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Fun Things To Do In Mount Laurel

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Fun Things To Do In Mount Laurel

Mount Laurel is a thrilling sunshine township that provides a wide variety of entertaining activities. Travel to this town, you will find n number of fun things to do in Mount Laurel. So from this blog, you will explore some of the amazing fun activities in Mount Laurel.
20 minutes from Philadelphia and an hour from central New Jersey, Mount Laurel provides you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zones and can experience various thrilling activities. Looking at the town from the outside, you can think that it’s just another small town between 2 big cities; but actually, the reality is that this town stands as a destination that has plenty of things to do.

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If you want to spend a perfect weekend in a charming old-fashioned Mount Laurel town, then we have compiled the top 20 fun things to do in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, which are listed below.

1. Acupressure Therapy in Mount Laurel

Acupressure Therapy Image

Being an Asian Oasis designed, Acupressure Therapy helps to reduce stress, relieve the build-up of chronic pain, and improve the overall quality of life. Beloved community of Mount Laurel Township, is known for providing Authentic Asian Massage therapy services. They specialize in various affordable, customized treatments to fulfill the need of various clients.

2. Hiking Trip at Rancocas State Park

Hiking Trip Image

If you love to do hiking, then Rancocas State Park features 58 acres of land, is best to do that. 6.5 miles from downtown mount laurel, Rancocas State Park is suitable for fresh air and enjoying nature and was located in Hainesport. This park is even more commonly known to organize several events throughout the year.

3. Escape Game in Mount Laurel

Escape Game in Mount Laurel Image

Have ever been to Mars? or ever robbed a bank? I am sure you have not, but now you can experience all these exciting adventures at the mystery escape room in Mt.Laurel. Their mystery escape room has a 60-minute challenge, each suit for all ages of adventurous people. Here all the escape room challenges are totally safe and you can leave the escape room any time you want. So, if you love to play with puzzles and challenges then you should try it once.

4. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving Image

If you ever want to do skydiving but can’t because of a fear to jump from a plane, then there is no need to worry because your dream of doing skydiving can be fulfilled here in Mount Laurel.

IFLY Mount Laurel gonna fulfill your dream by offering indoor skydiving. Here everybody from children to seniors can fly in a wind tunnel and can feel like a superhero. You will get real experience of sky diving without the fright of actual freefall.

5. Full Enjoyment CoCo Key Water Resort

CoCo Key Water Resort Image

If you love to play with water and you are searching for a water park in mount laurel to have fun, then you should try CoCo Key Water Resort. It is an indoor water park as well as a resort that is an ideal place to escape the heat. The resort features various attractions such as a lazy river, water slides, lily pad adventure, and so on. Here slides are over 1,000 feet long and perfect for children and adults.

6. Flyboarding in mount laurel

Flyboarding Image

Doing flyboarding is one of the most thrilling and fun things to do in Mount Laurel. It is really awesome feeling by rising 50 feet above the water. Here, first, you will get the chance to earn some basics of flyboarding within 5 minutes to 10 minutes and you will get a proper 30-minute flight to get to know some basic and advanced techniques to reach maximum height.

7. Helicopter Tour in Mount Laurel

Helicopter Tour Image

Doing sightseeing with a corporate helicopter is one of the best fun things to do in Mount Laurel. From the chopper, you will get an opportunity to view this magnificent town from the sky. So, this is the best way if you wish to seek a thrilling way to explore Mount Laurel town from above.

8. Hot Air Balloon in Mount Laurel

Hot Air Balloon Image

Take a ride on your air balloon tour with your loved one, from where you can view the real beauty from the sky. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling 1st time or not, it’s sure that you gonna have a thrilling experience. Here you feel peaceful, relief at 2,000 feet above the ground.

9. Have Fun At Laural Lanes

Laural Lanes Image

Being Suburban complex houses, Laural Lanes offer a full-service bowling center as well as a bar with sports on TV and regular live bands. It features Patio and outdoor dining, Splitz Bar & Grill for indoor, Lickety Splitz Sweet, and Splitz Luxury Suite Private VIP Venue. You can have fun here while enjoying bowling on 60 lanes ( with large projection screen TVs over lanes).

10 . Thrilling Experience at Laurel Acres Park

Laurel Acres Park Image

Being one of the massive parks in Mount Laurel, Laurel Acres Park is span over 50 acres of land, featuring different amenities and activities everyone can enjoy. It features a full-size baseball field with 4 practice fields beside it. The park also has a playground with picnic tables on the side so you can enjoy a picnic. You can enjoy it there while watching ducks and birds swimming around in the lake.

11. Art Diversity at Perkins Center for the Arts

Art Diversity at Perkins Center for the Arts Image

Visiting the Perkins Center for the Arts is one of the most exciting and fun things to do in Mount Laurel. Here you will get the chance to see the diversity of arts. Their main aim is to promote art and culture in the community. It features various exhibits and programs that are suitable for people of all age groups. So, if you are looking for a place in mount laurel to see the real art, then this is the right place.

12. Masonville Square Shopping Center

Masonville Square Shopping Center Image

Shopping at Masonville Square Shopping Center is one of the best fun things to do in mount laurel. In Masonville Square Shopping Centre, you’ll see many small shops and businesses with everything you required. This shopping center is home to a grocery store, a few restaurants, clothes shops, and other businesses.

13. Mount Laurel State Park

Mount Laurel State Park Image

If you want to take a nature walk, or relax and enjoy the scenery then Mount Laurel State Park is the right place. Having 0.8- a mile trail goes through a dense, wooden area, making it a magnificent place to enjoy nature without even going out of town. This place is suitable for those people who want to escape to nature without even going too far.

14. Paragliding in Mount Pleasant

Paragliding Image

Paragliding is an extreme sport that makes you feel free while doing it. You can experience this awesome feeling in Mount Pleasant also. Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: free-flying, lightweight, etc. While paragliding, you will get an awesome experience to view mount pleasant from above.

15. Play Golf at Ramblewood Country Club

Play Golf at Ramblewood Country Club Image

7 minutes away from downtown Mount Laurel, Ramblewood Country Club is 27-hole municipal golf for all types of players. It is one of the premier golf destinations in Mount Lauren that feature 3 golf course sections- the white course, the red course, and the blue course. They provide you with everything as a need for golf and you can get the best opportunity to test your skill.

16. Pottery Painting At The Ceramic Barn

Pottery Painting At The Ceramic Barn Image

If you want to experience pottery painting in Mount Laren, then you should check out The Ceramic Barn. It is a pottery studio that was located on Church Road. They offer several pottery painting workshops, from complex sculptures to simple bisque. There is no requirement to be an artist to enjoy their painting workshop, as their friendly staff will guide you through the process.

17. Explore Rancocas Woods

Rancocas Woods Image

Being a residential community within Mount Laurel Town, Rancocas Woods is home to various small businesses such as art galleries, antique shops, and so on. Exploring the Rancocas woods is one of the fun things to do in mount laurel. Here you can view the event throughout the year such as the Holiday market, Halloween parade, etc.

18. The Funplex

The Funplex Image

Enjoy the thrilling rides or stay dry and can enjoy the show at The Funplex. It is an Amusement park located in mount laurel township, New Jersey. The Funplex is a family-run center with outdoor amusements as well as a waterpark plus an indoor arcade, bowling, etc. It is one of the most complete fun centers in the area where you can have a great way to spend your day while you’re in Mount Laurel.

19. Trotter’s Crossing Soccer Complex

Trotter's Crossing Soccer Complex Image

Play and can enjoy the local game of soccer at Trotter’s Crossing Soccer Complex in Mount Laurel. It is a local soccer complex with 2 standard-size fields and 3 practice fields. Local tournaments are held here, with teams coming all over to compete. You can book a reservation at one of the fields, so you can play a pick-up game with your friend.

20. Play Golf at Topgolf


Being a premier entertainment center in mount laurel, Topgolf is the ideal place to have fun. They feature various games including traditional golf, pool, and much more. They also provide a full-service restaurant and bar which simply means you can enjoy a meal or a few drinks with your friend while playing.

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