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Coffee Roasters in Seattle

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Coffee Roasters in Seattle

Seattle is a seaport megacity which is located on the west seacoast of the United States and also known as the largest city in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is famous for its finest coffee culture, Starbucks, grunge music scene, and the Space Needle. It is a fantastic place to live who want a career in the Tech profession because the headquarters of Microsoft and Amazon are positioned in Seattle. This city is famous for coffee because it is the motherland for most of the coffee influencers and Baristas.

Seattle is regarded as the world center for coffee broilers. There are colorful reasons why people love coffee so much in the North Pacific region. Generally in the cloudy weather, the coffee is the best pickup for the people. There are various coffee roasters in Seattle located in the people’s genuine routes. These coffee roasters are famous for their coffee beans and famous coffee drinks like espresso, Latte, cappuccino, etc.

List of Best Coffee Roasters in Seattle

Then we can make a list of the stylish coffee broilers in Seattle. Do you want to try this coffee in the notorious coffee broilers? All those people who want to try the most succulent coffee must visit these coffee broilers.

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1. The Burnt Coffee Roaster

The Burnt Coffee Roaster
Source: The

The burnt coffee cafe is extremely devoted to high-quality coffee sap from Africa. They are committed to bringing the finest coffee beans so that you can share them with your friends. The charge of these coffee broilers is to inspire the sharing of stories and make fellowship over the perfect repast of the coffee. This cafe will have different varieties of coffee, Candles, coffee mugs, aprons, Shirts, tumblers, water bottles, and Tote bags.

They will communicate daily with the broilers and focus on delivering small batches of beans, freshness, and consistency for our customers. If you take a look at the coffee of this cafe, generally looks dark brown appearance, likely burnt.


Address: 3232 15th Ave W. Suite 101, Seattle WA 98119

2. Cafe Avole

Cafe Avole

Cafe Avole is one of the best coffee roasters in Seattle which is located at 2330 E. It is famous for its Ethiopian coffee and utmost cherished Yirgacheffe, it is a velvety bean that tastes like chocolate when it is perfectly roasted. Cafe Avole is the local community lodge and the motherland for all coffee lovers. They work with the local farmers and participate in the community outreach. The business of this cafe is to extend the community beyond a good mug of coffee.

Avole Cafes aims to bring the more innovative Ethiopian coffee culture and introduce the most traditional coffee form in the city of Africa. This cafe is one of the best cafes in Seattle which roasts its own beans and it used to be a huge part of its original shop where people were able to see the green coffee being roasted in front of them.


Address: 2330, East Union Street, Seattle, Washington, USA

3. Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace was innovated in 1988 by the mastermind David Schomar. Espresso Vivace is a Seattle area coffee shop known for its coffee roasting practices. David is creating and developing a little art on coffee in the United States. The cookers behind the Espresso have been perfect in their craft for the last 30 years. This cafe specializes in northern Italian roasting and also specializes in mild coffee.

People generally love espresso because it’s thicker than other coffees and it usually contains more flavors of coffee like caffeine. Espresso became most popular in the 1940s-50s when cappuccino was created. Espresso is known across the country and around the world for its better commitment to espresso roasting and it continues to refine methods for producing the almost sweet espresso shots with the proper consistency.


Address: 532 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102, United States

4. Armistice Coffee Company

Armistice Coffee Company

Armistice is a woman-possessed cafe that was innovated in 2018. it is an operated coffee company that deals in fresh coffee roasters and it provides a unique sense to the community of Seattle. The goal of the Armistice Coffee company is to serve freshly roasted beans and create the most peaceful environment in the cafe. They roast our coffee in stores so everyone can involved in the process from start to finish.

They will be locally connected with the original bakeries to provide the snacks that congratulate our single origin. They will offer all classic espresso creations like cappuccino. The menu of the Armistice Cafe consists of the 12oz Latte, Iced Mocha,12oz Iced Latte, Chai Latte, and 8oz drip.


Address: 2201 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

5. Stamp Act Cafe

Stamp Act Cafe

Stamp Act Cafe was founded in 2018 by Andrew’s Kent. He is a local Seattle who spent most of his time in the coffee industry. he worked and lived with the coffee farmers in Ethiopia who created a roast company in Singapore. They believe the swish way to bring people together is through coffee. This cafe roasts its coffee three days a week and the online orders of the coffee are shipped after the day of roasting just to prevent the freshness of the coffee.

The Seattle coffee roasters have a wide range of product origins like Kenya, Columbia, and Guatemala. The offers vary as a range of delicate and vitreous origins along with seasonal fuse that is the way to make you happy no matter how you take your coffee.


Address: 1147 NW 53rd St, Seattle, WA 98107, USA

6. Caffe Umbria

Caffe Umbria

Caffe Umbria is a full-service, non-commercial coffee roaster founded in 1940. Umbria offers several well-balanced decoration blends sourced from high-quality Arabica beans as well as various amounts of diverse varieties from numerous origins and roasting them to bring out the best individual characteristics. They provide the best authentic Italian espresso crafted with the finest arabica coffee from a variety of sources.

Umbria offers an award-winning hand mix with notes of molasses and pecan which is chocolatey and delegate like classic espresso and 100% organic medium toast that tastes like a crisp apple and cane sugar. Umbria Caffe reflects the personality and passion at the heart of the Italian Caffe experience.


Address: 8620 16th Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98108 USA

7. Tanuki Coffee

Tanuki Coffee

Tanuki is a small Seattle roastery that is run by the husband and wife duo. They gradually learned the craft of roasting and then they purchased the first bag of green coffee in 2021. They have spent more of their time in the coffee industry in many different positions. According to the Tanuki Coffee Roasters website, Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog that is known in mythology for bringing good luck.

They presently offer single origin from Columbia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. Tanuki does not have a cafe in retail location but the ordering is offered in the windows as the roasting is completed in the batches.


Address: 5266 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105, USA

8. Caffe D’arte

Caffe D’arte

Caffe D’arte is known for its expertise and quality. Cafe D’arte is one of the few roasters that has devoted the art of the “post blending” technique since 1985. Each Single origin of coffee is roasted independently to bring the unique flavor of the coffee. This way, the roaster has more control over the ideal cooking environment from each origin and extracts the best taste from each.

Caffe D’arte not only provides distinct coffee roasted in different styles but also provides the comfort and oneness of the traditional Italian culture. This experience allows us to offer a wide range of services to all sizes and types of cafes and concentrate on making new partnerships.


Address: 99 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

9. Real Good Coffee Company

Real Good Coffee Company

At Real Good Coffee Company, we make our own coffee drink which is good to drink, good for your wallet, and also good for the planet, and the best coffee roasters in Seattle. They offer the coffee bean by the whole bean or 100% organic coffee pods. They offer a wide selection of high-quality coffee blends and roasted for the perfect coffee. They concentrate on sustainability and ethical sourcing which provide a pleasurable experience of the coffee.

They have over 30 years of experience with sourcing coffee and crafting the best roasts. They care about the quality, high sourcing, affordability, and sustainability of the coffee. The brand offers a detailed flavored coffee that ranges from French vanilla to blueberry honey to pistachio. The mission of this cafe is to provide the best quality service at a fair price, if you are not satisfied with these services they will make it right back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Address: 818 Post Ave, Seattle, WA 981

10. Trucup Coffee

Trucup Coffee

In early 2011, they noticed that there was a gap in the coffee market even with the multiple options we have in the Pacific Northwest, Coffee comes in only two choices that is regular and decaf. So, we introduced the low acid coffee to the world, a new category to the world. Trucup is a famous low-acid coffee that tastes great and is easier on the stomach than traditional coffee.

Trucup is a great option when you are suffering from heartburn and stomach-related issues. They believe that the best outcomes are achieved by working together, it is all about your visions, your goals, and your dreams. According to the brand, it uses the natural method of acid removal and leaves a smoother, thicker brew that is less ornamental to stomach acid with no sacrifice in
flavor or caffeine.


Address: 999 Third Avenue, Ste 4550 Seattle, WA 98104

11. Caffe Lardo

Caffe Lardo

Cafe Lardo is an Italian coffee thief who opened in 1994. It is located in downtown Seattle between Stewart Street and Olive Way and has perfect seating for any break or a business meeting. Caffe Lardo directly emphasizes the trade practicing and sustainability of coffee sourcing habits. In 2000, they were the largest coffee chain in the country serving only fair-trade coffee.

In 2011, they launched Lardo roasting. That division of the company sourced the green coffee through relationships with the coffee farmers and the millers. They offer a large variety of seasonal drinks and coffee blends at our cafe.


Address: 108 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

12. Onda Origins

Onda Origins

Onda Origins is a coffee roasting or sourcing company that creates a new way of doing business that keeps the allowance and well-being of its farmers a priority. They not only engage in the direct trade practice but also give a small contribution to the consumers back to the growers as well. They keeping more of the coffee profit at the producer level only.

Onda has established itself as the best coffee Roasters in Seattle by stimulating direct connections for the supply chain. They believe that the farmers are the ones who are responsible for the quality and sustainability of the coffee. The menu consists of the American latte, white mocha, cafe mocha, cappuccino, and peanut latte.


Address: 5600 Rainier Ave S Unit A, Seattle, WA 98118

13. Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee was opened in 2003 and its purpose is to create the highest-quality coffee. This brand only sources premium coffee which is grown
In “traditional old world cultivation methods”. They mainly focus on sustainability, relationships, and dedication of the framers. The majority of the coffee is directly sourced by the producers. Herkimer has cracked the espresso code with this rich and romantic blend.

The espresso will show the complex and bold notes of black cherry. They continuously serve better communities around the world to grow with our expanding high-mile city. Herkimer regularly visits its origin growers and practices direct trades. which boasts four locations across the city of Seattle, and produces high-quality, freshly-roasted coffee every single day.


Address: 7320 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, United States

14. Coffeeholic House

Coffeeholic House

Coffeeholic House Cafe is an imaginative incipiency founded by husband and wife- Chen & Trag in March 2020 for the unique Vietnamese coffee experience. The Coffeeholic is derived from the meaning of the person who is addicted to coffee. They mainly enrapt on the commitment to authenticity and the unique offerings of reaching dreams. This was the first Vietnamese official coffee house and now it has almost 8 cafes according to Google listing.

This cafe will broaden your coffee outlook. This cafe is famous for its freshly roasted beans and the coffeehouse scenes of the espresso introduced in the 1960s. The menu consists of the signature phin coffee, espresso bar, coconut coffee, and blended Matcha. They aspire to breathe a fresh wind of air into Seattle’s Vibrant coffee community.


Address: 3700 S Hudson St, Seattle, WA 98118, United States

15. Broadcast Coffee

Broadcast Coffee

Broadcast Coffee is one of the small-batch community roasters that has grown in popularity for 11 years. Broadcast Coffee company opened its first location named in honor of his dad’s lifelong passion for radio and this cafe is also acknowledged as one the best coffee Roasters in Seattle. They serve the organic from all around the world and they roast the natural flavour of the coffee to the individuals.

The goal of this cafe was to spread love and acceptance through hospitality and delicious drinks. The menu consists of the Americano Latte, Iced Latte, and Iced Mocha. This cafe allows customers to easily order from that cafe and receive great awards. They spread love and acceptance through their hospitality and their delicious food along with their drinks.


Address: 1918 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

16. Dorothea Coffee

Dorothea Coffee

Dorothea Coffee is a micro-roastery cafe that is now operated by two friends Conor and Tanisha, Dorothea Cafe is treated as the best coffee roaster in Seattle. Dorothea Coffee is renowned in Ethiopia for its vibrant fruity and classical taste of coffee. Natural Ethiopia can taste like peach, plum, or sometimes even lemon.

They hope that they can serve the world’s interesting and fun coffee with the natural taste of Ethiopia. Their coffee is available through the sites, by subscription, or at restaurants, cafes, and markets. Small coffee is the best coffee so Dorothea goes full-time in the central district of Seattle. Their roasting coffee transforms the chemical properties of the green coffee beans into roasted coffee products.


Address: 1424 11th Ave, Seattle, Washington

17. LightHouse Roasters

LightHouse Roasters

Lighthouse is an iconic and best coffee roaster that opened in 1992. They create great coffee in small batches by using natural and high-quality coffee beans, which are roasted daily in a vintage coffee iron roaster. They can build the community of the coffee growers by treating them as both craft and passion. Our experienced baristas prepare coffee with love and proper concentration so that they can serve their customers the best coffee.

This cafe will offer the finest types of coffee drinks along with a delicious breakfast. Our coffee beans are roasted daily on the site. If you want to taste the delicious coffee along with a tasty breakfast you must visit the lighthouse cafe.


Address:  400 N 43rd St, Seattle, Washington

18. Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters is a micro-roaster and trending coffee roaster opened in 2013 by Brendan Mullally. He opened this cafe because he loves drinking and sharing the great taste of coffee. They have direct partnerships with the local traders, producers, and importers such that they purchase the green coffee beans from producers and then roast them for you, our customers, and the wholesale partners.

They will believe in the sincerity and the hospitality service which is the great taste of the coffee. They will serve the espresso and the simple origin coffee, roasted on the site, each of these coffees is made by the mastermind who creeps into the details of roasting and serving. The menu consists of espresso, Iced Latte, Mocha, and Cartado and you’re sure to get out the freshest coffee in the Elm Coffee roasters.


Address:  240 2nd Ave S #103, Seattle, WA 98104, United States

19. Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters is a Seattle area coffee shop that specializes in the simple origin of coffee beans all around the world. This cafe was opened in 2000 but in 2003, they took a huge step and began roasting coffee in our own tiny back room of our cafe. This coffee roaster not only gets great coffee but is also a great place for people to hang out with friends.

This cafe was popular only after one year when we doubled our seating space, taking over the storefront to the next door. They committed themselves to the task of sourcing, roasting, and preparing the delicious coffee. The menu consists of the Americano, Iced Latte, and Mocha. This cafe is the perfect place to pick up our favorite blend and the simple original coffee.


Address: 300 Pine St Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

20. Caffe Vita Coffee Roasters

Caffe Vita Coffee Roasters

Caffe Vita Coffee Roasters is a Seattle famous coffee roaster in house-roasted coffee. They have been building connections since 1995. This cafe has almost 25 years of experience in making the most delicious coffee. This cafe built small connections with the farmers and now these small connections have grown into something bigger. Building connections is the inspiration for our cafe to make the perfect coffee blend.

They have a direct relationship with the small farmers where they work with the private coffee growers to increase their connections. The menu of this cafe consists of the latest Americano, Apple Mocha, and Iced Chocolate Latte. This cafe has the ability to adjust and monitor every stage of the flavor development through their roasting process.


Address: 1005 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States


Seattle is the motherland for the Baristas in the country with the proper commitment to high-quality, ethical sourcing of green coffee beans. From the small batches of the coffee roasters, they have built more connections for the coffee blenders. When you are looking for the best place to drink coffee and these are the best cafes, you must visit them. 

So, when you are coming to the seaport megacity, be sure that you can visit these 20 best coffee roasters in Seattle and experience the diverse culture for yourself.

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