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Best Coffee Roasters in Atlanta

Hello Buddies, We are here again to catch you exploring the best 20 Coffee Roasters in Atlanta. Let’s bring your attention to the topic of Atlanta first. Atlanta is the capital city of Giorgio, USA. It is a very famous city of Giorgio for many reasons like it is the birthplace of the Coca-Cola company, it has the busiest airport on the earth.

Atlanta is famous for eye-catching food, drinks, and many more things. It is the most caffeinated city of Giorgio. With around 200 coffee shops and coffee roasters, It features the most dynamic coffee tradition.

If you are a coffee enthusiast or whether you just want a coffee cup for the energetic day. Atlanta has plenty of the coolest coffee shops and coffee roaster options. We have brought the best coffee roasters and shops in Atlanta from the crowded field for you. Coffee tradition is slowly emigrating in Atlanta.

Everyone knows that it is one of the most dynamic cities in the US. We know that life‘s hectic problems are never solved but one coffee cup can overcome them. And coffee houses are one of those places where people make friends, get together with friends, and enjoy some precious time with each other.

That is the good thing in life. So we are here to take you to the best 20 Coffee Roasters in Atlanta If you need one of those to hang out there just go ahead.

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1. Portrait Coffee

 portrait coffee
Portrait Coffee

Portrait Coffee Roaster is located in Ralph David Abernathy in Atlanta. They also provide a coffee roasting career with roasted coffee beans who are interested in coffee roasting. This coffee roaster is owned by Africans.

They had a dream to overcome the thought that comes into folks’ minds. That is the specialty of coffee. Coffee as a product beverage was first introduced by Africans and those folks had no idea that after many years it would be consumed as a drink globally after water. 

Do visit this place once. This place gives you good vibes. There are beautiful planting decorations and a lot of space to chill with their friends or if you want to do some work in a vibrant space then visit once. Their staff is also very friendly and efficient and the coffee and foods are also very delicious.


Address: 1065-A Ralph David Abernathy Atlanta, GA 30310

Contact: (833) 553-0420

2. Firelight Coffee Roasters

Firelight Coffee Roasters

Firelight Coffee Roaster was established in 2014. They started with a very small group and now it is one of the most famous Coffee Roasters in Atlanta. Their specialty of coffee is that they had a full focus on the sustainability of their coffee roasting.

They have a vision to take it to the 100th generation from now onward so that people enjoy future specialty coffee for 100 years. This coffee roaster is the hidden gem of the west side of Atlanta.

This place is situated in a hidden place. Everyone has a problem searching out this coffee roaster but believe me it is worth it to find them like a gem. Their real coffee beans come from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Colombia. People love this place and their drinks and foods which is why this is one of the most famous roasters in Atlanta.


Address: 781 Wheeler St NW Studio 1 Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact: (404) 981-4930

3. Dancing Goats Coffee

Dancing Goats Coffee
Dancing Goats Coffee

Dancing Goats Coffee Roasters is located Ponce City Market of Atlanta Right off the beltline. This coffee roaster is easily accessible. This is the stopover place for the people who visit there for concerts, parks, shopping, etc.

For the perfect cup of coffee, they have committed to making ethical trading practices, a sustainable roasting process, and a relationship with the people and land. Dancing Goats Coffee Was established in 2014. If you want then you can join the Dancing Goats coffee VIP club. It is a community group for coffee affectionate.

You will find their latest content of videos, brewing tips, and interactive discussions and also you will be the person to hear about their new launches of coffee. In this community, you will also receive many offers like discounts, giveaways, etc.


Address: 650 N Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308

Contact: (404) 874-0370

4. Brash Coffee Roasters

Brash coffee roasters
Brash coffee roasters

Brash Coffee Roasters in Atlanta is located at Howell Mill Rd. Brash Coffee Roaster produces the best coffee and best services. They find the best farm for the unique taste of coffee. Their bond of relationship with the farmers is very friendly and happy and they give fair prices for the best coffee beans. They roasted coffee locally in small batches.

You have to try their pomegranate chai for the unique and special taste. I am sure you will not forget every taste of their drinks they are very delicious. This shop is very small  It has not a lot of space for seating but it is good to grab and go with the delicious coffee and tasty pastry.


Address: 1168 Howell Mill Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact: (404) 829-4389

5. Atlanta Coffee Roasters

Atlanta Coffee Roasters

At the very beginning of 1983, they started their company with the name of Coffee Plantation Ltd. At that time they also had a fair price and good roasted coffee. Atlanta Coffee Roasters endeavors to give the best service and make the best-roasted coffee at fair prices till now. 

Their Coffee roasters offer excellent coffee. You have never heard of this type of specialty coffee. After the coronavirus pandemic, they are accepting online offers only via their website for pick up or shipping.

They have completed 40 years of coffee roasting experience. Till now they have expended many ranges in coffee and teas. They have friendly staff and they are perfect for roasting arabica coffee beans.


Address: 2205 Lavista Rd NE Ste F Atlanta, GA 30329

Contact: (404) 636-1038

6. Peach Coffee Roasters

Peach coffee roasters
Peach coffee roasters

Peach Coffee Roasters in Atlanta were born in 2018 when they decided to share their love for delicious coffee with others. They were honored with four bronze medals in 2019 for the roast North American Golden Beans and that competition had 1000 Roast entries. They are located in Johns Creek, Giorgia in North Atlanta.

Peach Coffee Roaster has three in its roasting house. It is Arabica Q-graders whose work is selecting the finest coffee because they believe that high-quality Coffee should be reachable to everyone. Peach Coffee Roaster has a lot of parking and seating Areas.

So if you want to reach there with friends you can go there. Also, they have a reward system for their marketing system. You get every 1 point on 1 dollar spent. After completing 50 points. You can choose your favorite coffee drinks.



Contact: 770-360-9071

7. Condesa Coffee

Condesa coffee
Condesa coffee

Condesa Coffee was born in 2010. They are very passionate about their work. They introduce and offer their perfect shots of espresso from Baroida, an Ethiopian pour-over, their homemade syrup, and Papua New Guinea.

They have friendly staff who always strive to create a good relationship with their customer as they are dedicated to building a bridge between coffee lovers and them.

When it comes to Their Specialties include Coffee Cocktails, Espresso bars, Wine bars, and beer. Also, they welcome dogs on their outdoor patio and they also have launched a dedicated Sunday for the Pup. They have extensive parking around the building, on John Wesley Dobbs.

There are plenty of sockets for the electronics near the seating area so you don’t want to go far for charging your electronic items. And yes they have delicious coffee drinks and foods.


Address: 480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave Ste 100 Atlanta, GA 30312

Contact: (404) 524-5054

8. Chrome Yellow Trading

Chrome Yellow Trading

Chrome Yellow Trading was established in 2013. They offer not only their delicious coffee but some dry non-eatable goods also like candles, general greeting cards, types of equipment, etc. They have been serving their specialty drinks, Cold Brew, Nitro Coffee, Belloqc tea, pastries, etc for years.

There is wi-fi available too. Chrome Yellow Trading is now a Modern Coffee Company roasting coffee in small batches in sunny sunlit just close to the cafe. The environment of this place looks awesome because of some indoor plants that give an aesthetic look which gives a great feel.

There is plenty of seating here for working if you want to work in a relaxed environment. Their staff are very helpful and friendly. They offer many drinks but a drink that is an iced Vanilla bourbon Latte is very delicious.


Address: 501 Edgewood Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Contact: (470) 355-1340

9. San Francisco Coffee Roaster

San Francisco Coffee Roaster

Don’t go only with the name of San Francisco. This is in Atlanta too but first This coffee roaster was opened in San Francisco that’s why its name is San Francisco Coffee Roaster. Yes, it is in Atlanta too that’s why we put it on the Atlanta Coffee Rouster list.

It was born in 1992 by Doug and Tanya Bond. They introduce to the caffeine lover the beauty of the finely roasted specialty coffee. They welcome you warmly in the San Francisco Coffee Roaster, feel at home, and breathe the delightful aroma of their specialty roasted coffee.

The owner of this roaster is actively involved. This is the treasure of the city and the neighborhood. The staff is very helpful and friendly. This coffee roaster is demonstrated to be a delightful heaven.


Address: 1192 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306

Contact: (404) 876-8816

10. Prevail Union ATL (Coffee Roasters)

Prevail Union ATL

Prevail Union ATL was established in 2013 by Megan, her husband, and their friends. The Prevail community’s mission is to “ become a quality connector for the authentic community” which is the coffee enthusiast community. They are dedicated to their special high-quality, passion-driven products, and friendly helpful services and spaces to build their community strong.

It is one of the most award-winning coffee roasters in Southeast Atlanta. They have validated free parking for two hours in the dack off Brady Ave just right next to the shop. Come to this place and enjoy their awesome coffee or latte which is so delicious. The interior design and decor is very beautiful. If you want to give you a delightful experience then go there.


Address: 1050 Howell Mill Rd Ste 100 Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact: (334) 610-0737

11. Academy Coffee ATL

Academy Coffee ATL
Academy Coffee ATL

Academy Coffee Atl is not only a coffee roaster but is also an academy of coffee education that is accessible and affordable. In January 2020 Cannon Moody started a project called GYST Coffee Traning.

He has many years of experience in all over the New York City coffee shops which are very high in Volume in coffee specialty beverages. After gaining genuine experience in coffee education he started his own coffee academy and shops.

If you want to fully enjoy their super tasty delicious coffee and food then try to come once  I am sure you will come again and again here. Its shop has a good location, awesome and delicious food and coffee drinks, their helpful friendly staff, and shop all are very adorable.


Address: Academy  Coffee, 1019 Virginia Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA, 30306, US


12. Perc Coffee Roasters

Perc Coffee Roasters
Perc Coffee Roasters

Perc Coffee Roasters in Atlanta is committed to offering the perfect and the finest coffee. They roast coffee beans daily in small batches. The super tasty coffee supply chain can be long which includes the farmers, the transformers, the roasters, the baristas, and everyone in between but the Perc Coffee Roasters make this supply chain short.

They offer you super delicious coffee directly with just one stop to you along the way. There is a goal to prepare outstanding, super coffee and to create a productive, collaborative relationship in their mind.

The staff of Perc Coffee Roasters are amazing, friendly, and very helpful. There is plenty of street parking which is very perfect thing. There are all the food and coffee very delicious.


Address: 1046 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306

Contact: (912) 209-0025

13. Peoples Town Coffee Bar

Peoples Town Coffee Bar

People Town Coffee Bar is a great coffee house. Which provides good vibes. It is a good development part of Atlanta. Their special coffee and espresso are awesome because their special perfect, blended, roasting coffee comes from Methodical Coffee Roaster and portrait coffee.

They have two partners for the best blended roasting coffee, Methodical coffee, and Portrait coffee roasters. Their atmosphere is very awesome. The people who work there, are very awesome and friendly.

Bring you back to Peoples Town Coffee Bar again and again. Their coffee is not too sweet and not too bitter. It is perfectly balanced. There is wi-fi available at a high speed which perfectly works. If you want to connect with your childhood again then you can go there once because this place brought you to your childhood.


Address: 55 Milton Ave SE Ste A Atlanta, GA 30315


14. Apotheosis Coffee Midtown

Apotheos Coffee Midtown

Apotheosis Coffee Midtown has thirty years of experience in the philosophy of Coffee Specialty. They started their roasted journey with a big dream which was to build a community changemaker who set out the reawaken the enlightenment era of coffee houses.

The word Apotheosis of this roastery is something to understand that is the word which suggests raising something to its most delightful form. This word reminds them to raise what they do and make them upgrade every time that’s why they have chosen it.

This is a locally owned roasting coffee company. One can find it with difficulty but when you find it you feel great with the heavenly delicious aroma of coffee. They had a lot of space to sit and they had delicious food too with delicious coffee.


Address: 740 W Peachtree St NW Atlanta, GA 30308

Contact: (404) 665-5350

15. Chattahoochee Coffee Company

Chattahoochee Coffee Company
Chattahoochee Coffee Company

Chattahoochee Coffee Company is located in three areas, two of which are in Atlanta, one is on the Westside and the second is in Riverside. Address details, timing, and parking lot information details of all three areas are available on their website.

They provide a positive impact on their community and the world through their exceptional products of coffee to their customers. You would go back there, after one visit because you have found there many delicious flavor options to choose coffee drinks, and foods.

They have plenty of seating and nice staff and the parking is free and just close to their garage. The best timing is on both coffee shops in Atlanta is Monday to Friday from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. For other details visit their website.


Address: 790 Huff Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact: (470) 225-6981

16. Radio Roasters Coffee

Radio Roasters Coffee

Radio Roasters Coffee was established in 2014. They offer a good quality bright, sweet and bitter balanced, chocolaty coffee. This Coffee Roaster was started by a former NPR News producer named Chip G.

He had focused on more people adopting reluctantly uncompromised quality coffee so he decided to produce better appreciated work of coffee. Start your day with this great cup of smooth and chocolaty coffee that takes you to heaven.

They have experimented with coffee for unique different flavors from the beginning to this day. And they made some awesome flavor notes of berries, tropical fruits, or stone fruit. They deal with their interesting coffee with many countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Brazil. They are not only a source of coffee but also they roast and serve too.


Address: 2969 E Ponce De Leon Ave Ste 320 Decatur, GA 30030

Contact: 404-228-6873

17. Bellwood Coffee

Bellwood Coffee

Bellwood Coffee Shop is opened by two-person Joel and Charles Norman. They worked in two of the best high-quality coffee shops. After learning all about coffee from there, they started their own coffee business company together named Belwood Coffee.

After some time two person more joined their team. One is Ben Shoum for the coffee roasting operation and the second person for the creative directions. They all are teamed up. This small team together devoted to moving the coffee company forward.

They used values- creativity, sustainability, hard work, and openness. They have three coffee shops in Atlanta. If you want to grab a great quality cup of coffee so go to these Atlanta coffee shops which one near your location.


Address: 2011 Bolton Rd NW #109, Atlanta, GA 30318

18. Daily Dose Coffee

Daily Dose Coffee

Want freshly fresh and hot coffee to make your day energetic? So come to Daily Dose Coffee shop. This coffee shop is at Memorial Drive SE Suite in Atlanta. They have plenty of outdoor seating. There are plenty free of parking lots. They are offering delicious coffee and food. There are Most of the areas like car parking, entrance, seating, and restroom accessible for wheelchairs.

Many people nearby like it and enjoy their all menu items. Their famous Coffee and food items are Iced lavender Vanilla lattes and great pastries which are awesome in taste. The atmosphere of Daily Dose Coffee Shop is very cozy, casual, and trendy and their workers are very kind and helpful.


Address: 907 Memorial Dr. SE Ste 112 Atlanta, GA 30316

Contact: (404) 254-1188

19. Jr’s Java And More

Jr s Java and More

Jr’s Java And More coffee roaster was established in 2020 by Brandi Aka and her son Junior. It was opened at the time of covid pandemic. Junior wanted to share his passion for coffee with the world and inspire his fellow superheroes with special needs to others. They are dedicated to giving their 100% effort. Their all-roasted coffee bean flavors are very great and super delicious.

These coffee brand prices are reasonable as compared to other coffee bean brands. Those who are not coffee lovers also fall in love with Jr’s Java And More coffee roaster. During the week, they deliver coffee beans locally and ship in the U.S. 24/7. And they serve in person on the weekend.


Address: 99 Centennial Olympic Park Dr Atlanta, GA 30303

20. Mashburn Coffee

Mashburn Coffee
Mashburn Coffee

Do you need help finding this Mashburn Coffee shop, We know because it is in the hidden place in the middle corner of the retail clothing store. This clothing store is located at Howell Mill Rd Ste in Atlanta. Most people can not find it easily.

Because it is a retail store, there is no room for seating or working out there but we mention that have to try their coffee drinks you will find it awesome in taste, you can not forget it ever. The all workers of the Mashburn coffee or retail store are very helpful and friendly.

This retail store was opened in 2007 by Sid Mashburn. He had a dream to build a business of retail clothing. So If you want to buy clothes or many clothing accessories then you must go there and never forget to taste their awesome coffee.


Address: 1198 Howell Mill Rd Ste 109 Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact: (404) 350-7134


Atlanta is one of the busiest cities of the Giorgio. And we know everyone who is a coffeeholic person wants such a place where they explore some coffee time for relaxation, hang out, chill out, or do some work in the best surroundings.

So we bring here for you the 20 best coffee roasters in Atlanta from the list of two hundred coffee roasters and shops. these are such places where you want to go for your special needs or mood. If you want to go there then first you should know about these coffee roasters.

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