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Play Schools in Mississippi

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Best Play Schools in Mississippi

Mississippi has a variety of play schools available, which ranges from private programs to public programs offered through the school district. Playschools also known as preschools or pre-kindergartens, which provide valuable educational foundations for young children in Mississippi. These programs are designed to help children develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills while also preparing them for kindergarten and higher grades.

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Best Play Schools in Mississippi in 2023

Play schools in Mississippi provide a valuable educational foundation for young children as well as employment opportunities for teachers. These programs offer a play-based curriculum, serve children between the ages of 2-5 years old, and vary in terms of hours, teacher qualifications, and parent involvement. Parents in Mississippi have a variety of play school options to choose from, depending on their child’s age, interests, and needs.

1. The Little Light House

The Little Light House

The little lighthouse preschool is one of the best playschools in Mississippi and was founded in 2006. It offers a tuition-free early intervention program for children from birth to six years of age. This pre-k focuses on early childhood education, a child’s physical ability, mind, wellness, and community.

The teachers along with volunteers work dedicatedly to ensure the improvement in speech, skills, and physical and mental development of the child. Along with that, this play school also offers physical therapy, and occupational therapy and makes sure that the children are provided with all the essential tools and practices they need to break the barriers for higher grades.

Address: 6000 Old Canton Road, Jackson, MS
Phone: (601) 956-6131

2. The Learning Garden – Jackson

The learning garden

Each and every moment of the day at the Learning Garden is intentionally and purposely planned to ensure that the children are engaged and having joy while learning. Many learning opportunities are created to provide hands-on practice and discovery across all domains of development. It is one of the best play schools in Mississippi and its purpose is to promote early childhood education with curiosity and develop a love of learning. Many curriculums are also introduced to children to help them in gaining more skills, help them in language development, and a longer attention span.

Address: 295 Warwick Neck Avenue, Warwick
Phone: 401-921-5500

3. The Early Years Learning Center

The Early Years Learning Center

The Early Years Learning Center daycare, one of the best play schools in Mississippi, opened its doors in 2018. Its goal is to make a good Christian education available to disadvantaged children between the ages of 3-5. It is dedicated to partnering with parents from the very beginning of each student’s educational journey in order to shower them with love and support. Its curriculum balances classroom learning with hands-on experience to give the student body a comprehensive education. Each of its selective courses offers students a fresh application of previously acquired knowledge.

Address: 275 Roseneath Street, Jackson, MS
Phone: 601-6080-0061

4. La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy is one the best play schools in Mississippi. Here, children acquire the knowledge and abilities which they will need to succeed in life. In La Petite Academy, kids learn to analyze situations and come up with creative solutions. As part of its effort to encourage a warm and accepting environment, learning is enhanced when students come from a variety of backgrounds. Exciting and informative adventures play an important role in influencing the future generation.

Address: 10900 Nichols Blvd Olive Branch, MS
Phone: 844-408-1428

5. Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons

Every parent, wants their child to take full advantage of their developmental period so that he or she can flourish in the coming years. Bright Horizons program provides both teachers who value this time with children and a curriculum admired by both parents and educators for preparing youngsters for elementary school. Here, teachers help the student body to grow and learn to their full potential. Children’s success in school depends on their participation in a wide range of learning opportunities.

The teachers here are responsible for teaching them fundamentals like recognizing common sights and sounds and practicing and tellings of stories. These all aspects make a strong foundation for the children and make Bright Horizon one of the best play schools in Mississippi.

Address: 1313 N. President Street Jackson, MS
Phone: +1 601-352-1126

6. First Presbyterian Day School

First Presbyterian Day School

One of the finest state’s pre-k programs Playschools is First Presbyterian Day School. Children between the ages of three and four are at the peak of their natural curiosity and interaction with new experiences, making this a prime time to encourage a lifelong love of learning.

Children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development are all laid a solid groundwork by our play-based early childhood education program. They acquire knowledge and abilities that will serve them well all through elementary school and beyond. Based on their individual God-given physical, social, emotional, and intellectual talents, all students are capable of learning, achieving, and succeeding.

Address: 1390 N. State Street, Jackson, Mississippi
Phone: (601) 355-1731

7. Midtown Christian Academy

Midtown Christian Academy

Midtown Christian Academy is an excellent and one of the top playschool daycare facility that is located in Jackson, Mississippi. It offers a safe and friendly environment for children of all ages. Its hardworking teachers and educators are responsible for providing a positive atmosphere at work. Its goal is to create a setting where children can feel safe enough to experiment with new ideas and grow in their abilities in an atmosphere where kids may play and learn at the same time. Midtown Christian Academy’s mission is to provide each student with a variety of enriching and life-changing experiences.

Address: 217 Millsaps St, Jackson, MS 39202-1412, United States Jackson, MS, US 39202
Phone: (769) 572-7755

8. Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center

Crossgates Methodist Children's Center

Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center is one of best playschools in Mississippi, it believes that every child is made in God’s image, and they should be given the finest opportunity for development in every area of their lives, every child needs a safe, loving home to flourish. It is dedicated to serving families and children. All of the kids get to participate in early learning collaborative act like weekly art projects, its natural playground offers boundless chances for fun and gross motor skill development, and the kids spend two hours a day there playing, learning, and growing.

Address: 21 Crossgates Dr, Brandon, MS
Phone: (601) 825-0555

9. Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center’s goal is to provide for the academic and spiritual development of Jackson’s children in order to build future leaders who will serve Mississippi effectively. This Jackson academy has come to the conclusion that investing in the mental, emotional, and spiritual development of Mississippi’s children is the best way to save their future. Early Learning Center knows the importance of a solid foundation laid in the early years.

In reality, a child’s formative years are the prime time for making the associations that will serve them well later in life. It also uses the Jesus Storybook Bible for religious education and follows the guidelines laid down in Handwriting Without Tears for language, reading, and handwriting lessons. This make it the best play schools in Mississippi.

Address: 275 Roseneath Street, Jackson, MS
Phone: 601-608-0061

10. Brandon Methodist Kindergarten

Brandon Methodist Kindergarten

Brandon Methodist Kindergarten (BMK) is a half-day best playschool in Mississippi that aims to provide each child with early learning collaborative act with a balanced program of work and play which will include creative activities, listening and sharing stories, Bible stories, group experiences, science, music, social studies, art, math readiness, movies, reading, writing, and health-safety education.

An awareness of God is made visible through the entire curriculum so that children will have numerous opportunities to know God as the giver of all things. Young children who go to Brandon Methodist Kindergarten and Preschool acquire the tools and assistance they need for their healthy growth. All activities are carefully developed to effectively promote the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of our kids.

Address: 205 Mary Ann Drive, Brandon, MS
Phone: 601-824-0281

11. Primrose Preschool Jackson

Primrose Preschool Jackson

Primrose Preschool Jackson, is a top-notch and one of the best play schools in Mississippi, established in the field of early childhood education. Children from the ages of six weeks to five years are welcome at the center. The center is dedicated to providing a high-quality environment for children to flourish in all areas of their development, it offers a curriculum based on scientific studies. The qualified and experienced educators at Primrose Preschool Jackson know that kids learn best when they are having fun. To inspire a lifelong curiosity in learning in kids, they offer a wide range of creative pursuits like music, art, and outdoor play with virtual classes.

Address: 300 Chinquapin Ln Natchez, MS 39120
Phone: (601) 442-1422

12. Promise Land Christian School

Promise Land Christian School of Flowood

Promise Land Christian School is one of the best preschools in Mississippi. The school’s educational programs are challenging and motivating so that each student can reach his or her full potential. Preschool teachers at Promise Land Christian School are experts in their fields and deeply invested in the success of their pupils. Students are encouraged to grow in their faith and moral character via a curriculum that is grounded in Christian values and principles. Sports, music, theatre, and community service are just some of the extracurricular opportunities available at Promise Land Christian School to make children lifelong learners.

Address: 4435 Mangum Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States
Phone: +1 769-572-7283

13. Bayou Academy

Bayou Academy

Established in 1970, Bayou Academy is a highly reputed and one of the best playschools in Mississippi., the academy has been providing exceptional education to children of 2 to 5 of age for over five decades. It prides itself on its dedicated team of experienced educators who are committed to providing the highest quality education to each and every child.

Bayou Academy provides a curriculum that is carefully designed to cater to the unique needs of each child, with an emphasis on personalized attention and hands-on learning. Children at Bayou Academy are exposed to a range of activities, including art, music, and physical education, to promote their holistic development. The academy also offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, dance, and drama, to enhance the learning experience and reading proficiency of the children.

Address: 1604 Old Liberty Rd Liberty, MS 39645
Phone: (601) 657-8896

14. Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy is a leading and best playschool in Mississippi for young children, it has been providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can do early education research and develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills through play-based learning activities. Its curriculum is designed to help the children acquire basic knowledge in math, reading, science, and other subjects, while also encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The experienced and caring teachers at Columbia Academy are trained to provide individual attention to each child, ensuring that they receive the support they need to grow and learn at their own pace. This preschool also offers extracurricular activities such as music, art, and sports to help children develop their talents and interests. Overall, Columbia Academy is a wonderful place for children to start their educational journey and prepare for future academic success.

Address:1548 Highway 98 E Columbia, MS 39429
Phone: (601) 736-6418

15. East Rankin Academy

East Rankin Academy

Founded in 1970, East Rankin Academy is a premier and one of the best preschools in Mississippi, the school has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality education to its students. The preschool program at East Rankin Academy is designed to provide for the educational and developmental needs of children between the ages of three and four.

The curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education, with a focus on early literacy and numerous skills,like social and emotional development, and physical activity. It is staffed by highly trained and experienced preschool teachers who are dedicated to providing a familiar environment for their 1 students. The classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys, books, and learning materials, and the school has a state-of-the-art playground and indoor gymnasium.

Address: 400 MS-43 Pelahatchie, MS 39145
Phone: (601) 854-5691

16. Cadence Academy Preschool

Cadence Academy Preschool

Cadence Academy Preschool is a renowned pre-k, which offers high-quality education and care to children of age 6 weeks to 5 years old. With a focus on providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment, the school offers a wide range of programs tailored to meet the needs of every child. At Cadence Academy Preschool, children are encouraged to explore and learn through hands-on activities, creative play, and structured lessons. its curriculum is designed to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, preparing the children for success in school and life.

The experienced and dedicated teachers are committed to providing individualized attention to each child, ensuring that they receive the best possible education and care. Parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands because the school follows strict health and safety guidelines.

Address: 6910 Snowden Ln, Southaven, MS 38672, United States
Phone: 662-736-8922

17. Ovation Learning Center

Ovation Learning Center

Ovation Learning Center is a highly acclaimed and one of the best playschools in MS that focuses on the development of children of age six weeks to five years old. It offers a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and grow at their own pace.

Its curriculum is designed to promote early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The center’s highly qualified and experienced preschool teachers provide individual attention to each child and ensure that they receive the best possible care and education. The center also has a low student-teacher ratio to ensure that each child’s needs are met effectively.

Address: 2415 17th St, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States
Phone: 228-831-4652

18. The Parent’s Choice

The Parent's Choice

The Parent’s Choice preschool is one of the best playschools in Mississippi, it is a renowned institution that offers exceptional early childhood education to children aged between two and five years. The school’s primary goal is to provide a nurturing and safe environment where children can grow, learn and thrive. The program focuses on building language and literacy skills, math proficiency, science and technology, social studies, creative arts, and physical education.

The school has a team of experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about providing the best learning experiences for young children. The school provides excellent facilities, including a secure playground and a well-equipped learning center. The Parent’s Choice preschool is an excellent choice for parents seeking a high-quality preschool education for their children in MS.

Address: 2633 Executive Pl, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States
Phone: +1 228-388-6891

19. Little Dreamers Child Care Center

Little Dreamers Child Care Center

Little Dreamers Child Care Center is one of the top playschools located in MS, dedicated to providing children with the best and most engaging environment to support their growth and development. It offers a range of programs for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, including infant care, toddler programs, and pre-kindergarten classes. The experienced and passionate staff at Little Dreamers strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that promotes learning and creativity.

The center’s curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each child’s developmental stage and to inspire a love of learning through hands-on experiences and play-based activities. Children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and express their creativity through a variety of educational materials and resources. Little Dreamers also offers nutritious meals and snacks to support the health and well-being of its young learners.

Address: 106 Pine Knoll Dr, Ridgeland, MS 39157, United States
Phone: +1 601-957-7000

20. Magnolia Heights School

Magnolia Heights School

Magnolia Heights School is a top-listed playschool in Mississippi that provides a stimulating environment for children of age between 2-5 years old. It is located in a peaceful and safe neighborhood, the school is dedicated to helping children to develop a love of learning, creativity, and social skills. The school has a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who understand the unique needs of young children and use developmentally appropriate practices to create a curriculum that motivates their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth.

The curriculum is designed to introduce children to basic literacy and numeracy concepts, and also encourage their creativity through art, music, and play, it is also a Mississippi college prep school. The school has a spacious and well-equipped indoor and outdoor learning environment that encourages exploration, curiosity, and socialization

Address: 1 Cheifs DR Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: (662) 562-4491

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