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Pest Control Companies in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state in the New England region and the smallest of the 50 states in the area. Here, pests and wildlife animals and their species spread many types of diseases that are not good for the environment, pets, and families because it has a humid climate with warm summers and cold winters. 

This environment is perfect for pest species to increase their population. The rare American burying beetle and the world’s largest Big Blue Bug are found in Rhode Island. According to the state pest reports, around 1163 species or above insects are roaming around Rhode Island homes. 

Pest Control Rhode Island companies help to remove common insects such as small rodents like mice, rats, etc., bed bugs, kissing bugs, German, American, Oriental, and Brown-Banded cockroaches, moles, star-nosed moles, and many more pests living in Rhode Island. 

These companies remove termites and wildlife animals with the help of environment, pet, and family-friendly products and less use of pesticides. The cost of pest treatment depends on the number of treatments. Approximately, the company charges $ 43 to $ 71 per month for visiting. 

Best Pest Control Rhode Island

You can choose annual pest treatment which is around $ 270+ including all types of pest services. You do not need to call the staff for pest treatment, the staff will come with all the equipment at the end of the month and remove seasonal pests. 

To get rid of pests you need to contact the best pest control Rhode Island companies that provide free inspection and estimation services in residential, commercial, and surrounding areas. 

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1. Pest Patrol Inc. 

Pest Patrol Inc

Established in 1996, Pest Patrol Inc. is a family-owned and locally operated pest & wildlife animal management company. This company provides pest or insect control services all over Rhode Island with the help of expert technicians.

It is one of the best pest control Rhode Island companies nearby. Pest Patrol Inc. uses effective long-term methods that are safe for the environment, pets, and families. The rates of pest control services are very low. 

Many types of services are available such as bird management & prevention, exclusion & damage repair, wildlife animal control, pest control, wood destroyer pest removal, deer spraying & prevention, insulation remediation, seasonal pest control, termite, and mosquito control and removal, inspection, etc. by offering monthly, quarterly, and one-time home protection plan.  


Address: Johnston, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-437-5134

2. A1 Exterminators

A1 Exterminators

A1 Exterminators has been providing quality pest control services since 1953. It is located in  Massachusetts and provides services in Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, Cape Cod, and Maine through its local branches or technicians.

It is a family-owned business that offers $ 25 off on the first initial service and has home protection plans. The staff removes pests or wildlife animals by using sustainable or high-quality eco-friendly products. 

A1 Exterminator services are carpenter ant control, termite control and prevention, green termite control, sanitizing and disinfecting, wildlife control and removal, bed bug, wasp, bees, and stinging control, and other types of pest removal services to food processing units, offices, apartments, homes, schools, retail, and grocery stores, hospital, restaurants, daycare centers, etc. 


Address: Barrington, Rhode Island

Contact: 855-289-8213

3. Burgess Pest Management

 Burgess Pest Management

Burgess Pest Management is one of the oldest pest control Rhode Island companies and has been providing pest, wildlife control, and other types of services since 1929. This company has branches in Newport, Providence, Cranston, etc.

This company uses high-quality tools and a proactive approach to take care of the environment, pets, and families. Pest control plans start from $ 39 to $ 99 per month and services depend on your pest plans. 

Sanitization, disinfecting, termite inspection, control and removal, bed bug control, TAP insulation, wildlife control and removal such as raccoons, skunks, etc., repair damaged areas such as roofs, etc., bird netting installation, general pest control services are offered by the company. You can inspect and estimate services free of cost.  


Address: New England, Rhode Island

Contact: 508-587-4309

4. Cobra Pest Control 

Cobra Pest Control

Having many years of experience, Rob started Cobra Pest Control in 1997. Also, This company has local branches in East Greenwich, Providence, Charlestown, and surrounding areas that provide free home estimation and inspection services. 

All the employees are trained by the owner and use safe or effective methods to eliminate pests from residential and commercial areas. It is a small family-owned company and is a member of the National Pest Management Association. 

The staff identifies and removes common pests such as centipedes, millipedes, carpenter bees, digger bees, cockroaches, guano cleaning, bed bugs, hornets, wildlife animals, beetles, snakes, termites, spiders, silverfish, etc. Technicians block holes in garages, roofs, holes, kitchen pipes, etc., and ensure pests can not enter the house again. 


Address: Warwick, Rhode Island

Contact: 866-982-5928

5. Catseye Pest Control

Catseye Pest Control

John and his wife Monica started Catseye Pest Control Company in 1987. It has been one of the fastest-growing private pest control Rhode Island companies since 2013. Now, more than 100 trained employees are working in this company.

It is a family-owned and locally operated company that offers a Platinum Year-Round Protection Program that works in several steps: pest removal, sealing gaps, perimeter spray, treating cracks, service reporting, and follow-up. 

Catseye Pest Control Company offers many services like pest removal and control, organic tick & mosquito control, rodent removal, and control, wildlife animal control such as bats and raccoons, etc. sealing, and sanitization of all areas, attic restoration, insulation replacement and basement cleanup, disinfection and exclusion, etc. by using IPM tools. 


Address: Providence, Rhode Island

Contact: 888-291-9238

6. Pest Assassins

 Pest Assassins

The co-founders of Pest Assassins are Mike Cabral & Sean Crowley. Since 2011, This company has been providing pest services in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It is a family and veteran-owned pest business company.

This company uses reliable, effective, and the latest products to catch pests and after that repair the affected area. It also offers $ 25 off if you refer to someone and a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with services. 

The staff removes pests from the interior and exterior of the house and other commercial places. Services are general pest control, ant, rodent, and termite control, wasp and exclusion control, and bed bug control. The company provides monthly, quarterly, and one-time visiting services based on your pest plans. 


Address: Newport, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-889-3290

7. Modern Pest Services

Modern Pest Services

Howard Stevenson was the founder of Modern Pest Services, he established this company in 1945 and made it one of the best pest control Rhode Island companies that also provide services in surrounding states.

Today, this company is run by his family members and serves approximately 19,000 residential, industrial, and commercial families with the help of 150+ talented employees. It has been ranked as the 42nd largest pest provider in North America. 

The employees have expertise in wildlife removal, and they remove all types of animals after applying different steps such as site evaluation, trapping, removal, exclusion, remediation, and monitoring. Other services are termite and bed bug control, pest removal, disinfecting, exclusion service, etc. from residential and commercial places. 


Address: Barrington, Rhode Island

Contact: 800-323-7378

8. Debug Pest Control

 Debug Pest Control

Bill Horgan Jr. is the president and owner of Debug Pest Control Company. It is a Rhode Island-based company that provides services in Massachusetts, Eastern Connecticut, and Rhode Island cities. 

Debug is a family-owned pest company that was established by Bill Horgan Sr. in 1973 to protect homes and businesses from pests and wildlife animals by visiting monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 

This company offers home protection plans: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum that start from $ 36, $ 51, $ 72, and $ 93 respectively. Services are based on your home protection plan. Common services are termite, ant, bed bug, fabric moth control, Indian meal moth, millipede, and centipede control, and all types of wasp, rodent, and ant species are removed from homes. 


Address: Smithfield, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-567-0266

9. Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions

 Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions

Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions uses eco-friendly techniques to remove pests and wildlife animals to keep your home or business area safe and pest-free. This company has 35+ years of experience in this industry. 

It is a family-owned and operated commercial company that serves services in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. To eradicate your critter control problem, this company provides the safest and quickest solution. 

Services are squirrels, skunks, termites, wasps, bees, cleanup, and sanitization, carpenter ants, bed bugs, wildlife animals removal, etc. These pests make holes in roofs, beds, sofas, etc. so, the company also offers exclusion services. The cost of pest control depends on several treatments. $ 25 and $ 75 off on your initial and any bed bug services respectively.


Address: Johnston, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-349-560

10. Big Blue Bug Solutions

 Big Blue Bug Solutions

Founded in 1925, Leonard Yale Goldman established Big Blue Bug Solutions in Providence, Rhode Island. This company has grown from a small to the largest pest management company and has many branches in the USA. 

It is a family-owned and operated company and one of the best pest control Rhode Island companies that is run by President and CEO Stephan Goldman who is the son of Leonard Yale Goldman. 

This company is also providing services in Massachusetts, Maine, and all over Rhode Island. For 80 years, this company has removed many species and made customers happy. The company offers pest insulation, home pests, wildlife animal control and removal, carpenter termite and bed bug solutions, etc. at lower or affordable prices. 


Address: Providence, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-941-5700

11. Mosquito Authority

Mosquito Authority

Joey Osborne, founder of Mosquito Authority, started a family business in 2002 in North Carolina. Today this company has franchises in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. 

Mosquito Authority follows a multi-step treatment process to break the pest cycle, and they come back every 3 weeks to keep your home pest-free. It also follows a community-oriented approach which means it does not take any charge for visiting.   

The technicians have expertise in removing mosquitoes because mosquito pests spread many diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus, and malaria. Mosquito has many species, so the company uses a Mosquito Misting System to control and remove mosquitoes from your home and yard with less use of chemicals. 


Address: Westerly, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-264-0267

12. Fox Pest Control

 Fox Pest Control

Founded in 2012, Fox Pest Control is a family-owned and locally operated pest control company that has 30 branches including Rhode Island. In Rhode Island, this company provides services in Cranston, Middletown, Newport, and surrounding areas. 

This company offers $ 50 off on pest control and $ 100 off on termite control with free inspection and estimation services. The staff treats your home again without taking any extra cost.

It is one of the best pest control Rhode Island companies which offers Yard treatment and Home protection plans at affordable prices. In the yard treatment plan, staff will come during spring and summer and keep your yard tick, and flea-free. Home Protection plan covers all types of dangerous pests such as hornets, yellow jackets, etc. 


Address: Cranston, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-239-1842

13. Terminix


Having more than 95 years of experience, Terminix helps remove pests and termites from residential and commercial areas with the help of locally trained exterminators. It is a global company that has many branches across Rhode Island. 

Terminix starts its initial service at $ 99 per month. You can contact the company at any time, technicians come and treat your property in a friendly way. Same or next-day services are also available. 

Common services are scorpion control, wildlife animal prevention, gutter protection, attic insulation, crawl space, centipede and millipede control, all types of bed bugs and termites, moth and cricket control, etc. Technicians repair damaged areas such as roofs, and windows and seal them properly or ensure pests can not enter again in the home. 


Address: Warwick, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-773-2864

14. Guardian Pest Control

Guardian Pest Control

Since 1985, Guardian Pest Control Company has been providing services in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. This company provides a healthy and pest-free environment with the use of high-quality products. 

Extermination pest services are perfect for schools, offices, malls, shopping centers, hotels, motels, industrial buildings, warehouses, retail, grocery stores, hospitals, etc. without harming the environment.

It is a family-owned and operated business and you have many reasons to choose in removing pests such as free estimates and consultations, same-day services, budget-friendly plans, outstanding customer service, comprehensive treatment, grade equipment, and products, customized plans according to need, etc. The company offers three main plans Rodent prevention plan, Mosquito and Tick plan, and Shield plan, and these plans include all types of services. 


Address: Providence, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-812-3033

15. Rhode Island Pest Management

Rhode Island Pest Management

Lester Walsh founded Rhode Island Pest Management Company in New England, in 1929, and became 1st choice to remove pests from residential, industrial, and commercial areas. This company improves tools and techniques according to time. 

Integrated Pest Management method of pest control is very effective and minimizes the risk to families, pets, and the environment. This company has pad protection plans in which they offer P10, P20, and P30 including free estimation.

Rhode Island Pest Management has expertise in removing termites, clove mites, pill bugs, earwigs removal, ground and carpet beetles, carpenter and household ants, etc. The company offers bio-cleaning of pests and exclusion services after the treatment at a lower cost. The cost of pest control depends on various variables. 


Address: New England, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-781-6400

16. Griggs & Browne

 Griggs & Browne

Since 1910, One of the oldest pest control Rhode Island companies that offer pest control, carpet, tile, upholstery cleaning, and home inspections. Mr. Dan Griggs and Mr. Browne were the founders of this company.

Griggs & Browne is a family-owned and operated pest control management company in the New England region. Now, this company has been handled by Glen Griggs since 1990. The team members use safe, effective, and high-quality products.

The technicians deal with all types of pests and termites. Also, this company is licensed in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Connecticut. You can contact the company at any time, employees will treat your home monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Exterior services include cleaning and repairing leak gutters, trashcans without tight-fitting lids, etc.


Address: Providence, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-944-3400

17. Aspenn Environmental Services

 Aspenn Environmental Services

Justin Hagstrom founded Aspen Environmental Services company in 1998 in New Jersey. With over 25 years of experience, this company provides pest services in Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, etc. 

The team of this company is well-trained in removing fleas, ticks, moths, and Indian moths from the yard area. They take care of your lawns, pets, and kids from dangerous pests or insects with IPM methods. 

To handle ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, home invaders, spotted lanternflies, caterpillars, ants, grubs, spiders, skunks, fire and carpenter ants, bed bugs, etc. with the use of effective treatments and fewer pesticides.  This company charges $ 109 per pest control service. Other services are deep root landscape fertilizing, arbor tree system injection, etc.


Address: Rhode Island

Contact: 401-453-4200

18. Achieve Pest & Wildlife Solutions

 Achieve Pest & Wildlife Solutions

Achieve Pest & Wildlife Solutions provides professional and affordable services to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Its headquarters is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. This company was founded by Joe Cardoso in 2018.

It offers mosquito and tick treatment at $ 45 per month and carpenter ant treatment at $ 195 with a year warranty. You do not need to sign any contract or agreement for pest and wildlife control services. 

The company offers wood-destroying home inspection, home, pre-sale, lead, and radon inspection. Other services are pest insulation, attic clean out, bat guano removal, Cumberland clean out, mosquito control, exclusion, pest control, nuisance wildlife control, fly guy service, etc. You can get same-day service with guaranteed results and re-service without any cost. 


Address: Lincoln, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-335-3545

19. K & A Pest Control 

K & A Pest Control

Since 1999, K & A Pest Control has been serving its pest services in Rhode Island, Florida, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Its mission is to provide effective and environment-friendly solutions at competitive prices. 

This company works in several steps such as inspection, treatment preparation, follow-up, and monitoring. It uses 100 % safe thermal and mechanical methods, and 95 % bed bug population is reduced on the first day. 

The technicians focus on removing bed bugs from residential and commercial areas. So, they use strategies to prevent and control bed bugs from entering homes through holes, roofs, windows, kitchen pipes, etc. Technicians seal the interior and exterior areas of the properties. Once done with services, technicians monitor your home with the help of an installed monitor. 


Address: Cumberland, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-305-0284

20. Mosquito Joe

 Mosquito Joe

Founded in 2010, Mosquito Joe provides mosquito and pest control services in commercial and residential areas. This company uses safe, tested, and effective methods to get rid of outside mosquitoes. 

This company headquarters is in Virginia and it has 100 franchises in the USA including Rhode Island. You can get $ 25 off in referral programs and pest services are available at affordable prices. 

Mosquito Joe offers a variety of services including barrier spray, natural treatments, tick and flea control, gnat control, special event treatments, mosquito traps, perimeter pests, and commercial pest control using a misting system. It also offers a Thermacell LIV system for outdoor pests. The system is maintained and installed by the company in the pool and hot tub. 


Address: Cumberland, Rhode Island

Contact: 401-425-0358


Rhode Island has many types of pest species that spread different diseases such as Zika Virus, Dengue, West Nile Virus, Malaria, etc. Some small insects like rodents, cockroaches, mice, rats, etc. inject diseases into the food, and some insects such as carpenter ants, bees, and termites destroy furniture and windows.

So, pest control companies help you to control and prevent these pests from entering into homes by using environment and family-friendly methods or techniques. You can get free estimation and inspection services from the companies and re-treatments after one or two and it is also free of cost.

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