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Pest control Louisiana

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Pest Control Companies in Louisiana

Louisiana’s climate is subtropical which is a favorable environment for pests. According to general reports, approximately 8,000 species of insects or pests live in Louisiana including moths, beetles, dragonflies, damselflies, grasshoppers, katydids, butterflies, crickets, and honeybees.

So, Pest Control Louisiana companies take charge of preventing and eliminating from homes, apartments, and other commercial places. Some companies provide pre-construction pest treatment in which the staff ensures that pests such as termites, bedbugs, etc. can not weaken the homes by removing soil.

Subterranean termites, bed bugs, etc. are the most common pests but cause billions of dollars in property damage annually because these insects live underground and make holes in the woods and soils of the houses.

Other insects are mosquitoes, silverfish, roaches, rodents, fire and carpenter ants, bees, flies, rats, etc. spread diseases like hantavirus, chikungunya, malaria, etc.

Best Pest Control Louisiana

To prevent pests, people spend many dollars on several treatments which are very costly. Pest Control Louisiana companies have IPM methods and techniques to prevent pests permanently at an affordable price.

We have shared the top 20 best pest control companies in Louisiana, and you can choose according to your pest problem.

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1. Louisiana Pest Control Services

Louisiana pest control services

Louisiana Pest Control Services Incorporated is a family-owned and operated pest control company that was established by Kenneth Gremillion in 1974, in Louisiana. Bart and his wife Rena Gremillion are the current owners of this company.

One of the oldest pest control Louisiana companies that serve in Ascension Parish,  Livingston Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Tangipahoa Parish,  St.Tammany Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, Iberville Parish, etc. locations of Louisiana.

This company provides many services such as wildlife control and removal,  mosquito mist systems, industrial fumigation, horticultural services, termite prevention and protection, common insect removal, etc. in one-time, monthly, and quarterly programs.

Also, These treatments are very safe and effective and guarantee free home inspection or re-services free of cost.


Address: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Contact: 225-800-4607

2. DA Exterminating

DA exterminating

DA Exterminating Co. is one of the largest independent, non-franchised, and locally operated pest control companies. This pest control company was founded in 1959 and provides services in Southern Louisiana or the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

DA Exterminating Co. has three main offices in Metairie, Covington, and Houma cities of Louisiana. This company prevents or removes pests from residential, and commercial areas with the help of locally trained employees.

Employees use Integrated Pest Management tools and techniques to prevent mosquitoes, rodents, and other common pests. Other services are wildlife trapping and removal, and marine fumigation.

It offers a summer, spring, fall, and winter seasons total home protection program in which employees will come and remove seasonal pests without affecting the environment.


Address: Metairie, Louisiana

Contact: 504-888-4941

3. Anti Pest

Anti pest

Anti Pest is a locally owned and operated pest control company that was founded in 1950. This company has two main offices in Shreveport and Bossier and provides full-pest services in the surrounding parishes.

It is one of the oldest pest control Louisiana companies whose goal is to provide a pest-free, safe, and comfortable environment for you and your family. You can get same-day or next-day services after contacting with company.

In residential areas, their prices start from $ 75 per month for pest and mosquito control services and $ 185 yearly for termite control services. In commercial areas, pest and termite control services started from $ 45 and $ 55 respectively. The staff removes 20 types of pests from residential and commercial areas.


Address: Shreveport, Louisiana

Contact: 318-221-6181

4. LaJaunie’s Pest Contol

LaJaunieGs pest control

LaJaunie’s Pest Contol company was founded by Jared and Skye LaJaunie in 2008. This company serves its services all over Louisiana such as Metairie, Covington, Houma, etc., and offers a $ 15 special discount to customers.

The company offers Healthy Home and Healthy Home Plus programs at $ 49 per month, and the Complete Home Protection program at $ 74 per month with quarterly visits. This company has 4 main offices in New Orleans, Thibodaux, Baton Rouge, and Slidell.

Services are pest control, bed bug, and termite control, mosquito and rodent control, wildlife trapping and removal, germ control environmental service, and attic insulation repair in commercial areas such as the food industry, warehouses, homes, real estate properties, multi-unit properties, and maintain medical facilities.


Address: New Orleans, Louisiana

Contact: 985-859-7378

5. Ja-Roy Pest Control

 Ja-Roy pest control

Since 1971, Ja-Roy Pest Control has been serving pest control services in Saint Tammany, Tangipahoa, East or West Baton Rouge, etc parishes of Louisiana. Jack Edwards and Cliff Fauntleroy were the founders of this company.

The company is one of the best pest control Louisiana companies that has local staff. Employees are well-trained and available all the time to prevent pests and wildlife animals with the help of IPM methods.

The staff exterminates many types of pests such as snakes, ants, bees, beetles, hornets, wasps, cockroaches, fleas, moths, rodents, termites, etc. from residential, industrial, and commercial places such as schools, daycare centers, retail, and grocery stores, warehouse, office buildings, food processing units, motels, hospitals, colleges, homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, etc.


Address: Covington, Louisiana 

Contact: 985-800-7843

6. Delta Pest Services

Delta pest services

Founded in 2015, Delta Pest Services is a locally owned and operated company that is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This company has four main offices in New Roads and Gonzales including Covington and Mandeville.

Also, this company serves many cities in Louisiana such as Covington, Mandeville, etc. with the help of highly certified local technicians who have expertise in removing pests and maintaining lawn or garden areas of the customers.

Delta Pest Services provides many services such as pest control, termite and bed bug control, mosquito and rodent control, and lawn care services to residential, industrial, and commercial people of Louisiana. Its mission is to provide a healthy, pest-free, safe, and environment-friendly place to customers by using IPM techniques.


Address: Gonzales, Louisiana

Contact: 225-240-1302

7. Pied Piper Pest Control

Pied piper pest control

Pied Piper Pest Control is a Gretna-based, locally owned and operated company that provides quality services to customers. This company also serves services in surrounding areas and provides a pest-free environment at an affordable price.

You can get $ 100 off on Any Total Termite Protection Plan, and 10% Off on A Year Total Defense Prepaid Protection Plan including all types of pests with a free home inspection or re-treatment services.

This company helps you to remove all types of common pests such as mosquitoes, rodents, Termidor services, etc. with the help of environment-friendly tools and techniques and reduces the presence of pests. You can contact the company at any time and monthly, quarterly, and one-time visit services are also offered


Address: Gretna, Louisiana

Contact: 504-366-1333

8. Gregory Pest Solutions

Gregory pest solutions

Gregory Pest Solutions is a South Carolina-based pest control company that provides services in Louisiana through its local partner company. This company was established in 1972 in Greenville, South Carolina.

It is one of the best pest control Louisiana companies that covers all areas of Louisiana. This company’s services are fast, effective, and ethical because they use IPM-friendly tools and techniques. Service treatment plan prices are very low.

Gregory’s technicians use ecological, biological, and environmental factors to identify the pests, and after that, the staff uses methods and tools to remove pests from commercial properties such as apartments, homes, hospitals, restaurants, etc. Services are general or common pest removal, maintenance services, repairing services, termite and bed bug control services, etc.


Address: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Contact: 866-349-3752

9. Redd Pest Control

Redd pest solutions

In 1946, Redd Pest Control was established by J.C. Redd in Gulfport, Mississippi, and also serves in Alabama, and Louisiana. Today, this company is handled by third or fourth-generation leaders Gordon Redd, Jr. and Kenny Redd.

It is a family-owned and operated company, and it has also become one of the best pest control Louisiana companies that have highly-trained certified technicians. This company serves over 30,000 customers around three states.

Redd Pest Control uses a three-step process: Inspection, Analysis & Estimate, and Treatment, and it is free of cost service. Services are rodent control, ant control, termite and bed bug control, wildlife control and removal, disinfecting service, and mosquito control. Also, the staff cleans or repairs the damaged areas of the properties.


Address: Gulfport, Mississippi

Contact: 888-733-3626

10. Vexcon Inc.

Vexcon inc.

Vexcon Inc. is a family-owned, locally-owned, and operated pest control business. This company was founded by Bill and Donnie Bretherto in Bossier City, in 1996. Now, Rickey Bretherton runs this pest control company in surrounding areas.

Vexcon Inc.’s staff is well-trained and uses eco-friendly products that are safe for kids, pets, and families. The company’s technicians are local so they remove or prevent pests from residential, industrial, and commercial areas.

This company has many services such as preventative insect sprays, rodent prevention & eradication, thermal acoustical pest control, bed bug elimination, reptile removal, termite treatment and inspections, animal extraction, humane wildlife removal, and relocation, mystery noises and odors, common pest removal like ants, and annihilation package service at affordable prices.


Address: Benton, Louisiana

Contact: 318-965-5357

11. Romex Pest Control

Romex pest control

Romex Pest Control is locally owned and operated in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mississippi. This company provides smart solutions, a pest-free environment to customers, and has competitive prices.

The staff uses eco, kid, and pet-friendly tools, and offers $ 150 off on your initial service. This company is available in Eastern, Western, and Central Northshore areas of Louisiana and has grown into the top 50 pest control companies.

Romex Pest Control services are general pest and bed bug services, termite elimination services, general cockroach, mosquito fogging and trap services, rodent exclusion and snake away services, garage door sealant, and weep hole screen services, scorpion control services, etc. with the help of specialists. These services are available in residential and commercial places.


Address: Franklinton, Louisiana

Contact: 844-955-2447

12. Fox Pest Control

Fox pest control

Mike Romney and Bryant White started Fox Pest Control company in 2012. This company is locally owned and operated with 30 branches. Owner expands their pest business in 13 states, and all branches are operated by trained technicians.

You can contact the company Monday to Friday, and they provide the same or next-day service. To get rid of pests problem, staff inspect your home, apply treatment, and after that monitor and maintain your home.

Fox Pest Control has many services such as home protection, termite control, and elimination, yard treatment, repair damage area service, scorpion, beetle, silverfish, and other insect control, centipede and millipede control, etc. with free home inspection services. The staff provides a 30-day pest-guarantee environment to families.


Address: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Contact: 225-314-6252

13. McKenzie Pest Control

McKenzie pest control

McKenzie Pest Control is locally owned and operated in Southwest Louisiana. This company has provided services since 1951 and become one of the best pest control Louisiana companies that provide quality services with satisfaction.

Technicians are well-trained and certified in the pest management industry, and offer monthly, every other month, quarterly, and yearly. You can contact the team on in-service days, and get the same or next-day service.

The staff helps to remove Formosan or subterranean termites, fire, carpenter, pharaoh, ghost ants, brown ticks, adult fleas, German, and American roaches, oriental, and smoky brown roaches, spiders, roof rats, Norway rates, house mice, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, sow bugs, and all other local pests or insects from commercial, residential, and industrial places.


Address: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Contact: 337-478-7826

14. Billiot Pest Control

Billiot pest control

Since 1937, Billiot Pest Control has provided pest control services by operating two corporate offices which are located in New Orleans, and Covington. It is a family-owned and operated company that protects your homes from pests.

This company uses fewer pesticides to prevent or remove pests and save the environment. It also offers monthly pest control, monthly mosquito control, quarterly pest control, and one-time service plans with Active Sentricon Baiting System.

Having 87 years of experience, employees have expertise in removing ants, beetles, bees, hornets, centipedes, millipedes, termites, mosquitoes, caterpillars, silverfish, wasps, rodents, roaches, fleas, moles, earwigs, bed bugs, and many more by using eco, kid, pet, and family-friendly products. Maintenance, re-treatment, and home inspection services are free of cost.


Address: New Orleans, Louisiana

Contact: 504-365-0075

15. Dial One Franklynn Pest Control

Dial one franklynn pest control

Dial One Franklynn Pest Control Corporation was started by Joseph Frank Azzarello Jr. and his wife, Gloria Lynn in 1969. This company is located in Southern Louisiana and serves in New Orleans and western Louisiana.

It is a family-owned and operated business that focuses on quality services with the help of experts. They customize their pest plan according to customer requirements and ensure a pest-free environment with the help of safe products.

Employees have many tools and methods to remove wildlife animals such as snakes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, termite prevention and removal, honey bee rescue and relocation, lawn care pests, fumigations, ants, bed bugs, rodents, roaches, fleas, silverfish, mosquitoes, etc. from inside or outside of the homes and other properties.


Address: Metairie, Louisiana

Contact: 504-885-3101

16. J & J Exterminating

J & J exterminating

J & J Exterminating is one of the oldest pest control Louisiana companies that was established in 1960 in Crowley, Louisiana. It was founded by Robert John Sr. and his brother Harry who were an entomologist.

Robert Jr. is the president of this company and provides services in Shreveport, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Crowley, DeRidder, New Orleans, Hammond, Lafayette, etc. cities of Louisiana with the help of experts and highly trained trainers.

It is a family-owned and largest interdependent operated pest control company that offers many services such as total pest control, native and Formosan termite elimination, mosquito treatment in residential and commercial areas, bed bug treatment, quarterly services, wood destroying insect control, free estimation and inspection services, etc. at affordable prices.


Address: Lafayette, Louisiana

Contact: 337-234-2847

17. Eagle Pest Control

Eagle pest control

Eagle Pest Control Company has 35 years of experience and uses chemicals according to EPA rules and regulations to remove pests. It is the only local pest company that uses Bayer Home Health Total Termite Control.

You can customize pest services according to your needs, and these customized services are done as one-time services, you can contact the staff members via its online website contact number.

Owner to technicians, all are well-knowledgable, trained, certified, and experienced in removing indoor or outdoor fleas, rodents, termites, pharaoh ants, fire ants, raspberry crazy ants, hornets, wasps, bumble bees, all types of roaches species, spiders, crickets, flies, silverfish, etc. Also, fogging service and one-time interior or exterior pest services are provided by the company.


Address: Abbeville, Louisiana

Contact: 337-406-1133

18. Skeeter Force

Skeeter force

Ashley Quirk who has 20 years of experience, founded Skeeter Force finest pest control company in 2016. Skeeter Force is a family-owned and operated company that provides safe and effective solutions to customers.

Over the years, this company has extended its business in Southeast Louisiana including Covington, Madisonville, Bush, Lacombe, Mandeville, and Pearl River with knowledgeable and friendly staff who take care of pets, kids, and families’ health during service.

The staff members provide fast, friendly, and quality services including all runners, cracks, and crevices around the windows or doors, removing all types of insects, exterior services such as all eaves, and weep holes, removing all wasps nests, sweeping down all spiders webs, treat all ant month in the yard, etc.


Address: Slidell, Louisiana

Contact: 985-774-1189

19. Arceneaux Pest Management

Arceneaux pest management

In 2004, Joe Arceneaux began his Arceneaux Pest Management company after working at Terminix. It is a family-owned and locally operated pest business that serves its services in Ascension Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, and Denham Springs.

This company is located in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and secures your home from invading pests. Its mission is “ If you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied” and uses different equipment such as mosquito foggers, termite flow meters, etc.

Services are termite inspection and treatment, roach removal, rodent and bed bug control and removal, spider control, mosquito control, insect infestation, centipede or millipede control and removal, wasp and earwig control, silverfish control, house cricket, and house ant control, and many more.


Address: Denham Springs, Louisiana

Contact: 225-791-9911

20. Bayou Mosquito & Pest Management

Bayou mosquito & pest management

Bayou Mosquito & Pest Management company has two offices in Rayville and Alexandria. Rayville branch serves in North Louisiana, and Alexandria branch serves in Central and South Louisiana.

This company has 20 years plus experience. Ben Norris and Bill Worsley are the owners of this locally owned and operated pest control company. This company treats all clients like friends, and treatments are very affordable.

Employees are very professional and experienced and use safe and pet-friendly tools to remove wildlife animals, termites, rodents, roaches, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, bees, fire ants, birds, bats, fleas, ticks, etc. The company provides single-event service for special occasions like parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, pool parties, graduation parties, backyard barbeques, etc. at reasonable prices.


Address: Alexandria, Louisiana

Contact: 318-441-9955


The subtropical environment of Louisiana is a favorable environment for pests such as moths, beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, katydids, butterflies, crickets, and honeybees. These pests and other common pests spread many diseases.

So, pest control companies help to remove pests and wildlife animals by using IPM methods but some companies use fewer pesticides to remove pests. You can contact these pest control companies and customize your pest plan according to your needs. The cost of pest treatments depends on your number of services.

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