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Solar Companies Providing Kits and Installation in New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the sunniest cities that generates more solar panels than other cities. If we talk about the average number of sunny days in other cities is around 200 but New Mexico has 293 sunny days in a year. The average cost of solar companies in New Mexico is $3.15KW, if you want to install a solar panel of 5 watts, then the cost of the solar panel becomes $15750KW per month which is less than the electricity charges in New Mexico.

The main advantage of installing solar panels is it is renewable energy and it develops clean energy. Solar companies in New Mexico are gaining more popularity as they make an alternative source of energy for local homeowners and business partners. 

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Best Solar Companies in New Mexico 

According to the report of the solar panel industry Association, there are 371000 solar panels which are installed in homes across New Mexico as well as in the United States.

By installing solar companies providing kits and installation in New Mexico, people realized that they would save long-term savings costs for further use.

1. Infinity Solar

1-Infinity Solar

Matthew Lay started Infinity Solar in 2015 to develop the best quality solar all over New Mexico, United States. Matthew has partnerships with telecommunications, Brinks Home security, and many other services.

They are serving and operating their solar panels in 20 cities across the United States. Infinity Solar offers solar panels for both residential and commercial solar. 

Services offered by Infinity Solar are proper installation, safe development & monitoring, high technical support, 24/7 monitoring with support access, and power backup supply.

The tax credit in New Mexico depends on the ten percent of the solar system value, a minimum tax credit for solar power systems is $6000 per year. If you want to install the solar panel in your homes then Infinity Solar is the best choice for you. 


Address: 3600 Osuna Rd, New Mexico, USA 

Phone: 800 818 0598

2. ADT Solar

ADT Solar

ADT Solar is a service provider company that was founded in 2008, and now it is known as one of the best solar companies in New Mexico, United States. Jim DeVries is the founder of the ADT Solar.

This company aims to protect and connect more solar systems to their families, and small local businesses. They are bringing the best quality solar panels to your homes and families. 

ADT Solar has 149 years of experience in developing and maintaining the best quality solar power systems and they protect 6.5 million homes with their home security system.

They sell high-quality long-lasting products at affordable prices. ADT Solar sells solar energy and they will offer the solar panels in 23 different states. If you are considering solar, then ADT solar is the best option.  


Address:  5811 Midway Park Blvd New Mexico, United States

Phone: 505-295-0442

3. SunState Solar Inc

 SunState Solar

SunState Solar Inc. is a solar energy contractor company that was founded in 2018 and its mission is to provide premium products and the best services to lower energy costs, it is the best solar company in New Mexico.

Glenn Felty is the CEO of the company and he started designing the solar panels in mid of the 2019. They have 25 years of experience in the installation of the solar power system. 

They offer solar panels for both residential and commercial solars, and they provide various services to the customers such as best technical support, power supply, EV charging facility, better customer care service after the installation of solar panels, a free- 3-year warranty service, etc. 


Address: 9600 Tennyson St, New Mexico, USA 

Phone: 505-225-8502 

4. Solar Smart Living, LLC 

Solar Smart Living

Solar Smart Living is a solar integration company that was established in 2007 by Alan Morgan. The mission of this company is to provide eco-friendly and sustainable energy solutions to customers.

They serve commercial, residential, and industrial solar panels to local homeowners and their partners. By installing solar panels, they reduce their electricity bills and save money. 

They offer financial savings through the installation of solar panels, if you want to grab the offer of financing on the solar then the payments of the residential solar system will start at $70 per month, with the 3.99% of the APR Solar. If you are considering the solar power system then Solar Smart Living is the best choice.


Address: 108 Ray Ward Pl, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 915-400-2995 

5. ION Solar 

ION Solar

ION Solar is a full-service solar company that was established in 2013 and now it is known as one of the best solar companies in New Mexico. Jimmy Slemboski is the CEO and David Rasmussen is the president of this company. The goal of this company is to provide the highest quality solar panels and services to consumers.   

The professional experts will handle the all processes from the start to the end of the installation of the solar power system at any home. Most of the local homeowners are switching to solar panels and see the difference in their electricity bills.

When you are calling a solar panel expert then an expert engineer with a lot of experience could come to install the solar panels and fully explain the whole process of solar panels. 


Address:  8300 Corona Loop, New Mexico, USA 

Phone: 888-781-7074

6. Titan Solar Power

Titan Solar Power

Titan Solar Power is a national leading rooftop solar contractor that was founded in 2013 and it deals with world-class dealers industry to deliver the best quality solar companies in New Mexico. David Williamson is the CEO of this company and he has expanded his business in 16 more states of the southern United States and East Coast. 

They worked hard to build the best supportive team that motivates our team to support both partners and dealers for better long-term savings.

Titan Solar offers different types of solar services- like mounted panels, solar roofing, roof replacement, low-profile panels, minor roof repair, etc. If you are looking for the best solar panel installer company then Titan Solar is the best for you.


Address: 900 Lamberton New Mexico, USA

Phone: 855-729-7652 

7. Ocotillo Solar Electric

Ocotillo Solar Electric

Ocotillo Solar Electric is a full-service residential solar company that was established in 2015 by Dominic Westeen. Ocotillo is a locally owned and operated company that provides the high-quality and low costs of solar panels.

They have 20 years of experience in the installation of the solar panels. The mission of the company is to make the world better by installing more and more solar panels in the homes. 

This company offers different services for local homeowners and small business partners such as safe installation and monitoring of solar panels, better financing options, Batteries, Tesla wall connector chargers, etc.


Address: 5854 Osuna Rd, New Mexico USA 

Phone:  505-228-8900

8. SunRun Solar 


SunRun was the American solar provider company that was established in 2007 and now it is known as one of the best Solar companies in New Mexico. Mary Powell is the CEO of SunRun and it is one of the leading solar panel companies.

This company provides all types of services such as  24/7 access, has dedicated professional experts for the safe installation of solar panel kits, and a free 3-year warranty. 

 SunRun has 15 years of experience in developing and installing unique designs of solar panels. SunRun also offers you an EV charger facility available at a pocket-friendly price and this EV charger is a very convenient solution for quickly charging the solar power system.


Address: 500 Marquette Ave New Mexico, USA

Phone: 833-324-5886 

9. SunPower


SunPower is a solar technology provider company that was founded in 1985 by Peter Firacy, now SunPower is known as one of the best solar companies providing kits and installation in New Mexico, United States.

Peter has expanded its business in almost 55 states. This company not only developed solar panels but also AC panels, micro-invertors, batteries solar power calculators, etc. 

SunPower is one of the largest solar panel installers and developers in New Mexico. Sun Power established their solar panels with the highest enhanced efficiency and better quality as compared to the local vendors.

Various services are provided by SunPower such as easy installation, high-quality assurance, easy project management, 24/7 monitoring, high residential performance, power backup supply, etc. 


Address: 139 Headingly Ave, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 800-786-7693

10. Paradise Power Company 


Paradise Power is a solar renewable energy that was founded in 1979 and its mission is to provide electric solar companies in New Mexico, United States.

Paradise Power is a family-owned and operated company that was created out of the need for solar technology to maintain the lifestyle in the Northern part of New Mexico. Daniel Weinman is the CEO of the company. 

They have 40 years of experience in developing and installing solar panels and their headquarters are situated in Taos, now an office in New Mexico also.

They give the best customer service even after the installation of the solar panels and give a 15-20-year warranty on each installation of the solar panel kit. 


Address: 245 Paseo Del E, Taos, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 505-395-2244 

11. Poulin Solar Pro

Poulin Solar Pro

Poulin Solar Pro is a designing and remodeling company that was founded in 1982 and its mission is time-tested solar, and smooth solar technology, now it is known as one of the best solar companies in New Mexico.

Steve Poulin is the founder of this company and he spent almost decades building the trust of the customers. This company is well-known for the high quality of solar panels at affordable prices. 

They have 40 years of experience in the development and installation of solar panels. They sell high-quality solar and accessories from the brand which is best known for its reliability and durability.

The average cost in the installment of the solar panels is $ 4.12 KW in New Mexico. The prices of solar panels drop in the price of 45% in December 2023. 


Address: 8600 Pan American Fwy, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 505-596-4495

12. Sunfire Solar Systems, LLC

Sunfire Solar

Sunfire Solar System is locally owned and operated and was founded in 1992, in New Mexico by John Johansen. This company is the shared vision of Thomas Kemp, Anthony Newell, and Stephen Barker. After working together they observed that they needed proper consistency and customer satisfaction in the growth of the industry. 

When they are installing the solar power systems, the professional guides will explain each step of how to use the solar power systems with clear communication.

There are various types of services are available such as safe installation, EV chargers for electric vehicles, a 25-year warranty after the installation of the solar panel, proper power backup supply, etc.


Address: 121 Wyatt Dr, New Mexico, USA 

Phone: 575-993-5231

13. Solar Works Energy

13-Solar Works Energy

Solar Works Energy is a solar system installer company that was founded in 2015 by Nestor Tarango, now it is known as one of the best solar companies in New Mexico.

They have 8 years of experience in the development of solar panels. Solar Works Energy will save your electricity bill, and your next bill will be $8 per month. Installation of Solar Panels can add 22% to your home and property values.

They provide residential & commercial solar electric systems and offer unique design & consulting services. The average cost of a solar panel 3.15$ per watt and the prices of solar have dropped in Mexico by 30% due to being the sunniest city in New Mexico. 


Address: 3636 Menaul Blvd, New Mexico, USA 

Phone: 505-348-5571

14. Somos Solar

Somos Solar

Somos Solar is a commercial & industrial solar company that was founded in 2020 and its mission is to develop the highest quality solar panels in homes and small local businesses. Connor L. is the founder of this company.

Somos is a renewable energy solar developer solutions for clean energy. They focus on the quality services of solar electric systems.

Somos focuses on the social as well as environmental impact of each solar project that we develop. Many types of energy are required like hydroelectricity, Go-Thermal, Wind Energy, and Hydrogen Electrolysis which leads to clean renewable energy.

They are sharing profits with local non-profit organizations that improve the lives of the Mexicans. 


Address: 3600 Cerrillos Rd Ste, New Mexico, USA

Phone:  505-629-9828

15. Positive Energy Solar

Positive Energy Solar

Allan Sindelar started Positive Energy Solar in 1997 and it is a locally owned and operated company that focuses on the design & manufacture of solar electric systems.

This company designed the solar to match the needs of the lifestyle and budget of the residential solars. The use of solar panels in your homes reduces the electric bills and saves you money for better use.

They provide given best services to the people, as they give 30 year warranty on the installation of the solar panels.

Better financing options are available just they give the $0 installment on installation. They are committed to giving you the best service after the sale of the solar power systems. 


Address: 3651 Princeton Dr. New Mexico, USA

Phone: 505-344-0071

16. Organ Mountain Solar & Electric

Organ Mountain Solar Electric

Corey Asbill founded the Organ Mountain Solar & Electric company that was founded in 2018 in New Mexico, United States. They delivered the best solar installations in the last 20 years, including a certified sales team, and an experienced solar installation team.

They install 100% licensed solar power systems in homes & small local businesses. Their team consists of expert electricians, engineers, designers and so many sales advisors who give the best advice on solar panels to the customers.

Services provided by this company are 24/7 accessible, easy to monitor, customer service after installation, power backup supply, high technical support, etc. 


Address: 400 S Compress Rd, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 575-288-1792

17. Tesla


Martin and Marc started Tesla in 2003 to develop and design all quality products such as solar panels, electric vehicles, batteries, etc. and it is considered one of the best manufacturing solar companies in New Mexico.

Tesla uses minimalistic solar panels that create a new roof that is not visible and available at very reasonable prices. 

Tesla is the world-famous solar panels provider company that provides EV charges with the installation of solar panels. Tesla designed solar electric systems to reduce the electricity bills or the dependency on your grid.


Address: 17730 US-84 Frontage, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 505-428-4722

18. NASA


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is a government agency that deals with space and technology, it was founded on 29 July 1958 by Eisenhower and his mission is to develop the best quality solar installation in their businesses.

NASA uses solar energy in the form of electricity and then they use the electricity for their spacecraft. 

The mass weight of the typical communication satellite solar panels is 20kg, as the cost per kg is $10,000. Crystalline Silicon Solar panels are used in the space.

Nasa developed high-efficiency solar panels that provide robust designs of solar power systems. If you are considered the best silicon-made solar for the spacecraft, then NASA solar panels are the best. 


Address: 12600 NASA Rd, New Mexico, USA

Phone:  575-524-5293 

19. Affordable Solar

Affordable Solar

Ryan Centerwall started Affordable Solar in 1998 and its mission is to develop the best unique designs of solar electric power systems. It is a solar energy company that provides various energy solutions for renewable energy.

They offer the best design, installation, and monitoring of solar power systems. If you want to install solar power systems from Affordable Solar, then they will send the best professional technician to discuss your needs and access the electrical appliances in your home.

After the technician understands your need, they design the blueprint of the solar panel, and the installation process is then started. They give you better financing options, as the solar panel is available at $o of down payment. 


Address: 3900 Singer Blvd, New Mexico USA

Phone: 505-944-4220 

20. Osceola Energy Inc

OE Solar

Osceola Energy Inc. is the EPC( engineering, procurement, and construction)company that was developed in 2009 by YK Park in New Mexico, United States.

They focus on the residential and micro-grid solar systems that install their solar systems in private as well as in the public sector. They have 15 years of experience in the installments of the solar panels. 

They help their clients by the installation of new infrastructure of solar panels, as well as reducing and stabilizing the electricity bills. Various services are available such as an EV Charging facility, and best customer service after the installation, and smart energy storage systems.


Address: 1300 1st St, New Mexico, USA

Phone: 505-850-8863 


New Mexico generated 2.8% of the total electricity consumption than the other states. The solar companies provide better financing options, as they install the solar power system on a down payment of $0. New Mexico is the natural location for making the new renewable energy solutions. 

If you are thinking of building your home in New Mexico, then you have to install solar panels in your homes, then you must recommend these top 20 best solar companies which are selected based on customer satisfaction. 


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