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Accounting Firms In Illinois

Top 20

Accounting Firms In Illinois

At present accounting has been the cornerstone for the survival of every kind of business. As the need for accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses is growing, and as a result, many accounting firms are offering the perfect solution to ease the life of a businessman. From simple accounting support to employee benefit consultations, Accounting firms have become the best possible solution for a businessman.

Top accounting firms in Illinois are capable of helping any business survive by providing various services such as business valuation, accounting services consulting, auditing, payroll, etc.

The top 20 leading accounting firms in Illinois in 2023 have been explored below:

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1. The Charneske Group

The Charneske Group (TCG) image

The Charneske Group (TCG) is one of the top accounting firms in Illinois which has been providing services and guidance in terms of accounting and tax services to small businesses and individual levels. With the help of our wide experience and expertise, we always make sure to provide our clients with the best services varying from accounting and tax management to in-depth analysis and services of financial planning and statements.

We along with our best accountant team work dedicatedly so that our clients could achieve their business goals and growth. TCG professional services such as Tax Management Services, Bookkeeping/Write-up, Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis, Business Valuation, Accounting Services, and Payroll Services to name a few.


Address: 2101 Waukegan Rd Ste 210 Bannockburn, IL 60015

Tel: (847) 444-0603


2. Never Peak Consultants

Accounting Firms In Illinois

Never Peak Consulting, considered one of the top accounting firms in Illinois, has been serving comprehensively by offering a wide range of financial services to local individuals and businesses. With the help of its area of proficiency such as accounting, operations, and effective strategy consulting, the company is capable of providing help to businesses to achieve their goals and improve their growth along with performance.

When it comes to services, Never Peak Consultants offers innovative and results-oriented financial services including Tax planning and compliance services, QuickBooks Accounting Help and Assistance, Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis, Supply Chain Procurement, Marketing and Web Development, and Business Strategy Consultants & Operations.


Tel: 312.584.9382


3. Golden Tree Wealth Partners

Golden Tree Wealth Partners Image

Golden Tree Wealth Partners, the best accounting firm in Illinois with the best accountants is meant to deliver a range of quality services related to accounting and tax with an aim to help organizations improve their business’s performance and achieve their goals.

With a desire to be one of the best and leading choices regarding insurance and financial strategies in the town, Golden Tree Wealth Partners strives to offer all kinds of pieces of information and resources they require to achieve their goal and succeed in this competitive world.

Based on our experience and expertise, we provide a number of services such as financial position, risk management, wealth accumulation, tax management, retirement planning, and estate planning.


Address: 625 W Adams St Fl 19 Chicago, IL 60661

Tel: (630) 329-3988


4. ClearTax Consulting

ClearTax Consulting image

ClearTax Consulting located in Illinois has been serving individuals, families, and businesses for years by providing the best accounting and tax services in a transparent manner. In addition to services, they always keep their client abreast of the strategy they apply to their client’s businesses.

ClearTax Consulting provides its clients with special assistance in order to build effective strategies that help them reach their business goals and enable them to stand in such a competitive atmosphere. By handling all your financial issues, we allow you to utilize your energy and resources on other aspects of the business.

The services that we provide in the best way possible are Individual Tax Returns, Business Forms, Foreign Forms, and Business Tax Assistance.


Address: 2860 River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018

Tel: 847-830-5758


5. Osaghae & Associates

Osaghae & Associates image

Osaghae & Associates located in Chicago and Schererville is well known for being a full-service public accounting firm and considered one of the top accounting firms in Illinois. We aim to provide all sorts of accounting and tax-related services to individuals, families, and small-sized businesses along with corporate firms.

Ever since the launch of our company, we always try to achieve excellence and desire to help our clients in the best possible way. These are the factors that helped us gain tremendous growth and success in the field of accounting and taxing. Through our viable, sustainable, and efficient tax planning and strategies, we help our customers grow and lighten their tax burden.

Osaghae & Associates’ specialties & services include management services, accounting, audits, reviews, & compilations, tax preparation for businesses, tax preparation for individuals, tax resolution, tax planning, business consulting, and start-up services.


Address: 11070 S Western Ave Chicago, IL 60643

Tel: (773) 881-8080


6. Dimov Tax Specialists

Dimov Tax Specialists Image

Dimov Tax Specialists based in Illinois is in the field of accounting and taxation and has been providing services for 12 years. Our team of accountants is professional and specialists in their respective fields and always strive for details.

When it comes to accounting and taxation, Dimov Tax Specialists, being a full-service firm, always try to provide satisfaction and growth to their clients personally and financially. We help Individuals and businesses maximize their financial benefits.

We have established a concise process where we maintain collaborative and individual relations with clients in order to find and analyze their goals.

There are a number of services we currently provide are individual taxation, corporate & partnership taxation, bookkeeping, audit & attestation, irs / state resolution, estate & trust taxation, payroll & hr outsourcing, back office accounting, and real estate accounting to name a few.


Address: 20 N Clark St Ste 3300 Chicago, IL 60602

Tel: (833) 829-1120


7. CTS Financial Group

CTS Financial Group image

Established in 1972 by Todd W. Much, CTS Financial Group started working as an accounting firm that mainly served employees and professionals by providing them with income tax-related services, especially those who belong to the media, marketing, and advertising industries.

Later the company expanded its area of services by including income tax preparation for other professionals such as doctors, trusts, LLCs, and corporations along with partnerships. With the help of our thoughtful team who believe in dedication and strategic thinking, we provide our clients with detailed tax and money management counseling.

There are a number of services that CTS Financial Group currently provides which include wealth management, Financial Planning, Consolidated Asset Management Program, Retirement Asset Management Program, Tax & Accounting, Insurance Planning, and Retirement Planning.


Address: 737 N Michigan Ave Ste 2120 Chicago, IL 60611

Tel: 312-337-1040


8. John J Griffin, CPA

John J Griffin, CPA image

John J Griffin, a CPA accounting firm based in Chicago, Illinois, is well-known for its services related to accounting, bookkeeping, and tax especially tailored for individuals and small businesses. We welcome our clients with a fully qualified team of financial professionals and provide a free initial consultation so that you can make yourself aware of us and our services.

Seeing an opportunity of cementing a lifelong relationship in every request of clients, we offer a customized package of accounting and taxing services according to their businesses’ needs.

No matter if you have a small, midsized, and new or established business, we will always provide you with our unparalleled service and support.

We can provide a great range of services which include business incorporation, outsourced accounting, outsourced CFO services, payroll services, QuickBooks services, small business accounting, and tax services.


Address: 5242 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60641

Tel: 773-545-6750


9. Badu Tax Services

Badu Tax Services image

Badu Tax Services, LLC located in Chicago is one of the top accounting firms in Illinois that offers a number of tax services to individuals and business owners. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a business owner, everyone in the community faces a tax situation, Badu Tax Services, LLC is the place where you can resolve all kinds of tax-related problems and focus on the job that needs more attention.

With the help of our extensive tax and financial services, we strive to improve your privileged lifestyle. CTS offers a variety of tax and accounting services, such as tax preparation, tax planning, and tax representation.


Address: 4258 N Greenview Ave Chicago, IL 60613

Tel: (331) 757-6792


10. J H Brands & Associates

J H Brands & Associates image

Agent John H. Brands, the certified public accountant, serves individuals and small businesses in the region and is considered one of the top accounting firms in Illinois. It has been offering accounting, tax, and business advising services to its clients. He possesses a complete knowledge of the IRS, its methods, and processes because of his vast expertise in representing clients in federal tax conflicts and preparing individual and small company income tax returns.

He provides useful tax solutions for individual citizens and owners of small businesses. J H Brands & Associates offers its clients comprehensive tax and money management counseling with the help of its intelligent team, who are extensively focused on hard work and strategic planning. We offer Tax Resolution, Tax Preparation, and Small Business Consultation in the best ways possible.


Address: 1016 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60607

Tel: 312-226-8622


 11. Wilson Rogers & Company

Wilson Rogers & Company image

One of the top accounting firms in Illinois, Wilson Rogers & Company provides a range of tax services to both individuals and company owners. Wilson Rogers & Company is founded and led by CPA Jared Rogers. He is an excellent financial expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field of corporate finance, financial accounting, control, auditing, and tax to name a few.

We have always been focused on maintaining our hard-earned high-quality work, professionalism, and efficient services As professionals in our field, Our main objective is to fulfill our commitments while helping our clients succeed.

The company has a team of experienced finance professionals with over 20 years of experience in fields like corporate finance, financial accounting and control, auditing, and tax.

Our services are Taxes, planning, complex financial modeling, business case analysis, profit and loss analysis, project management, budgeting and forecasting, process and control development, financial reporting, and consolidations.


Address: 2055 W. 95th Street, Chicago IL 60643

Tel: 773-239-8850


12. Reed Accounting

Reed Accounting image

Reed Accounting, a full-service public accounting firm, was founded in 2009 and is known as one of the top accounting firms in Illinois. It offers an extensive range of services related to accounting and taxation with the experience you require. It all started with filing tax returns for friends and coworkers and has multiplied since then. The majority of our clients who sought our help were self-employed individuals. but now we have expanded a lot in the field of finance and have been serving lots of clients with a wide range of tax situations while focusing on small businesses and sole proprietors.

When you work with Reed and Company, you will receive the best quality and most up-to-date experience, as well as the friendly and professional staff that has been helping our clients’ success for years. We offer tax preparation and bookkeeping services to a wide range of small and large corporations. Our services include accounting, bookkeeping, and personal and corporate tax preparation.


Address: 709 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202

Tel: 312-857-4075


13. SRJ Consulting

SRJ Consulting Image

Established by Shiv R. Jhawar in 1975, SRJ Consulting will be the right choice for you if you are looking for tax experts who provide services related to finance. Being one of the top accounting firms in Illinois, it offers accounting and tax services to personal levels as well as big corporations. Having a license to practice in all 50 states of USA, SRJ Consulting has been helping taxpayers by resolving their tax issues.

In addition, with the help of the best accountant team, SRJ Consulting is committed to helping clients increase tax savings and lessen audit risk. Jhawar owner of the firm has also written an inspiring book ‘Building a Noble World’ which is available on

Our specific services include Tax Services, IRS Audit, Accounting, Payroll Services, and Consulting.


Address: 3139 N Lincoln Ave Ste 228A Chicago, IL 60657

Tel: 773-313-9141


14. Clarke Public Accounting

Clarke Public Accounting image

Clarke Public Accounting established in 1993 in Chicago is a well-known accounting firm that has been providing its services in the community helping them resolve their tax and accounting issues. Having a team of professional accountants who are organized, smart, and proactive, Clarke Public Accounting knows the methods how to find the solution to every problem that’s why our clients have faith in us to keep their companies running hassle-free.

Clarke Public Accounting mainly serves small to mid-size businesses with solid analysis and timely information. After knowing the health and financial position of your company, we quickly find the solution and pave the way for your company towards a steady course of growing profit. Our services which are designed to serve you in the best possible way are Tax, Sales Tax, and Payroll.


Address: 2124 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Tel: 773.525.4489


15. Great Lakes Advisory

Great Lakes Advisory image

Great Lakes Advisory is an accounting firm that is run by a team of CPAs and professionals known for being proactive, and organized. We are well-known business consultants and KPI experts who provide our clients with the handy processes of documentation, real-time data, guidance, and coaching for term success. With the help of optimal policies, strategies, and procedures, we at great lake advisory help our clients achieve their goals.

The main factors that help us to provide consistency to any business are simplifying, identifying, and documenting the core issues of the business. We offer a range of well-tailored and handy training modules that cover customer service, small business & entrepreneurship, management, project management, sales, and business analysis and strategy.

Our services include business process optimization, sop consulting, process mapping, business documentation, and training development.


Address: 1343 West Irving Park Road #13374 Chicago, IL 60613

Tel: (773) 904-8833


16. Daniel J Brown, CPA

Daniel J Brown, CPA Image

Daniel J Brown, CPA has been offering its expert accounting services to the Illinois area since 1986. Their services are well customized and ready to use with the expertise a client requires helping us build long-lasting relationships with our valuable customers. Being a small firm of professional and best accountants in Illinois, we try to resolve their unique problems by discussing them personally.

Daniel J Brown, CPA provides services related to income tax preparation and planning services and IRS representation. In addition to these services, we also offer support, guidance, insight, and counsel to our partners on various issues such as business start-ups, estate issues, retirement and college planning, divorce, and tax and financial matters.


Address: 119 E Ogden Avenue, Suite 130, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521

Tel: 630 629-4400


17. Del Real Tax Group

Del Real Tax Group image

Del Real Tax Group is a CPA Accounting firm that has been offering its services related to tax and accounting to small business owners and individuals. We, using real-time and exact accounting information and tax strategy, strive to provide help individuals clients and business owners take sensible decisions regarding their businesses that will pave the way for their businesses to achieve their goal of raising their bottom line.

Using advanced technology and the best accountants, Del Real Tax Group has helped our clients earn and save lots of money while working with us. There are some areas of accounting and taxation where we can help you such as making efficient tax strategies, maintaining your sales tax, monthly books, and payroll, analyzing your business to increase profit, and paying less tax.

In addition to these services, we have other services to offer including QuickBooks services, tax services, sales tax, payroll accounting, irs representation, and entity selection and restructuring.


Address: 7951 Ogden Ave Lyons IL 60534

Tel: 708-788-0082


18. G&G Income Tax

G&G Income Tax Image

Located in Chicago, G&G Income Tax is an accounting firm that provides services virtually across Illinois as well as inside and outside the US.

Gery the owner of the company is a professional accountant and consultant and has been licensed to practice and represent taxpayers before the IRS. She always tries to learn about the businesses and goals of her clients by maintaining a mutual understanding and relationships with them.

Anyone who wants to work with us will get personal attention, constant newsletters, and the assistance of two individuals throughout the year. We always strive for excellence in order to achieve this we invest time and resources in professional education, technology, and business relationships.

We offer a full range of services like Tax Preparation & Planning for individuals and businesses, Trust and Estate Tax Returns, Tax resolutions, IRS and State Representation, Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, and Quickbooks Services to name a few.


Address: 600 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago IL 60614 USA

Tel: (312) 772-5230


19. Bernard A. Affetto & Co.

Bernard A. Affetto & Co. Image

Bernard A. Affetto & Co. one of the top accounting firms in Illinois consists of the best and most professional accountants who serve individuals and business firms using key inputs of our firm like experience, expertise, and Knowledge. We have custom-made services to fulfill the need of every client as issues related to accounting and taxation varies per client.

By keeping ourselves abreast of any developments in law changes. We make sure that our clients are getting the benefits of all available incentives related to tax and accounting.

When it comes to maintaining the financial sustainability of our clients, we provide help them achieve future goals by taking a professional and proactive approach through innovation, open communication, integrity, and care.

In order to help our clients prosper and minimize their taxes, we offer a number of services such as Tax Services, Accounting & Assurance, Business Formation, Payroll and Sales Tax Services, QuickBooks Software Consulting, Estate Planning, and Wealth Management.


Address: 132 N. York Street, Suite A Elmhurst, IL 60126

Tel: (708) 453-1999


20. Emerging Business Solutions Group CPAs

Emerging Business Solutions Group CPAs Image

Established in 2003, Emerging Business Solutions Group (EBS) is an accounting firm having a team of CPAs and professionals specializing in accounting, tax, and business consulting for individuals as well as small and mid-sized firms.

EBS is founded by Shirlene Small, CPA, and Doreena Towner, CPA. together. Both have more than fifty years of experience in accounting, tax, finance, and business management while working in different industries such as health care, retail, manufacturing, banking, franchising, film production, etc.

Our services and solution regarding finance and operations management are not all about reporting and conformity, we, on the other hand, help our customers work faster and smarter by increasing their knowledge, skill, and capacity.

As far as our services are concerned, they are small business enterprises, medical practices, professional services firms, film, and commercial and independent producers.


Address: CineCity Studios, 1414 S. Western Avenue, Suite 202, Chicago, IL 60608

Tel: 773-874-0811


All the abovementioned top accounting firms in Illinois are considered comprehensive business consulting firms that offer a range of services aimed at helping businesses improve their performance and achieve their targets. Because of expertise in strategy consulting, accounting, finance, operations, and continuous improvement, these companies are well-equipped to support businesses in every aspect of their development.

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