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Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas

Top 20

Indian restaurants in las vegas

Las Vegas, one of the most populous cities in the US, is famous for its fine dining and nightlights, an incredible place to visit and enjoy different cuisines. If you are in Vegas and you are craving authentic Indian food then do not worry, as Las Vegas is the home of hundreds of Indian restaurants, The history of Indian food in Las Vegas started in the 19th century with the arrival of Indian immigrants in the US, and now it’s been increasing day by day due to the better connections between the nations and now approximately 2 lakhs of the las vegas population are Indians.

Indian cuisine ranked 5th among the world’s most famous cuisines, because of India’s unique flavors, and most importantly Indian spices. Indian food itself compliments one another, there are thousands of different types of Indian food that represent its unique cultural setup, a beautiful mix of flavors, aroma, taste, spices, and authenticity. Its uniqueness makes it popular in the whole world. So here in this blog, let’s find some of the best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas, where you will find the real taste of Indian flavors, with endless menus, comfortable seating, and supportive staff.

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Here is the list of the top 20 best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas, where you get to taste authentic Indian Cuisine, excellent service, and amazing ambiance.

1. Delhi Indian Cuisine Las Vegas


Authentic Indian restaurants in Las Vegas give you the flavor of real Indian food, made with love and care. Here food is made with spices and flavors exported directly from India. The restaurant is famous for its authentic curries, biryani, vegan Indian food, malai kofta, shahi paneer, raita, bhuna chicken, and tandoori chicken.

The staff here is so supportive and answers the questions patiently, service is awesome, as is the food. Here you will get the Deshi vibes like India, the full yellow and black ceiling gives you an eye-soothing view, and the lamp lights are just awesome.

The restaurant has the scenery of the taj mahal and Everest, as it shows the culture of both Nepal and India. Our food is not complete without the desert, so do not leave without tasting the soft and sweet gulab jamun, yogurt, and the best pancakes. Did I forget the drinks? Of course not!! Here you will get the famous Punjabi mango lassi and the special Indian masala tea and of course latte for coffee lovers too. So if you are in Vegas and still you haven’t tried Delhi Indian cuisine, then it’s just not done, go and must try this restaurant for sure.

Address:  4022 S Maryland Pkwy Suite B, Las Vegas NV 89119


Timings: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 383 4900

2. Mint Indian Bistro

Mint Leaf Indian Bistro
Mint Leaf Indian Bistro

If you want to enjoy the best Indian food in Las Vegas with a complete dining experience, visit the Mint Indian Bistro. Here you will get simple, authentic, flavorful, Indian food your all five senses crave for. The freshness of the food calls you again and again to the restaurant, starting from the chats, samosa, tangy golgappe, masala dosa, curries, tandoors, and naan, and ending with the sweet dishes especially made for you, there is something for everyone, food full of colors and Indian vibes.

Chefs pour their whole love and talent into the food as a result you will get the mouth watering tasty food on your table, and the fun thing is that the restaurant offers a challenge for their diners -” the inferno bowl challenge “if you finished the whole bowl of curry you will get the exciting rewards. There are so many attractive things in the restaurant like the largest variety of international beers and the largest variety for any Indian restaurant, and even the varieties of cocktails if you didn’t drink. 

Restaurants feature an elegant brownish interior with a big picture of Buddha, you will get the clean, fresh, and calming vibes here. Enjoy your dining experience with the supportive staff of Mint Indian Bistro in Las Vegas.

Address: 730 E Flamingo Rd Ste 10, Las Vegas, NV 89119-6997


Timings: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM and  5:00 PM – 11:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 894 9334

3. Tamba Indian Cuisine


Tamba Indian Cuisine and Lounge is an authentic Indian restaurant in las vegas that gives you traditional but innovative vibes, the walls depict the picture of the Indian culture and Buddhist culture, and the whole interior is so elegant and comfortable, here you will get to know about Indian traditions, culture, authenticity, and of course the best Indian food too. The restaurant is so stylish and unique, with its specialty in butter chicken, spicy goat curry, chicken tikka masala, seafood, curries, lamb, and palak paneer.

It’s quite a different restaurant with an endless menu, full of all types of non-veg, veg, vegan, kinds of seafood, etc. the wine and cocktail list is so long and the staff here is so good, helps you to go through the menu, and answers the questions, perfect place in vegas to taste Indian food with your family and friendly with the calm and comfortable environment.

The Tamba Indian Cuisine and Lounge is a different vibe restaurant, it never upset you, your tongue, your wallet, and of course, your family or your friends with whom you visit. If you are craving traditional Indian food with a modern touch then go and try this amazing restaurant in las vegas.

Address: 3743 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 205, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4336


Timings: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 798 7889

4. Bacchanal Buffet


Bacchanal Buffet is One of the high-end restaurants in Las Vegas, having dozens of cuisines and marvelous interior design. The restaurants feature an open kitchen in which they feed their customers and cook right in front of them, there is something or everyone, the world of flavors, starting from pizza, chicken, meat, desserts including cheesecake, egg traits, mousse, etc. varieties of Indian cuisine such as dosa, rice, uttapam, biryani, Gulab Jamun, etc. Bacchanal Buffet is the biggest buffet in Vegas, made right in front of your eyes.

This restaurant offers more than 150 Indian dishes and provides you with an Indian buffet for all these, including a variety of curries, tandoori, desserts, and mouth-watering chaats. This is like the never-ending meal your stomach is full but your heart is not, and you still need more and more. 

The interior here is just awesome, you will get the full elegant and royal vibes and tasteful decor, and your eyes will keep on featuring the whole view, again & again. You will never get out of the interior and the yummiest food of this restaurant. It has a glass and stone texture all around with beige color chairs, and the color combination is just so nice. Visit Bacchanal Buffet for enjoying the best service, food, ambiance, and experience.

Address: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8924


Timings: 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 731 7928

5. India Palace


Indian Place las vegas is the best Indian restaurant in las vegas providing you with excellent service, tasty food, and friendly staff. The ingredients used here are fresh, and the food is authentic with an innovative touch, features a menu with dishes such as chicken tikka masala, Indian palace chicken, appetizers including pakora, chaat, chaat papdi, samosa, aloo tikki, and shrimp pakora, soups, and variety of rice including biryani, tandoori special dishes like malai chicken, tandoori roti, tandoori paneer. Dessert includes famous Indian kheer, gulab jamun, ras malai, kulfi, and gajar halwa, and drinks include masala tea, milk, lassi, and iced tea.

The Interior is comfortable and nice, the staff is always ready to help you to select the dishes, and the food offered is fresh and hot with awesome service. Indian cuisine is all about the mixture of spices with the main ingredients, this creates the whole flavor and here in this restaurant, they will provide you the authentic Indian flavors full of taste. If you are craving this Indian masala and tangy flavours then visit the restaurant soon.

Address: 505 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169-4925


Timings: 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 796 4177

6. Mount Everest India’s Cuisine


The restaurant focuses more on recipes than on philosophy. Mount Everest Indian Cuisine has a variety of flavors, ingredients, and styles and here we are getting all of these in a single place. Indian cuisine has a wide range of dishes starting from north to south and east to west, flavors are changing after every 10 km, so bringing such a large variety of dishes to las vegas is not simple but these types of restaurants made it possible, they are providing a wide range of Indian food at the place with almost same taste and flavors.

The menu starts with masala and butter chicken, appetizers including samosa of all types, soups, and salads, tandoori specials and vegetable dishes, and desserts including kheer, gulab jamun, and kulfi. This endless mouth-watering menu is still not much to complete the whole Indian cuisine.

The Interior is so natural and classic, giving you the hilly region vibes, full of windows for a natural breeze, and comfortable seating. Reviews and the food of the restaurant is just tremendous, you will get a calming and relaxing experience. Come and enjoy your dining with your family and taste the spicy and exotic Indian cuisine.

Address:  3641 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102-5870


Timings: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 892 0950

7. Curry Leaf Flavors of India


Curry leaf flavors of India opened its door in June 2015, this is a family-owned restaurant that makes authentic fresh, flavorful food in an elegant environment and provides you with the right balance of ingredients and spices. The motto behind the restaurant is to bring Indian flavors to las vegas with a twist of innovation in every dish, menu of the restaurant features a variety of dishes including onion bhaji, idli sambhar, seekh kabab, samosa, chicken, Mumbai special bhelpuri, varieties of curry, soup salad and indo- Chinese dishes. The restaurant has its specialty in some chef-special dishes like tandoori salmon, palak paneer kofta, meen moilee, lamb nihari, and Patra ni machhi. 

They have all forms of dal tadka, vegetable dishes, and the sweet- sweet desserts. You all know that food is incomplete without dessert so enjoy gajjar ka halwa with ice cream, chocolate naan, rice pudding, masala chai, and lassi.

They present all the Indian flavors in their style, with a beautiful interior and comfortable seating, this restaurant makes your dining experience so good. You will get the proper Indian traditional vibes here with a beautiful wall painting of lord Krishna, and the yellow and green wall theme compliments this all so beautifully. Visit this restaurant to explore India in Las Vegas.

Address: 5025 S Fort Apache Rd, LV, Nevada 89148-1741


Timmings: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 527 7977

8. Taj Palace Indian Cuisine


Taj Palace serves one of the best Indian cuisine in Las Vegas, its menu features a lot of mouth-watering dishes like lamb samosa, veggie samosa, onion bhaji, butter chicken masala, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka kabab, various lamb dishes, paneer tikka masala, rice and goat biryani, egg biryani, salad raita, dessert.

The dishes customers ordered the most are vegetable pakora, butter chicken masala, lamb korma, navratan korma, basmati rice, plain naan, raita, kheer, and sweet lassi. The hotel also provides lunch box services like chicken boxed lunch, vegan boxed lunch, vegetarian boxed lunch, and lamb boxed lunch.

The restaurant has an inviting setting with wine & beer and a lunchtime buffet. For them, a guest is as good as a god, so they provide fabulous service and a supportive crew. Their hospitality gives you a unique and perfect experience, with an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. If you are in Vegas and still have not tried the Taj Palace Indian cuisine then for whom you are waiting, visit today.

Address: 9530 S Eastern Ave Suite 180, LV, Nevada 89123-8032


Timings: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 685 0222

9. PURE Indian cuisine


Pure Indian cuisine is just like its name, this is the perfect place for pure authentic Indian cuisine in las vegas, with a perfect line of items from starters to appetizers and desserts. A few of the best dishes are Poppers with two different chutneys of sweet spicy tamarind and herby Cilantro, Vegan Samosas made with crushed lentils and potatoes with Indian masala, the taste is meaty and the crusty outer layer gives a crunchy bite.

A vegan tandoori-like dish of cauliflower slightly sauteed and serves on a bed of onions, one of the dishes named Chenna (chickpea) masala and Potato pea curry lightly seasoned over Jeera rice, Tandoori boneless chicken, paneer pasanda, tangy crispy chaat, palak paneer served with garlic naan and a salted raita and a saucy creamy Butter Chicken, in dessert, you will get gulab jamun in a light-flavored cardamom sugar syrup and the delicious Kheer with dry fruits.

The whole food ensemble was deliciously flavored here, and the interior is tremendously beautiful, with unique entrances, totally different from one another, with elegant and sophisticated vibes all around. The service is so professional, and the staff very cooperative, the surroundings in their private room were a special touch!

Address: 1405 E Sunset Rd Suite 200, LV, Nevada 89119-4988


Timings: 11:00 AM – 03:00 AM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 897 5555

10. Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine


Marigold fine Indian cuisine is the taste of Indian cuisine with a touch of America, yummy flavors with perfect fine dining, Bestsellers are the mutter paneer cooked with unprocessed cheese, paneer tikka masala cooked with cottage cheese, and the fresh tomato gravy, in appetizers you will get the crispy samosa with aloo and paneer filling, spicy tangy chaat, onion bhaji, and pakoras with mint and tamarind chutney, tandoori platters are served with garlic naan and with lots of butter in it, royal rajma masala, the navratan korma are the dishes you must try, various types of biryani with raita and at the end you will get sweet kheer, soft gulab jamun, pista, and mango kulfi. This is the full Indian meal, you will get here in las vegas at Marigold’s fine Indian restaurant. 

Classic and elegant interior fulfills your dining experience with happiness, the combination of colors in the restaurants is just perfect, and you can’t take your eyes away from the ceiling, this resturant has one of the best interiors. Highly recommended an Indian restaurant in las vegas for your fine dining and yes the staff is also well-mannered and supportive. So do visit Marigold Indian restaurant in las vegas and try the Indian cuisine.

Address: 4850 W Flamingo Rd Unit 43, Flamingo Business Center, Las Vegas, NV 89103-3705


Timings: 11:00 AM – 11:00 AM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 473 5466

11. India Masala Bar & Grill


Indian Masala Bra & Grill provides you the authentic Indian cuisine, featuring dishes from different parts of India, like the pakoras with tangy mint and tamarind chutney, masala papad with onion and tomato toppings, allo tikki with mint and coriander sauce, in salads they have so many different options like kachumber salad, fresh greens salad, soups, and featuring the tandoori special menu with chicken tikka, fish tikka, boti kebab lots of vegetarian option like dal tadka, mutter paneer, malai kofta, etc, and special thali is also available, in the desert they have Indians special kheer, kulfi, gajjar ka halwa, and gulab jamun swimming in the sugar syrup with a pinch of cardamon.

Here you will also get the taste of south Indian food featuring the menu with masala dosa, idli sambhar served with coconut and tomato chutney, uthappam, and a variety of non-vegetarian dosa also.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so classical and the wooden chair compliments the interior of the place so beautifully the Taj Mahal painting over the wall is just awesome you will get the proper royal vibes, and the lights hanging down from the ceiling are mesmerizing, everything over there is so elegant. You have to eat here at least once if you are in Las Vegas and want to taste Indian flavors.

Address: 1040 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119-3407


Timings: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 431 8313

12. Kabob Korner


Kabob Korner delivers you authentic Indian food with varieties, India and its history with kebab is so old, and in today’s time kebab is one of the important parts of Indian cuisine, here in Kebob Korner you will find authentic Indian kebab flavors, they served with love and made with love, every dish you taste here is best in itself, specialty in beef shish kabob, falafel pita, beef nihari, chicken boti shish kebab, chicken tikka, goat biryani, chili chicken, and beef karahi.

They are also providing you lots of vegetarian options for their vegetarian customers like palak paneer, dal palak, okra masala, mis vegetable curry, chana masala, and paneer tikka; in beverages, you will get lassi, mango shake, masala, chai, and soda; and desert featuring with ras malai, cheesecake, gulab jamun, and gajjar ka halwa. You and your tummy will be super happy after visiting here. 

The interior is classic and gives you cafe-like vibes, a perfect place to visit with your friends and for your meetings as well, the night light here is so amazing. You should visit Kabob Korner if you want to taste the outstanding Indian cuisine, excellent and personalized service, and yes, the friendly staff members.

Address: 730 E Flamingo Rd Suite # 7, LV, NV 89119-6997


Timings: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 384 7722

13. Curry Pot

Curry Pot

Curry Pot is one of the well-known Indian cuisine restaurants in Las Vegas, known for its finest Indian cuisine, excellent service, and the livery ambiance. Everything here is served fresh and in the right quantity with quality. Each dish has the perfect mixture of ingredients with flavors, and lots of love.

Here you will get a blend of emotions and taste in your dish, featuring the daily special menu of aloo paratha with masala raita, masala dosa served with sambhar and chutney, mango & salt lassi, vegetarian biryani, dal makhani, palak paneer, chicken gluten-free biryani, uthappam, idli sambhar, chicken tikka sandwich, chana masala, sahi paneer with butter naan, and the Mumbai style famous pav bhaji with extra butter. Papad chaat with tomato and onion toppings and with mint chutney and dhai is the dish you must try.

Opens 24 hours, and the service is so fast, best choice if you want to take it away and if you want to order online. Curry Pot is a chain of restaurants, and this is one of the franchises in las vegas, the counter is so neat and clean and you will find lots of choices for yourself, order your food and then just sit and wait for your order number. Good place to visit with friends.

Address: 3377 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8910

Timings: 06:00 AM – 9:30 PM (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 413 7822

14. Saffron Flavors of India 


Saffron Flavors of India opens its gate in 2010, providing exceptional service and the best quality food. They use fresh and quality ingredients with a proper blend of flavors and Indian spices. The menu starts with appetizers including chili chicken, chili paneer, samosa, Manchurian, tandoori wings, popadoms, and pakora; lots of biryani options, and different breads of your choice like plain naan, butter naan, cheese naan, garlic naan served with curries like makhani, Bombay potatoes, aloo gobi, madras, korma, malai kofta, mattar paneer, palak dal, etc. the specialty of the restaurant is saffron curry. The list is not yet completed they also serve desserts like almond joy naan, soft & sweet Gulab jamun, cake fee, and ras malai. They have endless cocktails options.

I prefer this restaurant for dinner, as the nightlight here is so perfect, the lighting inside the restaurant gives soo comfortable vibes with soft music around, nothing is better than such a relaxing environment, all the entrees are like royal palace gates, your experience here will be superb, and you will be offered with the first class service, the crew is also so supporting, and nice. Try this eatery if you are in Vegas, I am sure that it will be your lifetime flavorful experience.

Address: 4450  N Tenaya Way Suite 115, Las Vegas, NV 89129-7135


Timings: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM ( Wed to Sat ),  5:00 PM – 9:00 PM ( Sun to Tue )

Phone no: 702 489 7900

15. Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill


Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill is a restaurant providing you the Indian cuisine in Las Vegas with a modern touch. They are also providing the lunch box option of your choice. The menu starts with appetizers like pakora, samosa, chana, chaat, and appetizers platters; you will also find some salad and soups options in between after that the wraps and sandwiches including lazeez burgers, cheese, and veggie burgers, shawarma wrap, falafel wrap, panini chicken sandwich; after that coming to the tandoori kabob and grill entrees, Indian meat entrees like korma, jalfrezi, nihari, curry, mango chicken curry, saag, makhani, butter chicken.

For vegetarians, they offer paneer saag, aloo chole, veg biryani, aloo saag, okra, paneer tikka masala, vegetable curry, makhani served with butter naan, garlic naan, poree, roti, and paratha. For dessert, they offer gulab jamun, baklava, cheesecake, kheer, ice cream, and lots of beverages.

The ambiance is lively, decorated with lots of chandeliers, and the wooden chairs complement its beauty. An elegant interior with yummy food makes your dining a satisfying experience. Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill is the restaurant you must try if you are in las vegas and craving Indian food.

Address:  8560 W Desert In Rd Ste 3, Las Vegas, NV 89117-4408


Timings: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Mon to Fri),  10:00 AM – 9:00 PM ( Sat to Sun )

Phone no: 702 778 1613

16. Nutmeg Lv

Nutmeg lv
Nutmeg LV

Nutmeg LV is a family restaurant in las vegas, that believes that food tastes better when shared with family and friends. So they offer a variety of Indian food with their familiar touch, the flavors of the world are presented here to compliment the one dish. They also provide you the special offers like on Monday food for the kid with each adult is free, on Tuesday get free beer, on Wednesday burger and beer for just $15, and on Sunday 75 cents for wings all day.

They are offering lots of dishes on their menu as samosa, sweet corn soup, garden salad, chicken fingers, aloo tikki burger, poutine, potato chops, tandoori options like mali chicken paneer tikka, chicken tikka, and in dessert they offer homemade brownie served with vanilla ice cream whipped cream and chocolate syrup; gulab jamun dipped in sugar syrup and infused with Indian spices, mango mastani, and kheer with dry fruits.

The ambiance is beautiful, and seats on the window side give you the inside-out view, lamp hanging from the ceiling right above your table looks great. Then the bar at the corner with the blue lights is the point of attraction. You will get great dishes and excellent service, and Supportive staff members help you to select the dishes. Try to visit Nutmeg if you are in Las Vegas for your finest dining Indian cuisine experience.

Address:  9890 S Maryland Pkwy Suite 25, Las Vegas, NV 89183-7166


Timings: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 966 5997

17. Spice Indian Cuisine


Spice Indian Cuisine is the new south Indian restaurant in Vegas, that provides you with the finest dining experience. With the special chef brought directly from India. Popular dishes are butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and tandoori chicken, and other dishes available are onion bhaji, masala papad, pakora, samosa, soups, and special street food of India- bhel puri, pani puri, and special samosa chaat, mixed vegetables taste goods with butter roti, palak paneer taste goods with tandoori roti and rice with vinegar onion and mint chutney, mutter paneer with poree or rice, paneer mixed with tomato and spices with the coriander garnishing, chana dal masala and the yellow dal tadka sauteed in jeera. Creamy chicken tikka masala served with butter naan, the thali is available in both veg and non-veg options, in south Indian cuisine they offer idly sambhar.

Spice Indian cuisine has the perfect family-friendly environment, they provide the best dosa in Las Vegas if you visit once, the tasty food and amazing service class you again and again, the staff here is so polite and the food is amazingly delicious, and the ambiance is great and your visit will definitely be worth it.

Address:  4001 S Decatur Blvd Unit 31, Las Vegas, NV 89103-5860


Timings: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 202 0333

18. Mantra Masala


Mantra Masala gives you exotic authentic Indian flavors and shows you the culture of India. The menu comprises fresh papdi chaat served with tamarind chutney, samosa with green mint, and coriander chutney, onion bhaji, and chicken pakora, and if you want all these in one platter then order mantra masala assortment, freshly baked bread is offered to you with different curries like chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, chicken korma, vegetable jalfrezi, eggplant bharta, vegetable basil curry, sahi paneer, mutter paneer, malai kofta, along with the basmati rice, veg biryani, lamb biryani, shrimp biryani, in side options you will get papadam, achar, raita, mango chutney to enhance the flavors of your food, and in beverages, you get masala chai, spiced chai made with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and served over ice, mango lassi with the garnishing of rose petals, and the Badami lassi.

The ambiance is fantastic, each and every object compliments each other. It has some seats specially booked for families, which are created like royal rooms, and gives you personalized space. The yellow lights at night are soo warm and calming, paintings on the wall look aesthetic. If you are also an Indian cuisine fan then go and try this Mantra Masala.

Address:  8530 W Warm Springs Rd Ste 101, LV, NV

Timings: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM   (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 598 3663

19. Angara Indian Spice Grill


If you are craving the tandoori dishes in Vegas then must try the Angara house, they have a specialty in making tandoori Indian-style dishes, and although other dishes are also full of flavors and are delicious, dishes featured on the menu are mixed hoursdurs, pakora, paneer pakora, samosa all served the tangy spicy mint chutney, varieties of soups, special chicken biryani, veg biryani, navratan korma, paneer makhani, matter paneer, aloo gobi, aloo saag, baingan bharta, chana masala, malai kofta, etc.

The tandoori special menu includes a mixed tandoori grill, lamb chops, chicken tikka, mint tikka, tandoori fish, tandoori paneer, tandoori chicken, and dessert includes gulab jamun soaked in honey syrup with a pinch of elaichi, kulfi in 3 different flavors, gajjar ka halwa cooked in deshi ghee garnished with nuts and almonds, ras malai, and Indias special kheer.

With its beautiful interior and excellent service with amazing food Angara Indian Spice Grill has become one of the best Indian food restaurants in Las Vegas. Wooden chair with pink cushion give compliment its yellow decor, and the painting of traditional Indian dance over the wall gives you authentic Indian vibes. Hanging chandlers with lamp lights are the point of attraction. If you are in Vegas then visit here to taste the real Indian flavors.

Address:  4165 S Grand Canyon Dr # 105, Las Vegas, NV 89147-7174


Timings: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 876 0050

20. Naan & Curry

Naan & Curry restaurant

Naan & Curry is the Indian restaurant in Las Vegas you should visit once for the perfect dining experience. The service provided is awesome and the food is delicious. Naan & Currymenu includes both veg and non-veg dishes with so many varieties like pav bhaji, and chicken biryani, and the most popular dishes are, onion bhaji, tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt with fresh ground herbs, tikka masala flavored with original Indian spices, a southern twist madras curry, palak paneer, dal makhani served with garlic naan.

Drinks include special lassi, masala tea, and other soft drinks. The chef’s special dishes are butter chicken, rogan josh, andra fish curry. All the dishes are best in themselves and taste like originally made in India.

The Naan & Curry resturant is soo beautiful from the inside, the small tree in between the restaurant is the main point of attraction, and the whole interior compliments it, the hanging lights from the ceiling are looking like the stars in the sky, and overall vibes are peaceful, and attracting. Service is excellent and the staff is also supportive, if you are craving Indian cuisine in Las Vegas then go and try this eatery.

Address:  7425 S Durango Dr Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89113-3651


Timings: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM  (Mon to Sun)

Phone no: 702 888 1650

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