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Real Estate Companies New Jersey

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Real Estate Companies in New Jersey

Real Estate is the form of real property that is attached to lands such as offices, homes, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, colleges, etc. All land area is considered in Real Estate because all these properties are bought, sold, or leased to customers and it is a very big sector in New Jersey, USA. Real Estate Companies New Jersey have experience, expertise, and knowledge of the real estate industry, and also provide additional services such as property management, property valuation, investment in the retail sector, etc.

Real Estate is a valuable asset that is characterized by some features such as Location, Scarcity, Investment permanence, Uniqueness, Improvements, Immobility, etc. These features of Real Estate Property make the properties unique and advanced for their customers as well as the company. Properties can be customized according to the client’s requirements, needs, and recommendations.

Best Real Estate Companies in New Jersey

New Jersey is a very aesthetic and cool place to live. Here, Real Estate Companies provide you with better-quality properties according to your requirements and needs and their team will guide you properly before buying a property. You can see market insights reports through the company’s team and can do property valuation. 

This article helps you find the best Real Estate Companies New Jersey if you are considering buying, selling, or leasing a property. The company’s team is always available for your services and you can contact them anytime for help or guidance.

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1. Century 21 Real Estate LLC


Century 21 Real Estate LLC is an American Real Estate Agent franchise company, having 10,000 pulse professional employees and 86 broker offices worldwide. This company was founded in 1971 by Arthur E. Bartlett in California. Now, Century 21 Real Estate LLC’s headquarters are in Madison, New Jersey, and Michael Miedler has been the current CEO or President of this company since 2019.

Century 21 provides many services such as Finding a new home, Buying or Selling the property, Leasing property, Mortgage calculation services, Property valuation, etc. This company also provides real estate services in the surrounding cities such as Atlanta, Texas, Chicago, Orlando, Philadelphia, etc. Also, the company offers luxury properties and commercial places


Contact: 866-732-6139

Address: 175 Park Ave, Madison, New Jersey

2. Coldwell Banker


Coldwell Banker is an American Real Estate Franchise in Madison, New Jersey. It was founded by Authur Banker and Colbert Coldwell in 1906, in New Jersey. Anywhere Real Estate and Coldwell Banker LLC are the Parent Organizations of this company. This company has 3000 offices in 49 countries and territories and is considered one of the best Real Estate Companies New Jersey that provides the best properties to its clients at affordable prices.

Coldwell Banker real estate agents will guide you on commercial real estate properties and related real estate services such as property management, valuation, etc. Kamini Lane is the current CEO of Coldwell Banker Realty offers many luxury or commercial properties to customers and develops them as customers need.


Contact: 201-963-1400

Address: Madison, New Jersey

3. Anywhere Real Estate Inc.


Anywhere Real Estate Inc. or Anywhere was founded in 2006 by Ryan Schneider, in New Jersey. It was formerly known as Realogy Holdings, Now Anywhere is the Parent company of Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Cartus, Coldwell Banker Commercial, ERA Real Estate, etc. Anywhere is one of the best Real Estate Companies New Jersey that handles many sub-companies and provides real estate services to its clients.

The company also offers products in the technology & innovation sector that help brokers and agents. Anywhere services are: Anywhere Brands Franchisor in the residential real estate industry, Anywhere Advisor is a full service in Brokerage, Relocation services, Buying, Selling, or Leasing a property, Leads, Insurance, Title & Settlement. 


Contact: 973-407-2000

Address: 175 Park, Medison Ave, Medison, New Jersey

4. K. Hovnanian Homes


K. Hovnanian Homes was Founded by Kevork S. Hovnanian with the help of three brothers, in 1959, in Toms River, New Jersey. Hovnanian Homes has 64 years of experience in the real estate industry and become one of the best Real Estate Companies New Jersey that provides real estate services on a large scale. Ara K. Hovnanian is the CEO of k. Hovnanian Homes acquired many companies and expanded the real estate business in the USA.

The Company customizes clients’ homes according to the four seasons, sells single-family homes, and condominiums, offers luxury lifestyle services, buys or leases a property, etc. This company provides services in different locations such as Virginia, California, Arizona, Delaware, Ohio, etc.


Contact: 732-747-7800

Address: Matawan, New Jersey

5. The Michaels Organization


In 1973, Michael J. Levitt founded The Michaels Organization in Camden, New Jersey. It is the nation’s largest privately held owner and provides residential real estate services. This company has 2000+ employees who are available for your services. John J O’Donnell is the CEO of this organization which provides residential real estate services in different locations.

The Michaels Organization provides services for student living, and military living and has expertise in Development, Management, Construction, and Investment. You can contact company team members if you want to buy residential real estate property at affordable prices, the team will guide you step by step and suggest which property is best fit for you according to your New Jersey location.


Contact: 856-596-3008

Address: 2 Cooper St, Camden, New Jersey

6. Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) 


Sotheby’s International Realty is a global real estate brand and it has been a network of residential brokerage companies since 1976, in New Jersey. This company offers luxury homes, estates, and properties in different 83 countries. It is the largest network of agencies that have the best real estate agents in New Jersey.  It handles many companies such as Prominent Properties, Callaway Henderson, etc.

Sotheby’s International Realty services are Residential Real Estate Properties, Luxury Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Villas, and many more properties for sale. You can rent out these real estate properties and also buy these properties, this company’s network works in the local market and guides you properly. This company traditionally customizes all homes or apartments.


Contact: 908-696-8600

Address: Madison Ave, Madison, New Jersey

7. RealTech Title


RealTech Title is a trusted partner in the Real Estate industry. It serves services to residential or commercial real estate, corporations, and financial institutions nationwide. RealTech Title works in different locations such as Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, etc.

RealTech Title services are Residential and Commercial real estate properties, Insurance and Relocation services, REO and 1031 Exchange services, and Builder and Virtual Close services. If you want to buy any real estate property, contact with the company that provides you the best solution to your queries, and team members work in local areas too.


Contact: 800-250-3440

Address: Mount Laurel, New Jersey



Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BHHS) is a brokerage franchise network that works in the real estate industry. Warren Buffett is the Chairman and CEO of BHHS company. BHHS real estate market is very big and many franchises are opened by the company such as BHHS Fox & Roach, BH Home Sale, etc. If you want to sell any kind of real estate property then you can negotiate with the company, and accurate prices are offered to you.

You can buy, sell, or rent out luxury real estate properties from the company and get benefits on selling or buying a property. When you are buying the property, the team members show you the best-fit properties and take care of your recommendations and needs after that they design or optimize the homes according to you.


Contact: 800-548-3466

Address: Somerset, New Jersey

9. Keller Williams


Keller Williams is an American Technology and International Real Estate franchise. It was founded by Gary W. Keller in 1983, in Austin. It is the largest real estate franchise in the USA, has 2 lakh employees in 1100 offices worldwide, and handles many small firms that work locally. Marc King is the president of Keller Williams provides all types of real estate properties at affordable rates.

Keller Williams offers luxury homes, apartments, villas, and condos and The company also deals in commercial properties such as hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping mall areas, showrooms, warehouses, restaurants, and multifamily houses. You can contact the company at any time and they will help you to find the best properties in New Jersey and surrounding areas.


Contact: 908-273-2991

Address: 488 Springfield Ave, Summit, New Jersey

10. Prominent Properties SIR


Prominent Properties firm was established in 1979, in Tenafly, New Jersey. It is a luxury real estate firm serving the metropolitan New York City marketplace. This company has 13 regional offices and 750 real estate professionals who will guide you to sell, buy, and lease the best property in nearby areas. Prominent Properties works under Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) which is a worldwide brand that ensures clients receive real estate services globally.

Prominent Properties serves four types of services: Buy, Sell, Relocation, and Developers. During buying or selling a property, you can negotiate about the property and also see market insight and property valuation reports that help you to be aware of real estate property prices.


Contact: 201-568-5668

Address: 90 County Rd, Tenafly, New Jersey

11.  Pantzer Properties


Founded in 1971, Pantzer Properties is a fully integrated operator of multifamily assets company in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. This company owns and manages luxury and exclusive assets of multifamily properties. Panco Operations LLC is a Pantzer-owned private asset and construction management company that builds luxury customized homes and apartments with the help of experienced employees.

Companies deal in Property management and Residence services, on the other hand, all buying, selling, and leasing work is done by Panco company. This company also works in different locations such as New York, Florida, Mid-Atlantic of the USA, etc. Property management service is very popular, you can trust this company if you want your property to be kept safe during your absence.


Contact: 201-310-6400

Address: 395 W Passaic St, Rochelle Park, New Jersey

12. Callaway Henderson

Callaway Henderson

In 1953, John T. Henderson Sr. established Callaway Henderson in Princeton, New Jersey. Now, This company is handled by the third generation of the Henderson and Callaway family. Since 2012, Callaway Henderson has worked under Sotheby’s International Realty and extended their business throughout the USA too. Communities are worked in different locations such as Cranbury, Hillsborough, Hopewell Borough and Township, Pennigton, etc.

This company deals in buying, and selling and also offers commercial properties on rent. These commercial properties are very customized to customers’ views and you can easily rent out the property, the team will guide you properly. The company also offers property valuation and management services for their customers and if you want to buy property outside New Jersey then you can buy it easily.


Contact: 609-921-1050

Address: 4 Nassau St, Princeton, New Jersey

13. Dasmen Residential


Dasmen Residential is a privately held management and real estate investment firm that operates and owns multifamily properties in the USA. Michael I. Katz is the Founder and CEO of Dasmen Residential since 2009. He helps its customers to value add to their investment and over 5000 multifamily units are acquired in the North, South, Midwest, and Carolinas of the USA.  

Dasmen Residential provides outstanding investment returns to clients and investors and the company’s mission is to be the best partner for investors, lenders clients, and residents. Dasmen Residential works on three principles: Performance, Perfection, and Integrity. Using these principles, the team will prepare business strategies and decide which investment is the best for their customers. 


Contact: 888-583-3212

Address: Ramsey, New Jersey

14. The Solomon Organization


The Solomon Organization was established by Marc Solomon in 1977, In Summit, New Jersey. The Solomon Organization is a vertically integrated management, investment, and development multifamily real estate company. This company operates and owns 60+ properties and approximately 21,000 residential real estate units in Nine states. Marshall Rosen is the current CEO of this company.

The company offers luxury properties that are designed for residential and commercial multifamily and also provides real estate properties for middle-class families at affordable rates in different states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, etc. So, you can easily buy, sell, rent, or lease a property from the company.


Contact: 908-988-1000

Address: 92 RiverRd, Summit, New Jersey

15. Cushman & Wakefield


Cushman & Wakefield was established by Healty and Baker in 1820, in the United Kingdom. This company works worldwide in the real estate industry and provides luxury homes, villas, apartments, and commercial places. In 2015, Cushman & Wakefield merged with DTZ company which was established in 1784, in the UK. This company has approx 52,000 people who operate 400 offices in 60 countries.

Cushman & Wakefield provides many services such as Valuation and Advisory, Retail Investment Advisor, Corporate Sustainability and wellness, Consulting, Space Management, Planning, and Occupancy (SPO), Transaction Management, Agency Leasing, Labor Analytics and Location Strategy, Smart Building Solutions, Multifamily Advisory Group, etc.


Contact: 201-935-4000

Address: 7th Floor, East Rutherford, New Jersey

16. Greystar


Robert (Bob) Alan Faith established Greystar Real Estate in 1993. Faith Family Holding is a parent company of Greystar. Bob Faith is the Founder and CEO of this company that provides real estate services with the help of 23,400 team members who handle 64 offices. This company has expertise in the Investment, Management, and Development of the Rental Housing Industry.

More than 8.5 lakh Multifamily units are managed in Property management service and investment management services, The Team will help you to find investment homes and make business strategies for vast results, a 34 billion-dollar asset in the Development and Construction sector.


Contact: 215-398-0614

Address: Short Hills, New Jersey

17. Taylor Management


Taylor Management Company provides Residential management services to homeowners and condominiums throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Paul A. Santoriello is the president of Taylor Management Company, He has 25 years of experience in Property Management and manages 300 properties with the help of real estate agents and employees.

You can buy, sell, or lease your home through Taylor Management. This company provides many services such as Physical Management, Accounting Management, Administrator Service, Financial or Audit  Management, etc. Also, you can see market insight reports and do property valuation.


Contact: 732-764-1001

Address: Somerset, New Jersey

18. Re/Max


Real Estate Maximum (Re/Max) is an American International Real Estate Company that operates through a franchise. Dave Liniger and Gail A. Liniger were the founders of this company established in 1973. Re/max has 1 lakh agents who manage 6800 real estate offices in 100 countries. Nick Bailey is the current CEO of this company. 

The agents of this company are professionals who help you to find a suitable property for you. You can sell the property and rent it out through the company. This company offers Luxury apartments and homes, Open houses with pet space. Re/max offers Home Selling valuation services for those clients who want to sell their homes. 


Contact: 973-657-1000

Address: West Milford, New Jersey

19. KRE Group 


Kushner Real Estate Group was established by Joseph Kushner in 1979, in New Jersey. KRE Group has expertise in different fields such as Acquisition, Construction, Design, Management, Legal, Finance, etc. Jared Kushner is the CEO of this company. It is a real estate investment and management company that provides real estate services in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

KRE Group works in Residential and Commercial real estate areas. Commercial places such as Hospitals, Restaurants, Offices, Shopping Malls, etc are under the KRE Group. Clients can contact the company to buy these places or take on a lease as a contract. This company also offers Garden Collection properties to its customers.


Contact: 201-733-8100

Address: Jersey City, New Jersey

20. VRI Homes


VRI Homes is a digital real estate marketing company that was established in 1980, in Hazlet, New Jersey. Brian Olson is the CEO of VRI Homes and this company provides many services such as Sells, Buys, Rents, Mortgage Loans, Property Management, Real Estate School, Insurance, Tax Appels, Local Business, Commercial and Residential real estate services for their customers or clients.

VRI Homes has many offices in different cities or areas such as Toms River, Cherry Hill, Atlantic Highlands, Colts Neck, Commercial Division, Keyport, etc. The company also provides Relocation and Auction services which help to increase sales and company gain customers’ trust and customize their homes according to their needs.


Contact: 800-531-2885

Address: Hazlet, New Jersey


Real Estate Companies have many years of experience in the real estate industry, New Jersey is one of the best states of the USA that provides a very classic and healthy environment. Before buying or selling you should see the market insight report which includes many factors such as property valuation and current property rates according to location. These companies are trusted by many clients that provide you real estate services near or surrounding areas.

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