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Pest control Kentucky

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Pest Control Companies in Kentucky 

Kentucky is famous for its agricultural area into the 20th century. The humid climate and excessive rainfall can help mosquitos or other pests to generate themselves. Many different varieties of bees, wasps, flies, and moths are common throughout the fall, spring, and summer seasons. 

As temperatures rise each year in the summer weather, the warmer temperature attracts more insects & pests that are not active in the colder months of the year. Increased rainfall in the spring and summer seasons also contributes to increased pest generation. Common bugs are dragonflies, dobsonflies, scorpionflies, cicadas, lacewings, grasshoppers & katydids, and praying mantids. 

Kentucky is located in the east-south-central region of the United States. Before Statehood, it was part of Virginia famous for its green environment. The most challenging pests to eliminate from your home include termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, etc, as they can hide, and reproduce quickly, and many extermination methods make professional pest control services essential for effective pest management.

On average, general pest control costs $400 to $950 per year. US state has four different seasons which are warm summers and moderate winters. Whether the climate of Kentucky is almost mild or moderate, so pests take advantage of this weather.  

Best Pest Control Kentucky 

In this article, we have shared the top 20 pest control Kentucky companies that are famous for their best quality services at affordable prices. These top pest control companies are selected based on Google reviews and customer satisfaction. 

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1.  Perks Worx Pest Control

Perks Worx Pest Control

Perks Worx Pest Control is locally owned & operated and provides top-notch pest solutions to customers. For years, they served their pest services in Elizabethtown, Radcliff, and the surrounding eastern Louisville areas. It is one of the best pest control Kentucky companies that provides pest treatments every quarter, bi-monthly, and yearly service.

This company provides pest services in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They respond to your calls within 2 hours. They provide fast, effective, and family-safe products, and use eco-friendly solutions to protect your family and friends.

Pest control services are Crawl Space & Attic Services, Recurring Services, Mole extermination, Pest Inspection, termite extermination, rodent extermination, cockroach extermination, etc. If you have any issue related to pest control service then you may contact this company through email or phone call.


Address: 3823 Manner Dale Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 

Contact: (502) 709-3793

2. American Pest Services

 American Pest Services

American Pest Services is a local family-owned and operated company that offers a wide range of pest services which are preventing, detecting, and eliminating pests from your houses, and agricultural areas. This company has 8 years of pest experience and provides innovative pest solutions. 

This company is always ready to solve your pest problems with high dedication and provides free inspection & estimates for pests. They are committed to providing you with environment-friendly and use-only safe products to eliminate pests from your buildings, and yards. 

The company provides all types of pest services including general pest control, conventional bed bug treatment, mosquito control, German roach treatment, termite & rodent treatment, tick yards treatment, and spider extermination. They also offer pest services for commercial areas such as hotels, motels, schools, and office buildings. 


Address: 285 Dustin Way Shepherdsville, Kentucky 

Contact: (502) 208-7540

3. Boggs Pest Control

 Boggs Pest Control

Jim Boggs started Boggs Pest Control Company in 1969 which is a full-service pest control solution company. It is a third-generation pest control & that will take care of your all pest problems which are either small or big infestations. They offer free estimates & military discounts to senior citizen people.

They use highly efficient power spray that will help to get rid of carpenter ants, cockroaches, yellow jackets, and other pests. The average cost of the annual visit is $300 to $500, the monthly visit is $40 to $70, the quarterly visit is $100 to $300, and the first visit is $99 to $ 350.

This company removes all types of pests from rental properties including offices, food processing factories, restaurants, hospitals, schools, apartments, nursing homes, retirement communities, etc. If you are referring this company to someone, you will receive a discount coupon for your pest control service.


Address: 1611 Brigman Ave Jeffersonville, Kentucky 

Contact: 502-449-4488

4. Critter Control

Critter Control

Critter Control specializes in rodent control & rat removal and was established in 1983. This company has 30 years of experience in resolving pest & wildlife issues. Kevin Clark is the owner of the company and he serves his franchise in Florida & New Jersey. They have opened more than 100 new offices in Canada and the United States.

They work with their 50 pest programs with better financing options that will fit your budget easily, and their team members are highly experienced in controlling wildlife control & other pests. They carefully remove your unwanted guests from your homeowners, residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties.

It is one of the best pest control Kentucky Companies that gives you the best services at lower prices. This company’s employees will ensure that pests do not come back soon. If you have bats and raccoons in your attic place then we are here to solve your pest problem.


Address: Lexington, Kentucky

Contact: (502) 785-0926

5. Mint Pest Control

 Mint Pest Control

Brandon Sizemore started Mint Pest Control which is a locally-owned pest control that uses eco-friendly products to protect your family. The headquarters of this company are located in the United States. Service areas are Indianapolis and Louisville. They use biological & chemical methods to remove pests & rodents from your residential, industrial, & commercial areas.

You will save 50% on your first pest treatment, and they remove rodent infestations from attics, basements, crawl spaces, wall voids, chimneys, laundry rooms, and garages. If you refer this company then he/she will sign up, then you both get a gift card of $50 on your Amazon account & you will get this discount within 15 days.

Extermination services include the removal of voles, skunks, Chinch bugs, cicadas, squirrels, Caddisflies, raccoons, opossums, box elder bugs, and termites. If you have any issues related to pests, you are free to ask any question through phone calls, or emails.


Address: 506 Production Ct, Louisville, Kentucky

Contact: 502-919-0004

6. Black Diamond Pest Control

 Black Diamond Pest Control

Full-service pest control leading company started in 1940, Keith Duncan is the CEO of this company with 84 years of trusted experience, & rated 4.8 in Google reviews. Services areas are Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, and Los Angeles.

Various property plan offers are Termite Basic, Termite Ultra, termite Platinum, and Termite Diamond whose prices start from $22, $350, $375 plus $80/month( property up to .5 acre), or $100/month (property 0.5 to 1 acre), $375 plus $110/month (property up to 0.5 acre) or $120/month (property 0.5 to 1 acre).

General Pest Control services include bed bug control, termite control, real-estate inspections, mosquito control, animal control, rodent control, and turf maintenance. The average cost of hiring a pest control service company is $40 to $75 for a monthly visit, and initial inspection ranges from $150 to $300.


Address: 99 N Main St, Walton, Kentucky

Contact: 859-429-9010

7. OPC Pest Services

OPC Pest Services

Quality Pro Company(OPC) has been an expert in pest control in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio areas since 1972. This company has 50 years of experience in pest control, and you will save $75 on your season protection plan. Along with this we also offer Attic Insulation, Gutter cleaning, builder services, and disinfectant services.

Pest control Kentucky companies have trained technicians who are certified by the National Pest Association. This company offers three basic programs bronze, silver, and gold which include mosquitoes, termites, and both mosquitoes & termites.

To keep away these pests like centipedes, mosquitoes, birds, mice, powderpost beetles, scorpions, rats, stinging pests, silverfish, yellow jackets, wasps, flies, etc. from your offices, buildings, apartments, and yards, using biological & eco-friendly products which safely remove pests without causing harm to your family & pets. 


Address: 750 Enterprise Dr, Lexington, Kentucky 

Contact: 844-668-7325

8. Snowball Pest Control 

 Snowball Pest Control

Snowball Pest Control is a local pest removal & prevention company started in 1994. This company has 40 years of experience in resolving pest problems from your apartments, and lawns. The employees of this company are always ready to provide you with the best services day or night. 

They offer free initial inspection and never use harsh chemicals to remove pests. It is a family-owned & operated company that has been serving its pest services in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Area. They eliminate all types of pests such as termites, moles, ants, and carpenter bees.  

The average cost of pest control service is $37.50 quarterly service and $ 250 for one-time service. They offer various types of treatments such as semi-annual inspections, exterior treatment, interior treatment, and multi-family treatment, and offer a 90-day pest protection plan excluding bed bugs. 


Address: 4634 Mary Ingles Highland Heights, Kentucky

Contact: 859-635-7793

9. Tailor Made Pest Control

Tailor Made Pest Control

Christian and Contea Allan(husband & wife) started this company in 2021 in Louisville. It is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving its services in Austin, Jeffersonville, Floyds Knobs, Brandenburg, and Shepherdsville. They provide quality pest control solutions to residential & commercial areas. 

The company offers the re-service also when pests are returned without any additional charges. They always treat your property & home with proper care and prevention and offer same-day or next-day service also. On Average, you have to pay $400 to $ 950 yearly and $80 to $140 for a first-time visit. 

The company also offers a customized pest control plan to remove pests from your homes & yards. Pests such as rodents, rats, mice, moles, bedbugs, flies, carpenter ants, & cockroaches are removed from gyms, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, office spaces, warehouses, lawns, and agricultural areas. 


Address: 3715 Bardstown Louisville, Kentucky 

Contact: 502-219-4688

10. Burrell Pest Control

Burrell Pest Control

Burrell Pest Control is a family-owned & operated pest control service company that has 30 years of pest business. Chris Burrell is the founder of this company, and he started their services in Owen,  Franklin Anderson, Fayette, Franklin, Henry Scott, Shelby, Woodford, and the surrounding counties. 

The company offers three basic treatments such as real estate inspection starts from $45, bed bug heat treatment starts from $99, and free inspection and termite treatment start from $99 with free inspection. A financing facility is also available for each pest control treatment. 

Additional services are crawl space encapsulation, temp vent installation, disinfection services, sanitation services, foam insulation services, and damage repair. Pest control services are bed bug heat treatment, termite treatment, rodent exclusion, mosquito treatment, real estate inspection, stinging insects, and other general pest control services.  


Address: 111 Demerson Ln Frankfort, Kentucky 

Contact: (502) 395-8301

11. Greenix Pest Control

 Greenix Pest Control

Greenix Pest Control is a residential pest control service company founded in 2011 by Brent Draper and Matthew Flanders in Utah, United States. Now it has become one of the best pest control Kentucky service provider companies. The cost of the average pest control service is started from $139 per month.

The company has trained & licensed technicians to remove the pests. The company provides routine treatment, seasonal treatment, and initial treatment starting from $150, $200, and $300. Employees use a proactive approach and safe biological methods to remove such kind of pests from properties, yards, and homeowners.

The company provides you with worldwide class programs for pest removal such as general pest control programs, tick, flea & mosquito programs, and rodent baiting & removal programs which start from $150. If you have any queries about those programs, you can easily contact this company through mail or phone.


Address: 11003 Bluegrass Louisville, Kentucky

Contact: 844-491-1309

12. Bright Pest Control

 Bright Pest Control

Jerry T. Bright was the founder of Bright Pest Control in 1969 in Louisville. It is a termite control-based service company, also known as Nationwide Exterminating Company, Servicing areas are LaGrange, Taylorsville, Pewee Valley, Prospect, Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Shepherdsville, New Albany, Anchorage, and West Point.

The company provides a wide range of services to residential and commercial areas. All staff members are certified by the National Pest Management Service. The company uses safe products to remove various types of harmful pests from your gardens & homes. They are committed to giving you 100% customer satisfaction.

Extermination services include white rot, yellow jacket, paper wasp, Honey bee, old house borer, powder post beetle, European hornet, Carpenter Bee, bumble bee, cellar spider, Brown Recluse, black widow, house mouse, pill bug, ladybug, cricket, house fly, drain fly, moths, chigger, ants, fowl mite, and many other pests.


Address: 4340 Sanita Ct Ste C Louisville, Kentucky

Contact: (502) 452-9600

13. Urbanex Pest Control

 Urbanex Pest Control

Andrew Wolfertz is the founder of Urbanex Pest Control in 2015 in Louisville. This company has 25 years of experience and it rapidly expanded business in Nashville, Knoxville, Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, Huntsville, and Atlanta. It is a family and veteran-owned business solving all pest problems in all commercial & residential areas.

The company offers same-day service, a money-back guarantee, unlimited re-services without additional charges, and increased home value. The company has won an award for HomeAdvisor and has an A++ rating accredited by the BBB( Better Business Bureau). All employees are from the National Pest Management Association and have expertise in removing pests.

The service of our company has been broken into 4 services which are initial service, back-to-back, bi-monthly visits, and complimentary re-treatment service. Additional services are free inspection, deep cleaning, power spraying, de-webbing, and Granulation. Specialized services are termite, bedbug, & brown recluse spider control services.


Address: 3231 Ruckriegel Louisville, Kentucky

Contact: (502) 234-5234

14. Action Pest Control

 Action Pest Control

Action Pest Control is one of the largest pest management firms founded in 1946 in Owensboro. It is a locally owned and operated pest control Kentucky company that has been servicing its services in nine branch locations such as Boonville, Zionsville, Greenwood, Youngs Creek, and Fairbanks.

The company has 70+ pest professionals who are spread all over the nation to solve pest problems that occur in various cities. Pest control processes are inspection, monitoring, identification, Sanitation, exclusion, Harborage reduction, and mechanical & environmental control.

The company uses natural & eco-friendly products to remove such kind of harmful and pesky pests. They give proper training to their staff members regarding all the problems of each type of pest, and how to remove them. The average cost of pest control depends on the size of the infected area and type of pests.


Address: 1229 Sweeney St Owensboro, Kentucky

Contact: 270-685-1941

15. Franklin Pest Solutions

 Franklin Pest Solutions

Franklin Pest Solutions is a local and family-owned pest management business started in 1929 and trusted for over 90 years. Earl Lipscomb is the founder of this company and he has 20 years of experience in the pest industry. Service locations are Wheeling, Lombard, Hammond Indianapolis, and other surrounding areas.

The employees are licensed, certified, and insured by the Department of Public Health & Agriculture who are using EPA-regulated and safe products to remove pests. The average cost of pest control services starts from $40 to $70 monthly and $150 to $250 yearly.

The company offers same-day, on-time service, they serve their businesses services in restaurants, bars, government buildings, audited facilities, educational facilities, landlord management, and medical buildings. They also offer some special coupons for senior citizens & military people.


Contact: 574-318-0202

16. Etown Exterminating Company

Etown Exterminating Company

Etown Exterminating Company was founded in 1976 and it is a locally owned & operated, family-run pest control company, its servicing areas are Nelson County, Brandenburg, Vine Grove, Grayson County, Meade County, Radcliff, and Hardin Coun. Shawn Rich has been working since 1994, and in 2003, he became CEO of Etown Exterminating Company.

They have been serving pest control companies in both residential and commercial areas which include hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, food factories, schools, office buildings, and hotels. Our staff has been building the best relationships with clients to provide the best pest services.

The company uses modern products, tips, and strategies for the safe removal of pests from your houses or lawn areas. General pest control services include bed bugs, termites, moles, mosquitoes, rodents, wasps, spiders, and beetles. The company offers two plans for pest control one is a monthly service, and the other one is a quarterly service.


Address: 2818 Ring Rd, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Contact: 270-737-6900

17. Bee Gone Pest Control

Bee Gone Pest Control

Bee Gone Pest Control was founded 4 decades ago, and now it has been grown rapidly and considered one of the best pest control Kentucky companies. It is a full-service company specializing in the treatment of all types of bugs and started in 2008. This company has 35 years of experience in treating all kinds of bugs.

The company provides fast and effective services in all areas of New Jersey, Middletown, and New York. On Average, the cost of pest control services starts from $50, $250, and $2000. The mission of this company is to protect your homes & gardens from these harmful pests. 

They offer residential services, commercial services, termite control, carpenter bees, rats, and mice control, mosquito control, bugs & insects control, and rodent control. If you have any queries related to pest control and their services, then you may schedule your appointment through phone call via email. 


Address: 7299 Old Boonesboro, Winchester, Kentucky 

Contact: 859-749-9391

18. Stevens Pest Control

Stevens Pest Control

Stevens Pest Control is a family-run business that was founded in 1984 in Corbin, Kentucky. This company has 10 years of experience in dealing with infestation of other types of pests. Andrew Stevens is the founder of this company. It is the best pest control Kentucky company that uses 100% organic products for the removal of pests. 

The company offers 365 termite protection plans, termite conventional plans, exterior perimeter plus treatment for the safe removal of pests from your houses or gardens. Stevens provides pest solutions to insects, rodents, skunks, possums, raccoons, groundhogs, Squirrels, and bees. 

The company has customized plans based on your needs and the employees of this company are always ready to resolve your pest issues and promise you to give 100% customer satisfaction. They eliminate harmful pests from your houses, restaurants, hotels, motels, office buildings, and medical facilities. 


Address: 1095 Master St, Corbin, Kentucky

Contact: 606-521-7378

19. IPM Pest and Termite

 IPM Pest and Termite

IPM Pest and Termite is a locally owned and operated pest control company that was founded in 1967 by R.F. Smith and R. van den Bosch. The staff of this company protects your family from unwanted pests like black widow spiders, carpenter ants, mosquitoes, cluster flies, bed bugs, fleas, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets.

This company has 20 years of experience in resolving pest problems in your houses and gardens and provides innovative and conscientious pest solutions, affordable ant control solutions, termite treatment & inspection, for your family and friends.

Discount coupons offered are $30 off on Initial termite services, and $20% off on pest control initial annual contract. The company also offers seasonal maintenance services, wood-destroying insect inspection, various other custom pest programs, and general insect management programs.


Address: 2456 Fortune Dr #170, Lexington, Kentucky

Contact: 859-340-1403

20. Presto-X Pest Control

Presto-X Pest Control

Presto-X Pest Control is an agricultural pest control that was founded in 1932 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ryan Hughes is the CEO of this company and has 90 years of pest business. He has expanded his business in Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Wyoming.

The company offers $50 off for new customers, $100 off termite treatment for all residential, and commercial pest control, and 50% off on year-round pest protection. Apart from pest control, they also specialize in agricultural pest control, fumigation, food processing, and other products & services.

The company will handle almost 36 common household pests, and offer various pest services at affordable prices which start from $45, $150, $90, and $250. They eliminate pests from your food packing facilities, public storage systems, office buildings, etc. Re-treatment service is also available without any additional charges.


Address: 4720 Pinewood Rd Louisville, Kentucky

Contact: 800-659-0382


Kentucky is famous for its agricultural area and due to the humid climate of Kentucky, a large of common pests are bees, wasps, flies, moths, ants, cockroaches, and black widow spiders. These types of pests are dangerous for our health as well as for our homes, properties, and gardens. If you want to get rid of this pest problem, then you need to book or schedule an appointment with pest control companies in Kentucky that provide you the pest control services at affordable prices.

There are various types of pest methods are used to remove such kinds of pests such as biological methods, non-chemical methods, various pesticides, hygiene control methods, and pest trapping methods. You can also get free inspections and free estimates, and re-treatment service is also available at these pest companies.

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