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Computer Repair Service Providers in Pennsylvania

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Computer Repair Service Providers in Pennsylvania

We know that Computers are necessary in both personal and business lives. Did you know how can you save your computer from hackers and slow down? Dont know right? Here is your answer. This is where computer repair service providers come into a frame.

Computer repair service providers can be of great help to individual users and businesses who are dependent on computers for work, education, or personal use. Working with a computer repair service provider will help you to quickly and effectively diagnose and fix computer-related problems. They will also save your time and money. If you’re looking for the best computer repair service provider in Pennsylvania, then this blog is for you. We’ve put up a list of Pennsylvania’s top 20 computer repair service companies based on criteria including client satisfaction, costs, and services provided.

Best 20 Computer Repair Service Providers in Pennsylvania

In this blog, we have mentioned the best 20 computer repair service providers in Pennsylvania.

1. Epoch(Allentown, PA)

Epoch(Allentown, PA)

Epoch is one of the leading computer repair service providers in Pennsylvania, USA. They have been in the business since 2003. They have a team of experienced professionals who help their customers in every possible way. People of Pennsylvania trust Epoch because of the service they provide. Other than this, they also provide various IT Services including cloud computing, data protection, security and virus protection, and many more. They will help you in focusing on your business instead of technology. You can choose Epoch if you want an affordable computer repair service provider in Pennsylvania.

Call – (610) 841-4932


2. Super Geek (Lehigh Valley)

Super Geek (Lehigh Valley)

Super Geek Computers is a family-owned business that has been providing excellent computer repair service to the Lehigh Valley for more than 20 years. Their especially qualified and skilled technicians provide a variety of services that include computer & laptop repair, virus removal, data backup, business IT help, troubleshooting and restoration, antivirus, internet security solutions, electronic mail servers, and many more. They provide low-budget effective services both in-home and onsite services to their customer that have a ninety-day warranty on all repairs, so you can be assured that your laptop might be fixed properly.

Call – (484) 240-5199‬


3. TechFIX(Hatfield PA)

TechFIX(Hatfield PA)
Source: techfix. solutions

TechFIX is a computer repair business located at 1551 Emily Ct, Hatfield, Pennsylvania 19440, US. The company is categorized in the categories of Home Theater Installation, Security System Installer, Computer Network Center, and Computer Support Services.
They also offer online appointments as well as on-site services. Client’s needs are a key concern at TechFix. They will work closely with customers to deliver flexible and most importantly economically viable IT solutions.

Call – (267) 272-5948


4. Fix (IT) Chix(Lancaster, PA, United States,Pennsylvania) 

Fix (IT) Chix(Lancaster, PA, United States,Pennsylvania)

Fix (IT) Chix is a computer repair service provider in Lancaster, PA. They specialize in keeping your PC out of any issue and provide the best possible solution to solve your problem. They provide you with various range of services that include laptop, computer repair, tablets, and mobile devices. Their professional experts will always recommend the best and most honest advice and provide you with the best solution according to your needs. Customers highly recommended Fix (IT) Chix for the best solution.  

Call – 717-826-6757


5. Red Tree Tech (St. Lansdale, PA)

Red Tree Tech (St. Lansdale, PA)

Red Tree Tech is one of the best computer repair service providers in Lansdale, PA. It has been serving the people of Lansdale for more than 25 years. They have a team of experts who are certified in computer repair service and offer you honest and affordable advice based on your needs. They will quickly help in diagnosing and fixing your computer-related problems. Some of the services provided by Red Tree Tech are Phone repair, computer repair, video installation, and many more.

Call – (215) 368-4336


6.Cook’s Computers Inc.(Lansdale, PA)

Cook’s Computers Inc.(Lansdale, PA)

Cook’s Computers is a computer repair service provider in Lansdale that is been known for its specialty in fast response and repairing of all types of computer-related problems including laptops, wireless equipment, printers, network equipment, and many more.

They also have a deep knowledge of cyber security that includes virus and malware removal. No matter whether you are using a Mac, apple, or any model you will get the solution right away. Their services are very affordable and they will assure you that your computer will fixed as soon as you tell them your problem.

Call – 215-353-2108


7. BK Business Solution( Lancaster,PA)

BK Business Solution( Lancaster,PA)

BK Business Solutions is a computer repair service provider as well as it service provider in Lancaster, PA that has been in business for more than 21 years. Their expert professionals have years of experience in various industries.BK Business Solution first monitors your problem and then provides the best possible services that include hardware, software, and other services required for your computer. They also provide you with the best advice for your computer.

Call – (717) 509-4410


8. Bardissi Enterprises, LLC (Hatfield, PA)

Bardissi Enterprises, LLC (Hatfield, PA)

Bardissi Enterprises is an IT support as well as computer repair service provider situated in Hatfield, Pennsylvania since 2000. They can provide you the both computer repair-related solutions as well as IT-related solutions quickly. They provide you with an end-to-end solution for all your technology needs including mobile devices, servers, networks, workstations, and many more. They can fix all your computer problems as well as IT-related issues affordably and quickly. It is the best solution for those who want to focus on their business instead of technology.

Call – (215) 853-2266


9.iHelp ( North Wales, PA)

iHelp ( North Wales, PA)

iHelp is a computer repair service provider company that has provided you the service at home as well as office since 2001. They provide their service in various fields including installation, upgradation, iCloud support, backup system, and converting movies to digital/DVDs.They are well known for their home services. It is the best solution for those who do not want to visit a computer repair shop and want a service at their home. 

Call – 215-869-5185


10. Perkasie PC Repair & Recycling, LLC. (Perkasie PA)

Perkasie PC Repair & Recycling, LLC. (Perkasie PA)

Perkasie is a professional computer repair company that offers a wide range of services including computer and laptop repairs, screen repairs, operating system upgrades, virus removal, etc. Their skilled technicians can solve all of your computer problems quickly and efficiently and provide budget-friendly services. In addition to computer repair, Perkasi also offers software-based data recovery and TV electronics recycling.

Call – 215-257-7727


11. Carisma Managed IT Solutions( Doylestown, PA)

Carisma Managed IT Solutions( Doylestown, PA)

Carisma Managed IT Solutions is a full IT and computer services provider in Doylestown, PA, serving businesses of all sizes in and around Southeastern Pennsylvania They offer a wide range of services including computer and laptop repair, network support, data backup, cloud functionality, cybersecurity, spam filtering, email hosting, server, and network maintenance. Their experienced IT solution providers deliver excellent and friendly customer service helping their customers maintain cost-effective, state-of-the-art computers, networks, and systems with virtually uninterrupted uptime.

Call – 215-489-9718


12. Keystone Computer Advising(Plymouth Meeting, PA)

Keystone Computer Advising(Plymouth Meeting, PA)

Technology should help and enhance your organization’s success, not constrain it. Keystone Computer Advising provides custom IT solutions and computer repair services with 20+ years of experience in Montgomery County and other surrounding areas. If you want to get personalized solutions at 30% lower cost than competitors with advanced solutions and support then keystone computer advising is best for you.

Call – 610-710-6269


13. The Computer Geek LLC. (Horsham, PA)

Computer Geek LLC. (Horsham, PA)

Computer Geek LLC offers full-service computer installation and repair in Horsham, Pennsylvania. They provide flexible hours and low-priced costs for small businesses, home offices, and individuals. Our team of specialists is here that help you with all your computer needs from personalized services to measurable outcomes. They also manage hardware and network infrastructure.

Call – 215-773-9299


14. APLIGC(Norristown, PA)

APLIGC(Norristown, PA)
Source: apligc.github

Apligc is a computer repair service provider in Norristown, PA whose aim is to provide budget-friendly technical service and create innovative ways to reduce e-waste to spread tech literacy. They care approximately the surroundings and also you! They provide a lot of offerings, such as computer & laptop repair and recycling, as well as tech education on how to properly recycle old electronics, use computers, navigate through the new Windows operating system, and use other devices.

Call – 610-420-8671


15. Technoid Computer Repair( Warminster, PA)

Technoid Computer Repair( Warminster, PA)

Technoid Computer Repairs has been providing professional computer repairs, data recovery, and other IT services for all your home and small business needs since 1996. They are small enough to give each customer personal attention and care. Technoid experts offer certified repairs and upgrades for all types of PCs, laptops, phones, and mobile devices. They provide great satisfaction in taking care of all your computer and IT needs quickly and inexpensively both at home and on-site.

Call – 610-400-7423


16. Tek-Care LLC ( King of Prussia) 

Tek-Care LLC ( King of Prussia)

Tek-care is a computer repair service provider that provides their service to small businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. They have been in business since 2004 and have expert professionals who offer all types of solutions including proactive maintenance, security, computer repair, and server management. Their main aim is to monitor your PC and solve all of your computer-related problems affordably. They offer you the best technical support and help you in every possible way.

Call – 610-409-9800


17. Nerds to Go (Bellevue, PA)

Nerds to Go (Bellevue, PA)

Nerds to Go is a type of locally owned computer repair service provider that is situated in Bellevue, Washington. They have been in business for many years and have dealt with all types of computer-related problems. They will help you by providing various services that include data protection, cybersecurity, computer/laptop repair, and many more. They Provide their customer best support and service in all possible ways. It is one of the best solutions for those who are looking for timely and affordable services.

Call – 425-399-5130


18. Kombdev (Philadelphia)

Kombdev (Philadelphia)

Kombdev is a both computer repair and IT service provider in Philadelphia, USA. They have an expert professional who offers expert solutions for all of your computer-related problems. The team of professionals can diagnose and fix all types of computer problems. They provide their customer with the best possible service and support at an affordable price. Kombdev never disappoints its customers, they always provide the best solutions for all the problems.

Call – (215) 999-3461


19. TekDash(Pennsylvania)

TekDash (Pennsylvania)

TekDash is a PC repair service provider that gives technical support to customers and makes it more affordable and easier. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who can come to your office and home to help you with different types of computer repair problems, such as laptop repair, Wi-Fi setup, networking, and many more. TekDash is one of the best solutions for those who want reliable solutions for their computer.

Call – (800) 461-5257


20. PCXpert (York, PA)

PCXpert (York, PA)

PCXpert is a computer repair service provider situated in York, Pennsylvania. They have been helping people for more than 16 years with their computer repair problems. They have helped thousands of computer users and businesses. Firstly they will diagnose your computer problem and then fix it. The specialty of PCXpert is that they can fix all types of computer brands and models and are known for their honesty and reliability. They have experienced technicians who will fix your computer in a timely and affordably.

Call – 717-792-0005



We hope that this blog will help you to find the best computer repair service provider in Pennsylvania. Here we have listed the best 20 computer repair service providers so that you can choose according to your needs. So now what are your next steps after reading this blog? You are the only one who can decide which computer service provider is best for you. One of the best moves to choose the best service provider among them is to call each one and ask about their company, you can also choose by considering the budget and time factor. 

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