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Top 20 Business Schools in new york

Top 20

Business Schools in New York

New York City is home to some of the best business schools in the world. These business schools provide a numerous range of opportunities and programs, such as undergraduate and graduate degrees, executive education, professional development courses, etc.

If you want to pursue a career in the business field, then these B-schools in New York can help you accomplish the goals which you want to acquire.

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Best business schools in New York in 2023

Being the top business colleges, they provide a variety of programs to meet the different needs of students pursuing a career in business. We have gathered a list of the best 20 business schools in New York, along with their courses and characteristics, in this post. You can look over this and see which one is best for you based on your location, fees, and timing.

1. Cornell University


Cornell University was established in 1865. It is one of the top business schools in New York. Its mission is to preserve existing knowledge and explore new one to educate the coming generation globally. It is considered one of the top business schools in New York because of its motive to promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the Cornell community. Cornell University provides many undergraduates and graduate degrees in different majors.

Students at Cornell University are taught by experienced and well-educated faculty who strive to provide top class high quality education to their students so that they can become confident and competitive to tackle challenges in the complex and constantly changing industries.

Fees: The estimated fee is $45k

Package: The average package is $135k.

2. Columbia University

columbia university

Established in 1754 as King’s College, Columbia University is the most significant research institution and one of the best business schools in New York. It offers graduate and undergraduate students a prestigious and distinctive learning environment in a wide range of academic and professional subjects. It also aims to establish academic ties with different regions and nations. By encouraging research on global concerns, Columbia University wants to draw a varied and multinational student, faculty, staff, and student body.

Fees: The estimated fee is $40k

Package: Average package is $150k

3. New York University

New York University

New York University was established in 1831. Since then it has been innovating new standards and parameters in higher education by focusing on a global vision and reaching out to every section of society. This trailblazing spirit of providing high-quality top-rated education to everyone makes New York University one of the best and most highly respected in New York and all over the world. It offers many graduate and undergraduate courses and degrees in different majors.

Fees: Estimated fee is $82k

Package: Average package is $100k

4. Baruch College


Baruch College was founded in 1919. It provides many transformational and inclusive educational degrees in arts, business, science, and many international and public affairs education to students from New York and around the world. It also creates new knowledge from research and scholarships. Baruch College provides many graduates and undergraduate academic programs which offer extraordinary value. Its experienced and outstanding faculty are themselves lifelong learners who are consistent in developing their expertise as teachers and mentors and facilitating students with success.

Fees: The fee is nearly $35k

Package: The average package is $150k

5. Binghamton University

binghamton university

Binghamton University first opened its doors in 1946 as Triple Cities College. Binghamton University is one of the best business schools in New York and an institution that is dedicated to providing high-value education, a higher education institution that combines the greatest undergraduate programs offered by any public university with a reputation for graduate education, scholarship, research, and creative activity.

It offers a wide range of prestigious and demanding graduate and undergraduate programs. Its innovative exploration, research, and scholarship have earned an international reputation, and its learning opportunities and leadership experiences will help you master the skills you need to succeed.

Fees: The fee is $30k

Package: Average package is $60k

6. Fordham University


Fordham University is one of the top business schools in New York and is committed to the discovery of the transmission of Learning and Wisdom, through graduate, undergraduate, research, and professional education of the highest quality. Fordham University is guided by its Catholic and Jesuit traditions, The University seeks to encourage the development of all its student’s life-long habits such as critical thinking, careful observation, moral reflection, creativity, and articulate expression. Fordham University is all about providing a student-centered education and being attentive to the development of the whole personality. Such education is based on close collaboration among students and faculty. It is home to people from all over the world.

Fees: Fee is nearly $35k

Package: The average package is $135k

7. Pace University Lubin School of Business

Pace University

Lubin School of Business was established in 1906, It makes sure that its students are proficient in their chosen professions, capable of problem thinking, ethically conscious, grounded in action, and socially responsible. Lubin School of Business aims to prepare students to get where they want to go and achieve success. Here in the heart of the global media, financial, and communications industries, Lubin lives and breathes business.

Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate or graduate education, qualified professionals to join your ranks, or internationally renowned experts to advise, Lubin can help. Students get to experience everything at this one of the best business schools in New York City.

Fees: The fee is approximately $40k

Package: The average package is $80k

8. Zarb School of Business

Zarb school of business

Zarb School of Business is one of the best business schools in New York. Its mission is to prepare learners to be agile business leaders in a complex and dynamic global environment. Zarb School of Business has always been focused on providing its students with critical knowledge and skills to develop their ability to adapt the complex technology and advancement. It also helps in letting the student finds out the opportunity for achieving success. Zarb School is committed to high-quality learning experiences for the students and enhancing their learning. It makes sure to make close interactions between faculty and students to develop their professional and personal skills.

Fees: The estimated fee is $55k

Package: The average package is $155k

9. University of Rochester


The University of Rochester was founded in the year 1850, It is one of the best Business colleges in New York which has been providing graduate and undergraduate degrees in many different demanding majors, University of Rochester also lets the students pursue their desired academic goals in an environment which is designed to support, inspire, and empower them. These programs are designed to provide you with an analytical ability and approach for addressing the current as well as future opportunities and complex challenges in for-profit organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and graduate schools.

Fees: The estimated fee is $49k

Package: The average package is $75k

10. Syracuse University

Syracuse university

Syracuse University has been upholding the idea that “brains and heart shall have a fair chance” at achieving a University degree Since 1870 when it was founded. Syracuse University’s students work alongside leading faculty and scholars and have access to hands-on learning and research opportunities,
all of which prepare the students to influence their communities and emerge as tomorrow’s changers. Syracuse University offers countless options for education. It provides innovative fields, from energy and environment to artificial intelligence and social justice, it also offers practical research experiences that broaden thinking capability and perspectives and prepares students for future jobs.

Fees: The fee is $90k

Package: The average package is $100k

11. Alfred University


Founded in 1836, from the beginning, Alfred University is one of the best business schools in New York and also one of the country’s first coeducational institutions. Today’s business environment requires innovation, and teamwork if you want to succeed. Alfred University’s College of Business placement rate of 96% after graduation (work and/or grad school) is evidence of our effectiveness in developing innovative leaders with those traits. After graduating from Alfred University, graduates find work within three months. Its objective is to promote learning that is transformational and get practical knowledge. It also creates meaningful connections and supports economic development and equality.

Fees: The fee is nearly $40k

Package: The average package is $95k

12. Canisius College

Canisius college

Canisius is a master’s-level college that was established in 1870 and is consistently rated as one of the best business schools in New York. Canisius offers pre-professional, graduate, and undergraduate programs that are characterized by excellent mentoring and collaboration between students and professors. A difficult and interesting education will be given to students at Canisius College, which prepares them for success in a fast-evolving global market. Its students will develop the abilities, mindsets, and attitudes necessary to achieve prosperous professional careers and lead fulfilling intellectual lives through close cooperation with faculty, staff, and alumni.

Fees: The fee is about $40k

Package: The average package is $90k

13. Clarkson University


Clarkson University is a top-rated business school in New York. It is a proven leader in education and sustainable economic development. It intersects with the students through its research, scholarship, innovation, and teaching methods through many different prestigious programs of studies like in business, arts, engineering, etc. in order to prepare and create ambitious leaders of tomorrow. It is a nationally recognized university whose experienced faculty aims to offer superior and high-quality research and personal advising with a top-notch education. They also strive to make supportive relationships with the students.

Fees: The estimated fee is $56k

Package: The average package is $70k

14. University At Albany


University at Albany was founded in the year 1844 with the aim of providing immense knowledge and high-quality education to the community. Since then, it has been offering a wide range of graduate, and undergraduate degrees which are helping students to succeed in their derided chosen fields. In each and every step of the journey during study, students of the University at Albany get instructed by their experienced and well-qualified world-class scholars and teachers. Many of them are actively engaged in life-enhancing research and as mentors, they also provide student research opportunities at both graduate and undergraduate levels, this makes University at Albany one of the best business schools in New York.

Fees: The fee is $40k

Package: The average package is $120k

15. SC Johnson College of Business

SC johnson college of business

Johnson College of Business was founded in the year 1946. Johnson College is one the best business schools in New York which has been offering students a comprehensive curriculum that is specially designed and created to meet the student’s interests and requirements. Its goal is to prepare corporate innovators and leaders with a global perspective. Johnson College’s each and every program is very adaptable and learner-centered which insists the students and puts emphasis on project-oriented research. Johnson College has very qualified and experienced faculty that encourages an exploring and innovative culture for students.

Fees: The fee is $40k

Package: The average package is $130k

16. The Lally School of Management


The Lally School of Management was established in 1963. It is a part of the nation’s first technological research university. It is also listed as one of the best business schools in New York. It works to establish an inclusive atmosphere through its dedication and concentration on drawing the best talent available. It also encourages students to communicate and collaborate and become national and international leaders. It offers technology-driven high-quality graduates, undergraduates, and business education to develop leaders with knowledge and experience to tackle complex issues and problems.

Fees: The fee is nearly $40k

Package: The average package is $80k

17. Stony Brook University

stony brook university

Stony Brook University was created in 1957. It was established to offer top notch high quality graduates, undergraduates, and professional education to students. This university generally carries out research to endeavor to the highest international standards and advanced knowledge. It also aims to lead economic development and technologies through its best MBA programs. It is one of the best business colleges in New York.

Fees: The estimated fee is $30k

Package: The average package is $80k

18. Peter J. Tobin College of Business


Tobin College of Business is one of the best business colleges which offers top mba programs. Along with that, it also offers undergraduate bachelors of science(B.S) programs and master of science(M.S) programs. This college provides you with a unique opportunity to obtain an education that is entrepreneurial, experiential, and global. It offers courses like International Management, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, risk management, Finance, and, many more.

Fees: The fee is $46k

Package: The average package is $110k

19. Manhattan College

Manhattan college

Manhattan College was founded in 1853. It provides empowerment to the graduates who aim to lead successful careers and also want to make a positive impact on society. Manhattan College is one of the best business colleges in New York. It offers the best MBA program along with other top business courses such as Accounting, Management, Organizational leadership, Marketing, Business Analytics, and many others.

Fees: The Fee is $35k

Package: The average package is $80k

20. Union College


Union College was established in 1795. It is listed among the best business colleges which offer the top mba programs. It also provides a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary programs such as arts and engineering. It’s highly qualified and experienced who strive to give the best in class education to the students so that they can become confident and prepared for facing the challenge. Because of these facilities and top mba programs, Union College is very renowned and popular around the world.

Fees: The approximate fee is $60k

Package: The average package is $70k

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