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Fun Things To Do in Mount Hood

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Fun Things To Do in Mount Hood

The landscape of Mount Hood is engulfed with snow-covered slopes for miles around. Mount Hood which is located at the north end of the Oregon Cascades is part of Mount Hood National Forest. The national forest includes a number of state parks and wilderness areas. Sandy, Clackamas, Hood, and Salmon Rivers created by melting snow are the major rivers of Mount Hood.

Mount Hood is widely famous for day trips as well as long weekend vacations among visitors. You can find a number of fun things to do in mount hood which always welcomes you gladly in order to offer you an exciting journey. This exciting place is home to a number of fun activities including Rafting, Camping, Skydiving, and Zipline Adventure. Mt. Hood Territory is the perfect place to go on an excitement-filled trip which is ready to provide you with lots of along with a thrilling experience in the natural atmosphere.

Here is the list of the top 20 fun things to do in Mount Hood and places to explore around the magnificent Mount Hood.

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1. Have Rafting In Mount Hood

Rafting In Mount Hood image
Rafting In Mount Hood

During the vacation in Oregon, Tourists as well as local visitors spend part of their journey in Mt. Hood. It is the gateway of many waterfalls, the Columbia River Gorge, and Central Oregon. There are many varieties of rafting trips near Mt Hood, White Salmon, Oregon on the Clackamas, and Deschutes Rivers. Tourists can enjoy river rafting in these lakes and rivers. The river rafting trips in Mount Hood provide visitors with an unparalleled rafting experience and is really one of the USA’s top river rafting destinations. This activity has become one of the top fun things to do in Mount Hood.

2. Have a Completly Unique Experience Of Skydiving

Skydiving In Mount Hood Image

Skydiving in Mount Hood from 14000 feet is one of the·breathtaking and truly extraordinary events and is the most exciting way to see the stunning view of Mount Hood from a different perspective. A Skydiving tour in Mount Hood offers remarkable views of the mountain, river, lake, and forest from the sky and provides the opportunity to experience the sunshine of the state. It is one of the fun things to do in Mount Hood as tourists get the best chance to test their level of adrenaline rush while skydiving.

3. Take Thrilling Biking In Mount Hood

Biking In Mount Hood Image
Biking In Mount Hood

Riding a bike in Mount Hood is really one of the great ways to enjoy the beauty of this area which consists of magnificent lakes, rivers, streams, and bridges. The activity is famous for providing its visitors with an amazing thrill. Mount Hood is known for having family-friendly multimodal pathways and mountain biking terrain with custom-designed tracks. You can take your own bike or you can rent a bike. Some paths have been really developed especially for bike enthusiasts. So, if you are a bike enthusiast you must visit this place to fulfill your biking enthusiasm.

4. Camping In Mount Hood

Camping In Mount Hood image

There are so many ways in which you can cherish your vacation in Mount Hood, one of which is Camping, especially during sunset and sunrise when you can feel the beauty of the mountain and enjoy the natural splendor of Mount Hood National Forest with your naked eyes. The Forest Service of Mount Hood operates more than 75 camping areas, offering picnic tables, vault toilets, and fire rings. Camping is one of the fun things to do in Mount Hood and a great way to explore the natural beauty and attractions that make this place a great destination for spending time with friends and family.

5. Day Hikes In Mount Hood

Day Hikes In Mount Hood Image
Day Hikes In Mount Hood

Hiking On Mount Hood is among the many fun things to do wherein one can get away from the clamor and mayhem of daily life. Hiking through the trails of Mount Hood provides the opportunity to explore the remarkable surroundings, beautiful lakes, lush forests, and winding hiking trails. With many remarkable trails such as Old Salmon River Trail and Zigzag Overlook Trail, Mount Hood provides its visitors with a number of attractive and accessible routes. One of its famous trails is Lake Trails.

6. Enjoy Fishing in Mount Hood


If you are in search of fun things to do in Mount Hood, head for a fishing trip. Mount Hood territory is home to a number of places to do fishing which are located within a 60-min drive from Portland. At the time of fishing, one gets the opportunity to be close to nature. This activity is quite popular among the locals as well as tourists of Mount Hood. One can also sign up for fly fishing lessons or guided adventure trips on Clackamas, Willamette, and Molalla Rivers.

7. Flyboarding In Mount Hood

Flyboarding In Mount Hood

Flyboarding is one of the top-rated fun things to do in Mount Hood. It is a water sports activity in which one gets a chance to fly through the waves using flying boards connected to a jet ski. At Mount Hood water adventure, Flyboarding is one of the most sought-after water adventures in which one gets the opportunity to fly in the air with the help of water. Flyboarding is one of the overwhelming experiences where one learns how to overcome challenges with the help of a sports activity.

8. Start Your Journey With Horse Riding

Horse Riding image
Horse Riding

Horse Riding is one of the most sought-after fun things to do in Mount Hood and can be experienced at many places in Mount Hood. Mount hood national forest is the right place where anyone can experience horseback riding. With the help of horseback riding, one can explore the different sides of Mount Hood. In mount hood national forest, you will receive guided horseback trail rides. You will get a well-trained horse so that you can have an amazing experience. Whether you want to ride solo or with someone, their guide will ensure you have a thrilling journey along the way.

9. Hot Air Balloon in Mount Hood

Hot Air Balloon in Mount Hood Image
Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ride is nothing but a perfect experience of thrills and relaxation. It will provide you with a unique adventure in your life and make you realize that soaring up in a beautiful hot-air balloon is one of the best fun things to do in Mount Hood. Experience this ride with your loved ones, family, and friends in order to make the most of your lovely vacation. This magnificent ride will get you the opportunity to explore Mount Hood at 2000 feet above the ground. So we recommend you enjoy this ride which is full of relief, peace, and beauty.

10. Have an Awesome Experience Of Kayaking

Kayaking in Mount Hood Image

To cherish your holiday in Mount Hood, you can go for several activities to have fun. Kayaking is one of them which provides immense pleasure and an opportunity to discover the captivating beauty of the ecosystem, wildlife, and the scenic beauty of the natural surroundings of Mount Hood through water. Experience Kayaking in lakes such as Timothy Lake, Clear Lake, Frog Lake, and Laurance Lake, especially during sunrise when you get the chance to explore the beauty of Mount Hood with your naked eyes.

11. Explore Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum

Mount Hood Cultural Center Museum Image
Mount Hood Cultural Center Museum

The Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum is a great location when it comes to having fun things to do in Mount Hood. Among the tourists, It is a well-known location that offers a great piece of information about the mid-nineteenth-century history of the area, besides the stunning beauty of the mountain. The center which is located in the community of Government Camp is a common base camp for tourists who are meant to explore the mountain. Take a visit to the museum to know about earlier explorers of Mount Hood and the evolution of skiing on the mountain.

Address: 88900 Government Camp Loop, Government Camp, Oregon

12. Full Enjoyment At Mt. Hood Skibowl

Mt. Hood Skibowl image

Mt. Hood Skibowl is considered one of the fun things to do in Mount Hood and is famous for its night skiing all around the season. It serves as one of the local ski resorts in Mount Hood. The hill is also one of the favorite places for snowboarders as it provides them with a terrain park. Skibowl also offers Cosmic Tubing comprising loud music, laser lights, and cruising with a tube. In the summertime, the mountain also comes up with some other fun things such as mountain biking, ziplining, and horseback riding.

Address: 87000 East Hwy 26, Government Camp, Oregon

13. Paragliding in Mount Hood

Paragliding in Mount Hood Image

Paragliding is one of the most incredible fun things to do in Mount Hood. Paragliding in Mount Hood is certainly worth trying as it fills you with an astonishing feeling by taking you so high above the ground and leaving you around with nothing but wind and sky. A paragliding tour in Mount Hood is one of the great ways to explore the beautiful views of Mout Hood’s mountains and lakes along with its amazing forests. With the help of white owl paragliding, you can experience the tour of Paragliding in Mount Hood.

14. Play Golf And Test Your Skills

Play Golf Image

The Mount Hood Golf Course Club is much popular among locals and tourists as it offers a number of fun things to do in Mount Hood. it is one of the top-rated golf courses in the Mount Hood area. This famous golf course was established in 1936, and ever since it has been an integral part of the Melrose community. With the historic 18-hole public course, this beautiful wooded parkland which spans 300 acres provides its visitors with a unique golf experience. They also provide golf packages and lessons for both beginner and expert golfers.

Address: Mount Hood Golf Club,100 Slayton Rd, Melrose, MA 02176

15. Timberline Lodge ( Awesome Place To Relax)

Timberline Lodge Image
Timberline Lodge

In 1977, Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood constructed in 1937 was assigned a National Historic Landmark. It has become a very prominent part of the national forest. Most of its decor and design have not been changed since its inception in fact they have been preserving them for 80 years. Moreover, the lodge is also equipped with modern amenities and is home to various fun activities which are available throughout the years within Mt. Hood National Forest. In the summertime, Hikers can go on hiking on the Timberline Trail and Pacific Crest Trail which starts from behind the lodge. You can enjoy skiing throughout the year thanks to the summer snow of the Palmer Snowfield.

Address: 27500 E Timberline Road, Government Camp, Oregon

16. Ski In Mount Hood

Ski In Mount Hood Image

Mount Hood is well-known for its year-round snow cover which is really helpful in downhill skiing throughout the year. In addition to this, there are a number of other activities which are available in winter including sledding and tubing, snowmobiling, mushing and skijoring, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing. All these mountain resorts provide unlimited fun even in summer with the help of snow parks located around Mt. Hood.

17. Take Spa In Mount Hood

Spa in Mount Hood Image

Spa in Mount Hood is really in demand as it helps people relax from the commotion of everyday life. Anyone can take the facility of Spa at Mt. Hood Oregon Resort after taking a break from the outdoor adventure.

With a breathtaking backdrop of lush green and huckleberry wilderness, the spa is really such a peaceful place. It includes lots of services and treatments such as facials, nail services, massages, and body treatments. Soaking tub, Infinity Tea Garden, and Infinity Tea Garden are some other things available in the spa which provide visitors with a sense of great mental peace.

Address: 2015 NW 39th Street Lincoln City, OR 97367

Phone: 877-778-9055

18. Go Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing Image
Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing in Mount Hood is one of the captivating fun activities which are available for the whole family as well as individuals. It doesn’t require any special training or technical skills. At ski resorts and Sno-Parks in Mt. Hood, you can enjoy snow tubing activities. These resorts always keep their tubing hills well-groomed and maintained and provide their visitors with a variety of sliding experiences. Those who have their own inner tubes can enjoy tubing at some of the nearby Sno-Parks in Mount Hood.

19. Explore the beauty of Timothy Lake

Timothy Lake in Mount Hood Image
Timothy Lake

Timothy Lake, a great place to have fun, is regarded as to be one of the most stunning places in Mount Hood. It is the largest body of water in Mount Hood National Forest. The clear reflection of the beautiful view of Mount Hood is the most attractive thing among visitors and leads to a number of campsites and hiking trails. There are more than 200 campsites available in the campground. The lake has become a cornerstone for several fun activities such as fishing, hiking, and boating on the water.

20. Go on a Zipline Adventure tour

Zipline in Mount Hood

At Mount Hood Aerial Adventures, Zipline Adventure is regarded as one of the most sought-after adventures in which visitors get the opportunity to fly through difficulties in the air and it is one of the great ways to explore the breathtaking views of Mount Hood Treasure such as Forest, Lake, wildlife and its scenic beauty. At Mt. Hood Adventure Park, you can enjoy the fun of ziplining for 365 days. During the Zipline, you get the opportunity to fly over the top of the park exploring the beautiful view of Mt. Hood and the Mt. Hood National Forest.

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