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Pest Control Companies in Oregon

According to the Oregon state report, approximately 20,000 insect species live in Oregon. Recently, the Emerald ash borer bed bug was discovered in Oregon, and other common pests are dominant mosquitoes, roaches, harvesters ants, thatch ants, fork-tailed bush katydids noisy bugs, horse and deer small biting flies, assassin bugs, boxelder bugs, etc.

The above pests are common but these pests spread diseases and make people sick. So, Pest Control Oregon companies work 24/7 to prevent or remove unwanted pests from entering people’s properties. These pest management companies provide pest services in residential and commercial areas.

Wildlife animals such as bears, raccoons, beavers, brown pelicans, dire wolves, snakes, striped skunks, etc. enter the property and damage the roofs, pipes, windows, etc. These animals are cached by a professional team with the use of safe and pet-friendly tools.

Best Pest Control Companies in Oregon

The companies provide pest control services at affordable prices. Around $ 585 is the annual cost of pest services, and the range depends on several treatments or companies’ rates.

We have shared the top 20 pest control Oregon companies. You can choose a pest company according to prices, reviews, and it’s methods.

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1. Campbell Natural Pest Control

Campbell natural pest control

Campbell Natural Pest Control Company is located in Portland, Oregon. Holly and Austin Campbell are the owners of this pest management company that uses eco-friendly and critters-friendly tools to remove unwanted pests from people’s properties.

It is a locally owned and family-operated business that serves its services by operating local offices in Beaverton, Fairview, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Oswego, Portland, Johnson City, Wood Village, Gresham, and many more cities of Oregon.

This company started its pest control services from $ 99 to $ 199 according to pests, and $ 499 for a quarterly pest plan, so it is one of the best pest control Oregon companies that provide low-priced services to customers. Services are rodents, ants, fleas, moles, spiders, hornets, centipedes, wasps control, etc.


Address: Portland, Oregon

Contact: 503-303-8303

2. Insight Pest Solutions

Insight pest solutions

In 2013, Matthew Green started his branch Insight Pest Solutions in the West Coast area. After that, This company opens its branches in Albany, Portland, Puyallup, Seattle, Way, Eugene, and Bremerton cities of Washington or Oregon.

This company uses the most effective products and techniques that are safe for kids and families. Its mission is to provide a comfortable, superior, healthy, and clean environment for customers. Plans start from $ 79 per month.

Insight Pest Solutions prevents crawlers such as roaches, centipedes, millipedes, boxelder bugs, crickets, and rodents, and also has a crawlspace and attic insulation services in which staff members take care of your yard or garden areas. This company offers free home pest estimation or inspection services to all customers.


Address: Eugene, Oregon 

Contact: 503-433-3060

3. Aspen Pest Control

Aspen pest control

Aspen Pest Control company is located in Happy Valley, Portland, Oregon, and the Vancouver area. It is a locally owned and operated pest management business that provides free consultation services to customers.

This company uses eco products that are safe for kids, families, pets, and the environment and offers same-day services free of cost with flexible pest service options. Re-treatment service is provided by the company free of cost.

It is one of the best pest control Oregon companies that has expertise in removing small and sugar ants, boxelder bugs, stink bugs, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees, spiders, crickets, fleas, and other types of pests. This company also offers a home protection plan that includes all types of pest services.


Address: Portland, Oregon 

Contact: 503-405-4300

4. Family Home Pest Control

Family home pest control

In 1999, Family Home Pest Control was established by Jon Neff in Portland, Oregon. It is a family-owned and locally or veteran-operated business in Portland and Vancouver’s residential, industrial, and commercial areas.

Now, this company is handled by Jay Neff and Joe Neff, who are second-generation leaders and have many years of experience. Jay Neff and Joe Neff team’s use biological, physical, and mechanical products or techniques to remove pests.

Family Home Pest Control removes unwanted pests such as ants, beetles, roaches, centipedes, millipedes, moths, silverfish, mosquitoes, crickets, earwigs, and many common pests from commercial and residential areas. It also offers special offers or discounts on its services, you can check through its online website or by visiting the office.


Address: Portland, Oregon

Contact: 503-300-5054

5. Axiom Eco-Pest Control

Axiom eco pest control

Ben Kennard is the founder or owner of Axiom Eco-Pest Control company which was established in Portland, Oregon, in 2008. To prevent pests, this company uses eco, kid, family, and pet-friendly tools, methods, and technologies.

Axiom Eco-Pest Control is one of the best pest control Oregon companies that provide services in commercial places such as hotels, hospitals, homes, apartments, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, schools, gyms, warehouses, industrial areas, etc.

Services are ant control, bloodsucker control, pantry and garden pest control, occasional invader control, flea, and roach control, bed bug, spider and stinging pest control, rodent control, earwig, firebrat, pillbug, and silverfish control, weevil control, etc. These insects have many species, and the cost of pests depends on several treatments.


Address: Portland, Oregon

Contact: 503-772-9466

6. Moore Pest Solutions

Moore pest solutions

Moore Pest Solutions company has 50+ years of experience in the pest management industry. It is a family-owned and locally operated business in the greater Portland metro area to SW Washington.

It is one of the oldest pest control Oregon companies that provide quality services to customers by offering low cost of service. Its products are safe or simple and not harmful to kids, pets, and the environment.

The staff is very highly trained to remove wood-destroying insects, ants, termites, cockroach species, rodents, spiders, beetles, wasps and bees, ticks, hornets, centipedes, millipedes, moths, etc., with 100 % guaranteed solutions or results. If you are not happy with the service, then re-treatment services are also provided by the company free of cost.


Address: Portland, Oregon

Contact: 503-342-4329

7. The Killers Pest Control

The killers pest control

Rick Bock started The Killers Pest Control company in 1982. This company’s headquarters is located in Portland, with two offices in Newport and Salem. It also provides services in Washington’s Vancouver.

Since 2017, Matthew White has taken primary ownership of this company. This company has been serving 7,000+ clients with the help of trained professionals and serves almost all counties of Oregon such as Gresham, Lake Oswego, Sherwood, etc.

One-year warranty quarterly service treatment program that includes treatment of exterior foundation and baseboards, webster brush spider web removal, and complete pest inspection or removal with the help of the latest equipment. During the warranty period, you can call the staff, and they re-treat your home without any extra cost.


Address: Newport, Oregon

Contact: 541-265-6865

8. Good Earth Pest Company

Good earth pest control

In 1989, Rich and Rene Kesecker started the Good Earth Pest Control Company in Corvallis, Oregon. It is one of the oldest pest control Oregon companies that is run by its family members.

It is a family-owned and locally operated pest management business that operates its business in Eugene, Springfield, SW Portland,  Waldport, Lincoln City, Corvallis, Salem, Keizer, Albany, Lebanon, Newport, and surrounding areas and ensures quality services to customers

The team members have expertise in rodent control, common or general pest control, and wildlife animal control or removal. After that, they repair damaged areas, seal them properly, and ensure pests and wildlife animals can not enter again in homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, schools, and other residential and commercial places.


Address: Corvallis, Oregon

Contact: 97333-2220

9. A & A Pest Control

A & A pest control

A & A Pest Control company was established in 1984 in Oregon. It is a locally owned and family-run business in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. It is one of the trusted pest control Oregon companies that has four branches. 

Technicians are highly trained or certified and always ready to remove unwanted pests during business days. This company provides same or next-day pest services in residential, and commercial areas.

If you are looking for the best servicing company, then this company is a suitable option for your home’s pests. Services are wood destroying insect control, bees and ants control, mosquito control, bed bugs, and wasps control, rodents and roaches control, and fleas control. Also, they start their services at affordable prices.


Address: Astoria, Oregon

Contact: 503-325-1165

10. Summit Pest Management

Summit pest management

Founded in 2002, Summit Pest Management solves pest and wildlife problems by using eco-friendly tools and techniques. It is a locally owned and operated pest control company that also serves in surrounding areas of Portland.

The company has expertise in crawl space repair, vapor barrier installation, mold remediation, pest control, and many more services. The staff repairs all the damaged areas inside or outside of the people’s property.

Services are mosquito control, the bed bug, and wasp control, rodent and bird control, wildlife animal control and removal, termite control, cockroach control, beetle control, ant or bee control, flea and tick control, ant and bee control, etc. in residential and commercial areas of Oregon. The cost of pests depends on several treatments.


Address: Tigard, Oregon

Contact: 503-664-7227

11. Ultimate Pest Control

Ultimate pest control

Ultimate Pest Control is a Eugene, Oregon-based pest control company that was established in 2009. It is a family-owned and operated business that delivers all services using local technicians’ expertise and is a member of the Oregon Pest Control Association.

It is one of the best pest control Oregon companies that has 30 years of experience in the pest management industry and provides same-day or emergency pest services with free home inspection.

Ultimate Pest Control company eliminates carpenter ants, odorous house ants, bed bugs, rodents, hobo, giant, and black widow spiders, and wildlife animals such as gophers, ground squirrels, moles, and voles, etc., and repairs damaged siding, chimney, and shingles, maintain the yard or lawn areas of your house.


Address: Eugene, Oregon

Contact: 541-607-1500

12. Banish Pest Control

Banish pest control

Banish Pest Control company handles all types of pests and serves in Portland or  Beaverton, and surrounding areas such as Oak Grove, Hillsboro, Cornelius, Wilsonville, Newberg, Canby, Silverton, Cedar Hills, Cedar Mill, Aloha, Tigard, etc.

This company is located in Beaverton and eliminates pests with effective methods such as IPM, at an affordable price. The staff members deliver high-quality services, and a safe environment after eliminating your home’s pests.

Technicians help you remove ants, crickets, cockroaches, termites, silverfish, moles, voles, rats, fleas, hornets, wasps, bees, mice, spiders, and many more pest species within 24 hours. The cost of treatment depends on several treatments. Integrated Pest Management methods are eco, pet, kid, and family-friendly and are not harmful to the environment.


Address: Beaverton, Oregon

Contact: 503-400-9730

13. Natura Pest Control

Natura pest control

Founders Jake and Jana Claus founded Natura Pest Control company in Vancouver, Washington in 2005. This company provides services in Oregon’s counties such as Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Portland, Tigard, and Oregon City.

At Natura Pest Control, you can get continual protection, quality services, and environmental responsibility services. It is a locally owned and operated business that has partners with over 50 years of experience who help to eliminate pests.

The team has expertise in coating cracks and crevices, removing cobwebs and wasp nests, thoroughly inspecting for new entry points, and removing pests such as box elders, bed bugs, ants, earwigs, stinks, spiders, fleas, etc. by using the latest tools. Also, monthly subscriptions and whole home protection plans are available.


Address: Vancouver, Washington

Contact: 360-506-6823

14. EcoGuard Pest Management

EcoGuard pest management

With over 40 years of experience, EcoGuard Pest Management company provides services in California, Washington, Oregon, and Tennessee states of the USA. This company has offices in Greater Portland or Salem and serves in surrounding areas.

It is a family-owned, internationally operated pest control company that uses natural products, and provides effective and guaranteed pest solutions to customers. This company was established or founded by Curtis Wills.

Its local community helps you by providing many services such as insulation service, lawn, and weed control, bird and termite control, common pest control, rodent inspection or removal, clean-up, and damage repair services in warehouses, apartments, homes, office buildings, schools, motels, retail and supermarket stores, food industries, hospitals, restaurants, or other commercial places.


Address: Salem, Oregon

Contact: 503-433-2847

15. Pointe Pest Control

Pointe pest control

Founded in 2006, Pointe Pest Control is a Pacific Northwest-based pest control company that was established by Inland NW Resident Jacob Borg. Today, this company has multiple offices in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

This company has local technicians who are highly trained in the pest management industry. These technicians do not charge any extra fees or hidden charges for home inspection services, and provide satisfaction-guaranteed pest service results.

Pointe Pest Control has many plans to remove pests such as general or common pest plans, bed bug treatment plans, termite control plans, stinging pest control plans, and many more. You can choose any plan according to your pest problems. Other services are Cockroaches, Voles, Pocket Gophers, Carpenter Ants, Earwigs, etc.


Address: Bend, Oregon

Contact: 541-371-2965

16. Interstate Pest Management

Interstate pest management

Interstate Pest Management was started by Don Thorstenson in The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon in 1963. Today, the Thorstenson family’s fourth-generation leaders Brandon, Zachary, and Ryan handle this company. 

It is a family-owned business that operates its offices in Portland, Olympia, Vancouver, and Kelso Washington. It is one of the oldest pest control Oregon companies that offer All-Seasons Pest and Rodent Service plans starting from $ 37 to $ 45 per month.

These plans cover all types of common pest problems with the help of family and pet-friendly products. This company also offers Crawl Space which provides Vapor Barrier and Insulation Replacement, Clean Space Encapsulation, Sump Pumps, Catch Basins, Crawl Space Cleanouts, and Restoration services.  


Address: Portland, Oregon

Contact: 360-382-2451

17. Pete’s Pest Control

Pete's pest control

Pete’s Pest Control has 17+ years of experience in removing pests from residential and commercial areas. This company provides pest pest-free environment by using effective and safe products or methods that are eco and family-friendly.

This company offers a wide range of services, including regular maintenance appointments, 24/7 emergency services, and one-time treatments. It is Portland’s top-rated pest control company serving southwest Washington and the Greater Portland metropolitan area.

Pete’s Pest Control eliminates ants, bees, wasps, beetles, termites, spiders, fleas, roaches, and rodents and their species. These insects spread many harmful and dangerous diseases that are not good for people’s health and also infect their foods. So, you can contact this company and get affordable services.


Address: Seaside, Oregon 

Contact: 503-998-5388

18. Kanga Pest Control Inc.

Kanga pest control inc

Kanga Pest Control Inc. was opened by Jesse Gooch with a passion for solving pest problems or finding innovative ways of tackling dangerous, destructive, and nuisance pests, and using only the best quality products.

It is an Oregon-based pest management company that offers same-day or emergency services, a 10% discount on first services, and free home inspection services with eco-friendly products that are safe for the environment, kids, and families.

The company provides common pest services such as centipede and millipede removal, ants, bed bugs, earwigs, rodents, termites, and hornets control, spiders and wasps control, etc. Additional service plans are wildlife exclusion and dead wildlife removal, rodent control and exclusion, termite control, and protection services, and unlimited bed bug removal.


Address: Canby, Oregon

Contact: 503-592-7300

19. Western Exterminator

Western exterminator

Since 1921, Western Exterminator has been providing pest control services in California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, etc., and was founded by Carl Strom. This company has local specialists who are ready to solve your pest problems.

To prevent pests, this company uses a scientific approach or IPM methods that are very safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and not harmful to families. You can get $ 50 off on your first or initial treatment.

Western Exterminator pest control services are home and commercial pest control, termite control, rodent control, fumigation, bird control, bed bug treatment, micro-sanitation services, homeowner termite protection services, TAP insulation, crawl space restoration, and drain line control.


Address: Roseburg, Oregon

Contact: 855-665-2085

20. Brooks Pest Control

Brooks pest control

Brooks Pest Control is a family-friendly pest control company in Oregon, Washington, and California. This company has certified professional technicians who use personalized approaches to prevent or remove pests and provide high-quality service.

Brooks provides $ 50 off in initial services, and same-day or next-day services, and uses pet or environment-friendly safe methods or products that are not harmful to people. 100% satisfaction guarantee results to people.

Expert technicians protect your home from silverfish, wasps, springtails, rodents, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, beetles, ants, spiders, crickets, termites, ticks, fleas, roaches, mosquitoes, and many more. The staff comes 30 to 45 days later after your first treatment follow-up and re-treatment services are offered free of cost with a fully free home pest inspection service.


Address: Beaverton, Oregon

Contact: 503-897-1378


Around 20,000 species of pests live in Oregon and its surrounding areas. These pests and animals spread diseases that are not good for kids, and their families. If these pests enter your home, they chew cables, and wooden stuff like beds, windows, and sofas, destroy food items, roofs or pipes, etc.

To prevent pests, you can contact pest control companies that have many methods or tools to remove pests from your property. These companies offer discounts on service plans and get free home inspection services without any extra charges.

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