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Pakistani Restaurants in Texas

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Best Pakistani Restaurants in Texas

Best Pakistani restaurants in Texas are famous for their authenticity, comprehensive menu, and, of course, the highest quality of dishes possible adding a variety of spices to the local as well as tourist dining tables. For food lovers, there is an extended range of different types of food in Pakistani cuisine from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. Pakistani food’s richness in flavor, its fragrant spices, and its wide range in variety are some factors that make it popular and the most favored cuisine in Texas.

If you want to explore the best Pakistani restaurant in Texas, Here is the list of the 20 best Pakistani Restaurants for your convenience.

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1. Rice & Curry Cuisine

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Rice & Curry Cuisine Image

Rice & Curry Cuisine in one of the best Pakistani Restaurants in Texas. They are the best in Pakistani halal dishes. In Texas, it is considered a must-visit restaurant for anyone who craves Pakistani food and is worth visiting to satisfy one’s hunger. Rice & Curry Cuisine is popular among the masses for its traditional non-vegetarian Pakistani cuisine and lunch buffets, using quality ingredients for every dish. At the weekends, they serve regional specialties to their guests.

They offer a buffet with a plentiful variety but are just a little heavy-handed on the vegetarian dishes.

They undoubtedly provide our guests with amazing dishes such as Appetizers- Meat Samosas, Chicken Wings(4 pieces served with fries), Chicken Nuggets(8 pieces served with fries and ketchup) Chicken – Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Curry.

Other non-veg items are Grilled Items, Beef, Lamb items, Goat Items, and Seafood.
If you can also have vegetarian food such as Paneer Tikka Masala, Palak Paneer, Vegetable Biryani, Aloo Gobi, etc. Desserts – Kheer, Gulab Jamun.

They serve online too. With assurance, They provide their guests with the best experience ever.

Address: 712 7th Street Galveston, TX 77550

2. Aga’s Restaurant & Catering

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Aga’s Restaurant & Catering Image

When it comes to one of the best Pakistani Restaurants in Texas, Aga’s Restaurant & Catering established in 2001 is a must-try. In Texas, It has been serving authentic and delectable Indian and Pakistani cuisine since 2001. They provide 100% Zabiha Halal which is available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and catering. There are two seating areas available in the restaurant. One of them – a semi-private seating area- is dedicated to families and private parties.

This Pakistani restaurant is known for its quality Indian and Pakistani food with 100% Halal meats and its insistence on only using high-quality fresh ingredients.

The great thing about the menu of the restaurant is that it is quite varied and it offers a range of popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as brunch menu- (beef nihari, goat paya, egg bhurji, and halwa puri,) starters & soup- (chicken corn soup, bhel puri, bbq chicken wings, chicken lollipops, keema samosa 2pc, vegetable spring roll) bbq sizzling platters-fresh and delicious for the whole family!-(aga’s bbq platter, chicken bbq platter, mixed bbq platter).

Other items on the menu are Chicken Curries, Goat Curries, Beef Curries, Seafood Curries, Vegetarian Curries, Biryanis & Rice. Desserts Items-Milk Shakes, Falooda Drink, Mithai Chaat, Mithai Chaat Kulfi, Gajar Halwa, Gajar Halwa Kulfi, Brownie Ice Cream, Crunchy Ice Cream.

Please visit the restaurant to enjoy the best Indian and Pakistani food in Houston.

Address: 11842 WILCREST DRIVE HOUSTON, TX 77031



3. Shalamar Restaurant

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Shalamar Restaurant Image

With a laid-back and authentic atmosphere and quality food, Shalamar Restaurant is one of the favored Halal Pakistani restaurants in Texas. Striving to bring the best of Pakistani cuisine and Indian dishes to Texas, It offers authentic dishes in a polished and modern atmosphere.

Shalamar Restaurant is a great place for anyone wishing to venture a bit outside their comfort zone and try crispy samosas, chicken tikka masala, and many other tasty Indian and Pakistani dishes. In any case, what matters to the ownership and staff at Shalamar Restaurant is customer satisfaction.

There is also a variety of dishes inspired by Pakistani cuisine and Indian food on the menu such as breakfast dishes-(aloo puri breakfast, chana batura breakfast, chicken roll, beef roll) all biryani-(vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, goat biryani, beef biryani, fish biryani), fish biryani-(shalamar tray platter, veggie combo platter, combo platter), chicken dishes-(chicken tikka masala, chicken jalfrazi, chicken vindaloo, karahi chicken, chicken qorma), seafood dishes- (fish jalfrazi, shrimp jalfrazi, fish karahi), goat dishes-( goat jalfrazi, goat vindalu, goat karahi, etc) grilled dishes-(chicken tikka, chicken seekh kabob, beef seekh kabob, chicken tikka boti), beef dishes- ( beef vindalu, nihari, aloo qeema, haleem). Be sure to try the garlic naan, and korma are absolutely amazing.

Address: 15142 Hwy 3, Webster, TX 77598

4. Lasbela Restaurant & Catering

Lasbela Restaurant & Catering

Lasbela Restaurant & Catering is a great choice for individuals who enjoy sophisticated dining. Nothing likes delicious food. If you’re in search of amazing service and great food in Texas City, Lasbela Restaurant & Catering Pakistani restaurant is the great choice for you. It can be considered one of the most popular Pakistani restaurants, in the texas area of USA among both locals and tourists alike.

With amazing decor, music, and most especially food along with excellent services this restaurant is an amazing place thanks to Najia Miryar and other staff for their efforts that make the experience here special.

You can feel their pricing is above average but they compensate for it with their meal in big quantities and one of the great features of the restaurant is their live violinist.

Lasbela Restaurant & caterings provide guests with freshly prepared dishes that are made with traditional spices such as Ibtedah-(lahori laddo pitti, mozang fried fish, burns road chicken wings, masala fries, etc.), garma garma kebab- ( beef bihari kebab, lasbela sangam kebab, murgh reshmi kebab, riwayati seekh kebab), lajawaab – bbq & grill-(makhmali malai boti, murgh bihari boti, murgh bihari boti ), bachon ka kya-(kid’s popcorn shrimps, kid’s chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese sticks,), noubahar curries-(lasbela karahi chicken, murgh badami qorma, karachi nihari).

Delivery and Takeout are available.

Address: 13849 SW Fwy Sugar Land, TX 77478



5. Larosh Grill

Indian, Pakistani, Halal

Larosh Grill Image

Larosh Grill one of the Best Pakistani restaurants in Texas prides itself on traditional Pakistani cuisine that’s are delicious and affordable. Instead of using any modern techniques, they believe in the traditional art of blending spices and herbs and selecting fresh and quality ingredients. Paying attention to every detail without any shortcuts, they provide handcrafted meals to their visitors which makes them come back again and again.

It has been decades since they are in the food business. learning and experimenting with the art of cooking, they are doing from the frozen food business to private event catering and wish to do more. With modern space with great customer service, Larosh Grill is one of the best Pakistani restaurants that offer fresh and flavorful food that no one has tasted such food before.

It provides guests with freshly prepared dishes that are based on traditional spices such as starters- (aloo samosa, chicken spring roll, qeema roll, chicken shami kabab), fresh off the grill- (chicken tikka leg, chicken tikka breast, beef seekh kabab, chicken malai boti, chicken boti, chicken bihari kabab, etc), chef’s curry-(nihari, chicken karahi, goat karahi, bombay karahi, fish karahi), vegetarian- ( paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, bhindi masala, fish masala, chola (chickpeas) curry), rice-( chicken biryani, goat biryani, fish fry, daal chawal, plain rice), brunch-(halwa puri, omelet, keema skillet).

Address: 18855 W Little York Rd Katy, TX 77449



6. Maza Pakistani Grill

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Maza Pakistani Grill Image

Maza Pakistani Grill located in Houston, Texas has provided a new identity to authentic Pakistani cuisine maintaining sustainable fresh ingredients and the traditional integrity of the Pakistani flavors. with the help of excellent service and a relaxed atmosphere, Maza Pakistani Grill has been offering its services by providing quality Pakistani and Indian traditional food on a daily basis with a modern twist. We highly recommend Maza to anyone who is looking for delicious Pakistani and Indian food.

People can enjoy here traditional non-vegetarian and vegetarian Pakistani and Indian dishes such as Appetizers- (Samosa, 5 Piece Chicken Wings, 5 Piece Chicken Tenders, Green Salad, Chicken tikkah boti etc), Entrees- (Chicken Tikka Botti, Chicken Breast with Bone, Chicken Seekh Kabab, Beef Seekh Kabab, etc), Desserts- (Kheer-Pakistani rice-pudding), Drinks-(Mango Lassi-Sweet and yogurt-based mango milkshake, Traditional Lassi- Sweet Pakistani yogurt-based drink). Visit and delight yourself with classic authentic Pakistani cuisine at Maza Pakistani Grill.

Address: 15655 John F Kennedy Blvd Ste L Houston, TX 77032

7. DDK Kabab & Grill

Indian, Pakistani, Barbeque

DDK Kabab & Grill Image

Located in Sugar Land, Texas, DDK Kabab & Grill, established in 2014, has been offering the best dining and catering services with authentic flavors of Pakistani and Indian traditional food without twisting the taste and flavors of fine Pakistani Cuisine. It offers a great dine-in experience serving halal food to the locals as well as tourists of the Texas area.

This restaurant is highly specialized in Nalli Nihari which is delicious and perfectly spicy with the touch of traditional flavors. Having a nice ambiance for its guests, this restaurant is also famous for its excellent services. Here, Chinese food one of its best dishes is amazing and flavorful.

This place really provides the ambiance of a real home. If you are looking for a Desi Halal home-cooked meal this place is highly recommendable.

Among their dishes which you can try here are including starters- (hummus, french fries, chicken nuggets with fries, spring chicken with fries, lahori fish with fries, etc), soups- (yakhni soup, chicken corn soup, sweet and sour soup, etc), karachi street food- (bun kabab, bun kabab (beef), chicken boti roll, sheekh kabab roll, bihari kabab roll, Pani puri, papri chat, etc), chef’s specials- (junagadhi kabab beef, mix grill platter, chicken mishkaki, lakhnawi kabab beef, goat degi qorma, beef burger with fries, etc), grilled items- (chicken tikka leg, chicken tikka breast, chicken bihari, beef bihari), vegetarian- (daal tarka, alu palak, bhindi masala, sautéed vegetable).

Address: 11797 S Hwy 6 Sugar Land, TX 77498


8. Mai Colachi

Halal, Pakistani, Desserts

Mai Colachi Image

With a relaxed atmosphere and delectable food, Mai Colachi is a casual dining restaurant in a sophisticated setting that provides authentic Pakistani cuisine using high-quality fresh ingredients.

Situated in Sugar Land, Texas, Mai Colachi one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas, USA strives to bring the best of Pakistani and Indian traditional dishes to the country while maintaining the unique and diverse traditions of its country, Pakistan.

Mai Colachi serves a colorful variety of spices, herbs, red meats, poultry, seafood, bread, and biryani, reflecting the Pakistani culture along with the local ingredient to enhance the flavor of the dishes.

Offer a number of dishes such as starters- (chicken lollipop, tropical chicken, lahori fried fish, dhaka chicken, etc), soups- (colachi special soup), kuch curry- (chicken makhani handi, chicken tikka handi, chicken reshmi handi, chicken hunzai handi, ), karahi- (colachi karahi, peshawari karahi, lasbela karahi, keamari jeengha karahi etc), vegetarian items- (lahori choley, daal makhani, paneer tikka handi, paneer makhani handi, paneer hunzai handi), hamaray kabab- (chicken malai boti, colachi hunzai kabab, reshmi kabab, sanagam kabab, bihari kabab).

Address: 15425 Sw Fwy Sugar Land, TX 77478



9. Bismillah Restaurant

Burgers, Halal, Pakistani

Bismillah Restaurant Image

Located in the Mahatma Gandhi District of Houston, Texas, Bismillah Restaurant is popular among the masses for its blend of Pakistani and Indian Spices ingrained with traditional South Asian Culture. Using quality ingredients for every dish, they have been serving their guests for decades by providing genuine delicacies in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

The owner and the chef make every effort to provide fresh and innovative culinary dishes for new generations to enjoy their traditional authentic kebabs and American flares such as burgers, pizza, & wings. The restaurant is a specialized one that provides a wide range of Pakistani-American meals.

Bismillah Restaurant one of the best pakistani restaurants in Texas is famous for the highest quality Zabiha Halal meat and feels proud of its friendly and helpful service to its visitors. At the weekends, they offer regional specialties to attract more guests.

Bismillah’s menu includes dishes like sekh kabab, a paratha, nashta, bun kebab, aloo palak, beef samosa, chicken biryani, tawa chicken, and a paratha, black mamba burger, halwa puri, chicken tikka boti, buffalo chicken burger, and chicken karahi, etc.

Address: 5702 Hillcroft St Houston, TX 77036


10. Himalaya Restaurant

Indian, Pakistani, Himalayan/Nepalese

Himalaya Restaurant Image

Himalaya based in Houston, Texas is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas, USA, and has been providing its guests with Indian and Pakistani favorite dishes.

Texas is home to some of the best Indian and Pakistani restaurants because it is very populated with South Asian People. The restaurant, a replica of the Himalayan mountain due to its mountain-like interior, offers a number of various dishes related to Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and Indian cuisines like vegetable-filled stews, curries, and meat dishes.

The chef of the restaurant, Kaiser Lashkari, provides its visitor Pakistani as well as Indians with favorites like tender chicken kababs and fragrant biryanis and is also famous for blending local flavors with South Asian cooking. Offer a range of dishes including chicken hara masala, chicken tikka masala, fried chicken, goat biryani, saag paneer, steak tikka, butter chicken, lamb biryani, garlic nan, mutton biryani, chicken biryani, grilled fish masala, green curry, chicken curry, goat masala, paneer hara masala, malai kofta, lamb vindaloo, tandoori chicken, haleem.

Address: 6652 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074

11. Elite Indo Pak Restaurant

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Elite Indo Pak Restaurant Image

When it comes to one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas, Elite Indo Pak Restaurant is a must-try. Flaunting stunning decor, a spacious place with friendly staff, and a great ambiance with a good dining settlement, Elite Indo Pak Restaurant serves both Pakistani and Indian cuisine in a laid-back manner.

The whole staff of the restaurant is dedicated to making Elite Indo Pak Restaurant the best dining experience for their guests in Sugar Land, Texas. The staff of the restaurant is really helpful and always comes forward to recommend the indecisive guests. I especially recommend starting off with their flavorful Kashmiri chai and crispy masala fries.

Elite Indo Pak Restaurant’s menu consists of traditional dishes such as our favorites- (vegetable samoosa, chicken samosa, beef samoosa, spring roll, dynamite shrimp, chicken nuggets with fries etc), delicious bbq – (chicken tikka leg, malai tikka leg/ breast, chicken tikka boti, malai boti, beef seekh kabab, paneer shashlik, chicken mix grill, lamb chops), soup- ( chicken corn soup, hot & sour), chicken curry-( elite karahi, hara masala karahi, peshawari karahi, reshmi white karahi, etc) seafood- (jheenga masala, fish masala, shrimps peshawari karahi, etc) vegetarian- (balti dall, palak paneer, paneer makhni, malai kofta etc).

Address: 11941 Hwy 6 S Building 1 Sugar Land, TX 77498


12. Tempura Halal Restaurant

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Tempura Halal Restaurant Image

Tempura restaurant has been recognized as the premier Pakistani establishment in the Texas community for the year 2009, and they are making every effort to serve the people in that way. They have been offering authentic regional Pakistani food with a Japanese fusion marinated and cooked using the best spices, without sacrificing the taste and flavors of fine Pakistani Cuisine.

Since 2009, the restaurant’s chef and owner Asrar Saeed has provided his guests with authentic Pakistani cuisine with recipes ingrained in family and tradition. They only use fresh vegetables, spices, and flour for the dishes. Whether you are a resident of the area or a visitor looking for Pakistani cuisine to dine in, Tempura restaurant is the best place for you and this restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

Using fresh spices, Having a passion and love for their cooking are the main reasons behind the consistent quality of their food. They do offer in-restaurant dining and takeout. Full trays or half trays options are available.

Menu for Tempura Halal Restaurant which includes Starters- (chicken corn soup, Punjabi vegetable samosa, chicken samosa, vegetable samosa, etc), Curry – (butter chicken, beef haleem, chicken karahi, goat karahi, badami korma, chicken korma, etc), Bbq- ( chicken malai boti, beef bihari kabob, beef seekh kabob, chicken tikka leg, chicken reshmi kabob, etc) Sizzling Platters- ( beef seekh kabob platter, chicken kabob platter, beef bihari kabob platter, etc), Grab And Go Mains- (chicken club sandwich with fries, chicken club sandwich with fries, beef bihari roll, chicken garlic mayonnaise roll, beef seekh kabab roll), etc.

Address: 10640 Fm 1960 W Houston, TX 77070

13. Bar BQ Village Halal Restaurant

Pakistani, Halal, Burgers

Bar BQ Village Halal Restaurant Image

Bar BQ Village Halal Restaurant located in Houston, Texas, offers the best, halal, delicious authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine. In any event, rest assured that customer satisfaction is the most important to the ownership and staff at Bar BQ Village Halal Restaurant. With extremely cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere, it is considered one of the most popular Pakistani restaurants among both locals and tourists alike.

They are known to be great hosts for their guests. This etiquette has been transferred from Pakistan’s old traditions and culture which is reflected in their cooking as well. They Serve Authentic Pakistani food with great passion using Top-Quality and fresh ingredients.

They aim to make their visitor happy through tasty food, and hospitality for which Pakistan is Known.

They provide a range of dishes such as Chicken Malai Boti, Beef Seekh Kabab, Chicken Biryani, Beef Boti, Goat Chop, Chicken Tikka Masala, Nihari, and Karahi Qeema Beef.

This restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

Address: 17118 W Little York Rd Houston, TX 77084


14. Howzatt

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Howzatt Image

Howzatt located in Houston, Texas is a place embellished with a polished atmosphere as well as authentic and quality Pakistani food. if you are looking for a restaurant to have Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian dishes in a relaxed manner then we would highly recommend you Howzatt.

Howzatt a family-owned restaurant run by Surya Saladi and Raj both are deeply serious and careful about their food and service in regard to their customers. Whether you are a native or a visitor looking for a taste of home, this is the best place for you.

Howzatt staff always strive to provide their visitors with the best authentic recipes made with high-quality ingredients, love, and dedication along with the best service.

The menu of the restaurant is extensive and intriguing which includes the best chicken Korma, Badami chicken korma, and a great chili chicken along with lots of other dishes such as snacks & starters- (vegetable samosa, spring roll, dal puri, etc), kebab & grill- (chicken boti kebab, chicken tandoori, chicken boti roll, etc) fish & grill- ( grilled sole fish, grilled pomfret, fish khatakat, etc), vegetarian entrees- (paneer butter masala, karahi paneer, palak paneer, etc), soups-( chicken corn soup, vegetable soup), desserts-(carrot halwa, gulab jamun).

This restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

Address: 10720 Grant Rd Houston, TX 77070


Breakfast, Pakistani, Indian


Located in Houston, Texas, Zaika is known for its authentic Pakistani-Indian cuisine using high-quality fresh ingredients.

The restaurant is opened by three friends with the aim to provide authentic, fresh Indian-Pakistani cuisine to the Houston community. They are serving their guests as they kept their restaurant’s tagline “Taste the flavor, taste the difference” and working dedicatedly to keep it that way.

Through their unique ZAIKA TO GO restaurant, they deliver high-quality, affordable food based of farm to table concepts at affordable prices without compromising the quality of food.

Its Menu offers authentic dishes such as starters- (aloo/potato samosa, chicken samosa, chicken puff, chicken pizza fries, etc), grill/bbq- (chicken tikka leg, chicken achari tikka boti, chicken reshmi/seekh kabab, chicken chapli kabab chicken curries- ( chicken korma w/bone, chicken karahi, chicken aloo keema, chicken tikka masala, chicken pasanda, etc), vegetarian entrees- (daal fry, saag paneer, mix veg curry, etc), goat curries-(goat korma, goat nihari, goat koila karahi, etc ).

This restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

Address: 6648 Southwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77074

16. Biryani n More

Pakistani, Halal, Middle Eastern

Biryani n More Image

Biryani n More is a brand new locally owned restaurant famous for its Pakistani and middle eastern cuisine. Considered a must-visit restaurant for anyone who’s enthusiastic about Pakistani Biryani which is a favorite dish of South Asia and now is famous worldwide, Biryani n More is the best choice for them.

With a laid-back atmosphere and quality food, This place is for sure one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas. If you are there, make sure to have its special Biryani- Long grain rice flavored with fragrant spices such as saffron and layered with meat (Chicken, Beef, Goat) or Veggies marinated with yogurt that helps to tenderize the meat, secured with dough and cooked over a low flame.

The restaurant menu offers a range of Biryani as well as other items such as mast biryani- (chk biryani, beef biryani, murgh biryani, baray ki biryani,chottay ki biryani, veggie biryani, etc), koyla kabobs- (murgh tikka leg, beef seekh kabob, chicken seekh kabob, lamb kafta kabob, etc ) mehfil trays – ( chicken nihari, dabang haleem, chicken korma, etc).

Address: 11102 S Texas 6 Ste 110 Sugar Land, TX 77498


17. Mazaidar haleem

Pakistani, Halal, Juice Bars, and Smoothies

mazaidar haleem Image

If you are looking for some of the best, most authentic Pakistani food in texas, then head on to Mazaidar haleem restaurant which has become a go-to spot for locals as well as outsiders who crave Pakistani food or non–veg food. This restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

The success of the restaurant is due, of course, to the best quality of its Pakistani food. But part of its appeal comes from the restaurant’s incredible customer service, stunning decor, and laid-back atmosphere.

They cook all the dishes with the special aim to improve the taste of all Pakistanis living in the State as well as local communities.

Mazaidar Haleem’s guests rave about their excellent haleem and good goat biryani.

Provide a variety of dishes such as starters and soup-( veggie samosa, beef samosa, chicken samosa, veggie spring roll, chicken corn soup, etc), beef curries-(beef haleem (popular), beef nihari, beef paya, etc ), chicken curries – (butter chicken, chicken deghi qorma, Peshawari karahi, chicken tikka masala, etc), Karachi street food-( bun kabab (beef), chicken tikka boti roll, chicken kabab roll, chicken malai boti roll, etc).

Address: 11315 S Texas 6 Ste A Sugar Land, TX 77498


18. Nukkad Dhaba

Indian, Halal, Pakistani

Nukkad Dhaba Image

Visitors to Nukkad Dhaba can expect to find the best Pakistani and Indian dishes on the menu, such as Biryani, Green Kerma, any breakfast item, and Butter chicken with a touch of modern ideas while maintaining the traditional flavors of the dishes which can be enjoyed with an array of your favorite beverages.

Some of the features which make this place an ideal place for diners to dine are its affordable prices, quality food, excellent staff service, and its stunning location.

Be sure to load up on their butter chicken for the best bite in Texas.

The restaurant’s other dishes are cumin rice, goat chop, beef nihari, pahadi boti, chicken 65, dal tadka, and chicken & goat biryani.

This restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

Address: 10707 W Bellfort St Houston, TX 77099


19. Savoy Restaurant

Pakistani, Indian, Halal

Savoy Restaurant Image

Established on 28th Oct 1986, Savoy Restaurant claims to be the first Indo-Pak restaurant in Houston, Texas. It has been serving popular Indian and Pakistani dishes to the community since the day of its launch by providing 100% Zabiha Halal Meat. the restaurant is known for its amazing food, friendly staff, awesome service, and delicious food.

In addition to the main restaurant, it also has a private room where at least 65 people can sit and feel the comfort of home.

Being an authorized caterer, Savoy restaurant provides catering services for private events, weddings, social events, birthdays, graduations, business meetings, social events corporate events, & more.

Everything they serve is worth ordering and reordering like their best goat biryani, Bhindi Masala, and mixed vegetable. some of their other dishes are appetizers, beef curry, chaat, grill, chicken curry, goat curry, and goat pulao.

Address: 11246 S Wilcrest Dr Ste 145 B Houston, TX 77099

20. Chai Shai

Halal, Pakistani

Chai Shai Image

Located in Houston, Texas, Chai Shai is the very favored restaurant among the locals and tourists for its exceptional dining services. It is determined to serve the finest food and drinks in a delightful experience. The owner and the chefs take pride in using fresh and quality ingredients and really take care of their guests.

One of the best spots in the town to grab amazing Pakistani Tea and a quick bite of its snacks. Its Kashmiri chai imported from Pakistan is the most favored item among visitors. It is pink in color and has almonds and pistachios making it delicious.

The menu consists of a vast variety of dishes such as beef puffs, stuffed paratha with beef, samosa chaat, Philly cheesesteak burger, chicken roll, and fries all are so flavorful and genuinely delicious.

Some other dishes are sandwiches, hunter beef, paratha rolls, chaat, desi burgers, and snacks which can be enjoyed by the guests at any time.

This restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Texas.

Address: 6632 Southwest Fwy Houston, TX 77074


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