pest Solutions

Royal Pest Solutions

Roy and his wife started Royal Pest Solutions in 1976 and have 47 years of experience in the pest industry. The motive of the company is to provide the best quality pest services with a team of experts. This company provides its services in areas such as Aloha, lake Oswego, Oregon, North Portland, Portland, Delaware, Sherwood, Wilsonville, etc.

There are many professional pest services of Royal Pest Solutions residential and commercial services which are one-time or year-round services which are managed by commercial areas. Services are bee control, ant control, bed bug control, rodent control, fly control services, and termite control treatment. 


Address: 14845 SW Murray, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 503-444-1067

18. Greenix Pest Control

Greenix Pest Control

Brent Draper started Greenix Pest Control in 2011 in Utah, Delaware. It is a residential pest control service provider company that has opened branches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Indiana, Michigan, etc. They have trained and licensed services including 50 pests such as wasps, Ants, Spiders, flies, ticks, and rats, etc. The average cost of pest control service is $ 190 to $ 450 per month.

Greenix Pest Control provides you the 4 different types of services such as pest control, Termite Control, rodent control, and Tick, flea & mosquito control treatment. If any type of pest is present in your home, then you must call Greenix Pest Control and they can come into your home within at least 48 hours of booking an appointment.   


Address: 300 Delaware Ave, USA 

Contact: 302-803-5075

19. Diamond Pest Control Inc

Diamond Pest Control

Diamond Pest Control is a residential pest control service company that was founded in 2019 in Weldin Park and now it has become one of the best pest control Delaware. Brian Johnson is the founder of this company and he has opened its branches in Dane, Dodge, Washington, Green Lake, and Sauk. The average cost of pest control in this company is $ 100 to $ 600 per month. 

They offer products and services in residential and commercial pest control services such as Ant control, spider control, wasps control, pest control services for termites, pest control services for cockroaches, etc. Whether you are looking for the best convenient billing options, and 24/ 7 customer support for the pest control service then Diamond Pest Control is best. 


Address:6 Weldin Park Dr, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 302-654-2300

20. Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe was founded in 2010 by Rick in Arizona, Delaware. It is a family-owned and operated local company that provides various best services in the pest industry. They have more than 13 years of experience in managing and controlling harmful pests from houses and buildings. The average cost of pest control service is $ 160 to $ 200 per month.

This company is supported by a team of experienced technicians who are trained in mosquito control treatment and they provide you with top-notch solutions for your every problem related to pests and insects. Services offered are tick control, Barrier spray, Natural treatment, Flea control, etc provided these services in Northern Delaware, Kent, and New Castle.


Address: 4 Cobblestone Crossing, Delaware, USA 

Contact: 302-504-6757 


Delaware is a state situated at the Northern and the borders of Maryland, and New Jersey to the South. Delaware has many famous companies that provide the best pest control services throughout the Delaware and United States.

The employees of these pest control companies work in an eco-friendly environment as well and our staff treats the customers politely so that they understand the problems of the pests in Delaware. The above 20 pest control companies are selected based on customer satisfaction.

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