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Pest Control Companies in California

California is a place of pleasant weather, and diverse wildlife that appeals to so many people around the world. California is also home to various pests that can wreak havoc on your home and property. Termites, Cockroaches, Paper Wasps, earwigs, Rodents, and Mosquitoes, are the most common pests in California. 

To protect this damage from pests, pest control California companies have taken the initiative and started various types of pest control treatment at low cost which can be easily affordable by anyone. 

California is the third largest state in the United States, bounded by the Pacific Ocean, and shares a border with Mexico in the south. Every year, harmful pests cause nearly $10 billion in damage to businesses worldwide. This damage has a large impact on the environment, and it doesn’t even include the loss of revenues that result from pests and this amount is around $20 billion a year. 

On Average, if you have to do pest control in your home, then it may cost up to $40 to $50 per month, and their initial inspection starts from $150 to $200. If you are using their annual pest service, then this type of service generally contains 4 types of pest treatment per year and it is a great way to protect your homes from harmful pests and keep your home protected for a long time. 

With the help of this article, we have shared the top 20 pest control California companies that provide quality pest services. These companies can handle each type of pest from their eco-friendly pest solutions to their clients. These companies also promise you to give a 100% satisfaction guarantee after every pest control.

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1.  Pacific Exterminator

 Pacific Exterminator

Pacific Exterminator is a top-rated pest control started in 2015 and specializes in rodent control, ants, bed bugs & termites. The staff of this company is responsible for managing & preventing the various pest programs for your homes and business needs. Services areas are Moorpark, Simi Valley, Manhattan Beach, and Canoga Park. 

It is a locally owned & operated company that has combined experience of 50 years in the treatment of pests. The average cost of pest control depends on the size of the area infected, the type of pests, and the additional labor costs. You can schedule your appointment by calling or email on the given website. 

This company provides pest control services for both residential and commercial areas and these extermination services include termites, rodents, bed bugs, spiders, gophers, bats, spiders, Ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, and bird services like pigeons, and Seagulls, etc. 


Address: Newbury Park, California 

Contact: 800-611-0127

2. Cal Termite and Pest Control

Cal Termite Pest Control

Cal Termite and Pest Control is a family-owned & operated pest industry with 50 years of experience in treating the pest industry. Scott Keighley is the owner and he has 15 years of experience in the construction of termite industry. This company uses IVM methods to reduce pests in your homes and apartments. 

Services offered are ant, bed bug, bee, wasp, cockroach, flea, tick, fly, mosquito, rodent, silverfish, snail, and spider control services. They promise to give 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, and they have a licensed general contractor. The cost of pest control is $149 for $349 for each general pest control service.

They have licensed technicians who specialize in treating various types of pests, which are kid-friendly and pet-friendly. They will use innovative products for the treatment of Termite treatment to get rid of this problem. They use the most advanced treatments for the reduction of termites.  


Address: 2175 Goodyear Ave, California 

Contact:  805-608-3550

3. Western Exterminator

Western Exterminators

Western Exterminator is a local pest control company providing high-quality pest control services since 1921. This company provides services in Spirit Lake, Middleton, Meridian, etc. The staff uses pet and family-friendly pest control solutions for residential and commercial areas. This company offers the PestFree 365+ program, a year-round pest protection plan.

Pest services such as pavement ants, spiders, moisture ants, mice, rats, wasps, ants, cockroaches, carpenter ants, box elder bugs, soil ants, centipedes, earwigs, termites, etc. The cost of pest control services depends on several treatments and the size of the infected area.

This company also offers some additional services like drain line services, vegetation management, micro-sanitation, TAP Insulation, and minor construction. You can schedule your appointment through via contact or email. They will respond to your phone call in approximately 12 hours.  


Address: 3333  Temple St, Los Angeles, California 

Contact:  213-382-8151

4. California Pest Control

 California Pest Control

California Pest Control is a pest control service company started in 1950.  The mission of this company is to solve any type of pest problem and make your home pest-free. The service areas are Rocklin, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Stockton, Woodbridge, Rancho Cordova, and Ripon. 

This company has 40 years of business in dealing with various pests. They offer commercial pest control services in restaurants, hotels, motels, agriculture areas, yards, government buildings, schools, healthcare centers, houses, and food factories. Bed bugs heat treatment is the most common treatment in this company. 

Extermination services include the removal of  Weevils, Yellowjackets, ticks, wasps, spiders, termites, snails, slugs, roaches, moths, rats, mice, moles, flies, gophers, bees, fleas, bedbugs, bats, ants, aphids, etc. This company serves their services monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, and yearly services. 


Address:  8026 Lorraine Ave,  Stockton, California 

Contact: 209-222-4821

5. Rodent Masters

 Rodent Masters

Rodent Masters was started in Los Angeles in 2011 and it is a local & family-owned business. This company has 15 years of experience and has certified professionals in pest control services. our staff is always ready to provide the best services to protect your homes. 

This company ensures that all anti-pest treatments for your safety regulations. They have more than 20 best professionals who have expertise in the removal of various pests and they have dealt with more than 5000 customers. They provided the best satisfaction guarantee after the pest control services. 

They offer eco-friendly pest solutions to their clients. Services offered are Air duct cleaning, air duct sanitization, insulation installation, insulation removal, wildlife control or removal, mice or rat control removal, and other general pest control services. 


Address: 14545 Friar St, California 

Contact: (818) 855-9136

6. HomeShield Pest Control

HomeShield Pest Control

HomeShield Pest Control is a family-owned company that was founded by Ian Morgan in 2003. This company has 11 years of trusted pest experience and has served its services in San Ramon, Loomis, Foster City, Pittsburg, Rio Vista, San Diego, Ontario, etc. The average cost of pest control service is $250 to $300 per year. 

They use oil-based & herbal products to treat your homes or small local business’s pest problems. They use eco-friendly  & organic treatment services that are backed by our 100% satisfaction customer guarantee. If after pest control, pests come back, then they reschedule your pest service without any additional costs. 

This company offers some special coupons such as $150 off on initial pest control service, $200 off on termite treatment, $100 off on bed bug & rodent exclusion, $150 off on Attic cleaning, and $200 off on any insulation service.  


Address: 4858 Pico Los Angeles, California 

Contact: (310) 750-3884

7. Ecola Termite and Pest Control Service

 Ecola Termite And Pest Control

Ecola Termite is a women-owned & operated company with more than 60 years of pest control experience and its service locations are Los Angeles, Ventura, San Deigo, Orange, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria. They opened more than 7 offices across Southern and central California. 

They have been serving the facilities with pest control services for 30 years. Ecola Termite offers traditional & alternative pest solutions with the help of expert technicians who can develop solutions for each type of pest problem. 

Discount coupons offered are $50 off on your initial pest control, $100 off on your rodent & termite exclusion, and $25 off on butterfly bucks when you refer this company to your friend. They use IVM Methods and less use of chemicals to reduce pests in your homes, apartments, agricultural areas, and hotels. 


Address: 15314 Devonshire St, California 

Contact: 800-332-2847

8. Official Pest Prevention

 Official Pest Prevention

Two brothers Jeff and Jamie Davenport founded Official Pest Prevention in 2000 in West Sacramento. It is a full-time pest service company that provides more than 100,000 services in almost five different areas. It is a family-owned and operated company that helps residential and commercial customers to solve their pest problems.

Official Pest Prevention is one of the best pest control California companies in California. This company uses IVM methods & cost- effective pest solutions to eliminate pests from your properties and yards. They serve a wide range of pest services across California and the United States. 

They also promise to reschedule your service if any pests are returned without additional costs. If you have any pest-related issues about maintenance and appointment then you can call or email us. 


Address: 1500 S River Rd, West Sacramento, California 

Contact: 916-682-4746

9. Golden Hills Pest Control

Golden Hills Pest control

Founded in 1990, it is a locally owned & operated company that serves the best pest-effective solutions. Aruna K is the CEO of this company with 30 years of pest business. This company uses eco-friendly pest solutions and a high-quality approach to take care of your family, friends, and pets. 

It is one of the top-rated pest control California companies that provides the best insect control & rodent control service. This company has highly trained professionals to identify the common type of pests, and then eliminate these pests with safe methods. 

Extermination services include ants, cockroaches, mice, wasps, spiders, rodents, and earwigs. The average cost of pest control service in this company starts from $79, $150, $250, and $350 and the cost of cockroach extermination is $8000. If you have any issues related to pests, you can fix your appointment via phone or email. 


Address: 1544 Santa Ana Ave #100, California 

Contact:  916-333-3738

10. Ronin Pest Control

 Ronin Pest Control

Osvany Cepero founded Ronin Pest Control in 2001 in Los Angeles. It is a locally owned & family pest industry that provides high-quality pest services to customers. Members of pest control operators of California are bonded & licensed and serve the best pest control needs in Los Angeles.

This company uses the best modern pest control products & strategies to control pests in your homes. They provide the best training for their ongoing staff and offer their clients Same Day & Next Day Service. They offer 23 types of pests, free inspection & save 5% off on your termite service.

They offer 23 different types of pest services with free inspection and free estimates. The prices of pest control services start from $30 to $50 monthly, $80 to $120 per visit, and $130 to $350 for the initial visit, and extra charges may be applied based on the type of pest, and size of the infected area. 


Address: 2013  Westgate Ave Los Angeles, California 

Contact: 310-765-0509

11. Vision Pest Control 

Vision Pest Control

Venkat Alugubelli started Vision Pest Control which offers customized pest solutions. It is a family-owned & operated company founded in 1887 that uses 100% organic products to ensure your family & pet’s safety. Service areas are Echo Park, Miracle Mile, Ventura, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, North Hollywood, Franklin Hills, Universal City, and all of Los Angeles. 

They specialize in bed bug heat treatment and have experienced & professional technicians who solve your every pest problem. They have 25 years of pest business delivering high-quality pest solutions to commercial & residential areas. 

Services provided include customized plans based on your house needs, resolving the roots of the issues, providing a warranty of many years after their service, and using 100% heat treatments to eliminate pests. The average cost of pest control service is from $40 to $70 monthly,  $99 to $350 for the initial visit, and $300 to $ 550 for annual visit. 


Address: La Brea, California 

Contact: 626- 689-7644

12. Gladiator Pest Control

 Gladiator Pest Control

Gladiator Pest Control is a family-owned & operated pest control company founded by Ralph Murillo in 2008 in Los Angeles. After 15 years of experience in working with the pest industry, this company is considered one of the best pest control California Companies. 

All staff members are trained by the owner and use IVM & safe methods to reduce pests from residential & commercial areas. They have licensed and professional technicians to deliver the best pest solutions to those who need them. 

They treat general household pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs, and bedbugs. On average, you have to pay $40 for a monthly visit, and $99 to $ 350 for a first-time visit. Whether you have any query related to pest issues, then you can fix your appointment with us through via call or email. 


Address: Los Angeles, California 

Contact: (323) 310-3348

13. Five Star Pest Control

 Five Star Pest Control

Five Star Pest Control is a company that specializes in trapping services and was founded in 1975 in Los Angeles, California. This company has 20 years of pest experience and offers its services in New York City, & parts of New Jersey, and Long Island. 

They eliminate pests from your residential, commercial, and industrial areas, and yards. The average cost of pest control services starts from $40 to $70, and $99 to $350 for the initial visit. It is one of the best pest control California companies that offers the best yard treatment, and home protection service.

Pest control extermination services are bat trapping, rodent services, insect treatment, wildlife control, roach extermination, scorpion removal, rodent removal, bee extermination, and cricket removal. If you have any issues related to the pests, then you can contact them easily through the mail via phone calls during their business hours. 


Address: 2816 Rowena, Los Angeles, California 

Contact: (808) 345-7898 

14. Zeek’s Pest Control

 Zeek's Pest Control

Zeek’s Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest company since 2003, with 15 years of experience. They offer High Quality and Low Prices pest services for commercial areas. Zeek’s is one of the best pest control California companies that serve their services in Candlewood and nearby areas. 

This company uses a wide variety of application methods to eliminate pests and uses eco-friendly synthetic products & modern techniques to end your pest infestation completely from your houses, agricultural areas, and hotels. The average cost of pest control services starts from $40 to $70 monthly, and $300 to $500 for annual visits. 

Services are Crawl Space & Attic control, Sanitizing/Cleaning Services, hornet & wasp extermination, wildlife control or removal, pest preventative services, indoor pest preventative treatment, rodent exclusion, recurring maintenance, ban crawl space entry, and pest proofing. 


Address: 5150 Candlewood, California 

Contact: 424-329-0900

15. Eco Guard Pest Management

EcoGuard Pest Management

Curtis Wills started EcoGuard Pest Management in 2011. Curtis has opened many branches in Northern California, the Bay Area, Central California, San Diego, and Los Angeles. It is family-owned with 40 years of combined business in dealing with pest infestation & extermination.

They are using natural products to remove harmful pests from houses, buildings, and apartments. They provide the best training to their professionals with information regarding your property and desired service to receive a free estimate.

They are Licensed & Insured, and have Competitive Pricing- they provide the best value for money. Services include rodent exclusion, termite heat treatment, lawn care, and insulation services from food processing, hotels, warehouses, healthcare, and restaurants. If pests have come back then re-treatment service is also available without any additional costs. 


Address: El Dorado Hills, California 

Contact: (866) 326-2847

16. 360 Rodent Control

 360 Rodent Control

360 Rodent Control specializes in rodent control that was established in 2001 in Los Angeles, now it is considered as one of the best pest control California companies. Service areas are Orlando, Tampa, Crestview, Fort Pierce, and St. Petersburg. This company has more than 20 years of pest business in dealing with pest infestation. 

They offer 3 residential pest control plans which are 360- Basic, 360- Advantage, 360- Premiere which includes quarterly pest service, all general indoor pest control, and Annual interior service. The prices of these services are starting from $25, $40, and $50 per month.  

They also provide green and environment-friendly pest solutions that are safe for your pets and kids. The charges for initial treatment start from $250 annually and $30 for monthly service. They control pests such as fleas, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, bed bugs, ants, rodents, cockroaches, and termites. 


Address: 18624 Calvert St. Tarzana, California

Contact: (866) 855-5065

17. Ridx Pest Control

 Ridx Pest Control

Bobby and Alicia Guiterrez started Ridx Pest Control in 2003 in Madera. Services areas are Madera, Bakersfield, Fresno, Monterey, and California and they have two offices in central California. On Average, you have to pay $200 for monthly charges, $400 for annual visits, and $150 for first-time visits. 

It is a rapidly growing business that keeps your homes safe from harmful pests and provides better customer satisfaction after the pest control service. This company offers a new discount on each pest control service that starts from $25 off, and a 100% call-back guarantee. 

They use an eco-friendly and proactive approach to kill the various types of pests in your homes. Pest control services include Ants, cockroaches, bats, bed bugs, bees, wasps, spiders, Termites, birds, rodents, fleas, ticks, crows & pigeons, etc. If you have any query related to pests then you can schedule your appointment through phone calls or emails. 


Address: 425 N Gateway, Madera, California 

Contact: (888) 298-7513

18. Bell Pest Control

Bell Pest Control

Bell Pest Control has been a family-owned pest control business since 1978 in Elk Grove, California. Headquarters is located on the West Coast, Western US. Services areas are Warner Robbins, Centerville Fort Valley Macon, Perry, Kathleen, Lizella, and Bonaire. They offer free home inspection & 45 years of business in the pest industry. 

This company offers the same day service and focuses on giving the best training to their employees and our technicians are certified by National Pest Management Association(NPMA). Bell is a diamond-certified company that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau(BBB). 

Extermination services include residential pest control services such as the elimination of earwigs, roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, silverfish, rats, mice, wasps, moths, ants, and stinging insects. They eliminate pests from your residential areas, warehouses, food-packing facilities, public storage,  and office buildings. 


Address: 9136 Elkmont Way, California 

Contact: 916-252-4703

19. Valley Integrated Pest Control

 Valley Integrated Pest Control

Valley Integrated Pest Control provides top-notch pest solutions to their customers. This company has 20 years of pest control business and its headquarters are located in West California. They have certified pest control specialists who provide high-quality pest control services, and they have better plans for pest control. 

They offer 50% Off on initial service for residential, commercial, and Industrial Pest Control. They also offer military discounts- and organic pest control available for pet-friendly & kid-friendly and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our regular products. 

Services offered are ant & spider control, cockroach & rodent control, fleas & tick treatment, various insect removal, bed bug extermination, and various other pest management plans. Whether you are looking for a high-quality pest control service company, then you can schedule your appointment through the mail via phone calls. 


Address: 3116 N Carriage Ave, Fresno, California 

Contact: 559-307-0612

20. So-Cal Pest Control

So-Cal Pest Control

So-Cal Pest Control has been solving rodent infestation since 1999 in Santa Barbara, California. This company has been serving its pest services in the cities of  Montecito Carpinteria, Gaviota, Santa Barbara  Goleta, and Lompoc. 

They provide same-day or next-day service, and they usually respond to your call during their business hours. It is one of the best pest control California companies that provide better quality pest services at affordable prices. The average cost of pest control service in residential areas is between $60 to $200, and the monthly cost for home visits will be $145.

Extermination services include rat removal, termite inspection, gopher removal, mole removal, ground squirrel removal, mouse removal, animal control, wildlife control, raccoon trapping, spider control, skunk trapping, ants control, and bee removal. This company also provides Attic insulation removal, deep cleaning, and rodent dropping. 


Address: 27 W Anapamu St Santa Barbara, California 

Contact: 805-965-9185


California is home to many pests such as termites, cockroaches, paper wasps, earwigs, rodents, and mosquitoes. These various insects spread different types of diseases like Malaria, Zika Virus, dengue, etc. To get rid of these insects or harmful pest problems, you have to hire pest control professionals who have expertise in removing pests from your homes, agricultural areas, or lawns to protect your family & friends. 

Many methods are used to eliminate pests such as chemical treatments, biological methods, IPM methods, pesticides, hygiene control, pest spray, cultural control, and pest trapping. If you are looking for the best pest control California companies, then you must recommend these companies that are selected on customer views. 

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