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Coffee Roasters in Texas

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Coffee Roasters in Texas

Hello Buddies, Are you searching for the Best Coffee roasters in Texas? So first let me tell you about Texas and its loving coffee. Texas is the second largest state of the U.S. both in size and population. Texans are unique and a blend of cultures. The survey found that more than a quarter of the average Texan daily intake consists of the workday with the Coffee and the edge off in the evening. That’s why Texas is famous for its coffee culture.

In the beginning, many coffee companies were started. First coffee company In 1921 Texas Coffee Company was started in Beaumont, Texas. Charles J. Fertitta Sr. understands the good quality of coffee with a distinctive aroma and flavor. On the other hand, we see a coffee-making company that is deeply influenced by Texas’ birth year. Its name is 1836 Texas Coffee. Their brand name is based on Texas birth year.

This company was established in 2001. Their 1836 brands of hand-picked coffee, highly grown 100% Arabica Coffees are inspired by its heroes’ integrity, fortitude, and fiercely independent spirit which shows that the people of Texas are very affectionate for their loving coffee. Presently Texas has more than 1900 coffee roasters. That’s a huge number which shows lots of affection for the coffee. Some of them are unrecognized but we took from all of them a hugely well-known 20 best coffee roasters in Texas for all of you.

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1. Noble Coyote Coffee Roaster

Noble Coyote Coffee Roaster

Noble Coyote Coffee Roaster is located in the Expo Park Neighborhood of Dallas, TX.
It is the National Award-winning micro roastery in a coffee lab. It was started by Marta and Kelvin Sprague in 2011. They have been serving right from their humble beginning at good local market farmer markets to the launching of their coffee lab in Expo Park.

They struggle to provide space for people to enjoy and explore coffee. They love to hear about their customer’s coffee adventures. They offer the first Saturday of the month to explore some of their newest coffee. To taste a few of their coffees, learn about their origin, and experience how industry professionals create flavor profiles. Their best-sellers are pour-over, cortado, Espresso Tonic, and coffee-free specials. On the whole, we can say that it is one of the top coffee roasters in Texas.


Address: Expo Park Neighbourhood of Dallas Texas

Contact: 214.321.4321

2. Porch Culture Coffee Roaster

Porch Culture Coffee Roaster

Porch Culture Coffee Roaster is a small-batch, craft coffee roasting company in Taylor, Texas. They endeavor to bring you profoundly good coffee that is responsibly sourced, mindfully roasted, and creatively distributed. Their story of starting their coffee business has something unique to express. Their journey to start a coffee company over a cup of coffee turned into a Porch Culture Coffee Roaster.

They started their journey as a coffee maker in a garage with some sacks of Spirit Mountain coffee and a grill roaster. After a surprising journey, they have started providing other items also which resulted in an expanded offering list. After that, They moved out of the garage and moved into a production space on the west side of Taylor. This way they have upgraded themselves from a garage to a small batch commercial roaster.

They produce quality fresh coffees from farms where growers are paid a fair price and their growing practices are sustainable. After this procedure, the coffee tastes good. So if you want to order fresh, delicious coffee from farm to porch then go ahead.


Address: 204 S. Broadway Ave Tyler, Texas 75702

Contact: 903.225.9838

3. Texas Coffee Traders

Texas Coffee Traders

Texas Coffee Traders is a homegrown coffee roaster and local specialist in all types of
Coffees. They established their coffee traders business in 1994. This company started with a Terrible Cup of coffee while R.C. Beall drank the worst cup of coffee in Montana. After quite a bit, he decided to start roasting a great cup of coffee for others.

Shortly he discovered an old roaster with five bags of green coffee beans in a wood cabin nestled in Montana then that time wilderness, Montana Coffee Traders started in 1989. From that time till today, they have been providing service to the entire Glacier National Park and the Surrounding areas. In 1994 RC returned to his home state of Texas and here, he and his wife started their Texas Coffee Traders Company.

They have provided their 30 years to this most hospitable service with the freshest coffee beans to Austin and the surrounding area with an unforgettable commitment to sustainability, quality, and community. If you want to open a coffee cafe or you want to just start your day with a full-energy cup of coffee or need an exceptional espresso. They are just at your local one-stop coffee shop.


Address: 1400 E 4TH ST. AUSTIN, TX 78702

Contact: 512-476-2279

4. Red Light Coffee Roaster

Red Light Coffee Roaster

Red Light Coffee Roaster is a coffee shop which is located on Market Street in Galveston conveniently around the corner of the Red Light. So this roaster is named for this location. They serve locally roasted and sustainably sourced coffee and beverages.

This coffee shop has popular brews including the refreshing iced hive five, and smooth warm Mocha lattes. If you find the best relaxing space. You can go to this coffee shop. It will also provide you with an excellent place to study. Some of the best hours to find a study space are a couple of hours before its closing time and that is 7 p.m. At this time the place usually grows quieter and relaxed.

Their ideal atmosphere and diligent service make you cozy and greatly specialized. Red Light provides many varieties of drinks and snacks. Red Light also provides free wifi to their customers and also arranges tables for individual groups. So if you want to go to experience their ideal spots and hospitality then you must go there.


Address: 2728 Market, Downstairs Galveston, Texas 77550

Contact: (409) 220-3189

5. Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company

Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company

Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company is an Austin-based roasting coffee company that has been offering fair trade transitional and organic coffee. They have 30 years of roasting coffee experience which gives us flexibility to roast coffee. They provide service to their clients and especially their farmers themselves. They are not a coffee shop but they have always brewed coffee for their taste.

They always select good coffee beans by hand to roast them. If you want, what you would like, then you can call them, and in the next shift They will roast and set it for your happiness. They frequently taste the coffee over the roasting time for their good taste as their coffee beans arrive. If you are interested in tasting their coffee then you can call them and they will arrange for you.


Address: 10515 Old Manchaca Road Austin, Texas 78748

Contact: 512-444-7820

6. Parks Coffee Cafe and Roastery

Parks Coffee Cafe and Roastery

Parks Coffee was established in 1986. They have committed themselves to offering the best experience to every customer. Parks Coffee Cafe and Roastery is the best way to start your day. You can go there for a fresh cup of coffee or you can order at your home. For ordering their coffee you can download the Parks coffee app. Parks Coffee also provides commercial-grade coffee.

They serve and supply coffee in the break room, boardroom, and coffee bar. They provide the best corporate coffee services in Dallas, Texas, and the Southwest. They offer premium coffee choices and gourmet food including their line of coffees. They roast fresh coffee each day at Dallas Headquarters.


Address: 401 Mac Arthur Drive Carrollton, Texas 750071

Contact: 800.889.7827

7. Starbucks


Many people know very well about Starbucks. This name is always famous in social media for its heritage coffee. Everyone knows that Starbucks coffee is very expensive. The story of Starbucks begins in 1971 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegi, and Gordon Bowker.

This is the only coffee house that is not only in Texas or the United States but is spread all over the world. Till now this company has more than 35,711 stores in 80 countries and 15,873 of them are located in the United States. In the US over 8,900 stores are operated by Starbucks Company. It is not only the number but it has their passionate hard work to show their achievements.

Starbucks introduces in their coffee outlets a wide range of varieties like whole-bean coffee, Microground instant coffee, hot and cold drinks, espresso, coffee latte, full and loose leaf tea, frappuccino beverages, juices, and many more things. Some Starbucks coffee stores provide free wi-fi internet access and specific seasonal offerings. So if you also want to experience their delicious items then you can go there.


Address: 1951 N IH-35 Round Rock, Texas 78664

Contact: 7379100019

8. Texas Coffee Company

Texas Coffee Company

The most popular coffee among Texans is the Texas Coffee Company. In the very beginning Texas company was established in 1921 by Charles J. Fertitta Sr. He understood very soon the taste of the people for a good quality coffee with a distinctive aroma and flavor. Mr. Fertitta begins this company with his investment of $1800, a few pounds of coffee, and a Ford model T-truck at the back in the Crescent Market at Magnolia Street in Downtown Beaumont. In 1968 this Company became the first coffee company in the United States.

They have each brand distinctly different and heartfelt requests and different types of coffee drinkers. This is a premium coffee of 100% Arabica coffee offering the richest, the most strong aroma and flavor. It is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Texas. Texas coffee introduces you to a dazzling, creamy taste and it has no bitterness.


Address: P.O. BOX 31 Beaumont, Texas 77704

Contact: +1.409.835.3434

9. Art of Coffee


As you can see Art is in the name itself which means there is lots of art which you will get to see at this place. This is a coffee shop which is located in Kemah, Texas. This is a family-owned shop and also produced featuring sweet treats, local art, and good vibes for all. This place is so attractive as you can see there are many paintings out there. The coffee is very yummy and delicious and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Their board area is too lovely.

They have three locations in the Bay area and all three locations produce yummy delicious coffee, and local art, and offer Fun for Family which is family family-oriented community event. If you love art and coffee then you must visit this place.


Address: 609 Bradford Ave Kemah, Texas

Contact: (281) 532-6371

10. Independence Coffee Company

independence coffee company

Independence Coffee Company Roaster was established in 2001 which is inspired by its independence and its heroes’ integrity and fortitude. Some brand collection names are also on the Texas date of independence like 1836 Texas Coffee – Brazos Valley Pecan, 1836 Texas Coffee – Comal Breakfast Blend, and many more. It is a brand of hand-selected, high-grown, 100% Arabica Coffee and the taste is high quality, creamy, aromatic with smooth flavor.

They also participate in a friendly environment by making their new Indi-Shots that are 100% compostable pods and the box is recyclable. The main line in these products is “Premium coffee Experian, Taste the coffee, not the plastic” and this line talks about lots of things itself. They always roast and deliver the freshest coffee. So if you want to taste the Independence Coffee, order now from the company website below.


Address: PO Box 28 Brenham, Texas 77834

Contact: (979) 836-3322

11. Mode Coffee House

Mode Coffee House

Mode Coffee House is Located in the heart of Downtown Galveston. It has been the honor of serving Galveston for over 15 years. It is truly a hangout-off coffee shop. Their focus is making great coffee, building a positive environment, and supporting a work culture with a big heart for their loving customers. They have plenty of seating areas with natural light. They also provide wi-fi internet services. They provide a little free library too.

There you can make you feel free like at home on their beautiful patio, relax and enjoy the books from upstairs in the loft. It is the perfect stop to fuel up before exploring your full day. You can also have their lovingly prepared handcrafted beverages and homemade sweets. So let’s hang out there.


Address: 2126 Postoffice ST Galveston, Texas 77550

Contact: (409) 765-5659

12. Mugshots Coffee Bar

Mugshots Coffee Bar

Mugshots Coffee Bar is located in Santa Fe. It is not a coffee roaster in Texas whereas It is a cute little coffee shop. But their delicious coffee and treats do not make you go away from there. It has a very delicious taste of coffee. Their staff is also helpful, understanding, and very sweet by nature. That coffee place is decorated with a coffee theme.

One can find plenty of comfortable seating space with a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you want to relax or are going through any stress, you can go out there to experience an exceptional and loving atmosphere. As there everyone is kind in nature and always takes you with a smile. So go out there and check it out.


Address: 12494 Hwy 6 Santa Fe, Texas 77510

Contact: (409) 927-5146

13. Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream

Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream

Sugar Bean Coffee & Cream is located in Evia Galveston. It is a place that captures the hearts of locals and tourists like students who are seeking to study, for friends gathering.
They provide delightful varieties of coffee and tea, ice creams and frozen yogurt, juice bars, and smoothies.

For a large study group, a big family gathering, or a big friend group there is a lot of seating space available and an entire backroom with one long dining table making it perfect.

Here customer services are also very friendly. It has a great outdoor seating area with a gorgeous view and relaxing atmosphere right next to a nice green space which is very relaxing. The taste of coffee was perfect and smooth, with no bitterness or anything at all.


Address: 11 Evia Main Galveston, TX 77551

Contact: (409) 974–4473

14. Sea Bean Coffee Cafe

Sea Bean Coffee Cafe

Sea Bean Coffee Cafe is located in Galveston. They provide very good quality coffee and food and also better services with a friendly nature. There is an awesome view you can watch on the pier. Nearby this coffee cafe, people want to come for fishing also as there is a fishing point and pier on the seashore with an awesome view.

People of Galveston like to go there for coffee or to have some food or they also go to enjoy fishing on the seashore. They found the coffee prices or other food prices are ok but the food and coffee qualities are a lot of times higher than normal. Coffee is always rich, creamy, and delicious. So if you are in a problematic situation, you can go there for something good. I am sure you will find a solution to your problems in that environment. They are open for 24 hours. So you have no time limitation to enjoy it there.


Address:  9001 Seawall Blvd Galveston, TX 77551

Contact: (907) 224 6623

15. Seawall Coffee Company

seawall coffee company

Seawall Coffee Company is located in Galveston. This coffee shop is run by two sisters Meghan Billiot and Paula Kovach. After a few months of the pandemic in 2020 they thought about a coffee cafe. Then after much brainstorming, they decided to open a coffee cafe. This is how Sea Bean Coffee Cafe was born. In the Galveston community, they are proudly offering delicious coffee in different types also with other edible products and friendly services to their customers in a welcoming space.

This coffee shop is ideal for concentration. Their decor with plenty of plants is awesome and delightful. All the staff is very nice and patient. You will get a wide variety of coffee there. All varieties of coffee are good and tasty. Their cake, coffee, tea, breakfast sandwiches etc all are very good and tasty.


Address: 3802 Cove View Blvd, Suite R Galveston, Texas 77554

Contact: (409) 632-7508

16. Corduroy Coffee and Clay

Corduroy Coffee and Clay

Corduroy Coffee and Clay is a small batch coffee Roaster in Texas, Galveston and they also create their ceramic clay mugs. Their ceramic creation started in the house, and after some time they found their passion in exploring intentional coffee. They are a locally owned coffee shop and operated by a coffee specialist.

They produce coffee in different types and styles. Their specialized coffee is specialty coffee, Colombian coffee, Ethiopian coffee, drip coffee, pour-over coffee, brew, Oaxaca, cortado, espresso, cold brew, Iced coffee, retail coffee whole bean coffee, freshly roasted coffee, matcha, iced latte. In their large number of coffee varieties, you choose your favorite one. You can also go there with your dog as they are dog-friendly. If you want to hang out there. So they also serve their coffee in handcrafted clay mugs.


Address: 2521 Winnie Street Galveston, Texas 77550

17. Coffee Connection

Coffee Connection

Coffee Connection is a non-profit coffee shop that gives fresh and delicious drinks. Its owners have a mission to operate a non-profit coffee shop and serve their community by giving their products and profits to needy people and other local organizations of their community. This coffee shop already supports some organizations named Lighthouse Christian Ministry, M.I. Lewis Social Services, Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center, and many more.

Now let’s move your attention to the coffee. This is a great little spot to enjoy some quality cozy coffee. They have a lot of flavor in coffee. Their prices are affordable. Their coffee and services are excellent.


Address: 9300 Emmett Lowry Expy Ste 222 Texas City, TX 77591

Contact: (409) 229-1355

18. Segundo Coffee Lab

Segundo Coffee Lab

Segundo Coffee Lab is situated in Houston. This is a great place for study, a relaxing mood, for dates on weekends, and some important work. There you can feel great vibes of refreshing. This shop is in the middle of the market. There are a bunch of small shops out there. It is a great and comfortable place to read a book and relax as well. They have plenty of parking spaces.

Their popular drinks are La Mexicana Latte, Pumpkin Spice Cold, Oat Milk Latte, and Taro. They provide the highest quality of coffee beans and they make sure their coffee is perfectly roasted and brewed every time. Their coffee and food taste great. So if you want to plan a party with friends or family on the weekend, you can go there.


Address: 711 Milby Street #35 Houston, TX 77023 USA

Contact: (832) 341-8700

19. DAMN Fine Coffee and Fried Peas

DAMN Fine Coffee and Fried Peas

Damn Fine Coffee and Fried Peas is located in Seabrook. They beautifully blended a dark French roasted coffee on site for you so you can enjoy a Black Heaven. It is the art of Robert Cruse. They provide the best fresh, roasted delicious coffee, scratch chicken with fried pies, smoother tots, handcrafted Gelato, and the best brunch on Saturday and Sunday. They also have community events to enjoy and live music parties. You can choose from a wide variety of desserts like pies, cakes, cookies, etc. if you want to hang out at a classic cafe with some delicious coffee and delicious food so you can go there to enjoy their simplicity.


Address: 910 Hall Ave Seabrook, Texas 77586

Contact: (832) 205-6273

20. Full Cup Coffee

Full Cup Coffee

Full Cup Coffee Roaster in Texas is in League City. This company is a family-owned and operated coffee Company. They are locally coffee-roasted and then brewed. It is the newest coffee shop but they have more than 10 years of experience in the coffee industry. They will help with the tasty coffee and fill us with spirituality.

They care about the freshness and richness of their coffee. They always roast their coffee beans freshly on every order. They have nice and helpful staff. This place seems like hanging out there. The place is very clean.


Address: 1700 League City Parkway (Located inside Perry YMCA), League City, Texas 77573, US

Contact: 713.449.8458

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