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accounting firms in Arizona

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Accounting Firms in Arizona

Accounting firms in Arizona are considered to be cornerstone for small business organizations that lack all the essential resources to handle their accounting and finances. An accounting firm owns a team of expert accountants that are able to guide businessmen in a proper way and resolve issues that are relevant to accounting and taxation such as bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow, accounting, and financial consulting. These services are an essential part of any business organization and individual entrepreneurs, playing an important role by helping them grow and achieve their goals.

If you are looking for an accounting firm in order to maintain your finances and taxes, you need to employ a team of expert accountants that are able to take your organization to the next level.

Here is the list of the top 20 accounting firms in Arizona which can be trusted if you’re looking to hire an affordable accounting service for your company.

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1. Outsourcing Business Solutions

outsourcing business solutions Image

Outsourcing Business Solutions is one of the top accounting firms in Arizona that offers tailor-made accounting services to individuals as well as global organizations. OBS is a company that provides services and builds growth-oriented strategies only after grasping the objectives of its clients. They have a team of the best professionals who are able to match the challenges of the corporate world.

They always strive to provide the best team to their clients as per their requirements. When it comes to providing services regarding accounting and taxation, They offer services that include legal services, software services, accounting services, insurance services, document management, call center services, Web Development & Digital Marketing, and financial services.

Phone: +1-646-980-6424



2. HR Wise LLC

HR Wise LLC image

HR Wise LLC an accounting firm based in Arizona was founded in 2008 with a view to providing services to small businesses by incorporating advanced technology. They are devoted to helping small businesses by handling payroll, HR, bookkeeping, and much more so as to increase business output and save their valuable time.

With dedicated HR and payroll professionals, the company is dedicated to resolving all kinds of problems related to the payroll of their clients so that they are able to focus on making strategies instead of time-consuming paperwork. Offer a foray of services in which they are specialized are workforce management, tax services, benefits, retirement plans, and many other services.

Address: 8399 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 102, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 1-855-353-1035​


3. Price Kong CPAs, Consultants

Price Kong CPAs, Consultants Image

Price Kong CPAs which was established in 1967 is one of the well-known accounting firms in Arizona. They believe in serving quality, tailor-made services, and personalized guidance regarding finance to individuals as well as global organizations. They always strive to assist their clients in every manner and help grow their businesses. From an evaluation of current investments, and tax plan analysis, to a tax plan analysis, They always try to help their client according to their situation to whatever extent is possible.

The services they offer to their clients include Cost Segregation Studies, Mergers & Acquisitions, Inventory Control Systems, Equipment Management & Control, Risk Management, Business Valuations, Business Succession Planning, and Employee Benefits Planning.

Address: 5300 N. Central Ave #200 Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: (602) 776-6300



4. Stenson Tamaddon

Stenson Tamaddon Image

Stenson Tamaddon, based in Arizona, is one of the best accounting firms that is famous for its technology-enabled financial services. With the help of advanced technology, they are capable to help their clients with their special requirements regarding finance and taxation.

They are identified as a multidisciplinary accounting firm equipped with the latest technology and believe in helping its clients with dedication to providing them with available tax credits and incentives from all forms of government. So you can avail of their services to maximize their government incentives and tax opportunities. In addition to these, their other services are Work Opportunity Tax Credits, R&D Tax Credits, Advance Funding, and Employee Retention Credits.

Address: 111 West Monroe Street, 17th Floor, Phoenix AZ 85003 

Phone: +1 888-375-1000



5. ABT Financial Consultants

ABT Financial Consultants Image

ABT Financial Consultants is a private firm that has been offering accounting and taxation services for 35 years. To provide their clients best and most affordable service, they always keep on increasing their knowledge base with the help of updating technology. The primary objective of the firm is to provide reasonable, personalized accounting and tax solutions to its valuable clients. While they are equipped with the latest technology, their main focus always has been on maintaining a personal connection with their clients. Always aspiring to make taxes and accounts easy to manage. Our services include Cloud Accounting, Accurate Tax Services, Free Payroll, and Small Business Consulting.

Address: 2633 E Indian School Road Suite 330 Phoenix, AZ, United States,85016

Phone: 6022240544


6. Conover Asay CPA

Conover Asay CPA Image

Conover Asay CPA is a full-fledged accounting firm that deals in a complete range of tax planning and making strategies for finances to decrease your tax liabilities and cash flow. With the help of their expertise, they always endeavor to keep you on track to make you achieve your financial goals. The firm strives to fulfill each client’s special requirement and help them earn their goals in this challenging financial environment. Their expert and experienced personnel allow our clients to grab the opportunities that are available in recent altered tax laws.

Our professional services include Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Sales, Assurance and Advisory Services, Construction Accounting, Entity Selection and Restructuring, Proactive Tax Planning and Tax Compliance, Audits, Reviews, and Compilation, and Debt and Finance Advising.

Address: 9920 S. Rural Rd. #108-168, Tempe, AZ, United States 85284

Phone: 480.500.6333


7. Cavazos Acct

Cavazos Acct Image

Cavazos Acct located in Arizona is a full-service accounting firm that predominantly deals in a wide range of accounting, tax, payroll, and audit services. They are very familiar with international laws, especially between the United States and Mexico. Emphasizing the quality of service, the firm’s professional employees always try to maintain professional excellence while dealing with a wide range of clients.

They are famous for their insightful opinions and deep knowledge of accounting and taxation which require making a wise professional decision. As far as their services are concerned they involve Small Business Accounting, Tax Services, Attestation, and Consulting, Fraud Prevention, and Deterrence.

Address: 2517 N. 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Phone: 602.399.7775



8. Foster Financial

Foster Financial Image

Foster Financial with the help of its three underlying primary principles of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality is able to provide its outstanding services to a wide variety of clients. The firm is considered to be one of the leading accounting firms in Arizona and has been working dedicatedly since its inception earning a lot of respect in the field of finance. Their high principles, standards, and professional services along with the highly qualified staff are what distinguishes them from other firms. Ensuring that each client of the firm must be handled by expert accountants is their first priority.

Foster Financial provides a comprehensive range of services, including Income Tax Planning and Preparation, Bookkeeping Services, Costing Related Consultation, Business Consulting, Licensing Assistance, Finance Management, Internal Audit, and Compliance.

Address: 15300 N 90th St, Suite 350 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (602) 833-3260



9. Heritage Advisors

Heritage Advisors Image

Located in Arizona, Heritage Advisors, LLC is regarded as one of the leading accounting firms that deal in tax, Law, Insurance, and wealth management in the region. They strive to help their clients grow their wealth and build a business by focusing on Financial Planning, Asset Preservation, Tax Planning, and Investment Management. The company has been serving a wide range of organizations such as not-for-profit organizations, small and midsized businesses, Trusts, and Estates for more than 35 years. Its professional and expert team always strives to provide its clients with cutting-edge and innovative strategies that help them grow their businesses considerably.

Heritage Advisors CPA offers services to its clients such as Accounting, Tax, Attest (Certified Financial Audits) and Non-Attest (Reviews and Compilations) services, CFO support services, and Internal Audits.

Address: 1440 E Missouri Ave.Ste C200, Phoenix, AZ 85014 

Phone: (602) 569-9959 



10. Hacker Accounting

Hacker Accounting Image

Hacker Accounting is a well-known top bookkeeping and accounting firm in the Arizona area. Because of its main principles of quality, responsiveness, and professionalism, the firm can provide the best services to its clients with the help of its best business accountant. In our view, they are responsive in their work and anyone can bank on their knowledgeable personnel who always provide a piece of fast and competent advice.

The firm works with a wide range of organizations such as individuals, large and small businesses, and other agencies. Our services are Personal Tax Services, Business Tax Services, Bookkeeping Services, Tax Preparation Services, Bookkeeping Software, Payroll Services, Bookkeeping Advice, and Tax Documents.

Address:  3710 W. Greenway Rd., Ste. 114, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Phone: (602) 375-5251



11. Expert Tax & Accounting

Expert Tax & Accounting Image

Expert Tax & Accounting is one of the leading accounting firms that has been providing high-quality and customized financial guidance to individuals and business organizations in Arizona since 2012. They are a local accounting firm that is currently working in the Phoenix Metro area. The firm together with its expert staff always strives to provide professional and first-grade services since they came into the accounting business. They provide their clients with a foray of services such as tax return preparation, full-service accounting, tax return preparation, full-service payroll, and sales tax filings.

Address: 1515 E Bethany Home Rd STE 110, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: (602) 956-0607

Mail: holly@​


12. Lowy’s Tax Planning & Accounting, PLLC

Lowy's Tax Planning & Accounting Image

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Lowy’s Tax Planning & Accounting is considered among the top accounting firms which is of the opinion that the success of any firm depends on the success of its clients. With all their expert accountants, they make sure to provide the best opportunities regarding tax savings for both businesses and individuals. Comprehensive services offered by the firm include tax planning, income tax preparation, bookkeeping, business consulting, and QuickBooks support.

Address: 780 E Thunderbird Rd Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone: 602-943-4494



13. The Royce CPA Firm

The Royce CPA Firm Image

The Royce CPA Firm, one of the top accounting firms in Arizona, is also known for its complete service regarding accounting and taxation. Any business firm or individual can take their help in order to grow financially and solve any sort of discrepancies regarding accounting and taxation. The goal of their team is to offer a consistent service to their clients regardless of their customer status in order to provide them with a better financial life.

Their primary services fulfilling the specific requirements of our clients are tax preparation, small business accounting, strategic business planning, part-time CFO services, forensic accounting, bookkeeping, and new business formation.

Address: 3075 N Swan Rd. Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone:  (520) 321-4626



14. Ludwig Klewer & Co

Ludwig Klewer & Co Image

Ludwig Klewer & Co is a private accounting firm in Arizona and has been providing high-quality services and expertise in the related field to their clients. They offer all sorts of taxing and accounting services with a view to fulfilling each client-specific requirement to achieve their goal in this evolving financial and regulatory environment. They have been working with both international and local accounting firms for more than 25 years which allows them to earn the knowledge of law and regulation of accounting and taxation associated with other countries.

Our professional services as an accounting firm include Forensic Accounting, IRS Representation, Assurance, and Advisory Services, Accounting Services, Tax Management Services, Financial Projections, and Forecasts, Financial, and Retirement Planning, Audits, Reviews, and Compilation, Estate and Trust Planning and Tax Preparation, and Debt and Finance Advising.

Address: 4783 E. Camp Lowell Drive Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone:  (520) 545-0500



15. Kalil & Associates Accounting Solutions

Kalil & Associates Accounting Solutions Image

Kalil & Associates is one of the full-service accounting firms in Arizona and has been providing its service as a leading accounting firm in Tucson for years. They have a team of experts who help the components of your business run properly and ensure your accounts are in order.

Kalil & Associates employees have extensive experience in keeping your books balanced and tax preparation for individuals as well as big corporate houses. They offer lots of services related to accounting and taxation such as Business Tax Preparation, Individual Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, Sales and Use Tax Reporting, Job Costing, and Budgeting.

Address: 6095 E Grant Rd Tucson, AZ, 85712

Phone: (520) 241-1294



16. Hunter Hagan & Company, Ltd.

Hunter Hagan & Company, Ltd. Image

With its experienced professionals, Hunter Hagan & Company, Ltd. is a leading accounting firm that has been helping individuals and big businesses by resolving issues related to accounting and taxation. The firm is well-known in the business industry for its efficient and effective services. It provides its services to a variety of businesses such as architects, surgeons & healthcare professionals, engineering & construction firms, multi-state returns, and state planning.

They have equipped themselves with the latest technologies so that they can provide logical and effective advice to their clients. They are ready to offer full-time services such as Tax Planning & Consulting, Financial Statement Preparation, Accounting & Computer Services, Tax Preparation, Referral Sources, Governmental Inquiries & Audits, International Issues, and Divorce Consulting.

Address: 4110 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: (480) 946-0751



17. Andrew J Mark CPA

Andrew J Mark CPA Image

Andrew J Mark CPA an accounting firm in Arizona has been making every effort to help its clients by resolving problems related to accounts and taxation and providing valuable services. They prepare their clients’ tax returns with the help of state-of-the-art computer systems and filed digitally.

As CPAs, they also help their clients by representing them before the IRS and state revenue departments in case of some issues occur. In order to maintain quality for our current customers, they don’t provide services of accounting and taxation from January 1 to April 30.

Address: N/A

Phone: (480) 991-2820



18. Nordstrom & Associates

Nordstrom & Associates Image

Nordstrom & Associates is a well-known certified public accounting firm in Flagstaff, Arizona. They are experts in providing financial solutions to their clients by offering them customized services as per customer requirements. With more than thirty years of experience, they are devoted to providing unparalleled services, guidance, and expertise to individuals as well as business organizations with the help of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Their expert accountants help the firm provide a group of timely, affordable, and efficient services. When it comes to providing services, they offer a number of cost-effective services associated with tax preparation, accounting, and accounting to individuals and small and corporate businesses, meeting their business requirements.

Address: 150 West Dale Ave Suite 2 Flagstaff AZ 86001

Phone: 928.774.5086

Mail: N/A


19. Solomon CPAs & Financial Services, PLLC

Solomon CPAs & Financial Services, PLLC Image

Solomon CPAs & Financial Services is one of the finest and most efficient accounting firms in Arizona. For years, it has been providing a variety of top-quality accounting and tax-related services to enhance its clients’ business performance. They make you rich by beating your debt and building your wealth using the latest financial and tax strategies. They strive to help you achieve your goal using all of their resources. Their staff who are experts in finance, tax, and accounting are able to resolve your needs and issues of businesses. The areas of our assistance in accounting are tax planning, payroll services, financial services, investments, financial services, and insurance.

Address: 7254 East Southern Ave. Suite 103, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: 602-773-6830



20. Partridge & Associates CPA’s

Partridge & Associates CPA's Image

Partridge & Associates CPA is one of the leading full-service accounting firms in Arizona. The firm has been providing cost-effective, efficient, and effective accounting services to its clients. They believe in building long-term relationships with their clients by resolving their issues and updating them with the latest information associated with tax and accounting.

Their experience of over 40 years helps them make effective and efficient strategies for reducing the tax liability of their clients. Being a tax accounting firm, they are supposed to follow some particular codes of conduct created by government organizations and other concerned authorities. They are also available online to provide their services related to accounting and taxation and are very cautious in using your private information.

Their Services offered include Tax Return Preparation, Tax Audit Representation, Strategic Tax, Transaction Structuring, Financial Planning, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Business Consulting, Preparation of Financial Statements, and Planning & Consulting.

Address: 13430 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 300 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone: (480) 990-2727




All these accounting firms in Arizona are considered to be well-known accounting firms that offer a number of services associated with taxation and accounting. The main objective of the firm is to help business organizations promote their performance and increase their profit. All of these firms are well-equipped with the latest technology to promote business firms as well as individuals in every aspect of accounting and taxation services and provide them with the latest information regarding finance and taxation.

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