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Accounting Firms In Kansas

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Accounting firms in Kansas

If you want to increase the efficiency and smooth working of your business. Accounting firms in Kansas can help you in many ways. It will help you in providing many accounting services which are very essential for any business or firm. But here a question pop-ups in our minds, “How to find a suitable one ? “.

It is definitely not an easy task as it takes lots of resources and effort to find the right firm that can provide the best guidance and advice to your business. As it is a very time-consuming task and we don’t want you to get your concentration away from your core business, we have made a list of the top 20 accounting firms in Kansas that can help you in your business growth.

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  1. Here is the complete list of 20 accounting firms in Kansas.


PWC image

PricewaterCoopers or just PwC is a multinational accounting firm in Kansas with a heritage of about 160 years of solving complex problems and commitment to its clients. PwC is operating in 152 countries across the globe. PwC tends to deliver innovative and best-quality work to build trust and healthy bonds with its clients.

PwC is so trusted by its clients because of its purpose and values towards its work. The firm combines its employee’s expertise with the latest technologies which deliver immensely remarkable results. PwC provides many services like human resource consulting, assurance, tax, accounting, auditing, advisory, and many more.

Address:1100 Walnut St # 1300, Kansas City, MO 64106, United States
Phone: +1 816-472-7921

2. Ernst & Young

EY image

Ernst & Young or EY is one of the largest accounting firms in the world. It was formed in 1989 by merging two companies, Ernst & Ernst and Arthur Young & Company. EY has been helping people in more than 150 counties. The Firm’s core purpose is to make a better working world which will help in transforming ideas into reality and elevate the country’s economy.

It is a very trusted and reputed firm in the market because of the insight and quality of work it provides to its clients which helps in building confidence and trustworthiness in the capital
market. EY provides assurance, audit, tax transfer pricing, consulting, and strategy services to its clients which help them in reaching their desired goals.

Address: 1200 Main Street, Suite 2500 Kansas City.
Phone: +1 816-472-7921

3. Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton image

Grant Thornton is one of the leading accounting firms in Kansas, having official offices in more than 135 countries. Grant Thornton’s motive is to make trust by providing quality and extraordinary results to its clients. They are helping and providing services to every type of firm ranging from small businesses to large corporate firms.

The firm has a global-level network of member firms that provides many accounting and consultancy services which include advisory, audit, tax, merger and acquisition, human resource services, and many more to its clients across the globe.

Address: 1201 Walnut St Suite 2200, Kansas City, MO 64106, United States
Phone: +1 816-412-2400


KPMG image

KPMG is one of the top leading accounting firms in Kansas and, the world and it is having its offices in more than 150 countries around the world. It was first started in the year 1911 by the merging of Marwick Mitchell & Co.(M) with William Barclay Peat & co.(P) to form Peat Marwick, after passing many years, it merged with Piet Klynveld(K) and Reinhard Geordeler(G) in 1987 to form KPMG.

The firm’s main motive is to make a difference while making the world a better place for the coming generations. KPMG consists of many teams of professionals who work very hard and dedicatedly to deliver the highest quality results to its clients. It provides assurance, audit, tax and legal consultancy, and advisory to help clients in making great businesses.

Address:1000 Walnut St #1000, Kansas City, MO 64106, United States
Phone: +1 816-802-5200

5. Deloitte

Deloitte image

Formed in 1845, Deloitte is one of the best accounting giants in the world. Its motive is to make an impact that matters by creating confidence and trust in a more equitable society. It focuses on efforts to advance the equity and sustainability that come through core values and commitment.

Deloitte offers many different services like audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and legal, risk management, etc. Deloitte aims to be the best at everything whatever it does for its customers.

Address:1100 Walnut St Exhibition Hall D, Kansas City, MO 64106, United States
Phone: +1 816-474-6180

6. McGuire Sponsel

McGuire image

McGuire Sponsel is a famous accounting firm in Kansas. It is a partner firm of many regional, national, and international firms. It believes in providing the best and high-quality services with a dedication to its partner firms which brings value and trust to its clients.

This approach has allowed McGuire Sponsel to become a trustworthy resource to the firms in the country.McGuire provides R&D tax credit services, credit, and incentive services, fixed assets services, and many other financial services to its clients.

Address:238 W 74th Street Kansas City
Phone: (800) 322-7776


CBIZ MHM image

CBIZ is a leading accounting services provider in Kansas. It has around 120 offices all over the country and has a team of professionals who work hard and provide services to clients according to their needs. A team of specialized and talented employees stands ready to ensure that each and every need of yours and your business is fulfilled successfully.

The firm provides tax and accounting services, HR and insurance services, and many other financial services to its client. You can easily rely on the CBIZ experts team because they are very good at giving high-quality results to clients.

Address:700 W 47th St #1100, Kansas City, MO 64112, United States
Phone: +1 816-945-5500

8. Novak Birks

Novakbirks image

Founded as Roger Novak P.C. by Roger Novak in the year 1997. Later in 1984, Richard Birks Joined the firm and it became Novak Birks. Certified public consultants and accountants are devoted to offering professional accounting services to clients.

The firm has a strong history of performing best engagements such as auditing, payroll auditing, introducing different strategies to reduce the tax you pay, etc. This firm has been known for its uncompromising nature towards the work, that’s why their clients rely on them and trust them the most and It also uses the latest technology to serve its clients efficiently.

Address: 10901 West 84th Terrace, Suite 240, Lenexa, Kansas 66214
Phone: 913-631-5626

9. The Whitlock Company

Whitlock image

Founded in 1913, The Whitlock Company has been providing professional accounting services for over a century. It is a value-driven firm that believes in building trust and long-term relationships with its clients. It helps clients in developing their businesses and upscales their effectiveness and efficiency.

It also helps in saving taxes as tax rules and regulations change very frequently and clients need an expert who can help them in saving their money legally. Along with that, it provides services such as tax preparation, risk advisory, business advisory, accounting, and many more.

Address: 9229 Ward Pkwy Ste 110, Kansas City, MO 64114, United States
Phone: +1 913-671-8600

10. CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen)

CLA image

CLA is one of the largest accounting firms in Kansas, it was formed in the year 2012 by merging two accounting firms, Clifton Gunderson LLP and LarsonAllen LLP. CLA formed its leadership to be adaptive and responsive to the requirements of its clients and believes in evolving continuously to meet expectations.

CLA provides customized accounting, audits, assurance, advisory, business risk services, wealth advisory, and many other services that are helpful for its clients in a very effective way.

Address: 12721 Metcalf Ave Suite 104, Overland Park, KS 66213, United States
Phone: +1 913-491-6655

11. Moss Adams LLP

Mossadams image

Moss Adams was founded in the year 1913. Having a legacy of experience of over 100 years, It is one of the largest accountancy firms in the country, having many offices in more than 30 different locations, making it one of the best accounting firms in Kansas.

Moss Adams is a fully integrated professional accounting services firm dedicated to assisting its clients and working according to the needs of its clients which helps the firm to grab absolute success in achieving its motives and goals. It offers many accounting services like tax, assurance, advisory, and audit services for businesses, individuals, and many other big firms.

Address: 7285 132nd St, Overland Park, KS 66213, United States
Phone: +1 913-599-3236

12. Novogradac & Company

Novogradac & Company image

Novagradac & Company is a professional accounting service provider. It has around 25 offices across the country. It is a very reputed and respected firm in the market because it has been providing services like accounting, consulting, advisory, and risk management services to its clients with dedication and immense hard work over the last 30 years.

The firm is expertise in providing assistance in construction cost studies and providing broader guidance regarding tax credit developments. Novogradac’s innovative thinking and ideas add value to its management and strategy implementations.

Address: 6700 Antioch Rd #450, Merriam, KS 66204, United States
Phone: +1 913-677-4600


Forvis image

FORVIC LLP was established by the merger of equals of two firms, BKD and DHG. As a professional service provider, it is very passionate about making culture more than words, this aspect helps them in creating a foundation that defines its legacy.

FORVIC has enhanced capability and deep industry knowledge which helps clients to succeed today while preparing for a better and clear future ahead. Its disciplined professionals provide you with a full range of services which includes audit, tax, advisory to face challenges, assurance, etc.

Address: 1551 N. Waterfront Parkway, Suite 300
Phone: 316.265.2811

14. Baker Tilly

Bakertilly image

Baker Tilly is one of the largest accounting firms in the country. It was formed in the year 1931, and since then, it has evolved from a regional firm to an international firm while maintaining its culture and core values along with its expertise and continuous innovations. Now it has around 700 offices across the globe.

This all has become possible because of the firm’s goal-oriented nature and the quality of services it provides to its clients. It offers consulting, risk advisory, tax, wealth management, audit, and many other useful services for clients, which helps them to accomplish their goals.

Address: 5440 W 110th St Suite 300, Overland Park, KS 66211, United States
Phone: +1 816-333-7200


UHY llp image

UHY LLP is a certified CPA firm that is among the country’s best and biggest accounting firms in Kansas. It is spread to more than 100 countries around the world. It has decades of expertise in finding out opportunities and achieving growth. It usually takes a brief view of your business and after analyzing, it prepares its custom strategies and implements it according to the needs of the business.

It works collaboratively with its clients to build trust and develop innovative and flexible solutions to meet the client’s requirements. UHY LLP offers services like tax, accounting, consulting, advisory, assurance, audit, etc to its clients.

Address: 1251 NW Briarcliff Parkway, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 816-542-5980

16. Ryan LLC

Ryan image

Ryan LLC is an award-winning accounting services firm. It has achieved market leadership and international recognition through its excellent client services and innovations. It has been working in more than 60 countries globally. It was first founded in the year 1991 and by the passing years.

The firm has evolved tremendously, and because of that, it has captured a leadership position in the accounting and tax services industry. It has been helping companies in liberating them from excessive taxes which allows them to invest the saved money for the betterment of their company’s future. It provides recovery, audit, consultancy, advocacy, and compliance services to its clients.

Address: 10801 Mastin St # 750, Overland Park, KS 66210, United States
Phone: +1 913-338-2005

17. MHM

MHM image

Started in 1954, MHM is a growth-oriented firm that builds deep relations and trusts with clients through dedication to goals and its core values. Clients turn to MHM again and again because they have experienced its quality of services and they know how dedicatedly MHM works. It is one of the accounting firms in Kansas.

In this fast-moving world, rapid changes occur very often in regulations and financial reforms but MHM professionals keep themself updated so that they can easily solve their client’s queries. MHM offers financial statements audit, taxes, state and local tax, advisory, transactions and tax advisory, and many more.

Address: 700 W 47th St., Suite 1100 | Kansas City, United States
Phone: 816.945.5600

18. PYA

PYA image

PYA was formed in 1983 by Pershing and Yoakley. Its promise is to deliver a vision beyond the number and having experience of more than 40 years, it has offices in six cities. It is considered “One of the best accounting firms in America” by Forbes. Along with that, it has been ranked as the “third highest in female ownership among the top 100 Accounting firms“ by Inside Public Accounting.

PYA was basically made on the principles of providing the best quality accounting services to clients. It provides audit and assurance, business advisory, tax, accounting, etc, making it on of the best accounting firms in Kansas.

Address: 9900 West 109th Street #130, Overland Park, Kansas
Phone: 913-232-5145

19. Adams Brown

Adams Brown image

Adams Brown is an accounting and business advisory firm. It learns about your business and prepares strategies to complete the targeted goals. It believes in working hard to establish long-term relationships and trust and bringing fresh ideas to the table which helps in providing exceptional service and exceeding the client’s expectations.

The firm has ranked 11 as the “Fastest-growing Accounting firm” by Accounting Today. It provides audit, attestation, advisory, consulting, tax, and wealth management services to clients. This makes it one of the best accounting firms in Kansas.

Address: 358 N. Main, Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (316)262-6578

20. MarksNelson

Marksnelson image

MarksNelson was made by merging two accounting firms in Kansas, Marks Stallings & Campbell PA, and Nelson Vohland Gibb Bray Reinert & Associates LLC in 1968, from then till now, this firm has never stopped evolving. With over 50 years of experience, MarksNelson does whatever it takes to accomplish the client’s needs.

The main motive is to help businesses to move forward and achieve success in their fields. It provides services like accounting, assurance, succession planning, tax, valuation, business and risk management, and many other services that help clients’ businesses survive in a constantly evolving and transforming atmosphere.

Address: 6800 W 115th St., Suite 3511, Overland Park, Kansas City.
Phone: +1 816-743-7700


Accounting firms in kansas play a significant role in your business growth journey, for some reason, sometimes you can’t able to handle the finances apart from the core business, but accounting firms will definitely help you in managing all the financial activities in a way that will benefit your business and will lead to the overall growth.

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