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Real estate companies Pennsylvania

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Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania

Real Estate is considered as real properties such as a home, or apartment that are connected to the land and different from personal properties such as vehicles, jewelry, furniture, farm equipment, etc. Real Estate has many types of properties such as Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Industrial real estate, land, and Special purpose real estate properties.

The top 20 Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania have a team that handles many businesses related to properties such as buying, selling, investing, managing, and developing property. Pennsylvania has a huge population, but the living cost is very low because all areas are covered with mountain hills that provide a cool or healthy environment. These real estate companies help to find properties at affordable prices for their customers.

20 Best Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania

Property Valuation is the key or main factor in real estate companies. It is the process of an estimate for the value of a property according to condition, location, and other factors. Before buying property in Pennsylvania make sure you know about the property valuation. These companies help you in every step when buying real estate property in Pennsylvania

This article will help you to find the top 20 Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania and nearby areas such as New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Florida, California, South California, Virginia, Atlanta, etc.

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1. The Don Wenner Team


The Don Wenner Team is a leader and the fastest growing company in the real estate industry which is affiliated with eXp Realty. This company’s team members have been dealing in buying or selling properties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for the past 10 years. This company was established by Don Wenner whose mission is to provide the right property on your current situation, terms, conditions, and needs.

The company has sold 4 billion in real estate with the help of 30 employees. It offers many services such as The Trade Up program, Free Home Evaluation, Flexible commission plan, Accelerated selling solutions, Distinctive Luxury Properties, etc. The Team provides some tips when you buy homes or warehouses, Staff guides you properly such as supply changes of homes, etc.


Contact: 610-421-4610

Address: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

2. Binswanger 


Binswanger was founded in 1931, in Pennsylvania, USA by Frank Binswanger. Now, Binswanger is a family real estate business that has continuously and consistently served 500 corporations and institutional clients in both large and small towns throughout the USA. Binswanger Real Estate Company is in the top 20 Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania and provides four types of services: Brokerage services, Advisory services, Logistics services, and Management services. 

Binswanger has expertise in real estate such as Building a new factory, warehouse, homes, and apartments for clients, the big brokerage network that helps to find suitable properties for clients and do deals based on property valuation. This company also deals in other sectors such as Supply Chain real estate, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Retail, and Indoor Agriculture real estate properties.


Contact: 215-448-6000

Address: Suite 5100, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. BHHS Fox & Roach


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (BHHS) Fox & Roach is the largest residential brokerage company in Pennsylvania, USA. This company provides real estate services since 1995. In 2022, This company was named “ Real Estate Agency Brand of the Year”. BHHS has more than 80 sales offices in the Tri-state of the USA, and more than 5000 employees work in this company. 

BHHS provides many real estate services such as Selling a Home, Buying a Home,  Mortgage, Insurance, Settlement, Luxury Homes, Exchange House, and Rental Houses, Employees are always available in your services and guide you if you are thinking of buying a property according to Pennsylvania location. BHHS Fox and Roach has communities in other states such as New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.


Contact: 610-889-7724

Address: 431 W Lancaster Ave, Devon, Pennsylvania

4. Morgan Properties


This company was founded in 1985 but Mitchell Morgan renamed this company in 1996 and took sole ownership of the company. Jonathan Morgan has handled Morgan Properties since 2011 and became the second-largest multi-family owner in the USA. Morgan Properties provides real estate services: Buying and selling a home, Investment tips, Guide the customers related to real estate properties, Mortgage services, etc. 

The company’s mission is to provide exemplary service to customers with the help of communities. This company has communities in Indiana, New York, Florida, Texas, Virginia, North California, Louisiana, Maryland, Georgia, Delaware, etc. You can join Morgan’s Social Program which cares for those who have nothing to live, you can give or invest in them via Morgan. 


Contact: 484-690-1927

Address: 160 Clubhouse Rd, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

5. Balfour Beatty Communities


Balfour Beatty Communities was founded in 1999, in Pennsylvania. This company is a diversified real estate company and provides services in the multifamily, and military housing sector. Since 1999, this company has developed and renovated more than 31,000 units or has $6 million in real estate assets under its management, and is considered among the top 20 real estate companies Pennsylvania.

Balfour Beatty provides many client services such as Property Management in which staff of this company manage properties for clients and deliver high-quality services, Assets Management in which a team or staff handles clients’ Assets and the valuation of their assets is growing from time to time. Other services are Buying or Selling a home, Property Valuation, Loans, Leas the property, etc.


Contact: 610-355-8100

Address: Malvern, Pennsylvania

6. IRT Living


Independence Realty Trust (IRT) was founded in 2009. Scott Schaeffer is the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive of the IRT Living. IRT Living is a real estate investment company that operates multifamily apartment properties. This company provides the best place to live with the help of professional teams or communities and delivers superior customer services at affordable rates.

The IRT Build Department team takes care of all the details of apartments, and homes and designs the real estate properties according to the resident’s demand. IRT also offers to lease a property for those customers who do not want to buy property, provide maintenance services, and renew the property at a meager cost. IRT LIVING has communities in different countries such as Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, North California, Tennessee, Virginia, etc.


Contact: 267-270-4800

Address: 1835 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

7. PRG Real Estate & Management


Jon Goodman and Steven Berger founded PRG Real Estate & Management Company in 1985, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PRG is an investment and property management firm that provides high-quality homes, apartments, and building areas to residents. This company enhances its business strategies and has sold 11,000 units in the real estate industry.

PRG provides 24/7 hours to assist you in property management. PRG  provides monthly pay services if you don’t have money to buy a home and rental insurance for properties after selling a home or apartment, Lease properties at affordable prices, and also offers pet homes in the property if you are a pet lover.


Contact: 215-744-1200

Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8. SSH Real Estate


Seligsohn Soens Hess (SSH) Real Estate was founded by Harold B. Hess in 1952, in Philadelphia as Leasing Storefronts and Small Manufacturing Space. SSH Real Estate is one of the largest privately held commercial real estate company in Philadelphia. It is listed in the top 20 Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania that provide services in Investment, Brokerage, Property Management, and Maintenance. 

SSH services are Property management, Advisory, Brokerage, Property accounting, and Financial services for their customers and staff will guide you if you want to buy or sell the properties according to your terms and conditions. SSH offers also Mortgage loans and leasing properties. SSH Real Estate has acquired many buildings, and offices and expanded their business in different locations with the help of company partners.


Contact: 215-893-3000

Address: Suite 2450, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9. BHHS Homesale Realty

BHHS Homesale Realty

BHHS Homesale Realty has been managed or directed by Folks who are the leaders in the real estate industry. Teri Conklin, president of BHHS Homesale Realty, provides real estate services in different counties such as Adams County, Berks County, Chester County, Cumberland County, Delaware County, Franklin County, Lancaster County, York, and Perry Counties, etc. with the help of 1300 employees.

BHHS Homesale Realty provides many services related to buying or selling a house. In Buy House services, you can find newly constructed homes and commercial real estate services. In Sell services, you can see the market sell report and after that, you sell your property according to property valuation. BHHS offers you rental houses and agents that help you to find a suitable property according to your needs.


Contact: 800-383-3535

Address: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

10. Lavinia Smerconish Firm


This real estate firm was started by Lavinia Smerconish in Haverford, Pennsylvania. Lavinia Smerconish is affiliated with Compass Pennsylvania LLC. Lavinia helps you to find a legal property that fits according to your budget. This firm provides many services to customers but the main services such as Home Search, Home Valuation, and Concierge Services.

Lavinia is the best real estate agent in Philadelphia, her firm has 20 years of experience and is considered one of the top 20 real estate companies in Pennsylvania that provide properties at affordable rates to its clients and offer luxury properties at the Main Line in Pennsylvania. Home Valuation services help you find or sell your properties at property worth.


Contact: 610-615-5400

Address: Haverford Square, Haverford, Pennsylvania

11. MPN Realty


Mallin Panchelli Nadel (MPN) Realty was established in 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. MPN has over 31 years of experience in the real estate industry. It is one of the top 20 Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania and has expertise in different fields such as Commercial Real Estate, Investment Real Estate, Multi-family properties, Restaurants or Development Opportunities, etc.

MPN provides many real estate services to its customers and its team or staff will handle all types of real estate problems and guide the customers, to find suitable properties for them at affordable prices. MPN has additional expertise such as Business Expansion and Renovation, Property and Rent Evaluation, Guidance in increasing property values, etc. You can buy, sell, or lease a property from this company at any time.


Contact: 215-413-4900

Address: 1601 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12. Post Brothers

Post Brothers

Matthew and Michael Pestronk founded Post Brothers in 2006, in Pennsylvania. It is a real estate company in the USA that provides real estate properties according to user’s requirements and locations. Matthew Pestronk is the CEO and Michael Pestronk is the president of the Post Brothers. This company has developed more than 30 properties, 8000 apartments, 7 lakh offices, and retail space for their customers.

Post Brothers is dealing in two sectors: The residences and Retail sector properties. The company offers many costly or luxury apartments such as The Dutches, The Piazza, Goldtex, Rittenhouse Hills, The Atlantic, Poplar, etc. It offers leasing property for those who do not want to buy real estate property and they can start living in that property.


Contact: 215-586-4111

Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

13. PMC Property Group

PMC Property Group

PMC (Philadelphia Management Company) Property Group was founded by Ron Caplan in 1981, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the president of PMC Property Group since 1981. This company purchases urban properties and transforms them into rental or commercial places for customers and provides properties in different locations such as Florida, North and South California, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Clients can contact the company’s team and the staff will guide them properly if they want to buy, sell, or lease a property. The Staff handles all the queries related to real estate property and after that, they suggest suitable properties for you. Also, The company sells or leases office apartments, if any client wants to start their own business.


Contact: 215-241-0200

Address: 1608 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

14. Keystone Closing Services


Keystone Closing Services is a subsidiary of Anywhere Real Estate company. Scott Storck is the president of Keystone Closing Services which provides real estate properties in western Pennsylvania. The company’s mission is to provide you with trusted legal properties and a team company is always available for your service.

If anyone wants to buy, sell, or take property on lease, then he can contact the company’s team. The staff will guide you to find the best property in Pennsylvania. The company services are Residential or Commercial properties, Insurance of your property, Relocation, and REO services, 1031 Exchange, and Virtual Close services.


Contact: 412-922-8500

Address: 2605 Nicholson Road, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

15.  Hersha Hospitality Trust


Hersha Hospitality Trust (HT) is a self-advised real estate company in the hospitality sector. Hersha Hospitality Trust was founded in 1984, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. HT owns and operates 24 luxury hotels in different locations such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington, South Florida, Boston, California, and DC, and become the best-trusted real estate firm in Pennsylvania.

If any client wants to buy property in the Hospitality sector with a luxury lifestyle then contact this company. Mr. Hasu P. Shah is the Chairman Emeritus and Trustee of Hersha Hospitality Trust and has developed or managed 110 hotels in the real estate Pennsylvania industry and gained customers’ trust in 36 years.


Contact: 215-238-1281

Address: 2001 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

16. PREIT 


Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) was founded by Sylvan M. Cohen in 1960, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PREIT is a public real estate investment trust in different shopping malls. PREIT ownership or management of all shopping malls with over 22 million retail space in the USA. In 2012, Joseph F. Coradino became the third CEO of this company.

This company deals in the shopping mall retail space sector and provides many retail spaces in different locations such as New York, MD, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey. If you do not want to buy retail space in a shopping mall then the company offers you to take space as a lease with a monthly payment.


Contact: 215-875-0700

Address: 2005 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

17. GREA


GREA was established in 2013, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Global Real Estate Advisors is a commercial and brokerage real estate company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that provides private capital and institutional investors, a full-service investment sales platform, and multi-family investment in the USA or surrounding countries. 

The company’s mission is to help clients achieve their real estate goals via company knowledge, expertise, connections, creativity, and experience. GREA also publishes market insight reports for customers which helps to find the best or suitable rates for properties in the real estate industry. GREA has many offices in different locations such as Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, etc.


Contact: 215-454-2852

Address: 107 South, 2nd St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

18. SREA


Stockton Real Estate Advisory (SREA) was established in 2005, in Pennsylvania. SREA provides innovative and strategic solutions for clients’ businesses. Clients can be real estate investment trusts, institutional owners, non-profit organizations, or individuals. This company also offers internship programs in the real estate industry for students who want to make a career in this industry.

SREA services are Investment Advisory, Property Management, Asset Management, Landlord Advisory, Tenant and Corporate Advisory. This company manages commercial, office, and retail properties across the Philadelphia or New Jersey area. If any client wants to get some knowledge on financial services during buying or selling the properties then Staff will help you 24/7 hours.


Contact: 215-636-4444

Address: 1760 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

19. Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services


Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services was founded in 1895 by Robert Mericle, in Pennsylvania. This company is a privately owned, full-service, commercial real estate, properties, and brokerage company in Plains Township, Pennsylvania. Mericle Commercial has developed 26 billion square feet of industrial, flex, and office space in Northern Pennsylvania.

Mericle Commercial Real Estate Service provides many services such as buying, selling, or leasing property, territory coverage, finding a property, evaluating your property, advertising your property, advisory services, and designing your homes and apartments according to your customization and recommendations.


Contact: 570-823-1100

Address: 100 Baltimore Drive, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

20. GM Holdings LLC


GM Holdings LLC is a property management company that manages luxury apartments, new construction units, and luxury homes and lease or sell these properties to clients. This company provides commercial and residential properties in different locations such as Fishtown, Harrogate, Kensington, Northern Liberties, Port Richmond, and Philadelphia.

This company provides many services to its customers buying or selling property, and rental properties including single or multi-family homes, duplexes, lofts, and apartments. If you want luxury properties on rent then contact the company team or staff that will help you to find or guide a suitable property in specific locations.


Contact: 215-425-4475

Address: 3548 K St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is a beautiful state of the USA that is covered with mountain hills area and here living environment is very beautiful and healthy. Here, Many Real Estate Companies Pennsylvania that provide you with luxury homes or apartments, business offices, and retail space at affordable rates. If you want to avoid buying a property then companies offer you properties on rent and customize them according to your needs or you can take a property as a lease from the company. 


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